Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Cases 2023 (2023)

Samsung's flagship smartphones have always been known for offering the best hardware (and software), and the Galaxy S21+ is no exception. Despite being just over a year old at the moment, this phone will serve you for a long time if you choose to buy it today.

But for that, it needs to be paired with one of the best Samsung Galaxy S21+ cases to protect it from all sorts of damage. Whether you want a tough case that offers all-weather protection or a minimal case that doesn't add too much bulk, we've rounded up some of the best Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus cases on the market.

Protect your Galaxy S21+ with these highly rated cases

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Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Cases 2023 (1)

casestudy parallax

Employee Choices

Rarely can you find a beautiful and well-made case at a reasonable price, but that's exactly what Caseology's Parallax delivers. It's available in ash grey, indi pink, matte black and purplish colors, and we like the textured pattern on the back, which improves grip in the hand while also looking good.

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Cases 2023 (2)

Ringke Air-S

Matte back, soft to the touch

We've long been fans of Ringke's expansive range of suitcases and think the company has hit another home run with the snazzy Air-S line. This Galaxy S21+ case is made of flexible TPU material with a special coating to prevent scratches. You also have a small notch for a lanyard or your favorite phone charm, although the case won't work with tacky accessories like ring holders.

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Cases 2023 (3)

X-Rank Guardian

Portable and affordable

If bulky cases aren't your thing, look no further than X-Level's sleek Guardian series. This Galaxy S21+ case is so thin you don't even feel it's there. The matt texture feels good in the hand and is available in different colors (e.g. burgundy red, navy blue). The case is also very affordable so you can get it in any color.

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Cases 2023 (4)

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Spigen LCD flash

Shiny and transparent

Spigen's cases are just the right mix of style and practicality, and that's certainly the case (pun intended) with the Liquid Crystal Glitter. The transparent back lets you show off the sleek back panel of the Galaxy S21+, and the shimmering pattern adds extra visual interest while also hiding minor blemishes and scratches. The cover is also very flexible and lightweight, so you don't have to worry about adding bulk.

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Cases 2023 (5)

Speck Presidio Perfecting Spray

Has antimicrobial properties

The Presidio Perfect Mist from Speck is a durable cover that protects your Samsung Galaxy S21+ against drops of up to 4 meters. That said, the best feature is the built-in Microban technology that gives users reliable protection against germs and microbes. The housing has a matte finish that is soft to the touch and also has a clear coat that helps prevent yellowing and tarnishing.

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Cases 2023 (6)

ArmadilloTek Pioneer

built like a tank

ArmadilloTek's ultra-tough cases are always trusted, and this Vanguard Series case has five layers of protection, making it a must-have accessory for your Galaxy S21 Plus. The case has reinforced corners and edges to protect the screen and camera housing, and a handy integrated kickstand makes watching videos a breeze. The only problem here is that the cover adds a lot of weight to the phone.

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Cases 2023 (7)

Nilkin CamShield Pro

Provides additional protection for the rear view camera

While most cases do a good job of protecting the Galaxy S21+'s ports, front panel, buttons and more, Nillkin's CamShield Pro takes it a step further by providing extra protection for the smartphone's rear camera array. It has a sliding shutter that protects the lens from dust and smudges when you're not taking pictures with the main camera. The case supports wireless charging and is available in black, blue and green colors.

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Cases 2023 (8)

longing for two guards

Textured back and a variety of colors

Crave's Dual Guard Series cases protect your Samsung Galaxy S21+ against shocks and drops with a robust and stylish dual-layer design made of TPU and polycarbonate. It has a slim profile and a textured back panel makes it fit in your hand. Our personal favorite feature about this case is that it comes in a variety of colors (e.g. Forest Green, Berry), all of which come with a lifetime warranty.

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Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Cases 2023 (9)

ESR Zero-project

almost invisible

ESR's Project Zero Clear Case offers a great way to protect your Galaxy S21+ while still allowing the top smartphone back design to shine. While it's obviously not as strong as some other heavy-duty phone cases, it should do a good job of protecting your phone from everyday wear and tear. Choose this if you handle your smartphone with care but still want a basic level of protection.

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Cases 2023 (10)

TUCCH Wallet Case


If your phone is the size of a Samsung Galaxy S21+, you might as well combine your wallet with it and take one less thing with you. TUCCH's flip wallet comes in a variety of stylish colors, but myrtle green and lake blue are our favourites. There are three card slots and a side pocket on the inside of the top flap, so you can carry all your cash and ID/credit/debit cards with you. There is also a built-in kickstand.

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Cases 2023 (11)

otter box symmetry

tough and stylish

Otterbox cases have always been expensive, but the top-notch protection they provide makes it worth the price. The Symmetry series is one of our favorite Galaxy S21+ cases, mainly because it offers the company's legendary rugged protection in a slim and lightweight design. If you choose to buy these, you can choose between classic blue and a more trendy blue option.

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Cases 2023 (12)

lunar lander trust

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belt around

The Samsung Galaxy S21+'s 6.7-inch AMOLED panel makes it the perfect smartphone for watching videos, and this Moonclimber Series case from TORRAS lets you effortlessly watch videos from multiple angles thanks to its 3-way adjustable metal stand . The transparent housing also has raised edges around the display and a camera module for extra protection. Wireless charging support is also included.

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These are the best Samsung Galaxy S21+ cases

While the Galaxy S22 series is the latest and greatest,Samsung Galaxy S21+can still fight itbest android phoneAvailable from 2022. If you choose to buy one, it is perfect to combine it with a well-made cover.

Our highest vote went to Caseology's Parallax, which has a unique textured back pattern that gives it a stunning design. It's not just about looks, as the case offers a firm grip and is backed by military-grade protection.

On the other hand, if you prefer a more minimalist style, check out Ringke's Air-S. Available in a variety of fun colors, it provides lightweight yet tough protection for your flagship smartphone. Then there's the X-Level Guardian series, ideal if you're looking for a compact and affordable case for your Galaxy S21 Plus.

As big and heavy as the Galaxy S21+ is, we highly recommend choosing a durable case that can take a beating like the ArmadilloTek Vanguard series. It's pretty solid and has the added benefit of a kickstand that works in both portrait and landscape orientations.

Once you've decided on a case, don't forget to check a fewDe beste Galaxy S21+ screenprotectorsProtect your phone's beautiful 6.7-inch Dynamic AMOLED screen from all kinds of scratches and fingerprints.

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Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Cases 2023 (13)

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What cases fit the Galaxy S21 Plus? ›

Included in this guide:
  • Samsung. Galaxy S21 Plus 5G Silicone Cover. ...
  • Spigen. Slim Armor CS for Galaxy S21 Plus.
  • Otterbox. Symmetry Clear Series for Galaxy S21 Plus. ...
  • Caseology. Parallax for Galaxy S21 Plus.
  • Samsung. Galaxy S21 Plus Kvadrat Cover.
  • Smartish. Wallet Slayer Vol. ...
  • Totallee. Super Thin Galaxy S21 Plus case.
  • UAG.
Feb 16, 2023

Is S21 still good in 2023? ›

Yes, Samsung's Galaxy S21 series remains a good buy in 2023. The design is similar to that of the Galaxy S23 series, and the Snapdragon 888/Exynos 2100 processors still offer excellent performance. You also get larger battery capacities on the Galaxy S21 series.

Why is Samsung discontinuing the S21? ›

But in the lead up to this new launch, Samsung has quietly discontinued the Galaxy S21 Ultra from its store. Why this is seems pretty obvious to me: Samsung is making room for Galaxy S22 Ultra. That should surprise no one. However, this paints an interesting picture for Galaxy buyers this year.

Will a S21 case fit an S21 Plus? ›

Just remember, S21 phone cases will not fit the S21 FE due to its larger size.

Is S21 Plus back glass or plastic? ›

The S21 Plus and Ultra have glass on either side, while the back of the regular S21 is made of plastic.

Is there a big difference between S21 and S21 Plus? ›

Between the S21 and the S21 Plus, the primary difference is the size of the handset. There are more subtle differences however, as the S21 Plus improves on the S21 by featuring a more premium glass backed construction, an ultra wideband chip and greater battery capacity.

Is it worth upgrading from S21 plus to S23 plus? ›

The upgrade is worth it if you're looking to replace a phone you've had for several years, ideally one that's more than two years old. Even the Galaxy S21, which launched in 2021, likely still has enough life left to make it through another year. Buying decisions will always vary depending on your needs and budget.

Is it worth it to upgrade from S21 to S23? ›

Since Samsung offers four years of software updates and five years of security updates, it will support the S23 until Android 17, while the S21 will stop getting updates after Android 15. Therefore, if software updates are a deal-breaker for you, opting for the S23 might be a wise move.

What are the sizes of the S21+? ›

Display Size: Measured diagonally, Galaxy S21 5G's screen size is 6.2" in the full rectangle and 6.1" with accounting for the rounded corners and Galaxy S21+ 5G's screen size is 6.7" in the full rectangle and 6.5" with accounting for the rounded corners; actual viewable area is less due to the rounded corners and ...

Is the S21 Plus and S22 plus the same size? ›

Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus vs Galaxy S21 Plus display

We have a slightly smaller, 6.6-inch LTPO Dynamic AMOLED display on the Galaxy S22 Plus, a smidgen smaller than the 6.7-inch one found on the Galaxy S21 Plus. Both displays are completely flat and offer superb viewing angles.

Can S21 charge through the case? ›

Yes. I have had no problems wireless charging my S21 Ultra with this Defender Pro case on.

Is the S21 plus being discontinued? ›

Samsung has discontinued the Galaxy S21 Ultra across several markets, with no stocks of the super flagship present in most countries. The iPhone 13 Pro Max is widely regarded as one of the best phones you could buy in 2021 and even in 2022.

How many years will S21 last? ›

In early 2022, the company announced it would offer four generations of One UI and Android OS upgrades and five years of security patches, starting with the Galaxy S21 series from 2021.

Is Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus discontinued? ›

The phone became the first of the s-series lineup to have s-pen support, with limited functionality. The S21 series discontinued sales once the Galaxy S22 were released. The phones were released on 29 January 2021.

Does the S21 Plus need a screen protector? ›

You'll want to keep that gorgeous screen safe from damage, so you'll need a reliable and effective screen protector to go with your latest purchase. We've rounded up the best Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus screen protectors available right now.

Does S21 Plus have Gorilla Glass? ›

The Galaxy S21+ (and the S21 Ultra), on the other hand, has Gorilla Glass Victus on both the front and back.

How much is the S21 Plus worth? ›

The best price for Galaxy S21 Plus 5G is $223 for 128GB.

Do S20 plus cases fit S21 Plus? ›

While the Galaxy S20 FE is very close to the size of the S21 FE, the Galaxy S20 FE is slightly smaller but slightly thicker, so you can't fit two phones at the same time. The CaseMe Wallet case is a great way to ensure the new Galaxy S21 FE is safe and undamaged.

Can S22 cases fit S21? ›

Will S21 cases fit the S22 range? Unfortunately, older cases won't be compatible with the new smartphones, as there have been a number of changes to the form factor.

Is the S21 Plus the same size? ›

Here is a comparison: S21: The screen size is 6.2 inches. S21+: The screen size is 6.7 inches. S21 Ultra: The screen size is 6.8 inches.

Is there a size difference between S21 Plus and S22 plus? ›

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus sports a 6.6-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X panel while the Galaxy S21 Plus comes with a 6.7-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X display. Both are FHD+ panels with support for up to 120Hz adaptive refresh rate.

Which phone is better Galaxy S21 Plus or Galaxy S20 Plus? ›

The S20 Plus is lighter, weighing 186 grams compared to 200 grams for the S21 Plus. When it comes to photography, it's hard to tell the difference between these two devices. They both have a 64MP rear camera and a 10MP front camera. Video capabilities are also similar on both smartphones.

Is S22 more powerful than S21? ›

As you would expect, the Galaxy S22 packs more raw power than the S21. Those in Europe get Samsung's in-house Exynos 220 chipset, while the rest of the world, including the US and India, gets a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip.

Is it worth upgrading from S21 to S22? ›

The S22 Ultra, being one year newer, will get OS and security updates for one year longer than the S21 Ultra will, into 2026 and 2027, respectively. So as far as software goes, you won't see much benefit in upgrading from the S21 Ultra to the S22 Ultra — at least not for a few more years.

Is there a big difference between S21 and S22? ›

The Samsung Galaxy S22 is essentially a specced-up version of the Galaxy S21. That means a newer, fast Exynos 2200 chipset compared with the Exynos 2100 found on the Galaxy S21. RAM remains the same at 8GB, while both phones can now run Google's Android 13 software, with Samsung's own One UI on top.

Is S21 Plus waterproof? ›

The Samsung Galaxy S21 is waterproof!

The Galaxy S21 is IP68 rated, as are the Galaxy S21 Plus and the Galaxy S21 Ultra. But Samsung's cheapest phones, like the Samsung Galaxy A51, are neither IP-rated nor officially classified as waterproof.

Is the S21 and S21+ the same? ›

Conclusion. The Samsung Galaxy S21 and S21+ are very similar in terms of their offerings, with the main difference being their physical size and therefore display size, as well as a larger battery capacity in the Plus model.

Does the S21 Plus have a SD card slot? ›

The Galaxy S21 spells the end of the microSD card slot in Samsung's flagship phones. None of the models, not even the S21 Ultra, have expandable storage.

What is the difference between plus and ultra? ›

The S22 and S22 Plus each have three rear cameras consisting of a 50-megapixel wide lens, a 12-megapixel ultrawide lens and a 10-megapixel telephoto lens. The S22 Ultra has a four-camera module on the rear, headlined by a 108-megapixel main shooter. There are also two telephoto lenses and an ultrawide camera.

What does Fe stand for Samsung? ›

Samsung's latest (the FE stands for “Fan Edition”) is somewhat of reimagining of last year's Galaxy S21.

Can S21 charge other phones? ›

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G / Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G - Use Wireless PowerShare. Wireless PowerShare works with most wireless charging capable devices. Different devices may charge at different speeds. If unable to connect a device or charging is slow, remove any cover from each device.


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