DR. ELLIE CANNON: I'm worried my wife has dementia - and I don't know what to do (2023)

I usually try to answer at least three questions from readers each week. But today I only focus on one.

A gentleman contacts his wife with a suspected diagnosis of dementia. I think his beautifully written letter eloquently captures the dire situations many people find themselves in, often in later life.

I want to answer as fully as possible, because despite the heartbreak, there is some hope. So here...

Dear Dr. Ellie, I am writing to ask for your opinion and I hope it can be helpful. I believe my wife has dementia and I don't know how to deal with it.

She's 75 and I'm 73 - we've known each other since we were 10, but met when she was 20 and got married the following year. Shortly afterwards our son was born and we now have an 18 year old granddaughter.

Family and friends urged me to see a doctor, but I couldn't.

She was aware of her condition, but when we tried to talk about it, we all cried and stopped talking.

I did everything for her, from cooking to doing laundry. I have to make sure she eats. I take her shopping, walks, and she likes to clean, but that's all she does. She likes certain TV shows but forgets how to use the buttons, so I record what she likes and sit with her while she watches.

Last week I had a lunch date with two of her friends. She had a great day and they talked about seeing each other regularly, which she looked forward to.

I was wondering if you can tell me what we can use?

Yes, dementia will only get worse, and it will be very difficult for everyone involved. But there are steps that can at least provide a sense of empowerment in a situation that often spirals out of control

Football 1, kids 0... what a shame

In many districts, if a schoolchild tests positive for covid, the entire class must be quarantined for ten days. The quarantine extended to their families whether they were vaccinated or not (almost everyone now).

I have friends who have experienced this many times over the past school year. It's incredibly frustrating and, I think, disproportionate. So I was furious when Scottish footballer Billy Gilmour tested positive last week, but his teammates were not quarantined.

Billy Gilmore, Mason Mount and Ben Chilwell are in close contact

Why is there one rule for football players and another for children? Young people have been let down time and time again during this pandemic, and even moving to a system where fully vaccinated people are exempt will not help those under 18 who cannot yet be vaccinated.

Frankly, I am disgusted that I live in a country where football championships are more important than the future of our children. It is a shame.


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