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The eponymous young vigilante gets their reality check on The CW's ninth episodegotham knights, while the city, in the form of the horrific tactics of the Court of Owls, gave them a brief glimpse of the hideous things lurking in its lairs.in the last episodeAfterwards, Turner and Duera attend a disguised private meeting organized by the court and learn that the court is trying to use Alan Wayne's old Gotham map to obtain a rare mineral called Electrum, which can apparently be used for. The user gains immortality, as the Court attempts to use it to rule Gotham for centuries. Just as the two manage to steal the map from the court's inventory, they see Cressida, a former Wayne family attaché and judge (responsible for Bruce's death), summoned by Talon to be executed in court, due to her apparent betrayal.

Turner decides to save Cressida by beheading Claw, and while running away with her, he discovers that his adoptive father, Bruce, has changed his will to donate his entire fortune to the town to break the court's control, which results in is of their exploitation of poverty. However, the court caught up with the duo; Lincoln March turned out to be the leader of the court, and after killing Cressida, he captured Turner. When the rest of the team tried to rescue Turnergotham knightsIn Episode 9, DA Harvey Dent continues to delve into his dark subconscious.

spoilers ahead

Where did Harvey go this time?

in the final sequenceThe last episodeAfterwards, Harvey wakes up in a dilapidated room in the wilderness with no memory of what happened and finds himself wearing a bloodstained court mask.gotham knightsEpisode 9 begins with a live broadcast from Robinson Park in Gotham City, where Cressida Clark's body was found. The media begins to link Bruce Wayne's death to his entourage, and Harvey, looking anxiously at the mask in his office, has a disturbing sense that he himself is involved.

After speaking with his assistant, Aja, Harvey learns that the GCPD suspects fugitive Turner Hayes as the culprit, and that the sword used as a murder weapon among Cressida's fingernails and Turner's DNA samples led the GCPD to double down on their suspicions . When Harvey confirms that he believes Turner is not the killer and returns to his office, he confuses Aja; he secretly prepares to test a DNA sample of the blood on the mask. Both Harvey and Turner are caught in the quicksand of intrigue laid by the courts, and even if they manage to bring the courts to justice, it will be interesting to see how they respond to public perception.

How does the rest of Gotham Knights plan to rescue Turner?

Members of the Gotham Knights argue as they discuss their possible course of action. Duela and Stephanie blame the other members for not saving Turner right away, while the Carrie and Row siblings think this will only ensure their deaths and in turn never get a chance to save Turner. While thinking about a way to solve this near-impossible challenge, Stephanie came up with a plan to use Alan Wayne's map to find the gold-silver alloy and make a deal with Court in exchange for Turner's life and the gold. Give them the silver alloy. . Carrie fears the disastrous consequences of the court being essentially a conduit for immortality, but Duera insists on doing whatever it takes to save Turner's life.

Concerned that Alan Wayne's initials on the map are the likely location of the Electrum, Harper and Stephanie go to the site, only to find that the court has searched the site using geological survey operations as a front. They managed to take a walkie-talkie from the construction workers, but used it to eavesdrop on conversations between the court and the workers, but found no leads. Speculating that they may have found the wrong spot, Cullen flips the map over to reveal a specific point on the map. By connecting the dots, they found a skyline sketch that matched Alan Wayne's ancient Gotham cityscape. Now assuming the initials are markers again, the team enters Gotham's subway system and eventually finds Electrum. Carrie reminded everyone of her concern about the danger of the ore falling into the wrong hands, and Cullen created an exact replica of the mineral to make sure the problem didn't continue.

What did Lincoln March do to Turner?

As a prisoner, Turner was taken to Wayne Manor by Lincoln March and members of the court. Lincoln stabbed Turner with Talon's knife and injected Turner with a strange hallucinogen, causing him to see visions of his dead birth parents. After an emotional reconciliation with them, Turner's visions become terrifying as they repeat the question of why Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, despite being the world's greatest detective, failed to investigate their deaths. Why didn't Turner do the same. Lincoln managed to insert the implication that Batman was responsible for the deaths of Turner's biological parents, and out of guilt adopted Turner as his son. Lincoln angered Turner for killing Talon in the past, and tried to anger his dark side. It was revealed that Lincoln wanted Turner to be the next Talon to serve the court for generations.

From the start, Turner was plagued with self-doubt and wrestled with insecurities about why he had been chosen by Bruce from among the hundreds of hapless orphans in Gotham City. Lincoln is crushed by the same insecurities, and only time will tell how this will affect his feelings for his adoptive father, or if he will discover the truth that Carrie is hiding from the others.

Did the group manage to save Turner?

By triangulating the communication signals between construction crews and the courthouse, the team was able to deduce their current location in Wayne Estates. When Lincoln relayed his offer to join the court to Turner, Duera and Karen storm in and threaten to blow the members to pieces if the court fails to honor their agreement to turn Turner over to them in exchange for Electrum. Duela wears an aptly named "bomberjack" studded with grenades, which will remind audiences of the Joker's intro scene in the "Dark Knight" movie. Lincoln agreed to the deal and to corroborate their bluff, slit Turner's throat in front of them. He said the real mineral would instantly heal Turner, while the fake mineral they gave him wouldn't have that effect if it was fake. Carrie enters the scene with the real Electrum and uses it to heal Turner's wounds. In the end, they had to hand over the Electrum to Lincoln and return Turner to their hideout in the Clock Tower.

At the clock tower, Carrie is a bit distraught, as she had to hand over the Electrum to the court to save Turner's life. Karen came to reassure her, saying that her actions confirmed her status as the true disciple of the Dark Knight, and that whatever the court was up to, they would work as a team to stop it. Stephanie tries to comfort the visibly terrified Turner; she realizes that Turner is hiding something from her, but decides to give him some space anyway. Later, when Turner went to thank Douela for risking his life for him, he suddenly started vomiting and convulsing. It seems that Electrum's side effects are starting to affect him, and in the next episode, the team must find a way to free Turner from this strange conundrum again.

Did Two-Face corrupt Harvey's mind?

Meanwhile, Harvey learns from the coroner that the DNA sample belongs to Cressida, and realizes he's in trouble because two murder charges could eventually be brought against him (Mayor Hill being the first). Harvey decides to record a video confession describing his schizophrenia. However, he also notices that there are two new recordings in memory, and when he plays the first one, a more carefree and eccentric version of him strikes up a conversation and speaks to him on the other end.gotham knightsEpisode 9 ends with "the other" Harvey saying that the main Harvey is not the killer.

Harvey Dent's eventual mental decline is an expected event, hints of which are scattered throughout the series. With the potential for Harvey to be convicted of a crime he didn't commit, it'll be interesting to see if the potential Two-Face persona in his psyche becomes dominant as a defense mechanism in upcoming episodes.

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