Magic Maturity by Jim_Ohki | RFC (2023)

*Chapter 1*: Arc one, first part

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Magical Maturity, Arc One Part One

By: (Conductor) Jim Ohki

The Harry Potter story was well known to the wizarding public. From his inexplicable defeat of the Dark Lord Voldemort at the tender age of fifteen months to his recent reintroduction to magic and his subsequent defeat of the ghostly form of the Dark Wizard himself and his Shadow in the ever-elusive Chamber of Secrets. Dumbledore hadn't lied when he had told young Harry that, as a secret, the entire Castle knew about the events surrounding the Sorcerer's Stone. What he didn't mention was that those same children had spoken to his parents, spreading the word that he had risked his life to prevent the rise of another Dark Lord. It took very little input from the Headmaster to point everything towards Quirinus Quirrell going dark, rather than being possessed by whatever passed for Voldemort's soul. The Diary was not as easy to pass off as a second person delving into the Dark as it would have been for one of the families devoted to the Light. It took a while for him to switch focus from Ginny Weasley to Basilisk.

Two years in the halls of Hogwarts, two years of mortal danger for the young Potter. However, the Wizarding World was in shock. And so our story begins. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷

30 July 1993, 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey

“I really don't feel very well,” declared the smallest resident. Years of malnutrition and general abuse by his relatives (he would rather die than call them 'family') took their toll. Extremely underweight; Tiny and with the eyes of a bat without his glasses, Harry Potter did one of the few chores in which he found any solace: weeding the garden. He discovered that the reassurance of caring for him was the closest he could get to escape from his housemates. Especially when incredibly high temperatures are added. He didn't care if it was measured in Fahrenheit or Celsius, either way he felt like he was a thousand degrees in the shade, let alone sun exposure. In fact, it was close to one hundred degrees Fahrenheit with a maximum humidity of one hundred percent, but there was no sign of rain in any direction.

The extreme heat outside ensured that Vernon, Petunia and Dudley Dursley were inside enjoying the air conditioning while he slaved away in the garden. Harry's owl, Hedwig, was fast asleep in the oven that was the second bedroom, because sometime during school term, Vernon had decided to seal the vents, allowing the airflow from the oven to be zero in winter or the blessed air conditioning in summer.

Under the guise of watering the plants and softening the soil, he drank rather greedily from the hose, careful to keep his back to the house so that if anyone looked outside, all they saw was dripping water. for the soil However, the water, which did wonders for her thirst, did not relieve her discomfort. Looking in the general direction of the sun, he estimated that there was only an hour or two of daylight left and decided to abandon his task for the day.

He took great care and diligence in cleaning - in the case of the trowel and sharpening nail off the ground - the tools he was using before returning them and the hose to the shed. Before venturing into the building, he made sure that neither Vernon nor Dudley were waiting for a lapse of consciousness to lock him away, as they had been very fond of in the past.

After making sure his person was as clean as possible, he ventured inside to be greeted by the rosy face of his oh-so-loving uncle.

"Boy, what are you doing?" she demanded, her hands already balled into fists and looking for some "good" reason to begin what was a deserved spanking.

The response was not what was expected. Instead of a silent response accompanied by resignation to the situation and possible hesitation in the hope of avoiding said beating, Harry temporarily lost control of his magic due to a sudden surge. The Dursleys could have sworn it was electricity coming out of the "monster", using every available limb as an outlet. Even the individual hair follicles on his head sent tendrils of manifested magic darting upward in a strange light show. The bulbs above exploded spectacularly when the tendrils made contact, as did the television that had been stored in the kitchen for Dudley.

As soon as it started, the spectacle that would impress and worry Albus Dumbledore stopped. Vernon, having been the closest living thing to the traveling power plant that Harry was, seemed to have stuck his finger in a socket. The thicker hairs on his head stood on end while the thinner ones burned, leaving a puffy mustache, a smoky dome, and no brows.

“I don't feel very well,” the young man finally quipped, after absorbing the mindless destruction. There was still the occasional piece of glass that fell to the floor, breaking the silence. Harry took this as a signal to go to his room, knowing that when his 'family' came out of shock, he would have a lot to pay for.

Walking into her room and hearing the articulate roar of rage from below, she stopped in her tracks to find a house-elf perched on her bed. Slamming the door shut, his magic lashed out again, tripping and melting the locks, making them impossible to open. This happened just in time for the door to start shaking from the impacts of the out-of-control Vernon.

"Harry Potter, sir," Dobby greeted, throwing himself off the bed and onto the young wizard's legs. "Dobby felt the magic of Mr. Harry Potter, Dobby has arrived!"

"Now is not a good time," she tried to calm the hyperactive creature attached to her lower half. "I don't feel well and I'm going to sleep."

“Dobby understands Harry Potter, sir,” replied the Elf, “but that is why Dobby is here. Master Harry Potter, sir, is growing up too soon! Maturity was not supposed to occur before the age of seventeen!

"What are you talking about?" Harry almost looked at the wayward friend of his, sitting on his bed. "Nobody ever mentioned maturity to me."

"Dobby only knows that because he saw the young master," replied the smaller of the two as he climbed into the same chair he had the year before. “A wizard's core grows like his body, from year fourteen to year seventeen, with a last great increase in year sixteen, Harry Potter, sir. It is a sign of coming of age. It must happen as life grows: slowly. Master Harry Potter's core, sir, is trying to grow too fast, he likes to be blocked.

Here was more wonderful information that people apparently thought they could do without. She was well aware of the concept of puberty and understood what the abnormally large-eyed elf was trying to tell her, even if he was extremely abstract. The part about a lockdown wasn't entirely surprising, given everything else that's happened in recent years. This explained his recent difficulties with controlling himself, something that hadn't happened since the beginning of his magical education. Having a sudden burst of inspiration from that train of thought, he dropped the floorboard and drew his wand from it.

The moment he made contact with her, there was another huge wave. Her magic took on a life of its own, first completely sealing the room and then inducing a coma. As soon as Harry was gone, her body levitated over the bed, where she stopped with him on his back and his arms crossed over her chest. From there, he sought out the other two occupants of the room and induced magical comas on them before placing them next to his body. The tendrils of power appeared again, this time searching for the one lamp and the few outlets. Once the connections were made, the power within Harry doubled before coming out three times.

From space, overlooking the London suburbs, energy domes could be seen racing across the globe. The first pulse demolished the core blocks and any foreign magic attached to said core. The second hijacked Number Four's wards, making it untraceable and turning the Blood Ward into a Blood Fidelius, erasing knowledge of the house from the memory of all but the residents. The third and final pulse changed the memories of the entire wizarding world. They could remember that Harry Potter stopped the Dark Lord on October 31, 1981. Everything else, including his first two years at Hogwarts, was under lock and key.

September 1, 1993 Hogwarts Express en route to Hogsmeade

"Another year, another DADA teacher," Hermione Granger complained, not liking the fact that there was no consistency at the school. The only occupant of the compartment was sleeping, unaware of his noise, because the full moon was two days before. Her anger also stemmed from the fact that Ron Weasley had been being a filthy jerk since the end of July. They were talking. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 someone . 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 and the strange desire to get him away from his abusive relatives, whoever they were, when his whole attitude changed. She began bragging about "her" achievements to him in his first and second years, defending the school from dark wizards, basilisks, and cheats.

However, she knew better. There was a vague memory of a boy with a crow's nest for hair, emerald green eyes, and a scar in the shape of a lightning bolt. Trusting his instincts, she knew he was the one to do the things Ron was recapping for some of the first few years three compartments away, drawing admiration and respect as her stories grew stranger. Somewhere along the way, the first year included a chimera and a Hungarian horntail, while the second year revolved around wandless magic.

Feh, no wand anyway. She just didn't want to admit that she broke her wand before the semester started, jerk.

If it was just bragging and ego inflation, I might have let it slide. However, sometime in August, her attitude towards her completely changed. He began to insist that she owed him a life debt for saving her from her troll and that he had to repay her however she saw fit, so he dropped her drawers. That part of the memory was the only thing he could laugh about, since her blocks and tackles left a lot to be desired. Having done the occasional babysitting job for relatives, he knew that some of his cousins ​​outgrew him from having to change diapers.

Ron's behavior got to the point that before leaving the Burrow for good, as he later learned from a Howler from Molly Weasley, he declared this fact out loud to the current members of the family; she was not impressed by the last argument and, after the super insult to her youngest son, declared that sheungrateful personfor the family while proving that even families of the Light are prejudiced by blood. That terrible word that had ruined a friendship a generation ago had done it again, embittering Hermione for any of the "purebloods". If that wasn't enough, being called a female smear on this side of the pond was more than enough motivation to cut her ties with that family.

Draco Malfoy, on the other hand, loved life. Since he had a bigger fish to fry than worry about a non-existent rival, he took it upon himself to solidify his hold on Slytherin. He had heard of the fallout between Weasley and Granger, thanks in part to Mother Weasley fleeing through the mouth of Diagon Alley. She would have time to brag later, now she was getting on and off the train harassing first years who dared cross her path.

The entire year was normal for the first time, with the notable exception of a competent Defense professor. There were rumors about the Gryffindor Quidditch team when they realized they didn't have a Seeker this year and couldn't remember who the previous two had been.

At the farewell party, things got emotional again. Hermione and Neville Longbottom, Gryffindor's outcasts thanks to Ron and the vengeful side of him, sat at the end closest to the doors. Even the twins Fred and George were left alone, under threat of being thrown out of the family if Molly found out that she was playing a prank on "the bitch". The two of them were discussing plans for the summer when the hairs on the back of her neck stood up, causing her head to follow them.

"What's that?" the Longbottom heir wondered, his own internal warning system blaring.

"I don't-" was all he said before looking out the huge windows behind the staff desk that overlooked the southern woods in his quest to find the source of the distraction. Traveling towards them at high speed was a shock wave composed of pure magical power. Thinking quickly, she pushed the boy under the table before yelling, "TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!

Her actions interrupted all conversation in the Great Hall, for though she was now branded an outcast, the populace knew she was sensible. Following her line of sight, the students and staff rushed to copy her movements as the wave hit the castle. All the windows imploded, raining a large amount of glass on their heads. Those who were unable to generate shields, mainly due to age, but some were caught off guard, took refuge under tables.

In the Black Forests of Albania, a Shadow flickered momentarily in and out of existence before a name whispered through the trees like a gentle wind, but utterly and utterly sinister in delivery.

Harry Potter. . .”

July 30, 1994 Number Four, Privet Drive, Little Whinging(Thirty-one days from the end of the period)

"Wow, that was a nice nap!" was the first to be vocalized by Harry Potter as he stretched, moaning in pleasure as various joints creaked. Hearing a faint bark, he saw his faithful and familiar Hedwig outside his cage, appearing to mimic the stretching. Stopping to watch the owl's antics, he heard more clicks and growls to his right.

"Harry Potter, sir, Dobby is glad you're feeling better," the elf said excitedly as he craned his neck from left to right. "Dobby agrees with Master Harry Potter, best sleep Dobby has had in years."

"Dobby, I'm not your teacher," was the instant rebuke, before feeling something different with his magic. He could have sworn he could sense a 'state' of Dobby lurking in the back of his mind, informing him of the little elf's health, location and state of mind. "Uh, are you sorry?"

The house-elf paused in his version of the stretches, which included moving his large ears to tilt his head to the right as if in deep contemplation. His eyes widened then, not in horror as Harry could instinctively feel, but in utter joy before wrapping what he could of his arms around his Wizard and squeezing with all his might.

"Dobby has done it, Master Harry Potter!" was the excited exclamation that came along with a powerful house-elf hug. Which, considering Harry had been subjected to something similar by his half-giant friend Hagrid, meant he wasn't cracking his ribs in protest. “Let's unite properly! Dobby is so happy, yes she is!"

While this was happening, Hedwig took note of the fact that the family bond she already had with her teacher and friend had grown stronger beyond what she knew. Her own mother, her brood, and then the other owls in her menagerie had told him of the joys she could bring him by being a familiar. What she felt now was a complete and complete connection, going much deeper than any of her kind before her. Coming out with a series of barks, barks and'cuco-cuco-cuco'caught the eye of the duo now sitting on the bed, before she 'felt' - for lack of a better term - the utter joy her Master radiated.

"Yes, Hedwig, I feel you too," he said with reverence and wonder, his own eyes widening with happiness. “And I can partially understand your version of the speech! This is brilliant!"

The door was then flung open, reminding the trio that they were in potentially hostile territory. Harry hadn't even noticed that his wand was no longer in his hand, instead he reacted on instinct and waved his hand at the door making the melted locks disappear.

"Red monster, what the hell have you done to our house?" Vernon demanded as he entered, shotgun in hand. Aside from the accessory that was far from being legal in Britain, she looked as normal as possible.

"What are you talking about man?" Harry wondered, puzzled by the overreaction he got from the big man and why he seemed like one of the troubled people he loved to complain about.

"What am I-?! Stupid kid!" the older Dursley stammered. First you'll blow up the entire ground floor, then you'll blow up the power grid.all over town, then you managed to hideMiahome with that rarity to the point of not getting any fixer here! It took me all year to fix just the kitchen lights! If there's one silver lining to the whole ordeal, I went to work even though I had a damn box to pick up to post!

"Aagain🇧🇷 was the only thing Harry clung to, having grown used to the Dursleys' rants as a whole and filtering out their voices. "what the hell do you meanone year¡¿Dursley?!”

"Don't use that tone on me, boy!" he was roared back accompanied by the shotgun rising a little higher. "It's been a year since you complained like the cheeky child that you are"I don't feel well🇧🇷 I almost lost my mind, my job, my sister. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 allnormal🇧🇷 The blushing monsters and their monsters almost killed me! good soon youoDie and this nightmare will end!"

Tucking the butt of the gun under his right arm, Vernon aimed at Harry's head and was about to pull the trigger when the boy became a blur of motion.

Harry himself didn't know what had happened at the time, only that his magic responded to his gestures by firing aastonishmentis atakenof his left hand while alet's steermiPetrificus totalusflew from your right All four spells struck almost simultaneously, sending the overgrown man flying down the hall. Stunned, disarmed, bound and temporarily petrified to crash against the far wall, his head embedded in sticky wallpaper. Looking around in surprise, he leaned out the window and thought that nothing was wrong because he could see the neighborhood in the afternoon light.

"To hell with you idiots," Harry muttered after a few moments of thought as another instinctive movement of his hands had his belongings packed, then the loaded trunk shrank to fit in his pocket before sending Dobby and Hedwig out of the room. House. On his way to the front door, he ran into Petunia, to whom he used to say one last thing to the last known blood relative of hers. “I have never considered and never will consider this place as my home. As I live and breathe, as the magic my ancestors bestowed on me flows through my veins, I discard the last of the Evans lineage. So say I, Harry James of the noblest and oldest House of Potter, so be it!

A wave of magic poured out, erasing the wards of existence. Neighbors who had been looking in the direction of the strangely empty lot found themselves blinking like an owl as a house materialized out of nowhere before their memories of one of the occupants were restored. They watched, absolutely fascinated, as the damned Potter boy walked out the front door before heading towards the park near Magnolia Crescent.

"Flee monster! You are no longer welcome in this house!” Petunia yelled, having run outside before realizing that her house was visible to the outside world for the first time in a year. To her dismay, several neighbors watched the drama unfold, with nothing better to do.

Harry had situational awareness not normally seen in wizards. He was more than aware of the gawking neighbors as he left the house, prompting him to find a quiet, deserted spot before calling the Knight Bus. He needed time to think, as there was a lot going on that he was becoming aware of. One of his main thoughts, which turned into a strong desire, was to get to Gringotts to obtain the true sum of his possessions. As he ventured behind a tall hedge, he felt his magic respond to said wish.

One step was at Little Whinging, the next was at the Spawn Point in Diagon Alley. Without missing a step, she burst into the Alley, the late-night shoppers scattering like rats as she approached. The Gringotts gates swung open on their own, startling the Goblins on guard duty and those looking in that direction before a power literally burst in.

Mesmo Dia, The Burrow, Ottery Saint Catchpole, Devonshire

"We're so screwed," Ron groaned to the assembled Weasleys. With the exception of Bill and Charlie, the entire family gathered around the table to discuss the sudden revival of memories involving a certain Harry Potter. The younger son's comment was about what would happen when said Potter found out what he was doing.

"Your own fault," the twins said at the same time, looking grim. "We spent a lot of time alone, even after you alienated Hermione."

"Don't say that name in this house!" Molly thundered, before looking around for said person to come out of the woodwork.

"No, Molly," Arthur said, looking utterly disappointed in his family. They meant everything to him and his behavior over the last year was totally unacceptable. You have as much to worry about as Ronald. Usestalking about the boy who defeated one of the darkest wizards in history at fifteen months. I have a feeling . 🇧🇷 🇧🇷

"Thankindof feeling?” Percy asked, his neutral demeanor. Inside him, however, his thoughts moved at Portkey speed, seeking an angle to attack this problem. The only reason he was here instead of her new apartment was Penelope's pressure to visit her family. He had made the decision to leave her as soon as she returned home, out of gratitude for involving him in this mess.

“Let's look at the facts,” the father replied, leaning back in his chair. “We all lost our memories of him. He hasn't been seen at Hogwarts this year. Our memories come back, the day before your birthday. At the same time, we now know that we lost those memories exactly one year ago."

"Sounds like Maturity," was Ginny's immediate conclusion. As all of her eyes fell on her person, she blushed before muttering, "That journal taught me a thing or two."

The silence became uncomfortable after this statement, since it was the first time that the youngest of the litter spoke about the Diary. The parents frowned deeply, wondering what else the being once known as Tom Riddle had poured into his brain. Percy and the twins blanched as they remembered that the topic of their earlier discussion was why his sister was still alive.

"What the hell are you talking about?" was Ron's thoughtless reply, ignoring the whole question in the Journal because it had to do with the fact that, when Harry found out about his actions last year, he knew it would be hell to pay up. He was smart enough not to have any illusions that Hermione would talk about what she had done.

“Every magician goes through a Maturity, man and woman. He wasn't supposed to finish until he was seventeen, which is where the term Coming of Age comes from. He begins at the age of fourteen to reduce the sudden bursts of the Core to avoid damage to the body, ”Arthur taught the four youngest children, still leaning back in his chair. “However, there are documented cases of sudden expirations. One such case, which applies to Harry, is that he is the last of his House. Usually this just raises his age to fifteen. Tomorrow she will be fourteen years old, which implies other documented cases of blockages and ties in her core. Memory leak is documented in both examples regarding how much power a mage has. Nobody, and I meanno one, went further than three months earlier. The fact that he was aagain🇧🇷 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 without a doubt, Harry is stronger than Dumbledore. If this problem hadn't come up, your mom and I would have taught you more about it closer to your seventeenth birthday to account for any of the last minute outbursts that happen just like we did with Bill, Charlie, and Percy.

The rest of the Weasley family looked totally flabbergasted at the time, having lost their tempers after the comment about being stronger than Dumbledore. Then Arthur had to add another little detail.

"So yes, when he finds out about your actions, we are, as you put it so eloquently, screwed."

Gringotts Bank, Office of Director Ragnok

"Time is money, Master Ragnok," Harry said as he leaned in, getting straight to the point. "I want to know my properties within this Great Institution and perform an Inheritance Ritual to know where I come from in the family sense."

The Goblin Elder seated on the other side of the massive mahogany table simply nodded his head in approval to the Wizard across from him. He treated the Goblins exactly how they would like to be treated, wasting no time on pleasantries or insults. Profit, Honor, Dignity was his philosophy, after all, in that order. He could sense that the young man sitting opposite had recently gone through a Maturity, which is why he had the privilege of having an Audience with the Director.

"We'll get started right away," was the brusque reply after a few moments of contemplation. After all, Potter was one of the most sophisticated accounts, and being active again meant plentiful profits for the Goblin Nation.

Harry waited for the Headmaster to get up before doing so himself, following the male Goblin through a side door in silence. His mind, however, was going crazy trying to understand where all this new information and etiquette was coming from. looked likecasain a sense derived from his magic that led him to believe it was the old family magic in action. He had only seen a few references in the Hogwarts Library in passing, but he had never followed them up, since no one had bothered to fill him in on his family's past. He used the plural because no one was speaking for his mother other than the color of her eyes at this point and he'd be damned if he ever spoke to, let alone questioned, Petunia about her side of him. her family.

The silent duo walked through several corridors before entering a large cave-like room. This room was different in that every available surface was covered with what appeared to be runes of all sorts. In the center was a pedestal that held a bowl and a silver ceremonial knife.

“This Inheritance Rite is different from the Birth Rite for Family Magic. Here, all you have to do is let the blood flow into the bowl and the magic will do the rest. Once the proper amount has been released, the wound will be healed by ambient magic,” Ragnok explained as he pointed forward.

Harry didn't stop walking, moving purposefully towards said sink. Taking the knife in his left hand, he sliced ​​into his right palm and held the now bleeding hand in the center. Looking down, he revealed a potion that filled half the stone bowl, which began to swirl with colors as his blood slowly dripped into it. He was surprised that he spent half a minute before he felt the skin on his hand sew back together, which he took as a cue to examine it for scars. Seeing none, he looked to the opposite wall to see many, what he first thought were runes, glowing gold or silver. Now that they stood out from the others, he could clearly see that they were actually Crests and Family Crests.

Ragnok felt his eyes widen in surprise as the room lit up like one of the Great Furnaces in the Catacombs. There wasveryThe golden color on it danced like a flame, while the silver acted as the base of said flame. He lived a long life of more than four hundred years and had never seen anything like it before.

The neck of the pedestal made several noises that sounded suspiciously like a dot-matrix printer before spitting out ten feet of parchment at Harry's feet. Upon landing, he retained his coiled form, becoming a scroll of all things. Bending down, he picked it up and walked over to the Goblin Lord, who ushered him into the room.

Once again, the pair remained silent on the walk back to the principal's office, which seemed to involve less running and turning this time. There was apparently averyof profit for the day, and Ragnok was as eager as a Goblin to get started.

Entering the office, Harry handed over the scroll before returning to his chair. He waited for Ragnok to sit down before doing so himself, then relaxed into the soft leather and waited to be accosted.

"Oh, what a glorious day!" Ragnok finally barked, his eyes shining with the potential in his hands. Some of these Vaults have lain dormant for millennia, even those that contained little gold, while others that were more crowded have collected dust over the last decade or so. Placing the scroll in a slot on his desk, various books and folders of all things began to appear randomly. Several times, other Goblins ventured into Liege's domain with another book, or several, in hand, effectively burying the table and blocking the view between Harry and Ragnok.

That vision was quickly restored, as everything was compressed into a single book as soon as the last one was delivered. The lid parted slightly before literally coughing up a summary sheet. This drew a raised eyebrow from Harry, but no verbal response. He eyed the ornate box that appeared, which appeared to be eight inches by eight inches overall. Of course, with magic involved, the space inside could be comparable to Hogwarts' Great Hall, for all he knew.

“My lord,” Ragnok began, effectively halting most of his brain processes, “this is a great day for you and the Nation. Here is the summarized scroll of his possessions and Vault possessions. This box contains the signet rings and heir apparent rings of the families you directly control or are the heir to. This book has more detailed information and is also the new Potter Family Grimiore. In it are the stories of the families and the secrets contained in the Family Spells. Is there anything else you would like to accomplish today?”

"Just to assign an account manager," Harry replied on autopilot, his mind still not fully reset. “I don't know if the Treaty limits the Nation's Profits; on that note, i would like you or gripsack to bestow my house with the honor of account manager. If there is no Treaty cap, whoever it is is free with forty percent of the gold to invest aggressively, keeping ten percent of the returns.

"I like you, wizard," was the immediate response. “Yes, there is a Treaty Limit set at five percent of returns. However, since he stipulated forty percent of his capital to be invested, that five percent would constitute the Ministry of Magic's budget for the next decade each working week. I must refuse, as the Treaty also prohibits the Director from having direct influence over the clients. Gripsack, on the other hand, is available."

"Offer it, andcaminoIn case he refuses, select a Goblin you trust the most. It would be bad for business if certain people could get their hands on my gold,” Harry said as he stood up, putting away the book, scroll and box. “This concludes our transaction today. May your gold increase forever and your enemies flee in terror."

“May your life be long and your enemies delicious when served at your table,” Ragnok replied, bowing slightly. It was refreshing to have a wizard, regardless of his name, treat a Goblin exactly the way he wanted.

Harry wasted no time in going from Gringotts to the Leaky Cauldron. Night was only minutes away, and the inhabitants of Knockturn Alley lurked closer to the intersection with Diagon than during the day. Taking a room with Tom the bartender, number eleven, he went there with his order of meatloaf and chips with two bottles of Butterbeer to go with it.

After stuffing his throat, he took out the index scroll and began to read. He hadn't done that at Gringotts, as he was rude, and two would probably end up insulting the Goblin Lord by questioning his accuracy.


Tested person:

Name: Harry James Potter

Age: Thirteen (As of the day of the Inheritance Rite)

Magical Status: Adult Unlimited/Unrestricted

Magic Power (1-1000 Scale): UNKNOWN power readings higher than the top of the scale.


Natural Occlumens, Natural Legilimens, Natural Mage, Natural Empath, Natural Animagus, Natural UNKNOWN, Natural UNKNOWN, Natural UNKNOWN, Natural UNKNOWN, Natural (Logro) Parselmouth, Artificial Soul Anchor


Potter's Oldest and Noblest House - BIRTH RIGHT

The noblest and oldest house of Emrys - BIRTH RIGHT

The noblest and oldest house of Gryffindor-BIRTHRIGHT

Most Noble and Oldest House of Peverell-NASCIMENTO

Nominated for Most Noble and Oldest Ravenclaw House-Ancestral Will

Hufflepuff's Most Noble and Ancient House-Ancestor Will Nominated

The noblest and oldest house of Slytherin: RITE OF CONQUEST

The noblest and oldest house of Black-WILL NAMED

Very Noble and Ancient House of Bones-WILL NAMED-Patriarchal Family-Covenant between Houses Potter and Bones (Lord James/Lord Edgar)

Noble and Ancient House of McKinnon-WILL NOMINEE-Patriarchal Family-COVENANT between the Potter Houses and the House of McKinnon (Lord James/Lord Patrick)

Noble and Former House of Jones-WILL NOMINEE-Patriarchal Family-Covenant between the Houses of Potter and Jones (Lord James/Lord Roger)

Very Noble Ancient House of Lovegood-WILL APPOINTED-Matriarchal Family-Value Pact between the Houses of Potter and Lovegood (Lady Lily/Lady Celestine)-CONTROL RETURNS TO LOVEGOOD'S DAUGHTER WITH MATURATION

The list of families went on. Making the decision during a bathroom break to peruse that section for now, since she needed to read the wills, she perused the cash on hand.

Vaulted Properties:

The oldest and noblest house of Potter:

Vault numbers: 2; 7; 27; 43; 76; 83; 294; 687

Cash on hand (combined):

876,432,098,654 galleons

7,765,321 you want

4,123,098 knots

Numerous twenty gallon barrels filled with precious stones.

487,293 trunks

870,583,468 Book/scroll collections

Investments/Commercial Property (Combined; Magical/Mundane)

Diagon Alley-Earth built on (minus Gringotts territory)-Completed

Knockturn Alley-Land built on full

Flourishes and stains: forty-two percent

Slug and Juggers: eighteen percent

The Quibbler magazine: fifty-one percent

The three brooms: twenty percent

Honeyduke's: eighty percent

British Oil: five percent

Airbus: thirty percent

Boeing: Ten percent

Microsoft: thirteen percent

Just at this point, Harry felt his eyes trying to clear their sockets. He knew it was strange, but for some reason it seemed right that he owned the very land the Alley was built on and he wondered why no one had wondered where the grass they stood on came from. He had a feeling that at some point, the Ministry was bragging about some nonsense about them owning it, thus stealing their rightful taxes. He would have to allow this to continue for now as he had no idea of ​​investing and/or going after those who didn't pay as they should or simply stole from him.

stealing; that word brought a feeling of utter betrayal and anger towards certain people in your life. He wasn't entirely surprised by the old Vault access list, now invalid after his little jaunt through Goblin Country.

No, it was the fact that he was generous and would help anyone who asked him, but those who simply accepted, he matched the Dursleys. It was one thing to be generous, but to take it without his knowledge or permission when he originally had nothing? Unacceptable.

Dumbledore, or ThimbleDick, one of a host of names, as his mind now called him, didn't surprise him so much. After all, the man had a hard-hitting agenda that he called "The Greater Good." While the ultimate goal was not known, such as who would rule, the rest was straightforward as there would be a utopia for wizards everywhere without fear of the dark or the mundane. Of course, this ignored the old adage that without darkness there can be no light. And there was absolutely no way for the mundanes of the world to take their actions lying down or slipping silently into the night.

Molly Weasley: Well, a part of him could understand why he'd stolen a few hundred galleons here and there. He didn't cross the line like old ThimbleDick and embezzle millions. He had quite a large family to take care of, and Arthur's salary apparently wasn't enough to cover it all. If she had asked, no problem. Since she didn't, and he would have to see if she brought it up once he saw her again, then there was no chance.

Ron: Now that was annoying. All Ron had to do was open his mouth to more than silly comments or food and, like his mother, Harry would have helped. But then again, he didn't choose to plunder slightly larger amounts than she did for her own personal gain. There would be no forgiveness here, none at all.

Ginny: he saves her life and that's how she repays him by becoming a thief? A small, slowly awakening part of her mind saw her potential beauty a few years later, but with that discovery all possibilities vanished. The lifetime debt would become a problem unless he used it to protect himself from it. How would she or even if she could? She knew that she had to investigate.

Percival: oh now that was a complete surprise. Who would have thought that the perfect Mayor Percy could stoop so low? That explained a few things, like how he was able to buy Penelope nice things, let alone treats for his owl Hermes. As far as Harry knew, he didn't have a job yet, but then again, a year goes a long way.

Having thought about it, Harry knew he had enough on Dumbledore and the Weasleys to declare a Line Feud. The cornerstone of this is the completely fake will that somehow had his signature declaring an equal division between Dumbledore and the Weasleys should he die without issue, that matter being one's own heir.

Shaking her head, she continued reading while taking an occasional sip of her Butterbeer. He had never heard of some of the families listed, others he was surprised because he knew the children of those families were at Hogwarts. That particular thought brought the other friend of his to the forefront of his mind. Finding a blank scroll, inkwell and quill in his trunk, Harry wrote him a letter.


"Harry, what happened to you?" Hermione wondered as she tried to do her summer homework. The attempt was futile at the time due to memories of him returning earlier in the night. She sat at her desk, just to the left of her window, she alternated between thousands of feet gazing at the juniper tree outside submissively or going through her book collection over and over again for titles that would catch the eye. her.

The huge bookcase to her left, which when combined with the desk created almost an office, was filled with wizarding literature of almost every kind. The only things missing were of the Dark variety, since almost everything in that category was illegal by Ministry standards; not that it stopped the Purebloods. There were some hard to find tomes dealing with Family Magic and how it came to be. These were older versions, and as such weren't nearly as tainted as the ones the Ministry was selling to the masses these days.

His thoughts stopped at the notion of Family Magic. She, after a bit of research, was more than aware that the Potter family was ancient. Therefore, Harry already had Family Magic, just waiting for the maturity of it. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷

"Is that!" he almost screamed, his mind now processing scenarios faster than an Acromantula can run. Four of the nine books on Family Magic were quickly spread out on the large oak surface of her desk, where she tried to read them all at once. It was the second, titledFamily magic and its originsthat he found more information about the Ritual of Inheritance and to his great surprise, the Ritual for the Birth of the Wizarding Family than was available in the Hogwarts Library. He knew he was a true First Generation, as he compiled a family tree the summer after the first year to search for possible Wizards in his bloodline. She was sidetracked by the Birthing Ritual for a few moments, as she gave, in great detail, onlyhowFamily Magic started in one line.

Seeing that he had little more than a year to do it, that is, he had to do it on his sixteenth birthday - the moment of the last great peak of his own Maturity -, he put aside the worries that the Ritual brought him to continue looking at Harry. . situation. It was then that Hedwig appeared at her window, perching on the sill and banging on the glass to get her attention.

"Hello girl," Hermione greeted as she opened the window, to which the owl hopped to the right hand corner of the table that had food and water just for this occasion. After offering her paw, which had a letter attached to it and was removed, the Snowy Owl began to feed after the flight.

Dear Hermione,

Hello! Yes, it is not the most eloquent greeting, but it is me for you. *cheeky grin* Something strange has happened, which I'm becoming more aware of as it has affected the entire world. I seem to have been away for exactly one year, going through a Maturity long before recorded history. What all this entails, well, I'm still learning. However, what I found is that I am now considered of legal age without restrictions. Before you start going through my data, I've placed just to the left of this scroll the results of my Inheritance Ritual performed at Gringotts a few hours ago, and the status line says exactly that: Adult, Unlimited/No Restrictions. I'll let you read it as soon as we can meet. I'm in the Cauldron, room eleven.

Things are not what they seem Hermione. Dumbledore and a quartet of Weasleys have been stealing gold from my vault. If it wasn't for the auto recharge thanks to my dad, I'd be broke a long time ago. Molly I can understand, in a way, regarding the size of the family that she has raised on Arthur's salary. However, Percy, Ron and Ginny have no excuse for this robbery and there will be a reckoning. It's the concept, you know, of just taking from someone who grew up with nothing without asking. You know me, I would love to help those who ask.

Speaking of which, I really need your help! It seems that many of the Families of Light, and some of questionable alignment, had no faith in the end of the last War in their favor and made various pacts with House Potter. Now I find myself in control of MANY families, including some that I know have children our age in school. Please come as soon as you can!

I hope to see you,


It was too late to go to the Leaky Cauldron now and Hermione knew it. Deciding that Harry was far more important than her homework, a decision that would surprise her parents if they knew, she organized her trunk and began packing. Although next term's letters hadn't arrived yet, she had little doubt that she was very busy with Harry catching up on the year she missed and heeding her plea for help. Spontaneously, the Birthing Rite resurfaced in her thoughts and she mentally agreed that once it was as well researched as possible, Harry would be the one to perform it for her. Her silent vow was too close to literal, resulting in a pulse of magic sealing him away. In her distracted state, she completely didn't know.

07:00 July 31, Leaky Cauldron, Room Eleven

Harry awoke to the sound of a passing train, shaking some dust from the rafters and revealing why the rooms had four-poster beds. An instinctive, and not quite awake, movement of the hand cleared the room in an instant. He noted that Hedwig had returned sometime during the night, but he didn't know how she got in through the locked window.

Leaving everything alone, he began the Wizard's Morning Ritual, which was a literal thing. While mundanes called his routine a ritual, to a mage it involved more than a morning trip to the bathroom and bathroom. First came the bending and stretching, as described, of the inner magic. This was done in the bathroom for a reason, since the dolls cleaned the body of the sticky substance that had accumulated overnight. Then came a small Purification Ritual that took place in the shower. It is not recommended to do this in the bathroom without filtering the water because of what comes off the skin.

Then, as the morning began, her mind returned to the letter she had sent the night before. He felt bad for asking Hermione for help, even though he hadn't seen her in a year. He knew the sabbatical was not his fault and not his idea, but the feeling remained. Still, it would be nice to see her again.

Wandering to her trunk, the thought occurred to her that now that she was free of Dursley, she should do some real clothing shopping and not those whale bone covers that doubled as rags. Since it looked like he was going to be pushed into the political arena, she thought he might look the part too. Looking out the window towards the Alley, he saw a girl with blonde hair jumping around without a care in the world. That brought a small smile to her face, looking back at what she perceived as normality before seeing a pair of early-rising Ravenclaws she had known from her time at Hogwarts approaching her.

The smile left his face in an instant as he noted his positioning, having been in a similar circle himself. Deciding then to do something about the obvious bullying that was taking place, he donned an oversized school robe and worked magic on it. Seeing the perfect rippling effect he was looking for, he headed out the door.

“Well, if it's not Loony Lovegood,” Cho Chang declared singing, her group of friends quickly surrounding the young woman. There were very few adults around; those that were, were either not fully awake to accept the situation or were in a hurry to get where they were going and didn't care. "Still not a friend to meet, huh, Loony?"

“Oh please,” said the voice of Marietta Edgecombe, “you give too much credit to that idiot Cho. First, nobody wants her. Second, no one can tolerate it. Third, she is a complete mental case.

“Feh, even her mother left her,” Sara Fawcett interrupted, looking for the cheap shot to get a reaction from the normally dreamy girl; Sara was following the crowd in this effort. As the seven girls laughed, some going so far as to push the young Lovegood, they actually had a reaction; it's just not your goal.

"Get out, all of you!" boomed a male voice, causing everyone in the alley to turn towards the speaker. The first thought that crossed many's minds was that Snape had somehow lost some of his height before the nest of black hair and narrowed emerald green eyes gave away who was advancing down the path.

"What's the matter, Potter?" Marietta wasn't afraid, she had faced Snape on more than one occasion, or at least she had tried to. That proved to be her undoing as he gestured and silenced her.

“No apologies,” he growled, coming to a stop next to the young woman he had seen earlier. Her robe continued to billow even after she stopped her movement. “Ravenclaws are indeed the smartest of all, but I see it. The Slytherins have more common sense than you, at least they try to do it in the shadows and don't get caught. Go away and know that he is under the protection of House Potter! If I meet any of these behaviors again, there will be a lot to pay for!

The magical flame that accompanied his declaration was enough to send the other 'Claws running for the Cauldron, Flooing out, or heading to London to escape the enraged wizard.

"Because?" was the silent question he asked Harry after the others had fled, startling him enough to knock down the magic holding the floating robes. He gave her a long look out of the corner of his right eye before answering.

“Because they treated me the same,” he finally muttered, keeping his voice low so the others in the Alley wouldn't hear. "Damn thugs, you're a bunch of useless." He then he changed the subject to something much safer. "So where are you going this beautiful morning?"

Luna lost part of her dreamy expression for a moment, taken completely by surprise by her 'savior'. She knew next to nothing about Harry Potter and yet he was saving the damsel in distress without hesitation because it was the right thing to do. Trusting her instincts and her magic, she decided to open herself up to him. She was aware of the Maturity that she had gone through and she knew for sure that what she had said about being a Protectorate House rang true. His parents, in the last war, made a Vassal Pact with House Potter so that if anything happened to Celestine or Xenophilius Lovegood, his greatest conquest-Luna-would be accepted. Ole Xeno knew of the Pact, though the House he had married into was of the matriarchal sort. Although James and Lily died eight years before Celestine, the Pact was still valid due to Harry being a month and a half older; she was born on September 21, 1980. Having explained to her daughter what her duties were as her vassal, and if he declared it a Protectorate, a House under Potter's banner, she could only hope that the boy would know the truth. her responsibilities. Xeno, like many other surviving parents/guardians of the last war, had no idea what had become of young Harry after that terrible night of Halloween which raised questions about his knowledge of the Families, the Covenants and those who were not heirs by chance. birth, but by Will. the line from him to the only Potter.

The odd couple turned to Madam Malkin, looking for better clothes for Harry. Their morning drive to Diagon was slow as they spoke in low voices, not wanting their conversation to be overheard. Luna was pleasantly surprised to learn that yes, Harry knew about the Lovegood Pact and Celestine's Last Wishes, giving him the duty of being her 'opener' on her fifteenth birthday. He had the magic of the Lovegood family in her veins, but to unlock it, her Core had to be touched by a non-family Core Mage. As a security measure to prevent magic theft, Celestine made sure the Pact made it a condition that Harry would be the only one capable of "opening" Luna's Core.

Luna had to explain the difference in the Inheritance Rite for men and women. While wizards could simply enter Gringotts or make use of a ritual room in their mansion, witches had to have their core 'open' at the time when it was most susceptible to outside interference. Much to Harry's embarrassment, the only method of doing this was sex, and therefore a non-family member was necessary.

Walking away from the rather heavy and awkward conversation, the couple went shopping. Harry was grateful for the company, but had to restrain himself from barking at Luna and her strange wardrobe choices. Once he had the clothes he wanted, at least on this side of the Cauldron, they continued down the Alley, browsing and picking up random items. Finding the Goldmine Series Fifty Compartment Mobile Chest was great, but too excessive for Harry's tastes - the name comes from the price tag, just like a gold mine. A simple compartment of five worked well, with expansion spells making the interior of each compartment roughly the size of its room in the Cauldron. Finding the furniture in the shop next door led to the wardrobe, library, potions, personal items, and mini-safe being the compartments of choice. It was all encased in his signature blood and magic, making it impossible for anyone else to open the trunk. He came with standard Shrinking and Featherlight spells, though Harry was surprised to learn that the Shrinking spell could stop at virtually any size, from a book to a speck of dust, if he so wished. He was pleased with this information and visualized a box of matches, then touched the trunk now full of recent purchases. As advertised, the trunk became such a size that he managed to lift it and put it in his pocket.

"Let's go get some food," she offered casually, finally realizing that in her rush to get out the door, she had missed breakfast. That thought led him to realize that he had no idea what he had eaten before leaving the house.

"Wow, time flies," Luna said as she held up a . 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 somewhere: "I'm meeting dad in about an hour, so lunch sounds great."

Harry only gestured towards the Cauldron before starting to head in that direction. As they walked in silence, he fell into contemplation of the day thus far. He had heard rumors about Luna, for him, last year, around the corner, around the corner and a few bricks before a castle. The conversation revealed a much deeper side to her that no one except her father knew about. He was well aware that any conversation with her at Hogwarts would involve vague creatures and off-the-cuff comments at inappropriate times, as her way of keeping people from getting too close. The loss of her mother was still fresh and fresh, which made her act the way she did. The public and her dormmates never learned that she still had night terrors or sudden bouts of depression brought on by witnessing Celestine's death and that they would continue for years to come. The only reason he suspected the terrors was his own nightmares about that night.

He was so lost in his thoughts that he didn't notice the archway leading into the Alley or the back door of the Cauldron. A missile with a thick hair warhead brought him back to reality.

"It's so good to see you, Harry!" Hermione exclaimed into her shoulder, where she had buried her face to hide her tears. This caused her voice to trail off and get lost in the background noise of the customers around him; that is, only her goal and Luna heard her.

"You already ate?" she wondered, realizing that today was a busy day as the place was nearly full. As he surveyed his surroundings, he was delighted to meet his best friend, a term he now knew magically for.noplay lightly. That thought brought others to the other and now former best friend Ron. Harry knew that Magic itself would punish Ginger for her crimes, and it would only get worse as time went by until Weasley found out what was going on and used Parlay to formally break up with him. The peculiarity was that no one, not even his family or the head of the house, could tell him about the need for a mutual break in status.

"Not yet, I just got a room here," his voice interrupted her thought process. Not that she minded, as thinking about Weasley in general now was compounding her anger. When she finally looked over his right shoulder, she was surprised to see Luna standing on that side of him looking uncomfortable at her intrusion into a private moment.

"Then let's have lunch and go up to my room," Harry offered, breaking the slight tension between the two girls. It didn't escape either of them that he was inviting them over and not favoring one over the other.

After placing their orders and Tom assuring them that they would be sent upstairs, the trio went up to room eleven. Walking into the room, Harry pulled the new trunk out of it and restored it to its original size.

"You're going to get in trouble for this!" Hermione jumped on the use of magic, not wanting to part with him again like the year before.

"Um, we're in the middle of a magically rich environment," Luna hinted subtly, even though she knew that Harry was considered an adult in Magic's eyes and therefore exempt from underage laws. To prove her point, she used her wand to open the window with a levitation charm, before banishing Dursley's rags that weren't on Harry through the window.

Half an hour passed without owls with letters from the Ministry, though there was much shouting downstairs from the sudden shower of old clothes. The range of emotions on Hermione's face included, but was not limited to, abject fear, confusion, understanding, and anger.

"Yes, it's unfair," Harry read his face like a book, interrupting the tirade that was surely about to begin. “Unless, of course, we destroy the Ministry Detection Network, which has holes for the magic-rich areas that would otherwise overload it, then there isn't much we can do about it. Also, if you think about it, the Minors Laws is about accustoming the First Generations to the Secrecy andkeeping it🇧🇷 You know how kids are, we learned something 'cool' and we want to show it! While it offers an advantage to those inside, it also helps us learn discretion and get used to the Statute of Secrecy."

"In other words, if Muggleborns knew that purebloods would lose their advantage?" she asked, looking from Harry to Luna and back again. She could tell by the disgusted look that came over Harry's face when he said 'Muggle-born' that he didn't like that term at all. Luna, on the other hand, was smiling slightly instead of responding verbally.

"The inbreeding of the last four hundred years is catching up with them," he replied, ecstatic that Hermione was using her logic to think and not her emotions. “It is a statistical fact that first generations and half-breeds do not produce squibs. Thoroughbreds, on the other hand, average four per family. There are obvious ones. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷exceptions🇧🇷 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 to that fact, but the truth is not luxuries,uncontaminated, blood magic would cease to exist. That is why every year more and more First Ones are born, to make up the difference that the Purebloods are losing.

"My family is matriarchal," Luna chimed in at this point, adding to the conversation. There was something about Harry, or to be more precise, about his magic, that kept her from falling back on his defensive measures. “So when I was born, my parents just stopped trying to have more kids. The Weasleys," he ignored the sudden scowl from the other two, "are patriarchal, while the Prewitts were also matriarchal, which is why they stopped raising children. Arthur got his heir from William, Molly eventually got hers from Ginerva. Otherwise, in the example of Arthur marrying a half-blood or a first generation, he would have put his foot in one, maybe two children. Charlie, Percival, the twins and especially Ronald have no hope of inheriting much when Arthur passes away.

"So that's whyto theDo you think the world owes him something? Hermione growled, taking Harry by surprise. Although hearing about her own family that she didn't want to think about was irritating, and her actions towards him even more so, she had no idea what could have brought him such virulence.

"Tell me," was his demand, his face turning stony with the thoughts running through his mind. Although she had demanded it, her voice was surprisingly light for the tone of the conversation. She noticed that the food had arrived, and after making sure the girls had eaten, she began to eat.

The story of the previous year at Hogwarts was retold, and Luna's "outsider" perspective changed things. Harry was immensely proud of Neville for staying with Hermione at the cost of what little trust and friendships he had. He was furious when he found out what Ronald was talking about. That anger increased when he learned of his actions the summer before and the summer after from Molly.ungrateful personwhich was a very serious thing in the Wizarding World. Then the focus shifted to Luna herself and what the Ravenclaws were doing to her.

"Damn," Luna said suddenly, glancing at the antique clock in the corner to avoid the subject. “I'm late to meet dad and I have to go. Will any of you be at Beco tomorrow?

"Apparently I have options for one house or several, but I'll be here to find out," was Harry's reply, as Hermione simply moved closer to his person in response.

Luna headed for the door before turning around and hugging them both. With a jump in her step, she was gone, leaving the couple alone. Wasting no time, Harry quickly pulled the Summary parchment from her for her to read as he finished his lunch. As she read, and with the ever-present threat that her eyes would roll out of her head, he moved his Hogwarts supplies from her old trunk to the new one.

"Are the Goblins sure this is correct?" she finally questioned herself, looking up only to find Harry engaged in his favorite pastime: reading. She saw the titleStandard Book of Spells - Fourth Grade, and he had to wonder why he wasn't looking at third-year material.

“First, they areforevercorrect in these matters due to the Treaty,” he replied after marking his place with a pen. “Second, to answer the question you have in mind, there is a precedent for sudden expirations disrupting education and automatically passing you for lost time with Exceeds Expectations. Since I was away all year, that means I got all the US agonoit means, however, that I know the material. Yes, it may come back to haunt me, but studying the third year program is personally a waste of time. Not to mention that you've seen Luna and I perform magic over our year, simply because those are relativelyeasyspells that could be taught to a first year. Banishing, Summoning, and Vanishing are all fourth year spells, but they have a very simple intent behind them.Go to…; Come hereor simplyself🇧🇷 The only reason to wait to learn them is the necessary control and power.

The logic behind that last statement made perfect sense and Hermione had to wonder why she had never thought of it that way before. Deciding to put that train of thought aside, she resorted to her courtesy statement.

And the electives?

"Those don't apply, unfortunately," was his reply. "because they areelectiveand not the main classes, I am a year behind in any course I choose.

"Makes sense, that and all the other due dates were after the start of the fourth year at least," she said more to herself, thinking aloud than speaking to Harry.

"I think maturity is what gave Voldemort a real taste for power," he theorized. “Before the fourth year he was not. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 Hey, 'the race🇧🇷 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 on the Path of Darkness. In fact, he missed the first two months of his fourth year because he was going through his own coming of age as the last of the Slytherin line. Once he had that taste, well. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷

Sim, thought,no need to explain more than that. Makes sense, too, with You-Know-Who repeating the same line about power. He also explains why, as a half-breed, he championed the Pureblood Supremacy Movement; if he had that much family magic waiting, surely the others did too.

The duo fell silent for a while as they went back to reading. Hermione dug up her Family Wizard books looking to understand Vassal Pacts and how it was possible to put one line on top of another. She thought that in order to continue this line, Harry would have to have more than one wife for practical purposes due to the need for so many heirs. Those who had daughters simply wouldn't take the Potter name, while he would have to actively seek out those willing to abandon their own family magic or be the firstborn to be named after each line. One more for your own home. The implications were building up his anger to the point where he finally exploded.

“Harry James Potter! This is absolutely barbaric!”

His reaction was one she hadn't expected. Instead of stammering and stuttering and giving in to her will, she calmly replaced the quill marker and picked up her cloak. With a flutter of parchment and aSCAMthe book was closed to which he leaned forward. Both elbows rested on the table, their fingers laced together, then stopped in front of her face. Her pose left her eyes visible. Then she tilted her head slightly and the light bounced off her glasses.

She shuddered.

He delivered a perfect Ikari Death Glare, seated variation. And retained.

She panicked.

"I'm sorry, please don't be mad at me. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 It's just that you have to have a harem to continue the lines!

Slowly he realized that he was more than the Lord of a House; he was one of the few true Magic Lords. his wasaHouse, going back to before Merlin: The Peverells go back to the beginning of history, it seems.

“Hermione,” he finally spoke, still holding the Posture of Death, “I don't mind you messing with my conscience most of the time. But instead of yelling at me, how about you ask me if I know what I'm getting myself into? So we could have acivilizedtalk about what's bothering you, letting logic and facts win. Being passionate about a subject is one thing, going crazy about someone is another.

She nodded so quickly that she was suddenly afraid her head would fall off her neck. Hers Will hers Be Done hers was hers her motto now when she finally lowered her arms and revealed a smile.

“Now, could you repeat your statement? I did not understand

“Have you looked at the End of the Line laws?” she replied, taking what she said about asking questions as a direct order. She didn't fail to notice when he said that her magic had burned out.

"Actually, no, no," was his reply, raising his eyebrows. “I have a feeling that you at least approached them before just for the knowledge. My gut tells me I'm not going to like your answer, so I'm going to say this now: I'm not mad at you. I'm not even mad at the world itself. Just one more thing that takes me away from "normal".

0750 August 8, 1994; Wizengamot cameras; ministry of magic

Albus Dumbledore sat behind the Wizard Chief's dais, surveying the assembled House representatives and counsel as a battalion commander surveys a battlefield. The summer session was about to start and it seemed that something was up. It wasn't entirely obvious, even to his trained eyes, what it was, but the Lords and Ladies were nervous for some reason, regardless of their alignment in magic.

Having so many positions was, at first, something to be proud of. One of the problems she regularly ran into was that there was simply too much to do in the time available. For example, since the semester ended at Hogwarts on June 30, he still hadn't set foot in his office to check his instruments that monitored certain people. He had been distracted by the flood of memories relating to the young Potter for the last eight days, almost letting some malicious schemes bypass his normally keen intellect. There was no way he could reprogram the I.C.W.miWizengamot sessions, as it was an uphill battle to organize them in the two months the school was closed, with openings for whatever event members wanted to attend, such as the upcoming Quidditch World Cup at the end of the month.

Shaking her head inwardly to clear her thoughts, she noted the time and fired a few shots from her wand. It was when the Lords and Ladies sat down that she discovered what was going on.

The Potter Seat was occupied.

“The Summer Session of the Wizengamot in the Ninety-fourth Year of the 20th Century will now be called. Before we resume our discussions from the winter session, is there anything new? Dumbledore's voice dominated the Hall, all attention focused on the cloaked figure on Potter's Throne.

There was no surprise when the green gem attached to the small desk on that very seat lit up. No one else squirmed, wondering if the person hiding his face was the young Potter or not.

"The chair recognizes Potter House," Albus almost unmoved, having scanned the room only to find everyone else just as mesmerized as he was.

The figure rose from the leather chair, whoever it was was a shorter person. This raised the arousal level a few notches, which continued to rise as the figure lowered its head and reached for the hood of the cloak.

The first thing Dumbledore saw, when he lowered his hood, was the nest of black hair. Hair that was infamous in the Wizarding World as a trademark of the Potters.


"I stand before the Lords and Ladies of the Wizengamot to claim what is mine by birthright and the ancient Rite of Conquest," Harry said steadily, his eyes sweeping the Hall. The whispers and murmurs began at his appearance, but increased tenfold at the Rite. There was only one individual qualified for this.

"Before things get out of hand," he continued, focusing on other Proxies and not a few Family Heads, "is this august body aware of the Pacts made to my House during the last war?"

Silence. While many of the members were wide-eyed at this public outcry, and squirmed, not knowing what Harry really knew about the situation kept them from speaking out.

"I'll take it asno🇧🇷 Those of you who know, or are in a position to let the Family you represent know, fear not. I will honor the Covenants as originally bound by oath.

'SHIT! HE KNOWS!'Dumbledore raged on the inside, knowing full well that if…when this became public, it would cause a lot of trouble. However, he had two opinions on the matter. When the public found out and Harry had no idea, Albus's house of cards would come crashing down. On the other hand, if Harry had known, he would have to deal with the angry masses when they found out that he now dominated the legislation. The only reason Dumbledore himself knew this was because Lily wanted to complain about how backwards wizards were. Ah, the joys of muggle-borns and their ideals that are ultimately wiped out anyway.

"House Potter immediately claims birthrights and former nominees to the Houses of Peverell, Emrys, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff."

Outrage and not a bit of confusion. That statement set the members in motion, and not in a good Harry way. These Houses had been 'empty', for lack of a better phrase, for a thousand years and he finished them.

Harry was irritated, and it showed as his magic pulsed bringing instant silence to the Gathering Hall. Each member was subjected to an emerald gaze from him, before dropping another bombshell.

"By the Rite of Conquest, Potter House reclaims Slytherin House by defeating their final Lord three times: Tom Marvolo Riddle." This was met with confused looks from all sides except the Head Sorcerer. Dumbledore was relaxed in his seat, making himself less of a target.

“No one knows Tom Riddle? I exclude the Head Wizard from this question, as he taught him at Hogwarts, Harry thought, his voice revealing his surprise that this information was not public. He looked around and was greeted with a nod every time.

"I must prove then."

Forgetting to need a wand, hecaptureI said the full name in the air with my right index finger. The Hall seized upon this display of power, even if it was unintentional. With a movement of his hands the anagram appeared and the screams began.

"You are playing with me?!" he thundered, now completely irritated and drawing attention to himself. “Have any of you, even those who embrace the darker side of life, ever wondered where this madman came from? You have all been deceived! he had to wait a moment to calm down, since yelling wouldn't do much good. “Tom Riddle; son of Merope Gaunt -witch, and Thomas Riddle -mundane. Your bloody Dark Lord is a half-breed. Even more than me, at least my parents were wizards, forget that my mother was a firstborn.

Eyes were wide throughout the Hall, with the exception of the Head Sorcerer. It didn't take long for the lords and ladies to realize this and they began to get very angry.

"Did you know this Dumbledore?" demanded Augusta Longbottom, the anger clear as day in her normally neutral façade. "YouI knew itAnd you never bothered to bring it?!”

"Widow Longbottom, please be courteous," was the reproach rather than an answer to his question. Time for some damage control and fun. "As for his claim, Mr. Potter, he is not yet of legal age and cannot sit down."

"Wrong," Harry snapped without stopping, holding up a Gringotts receipt. “The Goblins took me to an Inheritance Rite after my unexpected Maturity. Oh yeah, we'll talk about that later. Magic itself sees me as an Adult, the Laws are written only by beings. In the eyes of the Goblins, I haveget in meand have unlimited access to my accounts.”

If the receipt was not proof enough, the warning notice was removed from the signet rings, revealing that what he was saying was true.

“Now, Widow Longbottom,” he continued, “I found the information the easy way. Riddle told me her birth name in my second year, and this morning I went to the Wizarding Census Department to look for a birth record. I don't blame anyone but the Head Sorcerer for not volunteering the information, for not seeking it out. After all, anagrams are a mundane invention. Though why anyone thought he was born with that made up name is beyond me.

There was a collective chill in the Assembly at being criticized by a fourteen-year-old boy, even though he was aat home.

Lucius Malfoy was furious. Although the Supremacy Movement went underground after that night in '81, they were still pushing their agenda and the information revealed today would set them back.centuries🇧🇷 Perhaps allowing some of these Mudbloods to sit here would be a good idea in the future, since they would have seen it coming all along. Then those in power could remove the threat before it cost them so much.

"Lucky you who followed Riddle," Harry muttered, refocusing on himself, "because I'm not throwing thewar properties🇧🇷 Yes, I am more than capable of that with both my morals and my magic. Well, I think we've wasted enough of our precious time today. What do you say about my claims and my seat in the Potter House chair?

he was fromat home, there was only one of two things that the members could do. Vote yes or no; it was no surprise that the Hall lit up in a sea of ​​green gemstones.

one thousand nine hundred; The same day; Room Eleven of the Leaky Cauldron

"They're a bunch of baboons," Harry complained over dinner as he used an automatic pen to write the notice of a meeting between the Houses of the Covenant in Potter Battlements. He finally decided to move there, to the manor house which was a Babylonian type Castle/Fortress. Regardless of the methods, the place could easily survive a siege of biblical proportions. "Well, except for Ladies Abbot, Longbottom, and Bones," he modified his statement slightly after reflection. Some of the other Pact Houses were absent or silent, making it difficult for him to tell who was in charge of which.

"Be nice to the baboons," Luna scolded him, "it's not fair to the rest of the species to lump them in with politicians."

This caused Harry and Hermione to crack up, leading to a slight interruption in their meal. He had just spent the last hour going over the Wizengamot meeting, knowing that he had two more weeks of sheer idiocy and boredom ahead of him. Then he would do something exciting at the end of the month: watch the Quidditch World Cup.

"Bah! You should have seen Malfoy's face when I mentioned thewar properties🇧🇷 Priceless!"

Both girls stopped laughing abruptly to look at him, making him very uncomfortable.

“Harry, yousableWhat does that spell do? Hermione was in fine form now, raising her voice a little to make the question sound like a threat. Now that she knew how to behave with him without the emotional outbursts of old, she could display her passions without getting her pose in response.

“Of course,” he replied, offended, “after all, it's in my Grimiore. All I did was inform former Riddle fans that I don't intend to use it, although I might. It's a Slytherin move, you know? He shows that you have the power to ruin, but he chooses not to as you keep the power hanging over their heads like a Sword of Damocles. Also, I don't want to deal with the consequences of using that spell."

"Ah," was all he could reply, knowing now what his intentions were. She now she could laugh at the possible look on the face of Malfoy and, by extension, the other "former" follower.

"Very insightful, Harry," Luna congratulated with a golf swing. Her education included lessons on how to wield the Wizengamot. If you have something, even if it is a minority, use it to your advantage. With what she had poured out on Riddle, she was too uncomfortable to use Voldemort, she had effectively neutralized the Assembly for the time being. Now it all came down to keeping her heads above the table so they couldn't turn the tables.

"Dumbledore is out of the game," Hermione expounded further. “Simply by following what you did today, he could have avoided the vast majority of defeats in the last war. As the leader, he should have done that. Instead, he let the magical population reel like a fish out of water.

"The question is, for what reason?" Luna agreed, the best two of her years putting her heads together to try to solve this problem.

Oh, the big question:whyHarry nodded sagely, knowing he was entering territory out of his league. He was raised with a motion not to ask any questions. Well, that would have to stop. After all, if he was going to survive this madness and life in general, he had better start looking for answers.

Two hours passed with no real progress. A key piece of the puzzle was missing, several in fact. Harry was holding one of them, but didn't realize it until it was time for Luna to go home.

"I received this from Algeron Matasanos," he finally said, revealing the short missive. He says there's something in the Department of Mysteries that I need to talk to him about. Any ideas?"

“The only known place within this Department is the Hall of Prophecy. 🇧🇷 . She trailed off, his eyes growing bigger than usual. “Harry, there must be an active Prophecy on you down there. It is the only reason you would receive a missive from the Chief of the Nameless.

"But fortune telling is rubbish!" Hermione responded immediately, having a bad feeling that if what Luna was saying was true, there was a good chance that dark times were ahead.

"Maybe Trelawney is trash, but that's not the point," the blonde replied calmly; even though she gave him the evil eye. “Have you heard of the Delphi Seers? This is genuine divination in action."

"I'll check this out tomorrow before session," Harry cut in on the discussion before it could get out of hand. “Meanwhile, I go to the battlements. I'll call you two as soon as I get back, and we can continue this over dinner tonight.

Knowing that he would indeed lock them for the night, the two girls wrapped him in a hug before leaving their room. While the Cauldron was nice, he wanted a private place to be, and the Battlements offered complete isolation from the rest of the world.

"Okay, Dobby, take me home," she said to an empty room after a wave of her hand arranged her belongings. She had already paid the bill for dinner and had Tom's permission to leave the room immediately.


"Immediately Master Harry Potter Sir!"

To confirm

End of chapter notes:

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*Chapter 2*: Arc One Part Two

Disclaimer: I do not claim ownership of any copyrighted character, place, or event used here. The only thing I claim is this fic, which originated in my head, and any original characters created by me here. The following was made for public consumption at zero profit and is not for sale except to the proprietary companies. Yes, I dream big.

Magical Maturity, Arc One Part Two

By: (Conductor) Jim Ohki

0600 August 9, 1994; potter's battlements

Harry woke up the next morning feeling refreshed. This sensation was still new to him, he had only experienced it in the last ten days. As he began his day, he reflected on the Wizengamot session the day before and knew there would be questions today; now that the Lords and Ladies have had a chance to digest the information that has been shoved down their throats. Seizing the opportunity, he had to watch the sun rise from his bedroom window, illuminating the far wall/property line. From here, it appeared to be no more than an inch high at the apex of the Old Guard towers.

Having traveled through Elf, he still had to wander the path to see how high it really was. He had no idea of ​​possible weaknesses either, since the last couple to live on the Battlements were Charlus and Dorea Potter, his paternal grandparents. He now knew how they died and, as was customary in the Magic Kingdom, it was not as the Prophet had reported. Dragon pox indeed; mundanes would have noticed something similar in Eighty-two, because their medical science was really starting to move at that point.

The breeze shifted, changing the scent of forest trees in the east to damp salt in the south. Harry was instantly excited, as that meant the ocean was very close. He was tempted, very tempted, to take his newly purchased Firebolt and find the source of that enchanting smell, but he decided against it until he had a much better view of the grounds. She could also see a rather large stable from his room and had a brilliant time as far as he was concerned - riding Hermione and Luna to see the property! Any doubts about not having the horses were quickly dispelled when four of them awoke at dawn and headed out to the paddock for breakfast.

“Food,” she said to no one, feeling the urge to find her own food to really start the morning. Quickly finishing dressing, she walked out the door of the informal dining room on this floor, the fifth room she had entered since her arrival.

The first housed the All-Terrain Protection Stone, a huge half-kilometer sphere of pure granite. He knew, from an elf named Wobbles, that the keystones were so large and so covered in various runes that they worked together to form the ward. The reason why he had to visit here first was to identify himself through the bloodshed in the master rune.

The second room he visited was the Main Office, which had the 'controls' for the rooms and the Access Book. The book kept track of who was coming, who was going, and even she knew the place existed from which she deleted all previous entries before adding not only the girls and their families, but those of the Covenants as well.

The third and fourth bedrooms were the master suite and master bath, to the right of the office down a fairly long hallway. The informal dining room was again to the right of these, shielding the Master Bedrooms from the rest of the floor.

Having eaten breakfast, knowing that it was too early fordaily prophetTo get there, he prepared for the session and left for the Library.

0750, Same Day, Wizengamot Chambers

Harry sat at the desk that denoted his position within the Chambers, looking around the auditorium to match faces with names. Malfoy was easy to spot, his silver/platinum blonde hair a revelation. The Widow Longbottom, without her vulture hat, was in a small gathering of Covenant families discussing one issue or another, probably getting an idea of ​​how her House was allied with his. Lord Parkinson was doing the same as Harry, taking in his surroundings as he occasionally leaned to the left to speak to Lord Greengrass or to the right to speak to Lord Nott.

One thing the Lords and Ladies knew was that Harry was not a happy camper. The only thing currently saving them from the Pose was that Dumbledore hadn't arrived yet, no doubt at Hogwarts trying to figure out what had happened lately.

As if on cue, the Head Warlock appeared behind his dais and he was an instant victim to the Death Pose. What magnified it was that the Potter Seat was on the opposite side of the Chambers, on the same elevation as the dais with a chandelier hanging between them. The light bounced off the young Potter's glasses again, giving him a very sinister look.

Lords and Ladies noticed the Pose immediately and did not wish to be its recipients.

"Head Warlock," Harry began, his voice not at all muffled by the clasped hands supporting his head, "would you mind explaining to me what I found in the Department of Mysteries?"

Dumbledore stepped back as if a fresh trout had hit him in the face when his mouth took the shape of a particularly sour grapefruit. Everything he had worked for since he lost his sister was falling apart at a rather rapid rate.

"What do you mean?" she tried to buy time and regain her composure.

"Ignorance is not appropriate, especially for a man of your intelligence," was the rebuke, nose and mouth still hidden behind Harry's hands. To further his argument, he produced, through sheer wandless magic, and enlarged a parchment label that had faded in the decade it had been exposed to the stagnant air of what many have called the Ministry Cellar.

S.P.T to A.P.W.B.D – Dark Lord and ? (Harry Potter)

"A Prophecy Tag?!" Amelia Bones exploded, having learned of those who were in charge of the DMLE. The tone of her voice betrayed that she herself had dealt with one of the things at some point.

"I had a very similar reaction," Harry said calmly, still concentrating on Dumbledore. "Of course, I have to wonder about the validity of this, since I know, after doing some research, Sybill Patricia Trelawney.

"Did that trick actually make a viable prophecy?!" asked Lucius Malfoy. Even though he lost his seat on the Hogwarts Board of Governors, he was still interested in finding something to use against the Headmaster.

"Ah, but that's not all," he snapped, hiding his surprise at the unexpected reinforcement in the form of Malfoy Senior. "See that stain on the label?" She was referring to a stain just below the Warlock Chief's initials. "a complexConfusedit is what it really is.”

Still not moving a muscle, the mark grew slightly before the stain disappeared.

S.P.T para A.P.W.B.D & S.T.S (Parcial)

"Now I know who pointed out Riddle to my parents," Harry finished gravely, still not breaking his pose. “And if Severus Tobias Snape is within range outside neutral territory, I'll kill him. The Most Ancient and Noble House of Potter hereby declares the Bloody Struggle with the Ancient and Noble House of the Prince; so I say, so be it.

The alignment with magic didn't matter, as the Chambers exploded with noise at the declaration of war between the Houses. Of course, at this point it would be a one-on-one war between the last descendants, but it didn't matter. Not even Slytherin House dared to use the Blood Feud clause that preceded the construction of Hogwarts in the Middle Ages.

The Light ones were yelling at Harry for attacking this with the intent to cause death and at Dumbledore for doing something to prevent said death.

The Dark's were yelling at Harry for daring to take on one of their own, and leaving the door open for any allied house to counter-declare on their house.

The noise was stopped by a wave of concussion emanating from Harry, his gaze still fixed on Dumbledore.

"Please give me a reason," he joked. "Don't you fools remember my threat yesterday about thewar properties🇧🇷 I will seize any chance to destroy Riddle's followers,if sufficient reason is given for🇧🇷 If you ally with Casa Prince, that's fine. Death will be your only option. Voldemort couldn't kill me, what makes you wonder?tuI can? Especially with the Prophecy at stake.

"Did you find out what?" Dumbledore wondered, not even trying to start the session for the day.

"Then a demo is in order," came the reply, eyes zeroing in on Malfoy breaking the death pose. "YouafterI wanted to give it a try after the House fiasco. This time, and once only, I'm giving you a chance. Even without punishment, without the usual rackets to get by.

The rest of the Assembly seemed utterly taken aback by this, even as Harry finally lowered his hands and flashed a smile.

"I'll even stop Dobby from throwing you across the room," she teased, hoping she was pushing the right buttons.

"Set!" Lucius seized the opportunity to finish what his Master had started all those years ago. Narcissa, camped out in the Black Seat, shook her head sadly to avoid the slap to her face, but she kept quiet. It had been bad enough for her husband to lose the elf, but to be tricked by a twelve-year-old boy? Pathetic didn't begin to describe how he felt about it.

Lady Bones tried to object, but found Magick himself holding her in her seat as the two moved towards the 'Pit' in the center of the Chambers. Looking around her, she felt some relief that she wasn't the only one panicking, especially when a shield no one had found before was placed in place of her to prevent stray curses from reaching the humans. witnesses. She abounded in legend about the Mourning Shield being built in the Hall to establish good manners between families, however the practice fell out of favor due to the amount of pureblood lost each year.

On the outside, Harry was nonchalant to the point of crossing his arms behind his head. Inside, he was yelling at himself for letting the Gryffindor loose after his tour of the Hall of Prophecy. The rage he felt completely surpassed what he had achieved in Hermione's case: using logic to win. Oh he knew it would have been too muchpassionateto deal with Snape and the fact that he intentionally targeted that madman for his family. But there were so many better, much quieter ways to do it than going for the proverbial jugular.

Albus Dumbledore was panicking for more than one reason. Tom Riddle exhibited this level of arrogance in his seventh year, feeling invincible to everyone. Although he was more than sure that the Prophecy would make Harry unkillable for everyone.butTom, he didn't bother to find out for himself if it was completely true or not. Also, there was that soul fragment to take into account, as if Harry lost his, that soul fragment could very well take over the body, giving birth to the ultimate nightmare.

"Arrogant little shit," Malfoy sneered, wand already drawn from his cane. “Nothing will protect you now, and since we are in a bubble of silence, I can say this: I will finish what my Master started one way or another. Your end has come, as it is time to go to your Mudblood mother.

"Conjure up a chair, Lucius, and we'll see who dies today," Harry replied in a calm tone, arms hanging at his sides. “However, say one more thing about my family and you will be devastated.”

Open Kedavra!

For those who watched, time and the need to breathe stopped as the green curse shot towards the young Potter. Some were yelling at the boy to dodge, move ordo somethingwhile others applauded Lord Malfoy in silence. Silence took over again as the most incredible thing happened.

As the Anti-Life curse closed in on Harry, a woman-shaped form emerged looking rather angry. At first, she was facing the younger of the two men as her arms that ended at her wrists moved at a frantic pace. To the attentive observer, it appeared that he was drawing runes on the boy. With his invisible hands, it was impossible to decipher the runes themselves, if that was what he had done.

Then he turned.

"Holy Mother of Merlin!" shouted Lord Diggory having seen that face and those eyes before. Many were speechless as the apparition stared at the approaching curse with emerald green eyes.

Lily Potter's Shadow stood in front of her son, and those watching suddenly knew what they were seeing.

Halloween, Halloween, Day of the Dead, or whatever personal name each individual has. 1981, The last day of your life. the day ofThe sacrifice.

Inside the Duel Bubble, Harry couldn't believe that what his eyes were saying was only inches in front of him. While she looked angry, what he saw in her eyes touched her soul.

Love. Unconditional, immaculate, undiluted, truepure love.

Then her face disappeared, replaced by her back as she turned to face the instant death curse. She lost track of what was happening at that moment as her eyes filled with tears. She was surprised to find herself crying for the first time since she was three years old, she was finally able to mourn her mother and the absolute love she had shown her child. For the wasted times they might have,oughtthey had together.

(Video) This Kid Runs So Fast, People Are Calling Him the Fastest Child in the World

The Shadow caught the Killing Curse with suddenly visible hands, having to turn slightly to the right to stop the curse before throwing his arms forward, effectively rebounding off the caster. The scar on her forehead widened a bit, plugging a chink in the armor, as the saying goes.

Lucius Malfoy barely had time to gape before his own curse struck him in the chest and sent him flying towards the opposite wall. Since all eyes were on him, they missed what followed inside the Bubble.

"Remember Harry, we'reforevertaking care of you,” Lily whispered in her ear before her form lost cohesion. She noticed for a brief second that her father was looking at the couple with pride before he too lost his cohesion to return to where they came from.

1:00 p.m., same day; potter's battlements

The session ended shortly after the reveal demo, something for which Harry was very grateful. He had spent the past two hours venting his emotions, from mourning his parents to anger at what had been done to his family.

Hermione and Luna had just flooed after receiving letters from Hedwig, and both were puzzled by the tear marks on her face, as well as the broken items of various brands around her.

"What happened?" Hermione asked as she put her arms around Harry. She regretted that question as she brought another burst of tears from the normally strong friend of hers. With a panicked look at Luna, who had also joined in trying to comfort the obviously distraught boy, she did the only thing she could do: wait for him to speak.

“It would be easier to show you,” he finally said, having put himself under some semblance of control. She left her embrace comfortable enough to search for a Thoughtful on a shelf in her office before returning to her bedroom. She put it down, looked at him for a moment, then went back to the Office to retrieve the accompanying instruction scroll for what he was doing. After explaining what he did to the stone bowl, he tried the memory extraction spell several times on a few he wouldn't mind losing permanently. Having mastered the technique, now devoid of three particularly unpleasant childhood memories of him, he took the event of the day out of his mind and placed it inside.

"Okay, let's go," he said after working for almost an hour without so much as a squeal. He seemed exhausted but determined at the same time, something Hermione was familiar with in the two years she'd known Harry.

The trio were immersed in the events of the day for three hours, occasionally having to "rewind" a scene to gather as much information as they could. The girls were shocked by the statement against Snape and by extension their Prince's House of Magic. Then the Demo, as he simply called it. When they left the memories, the only thing that wasn't covered was the Prophecy that had been mentioned countless times. They were vigilant and read the label when he enlarged it, but he refused to disclose the contents.

Hermione fell to the ground walking towards the floo, giving no explanation as to why she was suddenly heading for the exit. Luna was torn between staying with her first real friend outside of Ottery Saint Catchpole and going after her second. Her decision was made when Harry gestured to her back as she was walking away from her.

He knew that Hermione was mad at him and he didn't want to blow up in her face for her foolishness. While a large part of him was quite hurt that she was leaving her, a part of him was grateful for the solitude and another part knew that she would return. After all, he at least would like to know exactly what Lily did that fateful night.

Deciding on a kip, he muffled the roar of the floo as he lay quietly crying again.

1700; Crawley

Hermione was angrier now, and not just at Harry. She offered to prove a point that she later refused to elaborate on, resulting in the death of one person. She couldn't care less that it was Malfoy the father, especially after the chaos of Chamber of Secrets and three years of Draco complaining about 'Dad that; Dad that'. Luna was sitting on the corner of her desk, looking around her in apparent bewilderment as she waited for the other girl to speak. This was the other irritating factor, because she had gone home to think, not discuss her feelings with a committee!

"You know you hurt him," the blonde said out of nowhere, lazily twirling her wand, "when you left without so much as a 'goodbye'."

“You stubborn fool! Why does he do things like that?!” the brunette demanded, ignoring her statement but using it as an excuse to vent her own emotions. "By offering to prove an invincibility that could havedidn't work🇧🇷 For what?! Why don't you tell me what that damn Prophecy says?!” By this time, she was crying too, knowing that things would become more difficult for her best friend as time went on. “Not to mention that she will now be in trouble with the Wizengamot because of what happened today! It's a good thing the press doesn't get any information until after he's done with the session or he'd be totally screwed! Stupid, stubborn idiot!”

"You know his sense of self worth, don't you?" the blonde asked calmly as she tucked her wand behind her left ear. “He was raised to have none, to the point where the Gryffindor in him seems like a fool when he sets him free. And the worst thing is thatknow thisbut I can't help it. For him, family isalleven with the treatment of his relatives and he will be doomed to let someone get away with it. Could he have done better? Surely. He knows? Yes. So why was your 'best' friend falling apart when you left his house? His sense of self-worth hits again because he now feels like he's screwed things up between the two of you. You think he's suicidal now, he waits until he decides he really has nothing to live for.

Aug 10, 0745; Wizengamot Chambers

When the Lords and Ladies entered, they found what they first believed to be an Inferi sitting on the Potter's Throne. Then they realized that he was Harry Potter, somehow taking a nap while he sat there as if he had been there all night. He certainly looked undead, with dark circles under his eyes, absolutely hideous hair, and wrinkled robes. His glasses were on the table in front of him, leaving his face bare.

Dumbledore was punctual today, arriving at ten o'clock as usual to survey the political battlefield. He had spent all of yesterday afternoon in his thoughts, trying to solve the mystery that Lily Potter had left behind. He saw the Shadow of James Potter lurking in the shadows on the third viewing, revealing that it wasn't just the sacrifice of his wife that allowed Harry to live. This amplified the ancient magic into action, causing both parents to sacrifice themselves to save their son.

Seeing the object of his thoughts apparently asleep, he studied the face of the last Potter on the other side of the room. She would have to do something to keep the Dark families happy and not retaliate for goading Lucius Malfoy to suicide for Potter.

Noting the time, he fired his standard purple sparks from his wand to get the Assembly's attention. The noise startled Harry, waking up to a sea of ​​faces doing their best to mask their emotions.

"Day three of the summer session is called to order," Dumbledore began. “The floor is open to anyone with new business before we resume discussions from day one.”

As expected, half of the gems lit up, while the ones that lit up looked at Harry.

“The chair recognizes the Parkinson House.”

"Ladies and gentlemen," the medium-height but broad-shouldered head of House Parkinson began, "I move to expel House Potter from this august body to the death of Lord Malfoy."

"Than?!" it came from more than one person, including some of those originally looking at Harry. That was extreme, even by his standards. They felt that a high enough fine would have sufficed, not outright expulsion, since he hinted with the Pacts that he would still have a say in the Assembly.

"House Nott seconded the motion," the Theodore Nott clone said, looking almost exactly like his son.

As things degenerated between the Houses, Harry himself was stoic about events. His mind was far from where he should be as he simply couldn't bring himself to deal with the current situation.

"Ask, ask!" Dumbledore thundered, before softening his tone. "Does Potter House have anything to say for itself?"

"No," was all Harry said, his mind still too lost to understand what was happening. Most of what bothered her was that Hermione was leaving her house, now that she had time to think about it.

"Very good," the Head Wizard looked doubtfully at the young Potter. “Movement on the ground; highlighted. All in favor?

The Allied and Pact houses were in a quandary. They honestly didn't know how to vote on the matter since they had no communication with Potter House. The magic itself can punish them if they vote for the motion or abstain from voting, as that would be seen as nothing. Voting against it, without some knowledge of the protection against retaliation, could very well open the door to a major split within the Assembly.

Those who were allied with House Malfoy, being primarily Dark families, all voted for it, including the Black Vote, who had a large bloc.

"House Potter Opposes Black House Vote!" Harry came to, finally realizing that the situation was getting out of hand. It took him quite a bit of research on both Potter and Black Grimiore to find the connection. “Illegal proxy occupying the seat!”

The confusion received the explosion, although there was relief among those who were trapped between a rock and a hard place. They had no idea where he was going with this, but he could very well turn the Assembly upside down. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 again.

"Nonsense!" Narcissa Malfoy yelled, drawing all the attention to herself. "Everyone knows that I sit in this seat as the representative of my son Draco!"

"Wrong," Harry scolded calmly, "due to two factors." First is the distance from the last Black Lord after Phineas Nigellus. Secondly, there is the Will of said Lord, which says and I quote:'the lordship of House Black will NEVER pass to ANY person who has been marked, willfully or unknowingly, as a terrorist OR their offspring, sentenced to life in Azkaban, or properly disowned'🇧🇷 By Black Tapestry, the original Line of Lordship is disqualified by Death and Prison. From Phineas Nigellus the title passed to Sirius, Arcturus, Orion andoughtgone to Sirius Orion. Arcturus' Will, however, disqualifies Sirius since he is in Azkaban. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 however he was illegally placed there. The title goes in the vein of Phineas Nigellus' third son, Cygnus Phineas. He had three children with Violetta Bulstrode: Pollux, Cassiopeia, and Dorea. Pollux is your grandfather, Lady Malfoy, isn't he? At her nod, he continued. “Since Draco is coming after you, that makes him Pollux's great-grandson. Cassiopeia never married. Doria, however. 🇧🇷 .,” she paused, wanting to savor the moment. “Dorea Black, daughter of Cygnus Phineas, married Charlus Potter. Together they had a son: James, my father. Dorea Black was my grandmother. Due to Arcturus Black's stipulation, Draco Malfoy was disqualified as heir due to Lucius being marked, willingly or not. So the title goes to me, the sole qualified survivor of Cygnus Phineas."

Silence. It was a lot of information to process, though she wasn't hurt one bit that the black signet ring was now visible on the index finger of Harry's right hand. All Narcissa could do at that moment was sigh in defeat before stepping onto the Malfoy Throne.

"To top it off, I found out part of the reason Bartemius Crouch illegally dumped Sirius Orion into Azkaban," Harry continued, keeping up his momentum. “He is the grandson of Caspar Crouch and Charis Black, daughter of Arcturus Phineas and Lysandra Yaxley, fourth son of Phineas Nigellus. Unaware of Dorea's connection to Potter House, he was confident that she would be able to obtain title to the House by learning of the clause that Arcturus Sirius had placed in his will. Now, at this time, House Potter and House BlackDo not doseek revenge for the Crouch family's attempted line theft. We reserve the right to change our mind at a later date,after we have the trial of Sirius Orion Black.”

"Have you ever had a trial?" roared Lord Boot, astonished that such carelessness could last so long.

"Right," Harry directed his attention to the left side of the Hall. "In addition to the work on the title of Lord Black, Crouch wasinfluencedthe day before by the revelation of his son as a Death Eater. Between that event and a low-level Obliviator somehow learning that Igor Kakaroff wanted to "reform" his way out of Azkaban and make a deal with him soon to be disgraced, Crouch Sirius was effectively thrown into Hell without cause.

"And who was that low level Obliviator?" Amelia Bones had a hunch, but if Potter House could prove it, it would mean serious changes were on the way at the Ministry.

“The records clearly establish that Cornelius Oswald Fudge brought word that Kakaroff changed his mind after speaking with the man in Azkaban. Why an Obliviator was in prison, I'll never know." To prove his point, Harry held up a wad of parchment, tied with a rope before levitating to his desk. "These are the records from that day in Azkaban, the transcripts of the Kakaroff's judgment and the lower scroll, which I believe was placed there by mistake, is clearly a written contract between House Fudge and House Crouch in the Alliance."

Pure pandemonium. Lady Bones was busy making duplicates for all the voices demanding to see exactly what they had delivered to her, while Fudge's loyal followers were taking on Harry's case for going after the Minister and making enemies in high places. The first thing she read was the Alliance Contract and she was puzzled.

"Warlock chief, what is the meaning of this?" she screamed after a cannon shot from her wand. The scroll was enlarged so that the entire assembly could read it or, more importantly, the signatures.

Fudge, check.

Crouch down, check.

Dumbledore. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 wait what?

"Please,chief warlockHarry spoke slowly, "enlighten the masses on how you negotiated this Contract."

"They didn't give me the details behind their Alliance," Dumbledore replied, looking as calm and collected as ever. "Actually, I didn't have to say much, which seemed rather strange to me as the Arbiter, but I decided that since they had worked out the details beforehand, I wouldn't ask."

"Right, plausible deniability," Harry grumbled, looking quite upset that his opponent got away again. “It's very convenient that when the Contract comes up, you just don't know anything about it. I mean, as an Inquisitor, there are no repercussions if the Alliance falls apart or the Family War, right? Waving his left hand at him, he brushed the subject aside. “What I want to know is why, as Warlock Chief, you allowed Sirius Black to be imprisoned without trial. And if youdaremake that joke about my parents and your Guardian, I know I have your Diaries and Testament.

"What will?" it came from Lady MacMillan, having been in the Assembly since the fifties. "They told us that he was lost in Godric's Hollow."

"Of course it was," Harry gave her a fish-eyed look for a moment, "when the goblins automatically copy wills every time they're created and updated. Why do you think you have to go to them to get the scroll?" It is not a method to fool them, it is a security measure to ensure compliance due to the Treaty Two copies of the will are in Gringotts at any one time: one with the account manager for easy access, either for review or execution , and another in your vault for whatever reason you need it.The original must be presented at the Ministry.okept in the Family Ancestral Mansion.”

Dumbledore was now shifting in his chair, looking very uncomfortable as Harry continued to speak. It was common knowledge that he worked hard to escape the mind of the populace, for the sake of hastening "the greater good".

"Listen, I found the original copy of my parents' will in my ancestors' house," Harry hoped he wouldn't have to play this card, as he wanted to get Sirius' history, "as well as the journals they wrote." case the worst happened to have something of them to at least know them. In both they affirm, emphatically, that not only Albus Dumbledore threw thefaithful amuletabout Potter Cottage, which was just a retirement home, but Peter Pettigrew was her choice for Secret-Keeper. So I want to know why my godfather is in Azkaban not taking care of me."

The same day, 1900, Potter's battlements

Having effectively reburied the Wizengamot and dodging questions about his knowledge of Riddle, Harry was pleasantly surprised to fall out of the enlarged fireplace only to find his two friends waiting for him.

"Ruddy Floo, what does it take to get out on your feet?" she didn't make demands on anyone while she was venting. He was just as surprised as Luna and Hermione when he received a response from the portrait about the cloak.

"Easy, son," came the voice of Charlus Potter, a rich baritone. “To answer your question, if you start from scratch, you will end up falling into the kettle every time. All you have to do is throw the powder, indicate your destination, and step on the flames while they're green. However, it takes a bit of time to lose coordination.

"Oh, it's alright, Grandpa," Harry nodded, still not used to talking portraits, having barely spoken to anyone at Hogwarts forgotten anywhere else. “Hey, do you know if my parents did it”, she pointed at the frame, not really knowing what to call it, since it was more than a portrait.

“They haven't had time,” a soft soprano voice replied as Dorea Potter, née Black, entered the scene, “with the war going on. We told your parents thatnogo to the Hollow, stay safe and hide here. Her mother, bless her, had her father wrapped around her little finger. When Albus told him to go to Godric's Hollow Retreat, he managed to convince his father with relative ease to go ahead.

"Wow," Luna chimed in, drawing attention to her, "who would have thought we'd find a sane Black?" For all their quirks, the Lovegoods couldn't compare to the Blacks in their heyday. “The last one I found was Lucrecia, sister of Orion, aunt of Sirius. Even though she had married a Prewitt, she still seemed like a change. Although, from what Dad said, Ignatius kicked her out when Orion tried to disown her eldest son.

"Bah!" Dorea scoffed. Although she was ninety years old when she commissioned the portrait, she does not appear to be more than forty due to the inherent beauty that the Black Family had enjoyed for centuries; well, those who did not marry cousins. Aristocrat didn't even come close. His facial features were a soft mix of Andromeda, Narcissa, and Bellatrix, before falling into madness. Although she had Bulstrode blood, four generations after the Giantess joined the family, all the genes had done was increase her height to an imposing nine three zero four meters or six feet four inches and her bust put the balls to shame. beach.

“I know Lucrecia, that cretin. He wobbly cow as stable as his brother. At least she had the decency to marry outside of the family! Phineas Nigellus knows that she is still alive, as the portrait of her in the Black Manor has not yet awakened, although we have no idea where she disappeared to.

"Right," Harry said, before looking at Hermione. “You know, because of the chaos I caused yesterday, the Parkinson Family tried to kick me out of the Wizengamot. The only thing that saved me was another day confusing the idiots, revealing who sits as Lord Black, and demanding to know why Sirius was thrown to the Dementors for no good reason. That and giving them something to talk to Fudge and Crouch about. Before you open your mouth to scold me, you'd be right. Even going up against a twenty-meter red-headed basilisk wasn't as foolish as what I did.

"Eighteen . . .?" Charlus choked on his painted tea, before spitting out, "Basilisk?! What the hell?!"

"Yes, the Gryffindor legacy continues," Dorea laughed as she moved behind a chair to prevent Charlus from struggling.

"You have no idea, Grandma," Harry was lost in memory and therefore wasn't paying much attention to what was coming out of his mouth, "becausewasSlytherin's mascot a thousand years ago. That, and I drew Godric's Sword from the Hat to slay the beast. The damn thing bit me, Fawkes worked Phoenix Magic on it and wept into the wound.

"You're telling me,young manThat you have basilisk venom and phoenix tears in your bloodstream?!” 'Grandma' she demanded, suddenly fierce showing why pissing off a giantess four generations later was a bad idea. “Be glad I'm a portrait, idiot! If I were alive, I'd have you on your knees! OnlyWhenyou do?!"

"I was twelve years old," Luna replied cheerfully, amused at the idea ofAnyonethreatening to beat up the Boy-Who-Lived. "So a little over two years ago."

"ARGH!" Dorea left the box, before shouts of indignation could be heard out of sight of her.

"Well, she's going to Hogwarts," Charlus noted sadly as his wife was acting more like a Gryffindor than a Slytherin. "Oh look, here's Phineas Nigellus."

"Shut up idiot!" complained the old Hogwarts headmaster, voted least popular twenty years in a row during his tenure. "You boy! Why did you anger my descendant into kicking me off my board for yelling at Dumbledore?! I would haveamadoto do it yourself!

"I am also your descendant, idiot!" Harry showed no fear of a portrait. “Actually, I am the Lord of the Black House. So don't watch me anymore for Dumbledore. As Lord Founder, that goes for all Hogwarts portraits!

Dorea ran back to the twenty-by-thirty-foot portrait in the Hall of Battlements, puffing and red-faced.

"You do know that Dumbledore lied to you, don't you?" Phineas hid behind Charlus, hoping that the man who told him that he was stuffed would protect him from Dorea. “First Year, the Stone. He was pretty angry about what happened to him.

"What? He told Harry it was destroyed," Hermione spoke for the first time.

"Well, from a certain point of view that would be correct," said the old headmaster after stealing the tea service from a neighboring portrait. "Harry, did you ever wonder why when you used both hands to burn Quirellmort, a good name by the way, only your right hand was bandaged?"

He said that Potter had a glassy look in his eyes as his train of thought went off the rails. It was one of those subtle nuances that had gone unnoticed before his Maturity did whatever he had in mind.

"I'll take that as a no," Phineas waited a minute for an answer. "In whose hands was the Stone?"

"My right..." he paused before taking a seat on a rather heavy chair "Are you telling me that I absorbed a Philosopher's Stone?! How?!"

"Dumbledore was furious, demanding portraits from us," was the explanation. “That Stone would 'disappear' into his Manor to ensure that he would live to see the Greater Good completed. However, when you fell over after Riddle flew through you on your way out of the Castle, your magic was almost completely depleted. Sensing a source of replenishment in his hand, he acted accordingly to save her life. In fact, his Core absorbed the Stone through his hand. Dumbledore tried to get what he could before taking it to Pomfrey, which nearly cost him his hand. At that moment, the magic that composed the Stone had disappeared and he had no choice but to heal you so that no one would notice the wound.

"So my blood consists of Philosopher's Stone, Basilisk Venom, and Phoenix Tears?" Harry wondered, whispering in amazement that he had lost that information the moment it happened. On the other hand, he was more concerned with not dying in time to realize it. And the Flamels?

“Nicholas and Perenelle were not amused to learn that their 'dear friend' had 'lost' his most prized possession. However, before they left, they went to the infirmary and, from what the portraits said, they examined you for a bit before bursting out laughing. They couldn't make out much because of the noise, but they did pick up words like 'legacy' and a phrase that makes me giddy with joy: 'fits well with the old fool'."

"Does anyone know what happened to them?" Hermione asked, almost afraid to talk to Phineas Nigellus. Harry had left the Black Tapestry in the Library on the fifth floor the night before, revealing that the man had disowned his firstborn, Phineas, for supporting Muggles and his rights.

“We have passed away,” said a new voice as a new couple entered the portrait. Dumbledore tried to annoy us, even after I took him on as an apprentice. We were going to leave him our notes on how to recreate the Stone, but when we found out about the events at Hogwarts, we changed our minds.

"Nicholas, Perenelle, what a surprise," Charlus greeted them like old friends, giving each of them a hug. "What brings you to Potter Battlements?"

Harry, Luna, and Hermione, sensing that the conversation would not involve them this time, headed to the informal dining room on the second floor, known as the Main Floor. She spoke as they walked, explaining in more detail what had happened in the Session.

"Oh yeah, we'll have Sirius's trial after the weekend," he said, after taking Dobby out to dinner. “Yes, the weekend is still two days away, but Dumbledore has shown his political muscle. The baboons," he dodged an attempt to handcuff Luna's head, "who are in your camp have too much influence right now."

"Sorry for breaking in here yesterday," Hermione began sheepishly, before being interrupted.

"Don't worry," he soothed her, "actually, I'm really glad you didn't try to transfigure me into a wombat because of my stupidity."

"Yeah, well," his glare turned fierce, "don't do that again or you'llo¡Sé a wombat!

"Why a wombat?" Luna wondered: “A ferret would work just as well as I think. Or maybe even a Blubbering Humdinger. She was surprised to be able to say that around Harry, but she realized it was a joke and not a defense mechanism.

"Wrong hair color," Hermione replied, looking thoughtful and ignoring the heavily made-up creature. "Malfoy, on the other hand, would make the perfect ferret." Straying away from Malfoy's humorous thoughts like a ferret, she continued on. "Harry, what did your parents do that night?"

She sighed, shoving her vegetables around on her plate as she thought. She was familiar enough with the action to leave it alone as Ella Luna watched, partially lost in her own thoughts of her mother.

“I still haven't figured it out,” he finally answered, “even after spending what free time I currently have in the Library. One of the few things I found is a two part sacrificial ritual, which I think they did. The first part was covered by my father with Selfless Defense of Family while my mother finished with Selfless Sacrifice.forFamily. It is said that when these two are combined, great protection falls on the surviving members of that family. It wouldn't work the other way around, a child sacrificing himself for his parents. So that Ritual, combined with what mom designed for me from head to toeI thinkit's the protection that Dumbledore was excited about. He screwed up my location, even though he would have taken my grandparents.mimy Aunt Petunia to create a harm free zone for me to live.

"What do you mean?" Luna asked, having heard a resentment in her tone that annoyed her.

"For Blood Wards to work perfectly, both bloodlines need to be under one roof," he explained, summoning a stack of oldof the prophetfrom your office “Since he only placed me with my aunt, the Wards became violent and tried to repel us both. Redhead thing is spoiled, if the conditions are not perfect it creates animosity and hatred between spotlights to the point that at the first opportunity they separate definitively, thus destroying said Wards. As for my grandparents, well. 🇧🇷.”, she opened the stack, showing the girls what she was talking about. Although it was called 'Dragon Pox', it was extremely strange that Arcturus and Melania Black, Charlus and Dorea Potter, Alphard Black, Pollux and Irma Black, and Cygnus and Druella Black all died on the same day in the same place:

Beco Diagonal.

'If they were really infected,' Harry's voice grew gruff, 'why were they not at St Mungo's? No, I refuse to believe that they all had smallpox and passed out in the alley while they were together. They must have been killed, and probably by someone who wanted to remove the closest ties to my father's side.

"Are you saying that Dumbledore killed them?" Hermione was outraged, but what, or more precisely, who, exactly, she didn't know.

"Without proof, no," he answered honestly, his voice returning to calm. "It would be useless to publicly call the director when his deaths were labeled as an infection."

The clock on the opposite wall began to chime, revealing that it was already nine o'clock and the girls had to go home. Harry followed them into the Floo, looking at the portraits to see if the guests from earlier were still in them or had left. By the fireplace, the large portrait was empty, revealing that Charlus and Dorea had left.

"Get ready to explore the grounds on Saturday," he said as he hugged first Hermione and then Luna. "We'll do it on horseback, if the stable I saw is a clue."

Friendship repaired, the girls left with smiles on their faces.

0745 August 11, Wizengamot Chambers

Albus Dumbledore arrived early for the Session for the first time since the end of the War. He was increasingly aware that Harry was picking up little clues and subtle nuances that he couldn't erase over time, like theProphetNumbers of December eighty-one, when the Lords of Potter and Black died. If the boy had the lady. Granger next to him, which thanks in part to Mr. Weasley was a very likely bet, so he would have the overview long before he was ready to face his fate. Things were only going to get worse from there, Albus knew.

Today, his plan of attack was well laid out. As Harry was hitting hard and fast, leaving heads spinning and threatening to explode in his wake, he would try to confuse the boy. Surely, he must be running out of materials to bury the Confederacy.

As the members walked through the door, they noticed that the young Potter had not yet arrived. Speculation was rampant that he was either being afraid of taking on the Dark Families or he was investigating something else to thwart them, depending on which faction he was speaking to.

Just as the head wizard was about to start his session for the day, Harry appeared at the door. He didn't seem rushed, flushed, or upset about being late. Calmly, he climbed onto his desk before sitting down, having collected several hand-delivered letters from the pact families. He had a feeling that Sunday was going to be a busy day, as he had sent several more letters before going to the Hall to various families about what he had found out the night before.

"Day Four is now in session," Dumbledore announced to the crowd, "and as such, Dumbledore House presents a motion of no confidence in Potter House for actions unbecoming of a Lord since the beginning of the Summer Session."

Taken by surprise, all the Assembly of Lords and Ladies could do was speak briefly among themselves. Harry himself seemed very surprised by this turn of events and wondered where the old man was going with that.

"Clarify," Lord Bulstrode demanded, his bulk taking up two desks on the estate. He didn't seem happy at all, although no one was sure why.

“First of all,” he made as a 'request', “House Potter absorbed and essentially dissolved several Houses that were iconic to the wizarding population. Secondly, Potter House has spread rumors and speculation about Lord Voldemort,” Albus ignored the screams, shrieks and trembling, “without providing conclusive evidence. Third, House Potter caused the death of a fellow Lord within these walls. Fourth, the House spread more rumors and conjecture about Houses Fudge and House Crouch. Fifth, the Chamber argued in favor of acondemnedcriminal being retried before this august body without providing conclusive proof of illegal internment.”

He waited for someone, especially young Harry, to speak, before touching one of the other gems he was holding in the Proxy 'as a favor'.

“With the support of Weasley House. Full motion, all in favour?

"Stop right there,SeñorHarry took the Ikari Death Glare again, still as powerful as the first time he used it. "I know for a fact that Arthur Weasley is alive, sowhyAre you sitting in his place? Wealth has nothing to do with it, as this Assembly well knows, otherwise some other Families would be expelled. House Black disputes House Dumbledore as representative of House Weasley by virtue of the marriage between Cedrella Black and Cadmus Weasley, Arthur's grandparents.” He paused before looking at Narcissa. “And before you object, Lady Malfoy, I welcomed Cedrella into the Family this morning. I thought it was ridiculous to disown someone for following her heart. The late Alphard, his sister Andromeda, and his daughter were also welcomed into the fold.

The Wizengamot roared as one, voicing its displeasure in several threads before Harry spoke again.

"Widow Longbottom, don't worry," he soothed when he saw that Augusta was growing impatient. He would have said more, but a look from her stopped him dead. "Oh, I understand then. Well, still, I won't change a thing unless you ask me to,” he finally conceded, a little shocked by Death Glare's version of him.

"I'm taking over for Arthur Weasley because he asked me to be his manager," Albus finally answered the question, not quite sure what had happened between the two. Something was missing, something that was not common knowledge and it bothered him.

"Right," Harry teased, his eyes narrowing. "House Potter supports the protest and calls on the Assembly to wait for next week's public meeting to address this issue."

"Motion made by House Black, seconded by House Potter," Dumbledore growled, irritated at being stopped so far away. "All in favor?"

Three quarters of the gemstones glowed green.

“Motion approved; We are going to close this deal after the trial, ”he declared, before giving the floor to any other new deal.

“The chair recognizes Casa Bones.”

"Potter house, we'd like to see some proof of what they've said these past few days," Amelia took the opportunity to remove half of the stuck topic, hopefully in her favor.

“We'll need a reflective projector,” Harry intoned, “at least for the details where Riddle is concerned. As for Sirius, I searched the Archives for a transcript of the trial and found nothing. All transcripts, as this body knows, are public records. Although it is almost impossible, theyI couldthey were out of place, but those who were in the Tribunal can use the Reflexive to close this matter or not.”

It wasn't long before the requested item was brought into the Halls before being placed on a pedestal in the old Mourning Pit. Harry took a moment, looking at the stone bowl, before bringing up memories.

"You'll love it," he addressed the Assembly, "because I'm going to tell you about the three encounters with Riddle that I survived." He looked directly at Dumbledore when he finished and saw the head wizard go pale. "Due to my maturity and some information I recently learned, I can officially say that I remember that night in detail."

Before Albus could say anything, Harry waved his hand at the candles, blowing out a large number of them, plunging the Hall into near darkness, then touched a finger to the Rune of Play.

The scene that greeted the Assembly was the ceiling of a room, before voices rose from the back.

"James, I'm telling you thatneedtrust Dumbledore,” Lily looked frustrated, as if this was a recurring argument she was tired of. “He told us to use this house,specifically, to hide with Peter as our Warden. I know, you'd feel better with Sirius, and frankly, so do I. But it's Albus Dumbledore, he knows what he's talking about!

"This feels bad," James Potter's voice entered the room. “Dad and Mom were against this idea from the beginning. The battlements have guards that would stop the Dark Lord in his tracks if he wasn't killed immediately. Why do you think my parents almost never leave? They are safe there and they know it, they want us to be safe too. We're playing with fire here, and we could end up getting really burned.

"Look, I'm sorry this caused a fight between you and them," he seemed to apologize, however with them still out of sight it was impossible to see his facial features. “When this war is over, we will try to make things right. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷

He never finished his thought when they were attacked. She could hear James below, which was made visible when Lily caught young Harry, taunting the Dark Lord as she traded curses. Attention focused on the redhead, displaying the same thing the Confederates had witnessed two days earlier as she worked furiously at whatever it was she was doing. From the lower level came the thud of a body hitting the floor accompanied byturisa.

It wasn't long before Lords and Ladies were greeted by a face many hadn't seen in over a decade. In the background, some noticed Pettigrew cowering behind the Master of him.

"BREAK!" Lady Bones yelled, to which Harry complied. She surveyed the now frozen scene and saw what she had in Pettigrew. She focused on Lily's hands and immediately noticed something strange.

His fingers were bleeding.

'Did she drink me with her own blood?' buzzed in his mind, not quite sure how to feel about it. 🇧🇷This is part of the Rite of Sacrifice, but what did dad do? YWhendid he do that?'

"You all know that reflective memories can be faked," Dumbledore was saying, hoping to save his house of cards. It seemed like every day another one was destroyed, no matter what I did to stop the collapse.

"You're funny, Chief Wizard," Harry snapped out of his thoughts. “Because I saw too few pictures of my parents and none of Pettigrew let alone Tom there to be able to put them in this memory. Also, have any of you ever seen the telltale distortions and strange reproduction of a false memory? This was addressed to the rest of the Assembly, to which he got a resounding "no" for an answer. "There you go, unlesssomeonehe manipulated my mind at that age, so what you see is what happened.

After a long pause in which several of the members glared at Dumbledore, Harry resumed playing.

Even those raised to show no emotion in public were having a hard time when Lily Potter did what any good mother would do to save her son. As she was knocked down, no one failed to notice that Harry was now on his feet, if the scene was any reference, and that the memory was now tinged with red.

Even at a year and a half old, he knew anger.

No child should have to feel such an emotion, no matter what age, but seeing a young man so angry that he remembered being colored in caught the attention of everyone who saw the memory.

Now, Son of Prophecy, you will die and my Immortality will be assured,Voldemort's silky voice echoed through the silent hallway as he launched into a monologue. 🇧🇷Oh yes, the things I did to ward off Death not even Filthy Herpo went so far as to achieve them. With your death, young Potter, my collection of Horcruxes will be complete. Seven, a very powerful number indeed.

"Pause," Dumbledore's voice was monotone as he tried to make sense of what he had just heard. Seven, so six containers and what was left of the original. The Journal was destroyed, but the math didn't add up because the Scar would be an Eight. Perhaps what happened next provided more clues.

"Horcrux?!" Narcissa was disgusted, knowing about magic thanks to her upbringing. "ThatwhatDid he make Horcrux like candy?! If any of these containers still exist, so does this abomination!

"Lady Malfoy," Harry stopped his tirade, "you will soon see what happened to the first. And yes, it involves your late husband." Without warning, he pressed the play rune again.

Open Kedavra!

Just like two days ago, Lily Potter's Shadow appeared and brought back the curse. What really caught the Gathering's attention, however, was that an oily substance had left her body at almost the same time the curse was leaving the wand, heading for a prepared breastplate of armor. The Gryffindor crest was faded, but still recognizable to those looking closely.

However, when the Curse was restored, the breastplate was destroyed, as was Voldemort's body. As they watched, a Wraith formed as his soul couldn't get through before fleeing home. Pettigrew, nearly forgotten at this point, ran into the room to grab the yew wand that was lying on the floor before turning into a mouse and running off.

The oily sludge was mostly destroyed, but enough remained to search for a new container. Sensing somewhere to go, she squirmed into Scar.

"Rip!" roared Lord Parkinson, "You are carrying a piece oftualma?!"

"All in due time, good sir," Harry was surprised by the reaction, though inwardly he was just as surprised. “This explains the results of my Inheritance Ritual, which he labeled me as an “Artificial Soul Anchor”. Humph, Prophecy indeed."

"What did he say?" asked the Widow Longbottom, her eyes wide as she watched the end of her son's friends. It was hard to watch, and a part of her was grateful that there was nothing, until now, to hint at what had become of hers, her dears, Frank and Alice.

"I'm not going to reveal everything here," Harry was adamant in his stance, even with the grotesque display at his side as his year and a half self turned into a Horcrux-like vessel. "However, I think the line 'neither can live while the other survives' is quite appropriate. As you'll soon see, I've faced Riddle's Wraith form two more times since That Night. With that, he activated the Stop Rune and extracted the first memory, though he simply wanted to erase it. This done, he pressed Play again.

Dumbledore was relieved to see that the meeting began as soon as eleven-year-old Harry entered the last room. He wouldn't do the Assembly any good to see the "traps" of his team defeated by three first-years and completely overlooked by the Dark Lord.

The Lords and Ladies were shocked when Quirrell's turban came off, revealing Voldemort's parasitic face on the back of his head. They watched as the Savior worked again, this time turning the then DADA teacher to ashes. The Stone caught many off guard, even more so when the Specter flew right into Harry's body. Neither of them missed the Snape jokes they shared.

“Two dates, score: Harry two; Tone Zero,” he said quietly, not sure if it was an attempt to lift the heavy atmosphere or just wanting to be sarcastic as he again pulled the memory of the thought before pressing Play one last time.

Narcissa nearly fell ill when the Journal came into focus, having seen it once or twice at Malfoy Manor. She confirmed in her mind that Lucius was more than a lost cause, even before her death. Seeing the younger Weasley in the Chamber, holding said Diary, she quickly figured out what her plan was when she placed it in her cauldron.

The Assembly gave a collective cry as the sixteen-year-old Riddle summoned the basilisk, which he only had to monologue while working on his brand of evil. Many of the Dark Families who followed or supported him were beginning to doubt his sanity if he had to do this at the height of every victory only to have it snatched out of his hands. Your enemies got more information this way than even the spies who were discovered over time.

The Sword of Gryffindor silenced them, having been drawn from the Sorting Hat. Watching a twelve-year-old boy, forget the name, fight such a deadly snake with a sword of all things raised the legend that he was Harry Potter several notches.

Then the death blow.

"BREAK!" exclaimed Lady MacMillan, having seen something that piqued her interest. “Slowly back up a few seconds. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 stop right there."

The fang was coming out of his arm.

"Amazing!" exclaimed Lord Greengrass, speaking for the first time in days. "First That Night, then the Stone fiasco, culminated in beingbitten by a basilisk!How the hell are you still alive?!”

"You'll see very soon," Harry replied, surprised that a Neutral Family had spoken. They weren't known for making their voices heard often in Sessions, usually only showing up to be tested at current events. With that, he resumed playing.

Dumbledore was confused as to why Fawkes had originally healed Harry, but after seeing how he had destroyed the Diary, he apologized to young Mrs. Weasley for not being quicker, even though he was dying she understood. As a creature of the Light, Fawkes could not in good conscience allow a child to die after working so hard to save another soul at the expense of his own, with no regard for any reward other than his own survival.

Despite all that suppressed anger, the young Potter had a much bigger heart. A 'power he does not know'.

Unlike the other memories, which ended after Voldemort's defeat, this one continued in the headmaster's office. Albus was worried as the playback continued before he saw for the first time what had happened in the hallway between Harry and Lucius.

"That's how she lost the elf," Narcissa muttered to herself, suddenly feeling better about being out of that man's influence, no matter what the methods.

It was a wake-up call to those who owned elves that the often neglected creatures could and would abandon them if given enough reason to. That Dobby was mistreated by his family and rebelled in the only way he could. Tonight there would be talks and new orders for the invisible and often ungrateful helpers of the warlock species.

1800, same day, Potter's battlements

As Harry gracefully lowered himself off the ground for the first time, which he enjoyed, he was aware of the sight that greeted him. Luna and Hermione were engaged in what at first appeared to be old-fashioned fistfights, but the laughter gave away their activity.

"It's been an hour," Charlus informed his grandson, earning a meaty pat on the shoulder from Dorea. "Hey, I never said it was a bad thing!"

“A tickle fight? What caused it? the younger Potter wondered, stunned that the girls were. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 well acting like girls. After the session, his heart soared at the sight of such frivolity from the normally super-serious Hermione and often withdrawn Luna.

“We weren't paying attention to them,” Dorea replied quietly, not wanting to alert them that they had an audience. "Nick and Penny were here before, but they left when the two started fighting."

"Oh? And what do we owe your visit to?" she turned to look at her grandparents.

"They want to talk to you," Charlus replied. "They wonder how you feel with the mixture in your bloodstream."

All Harry could do was grunt at the statement, mostly due to the fact that a sofa cushion had hit the back of his head.

"Tally-ho!" he yelled at her as he jumped into melee, attacking both girls at the same time in revenge for the blow.

To confirm

*Chapter 3*: Arc One Part Three

Disclaimer: I do not claim ownership of any copyrighted character, place, or event used here. The only thing I claim is this fic, which originated in my head, and any original characters created by me here. The following was made for public consumption at zero profit and is not for sale except to the proprietary companies. Yes, I dream big.

Magical Maturity, Arc One Part Three

By: (Conductor) Jim Ohki

5:00 p.m. on Friday, August 12, 1994; potter's battlements

"Gah!" was the noise Harry made when he landed on the other side of the floo, totally pissed off about politics after his first week in business. It had been another amazing day between him and Dumbledore, who was trying to regain some kind of dignity after being screwed for all intents and purposes.

The battlements were empty, from other humans to portraits. Returning an hour earlier than she had done all week played a part in the fact that she was alone.

It was strange enough, he reflected, that it was quiet in the place he now called home. In fact, he could almost hear his taunt echoing through the halls. Letting random thoughts take over for the first time since he departed from Privet Prison, aka Durzkaban or simply Hell on Earth, he essentially shut down.

His thoughtless thousand-meter brick wall that stared into submission was disturbed by the floo network that came to life. Hermione made a graceful exit, her cloak billowing in step with her, giving her ideas for future entrances by that method. She seemed surprised that he was there before her, but she said nothing in favor of simply enjoying her pleasant silence.

That wouldn't be for long as the Floo exploded again, a squeal of joy coming out before Luna rolled face down across the floor only to bounce and land on top of Harry.

"Phew!" she growled, feeling pain in places she really wished she didn't. If his left hand on his head wasn't bad enough, her right knee had found her most sensitive spot. To her surprise, her right hand grabbed the back of her head, effectively crushing his face against his chest, pushing his glasses between them.

"Well that's different," Hermione tweeted from the couch, spectacularly failing to stifle her laughter. Then again, Harry had been pretty serious lately and this bit of random confusion should work very well to relax him once the pain has passed. 🇧🇷

"Hello Luna," Harry's voice was more than uncomfortable between being muffled from the blond's torso to several octaves above his groin. “Would you be so kind as to get out of my trash? I would likeI use itsomeday, you know.

"Hello, Harry!" She waved back enthusiastically, leaning back so she could get a better look at her face. This had the effect of shifting her weight onto her knees, putting more pressure on the place he had just asked him to vacate from her. Seeing her shiver prompted her to finally pull away from him, which gave her a sigh of relief.

"So how was it today?" Hermione controlled herself, earning a grateful smile in return.

“Ah, the usual; the Wizengamot is really realizing that Fumblemore and I are at odds, so to speak,” she finally replied. “However, since it's officially the weekend for me, I don't want to hear, think, or talk about political nonsense until the Covenant gather for dinner on Sunday. Speaking of which, are you coming?

"There aren't many options right now," she complained, but the twinkle in her eyes gave her away. The Trio, as they called themselves, had chosen the Firstborn of the group to go by the name of Potter. Other than that, everything was still in the planning stages, as to exactly how he was going to date the girl during the year that promised to be very, very difficult. Of course, the girls could not convince him that it was not necessary to start yet.

His counterargument was that when public session opened on Monday, the public would learn of a very wealthy and eligible bachelor on the market that they were actively seeking. With the 'battle', it would certainly be a plan, at least formed in the basics, hopefully keeping the fame and/or wealth mongers at bay. After all, a young man can dream.

"Come on," he stood up abruptly and headed down the hall. "Since we're here earlier than usual, let's take a look at the grounds."

The girls flanked him as they headed outside, missing the arrival of Errol: the oldest living owl. The poor bird collided with the Floo grate, which thankfully had no fire, before flying rather erratically to drop a red envelope on the table that was enchanted to be the 'mailbox' when the recipient wasn't inside.

Dobby immediately sensed magic not from Harry, his Granger or his Lovegood and seemed to investigate. Seeing the Howler, she quickly banished him to the farthest cell below the battlements, so her master wouldn't have to listen to the Devonshire Banshee's ravings and rantings. Having sent a self-inked Dicta-Pena and a scroll to the same cell, she made sure she got the message so she could give the proper response.

Looking at the Owl-who-was-too-late-for-retirement, he sensed some of Harry's pity for the old bird to dispel the Post Charms and quickly took it to the Owlery to rest and eat. Hedwig, seeing what even she considered the most abused owl, stayed behind to keep him company and "talk" to the poor bird.

Harry, with Hermione to his right and Luna to his left, was blissfully unaware of the events in his office as they explored the front lawn. He didn't know how she'd lost it on his flight, but there was a garage/barn that housed a variety of vehicles. Apparently the Potters weren't pure enough to deny themselves ownership of mundane devices. The Elves in the Barn, as it was aptly called, explained their role in maintaining the collection, even if some of them haven't been worn, or seen, in half a century.

The cars ranged from Sportsters to Business, including an ultra-rare 1950s Rolls Royce Phantom Four Limousine in factory condition with less than two hundred thousand kilometers (124,277 miles) that was originally commissioned by the Royal Family. There was also a variety of utility vehicles, from Land Rover to Volkswagen Euro Van.

Then there was a surprise in the form of a military theme, from Jeeps to Half-Tracks and even, by the way, an FV 214.conquistadortank. The three looked at the tank and then at each other, wondering onlywhyin the world there was one, and in Harry's mind wondering if the weapon worked and/or if they had ammunition for it.

Feh, the children and their toys.

Having killed some time before dinner, the three of them went back inside to find the message from the Weasley Matriarch waiting on the table in the corner. Harry had to read it three times to understand some of the ramblings of what was originally a Howler. When he learned of Dobby's delivery method, his eyes narrowed before he could compose himself in response.

Hermione and Luna watched him with great apprehension as he worked, torn between their first Howler-for-anyone mood and fear of the damage he would do with the magic he was mastering. It took more than a little persuasion and feminine charms to convince him to share exactly what had started the mess.

"Wonky bint," he growled as he layered another set ofsonorouscharms in the letter he wrote, “you dare to yell at me for locking you out of my Trust Vault. 'Terms of Agreement' in fact; What the hell deal? They never asked me, much less dictated to me, none of this to me! Bah!” Even as he grumbled, he made sure to leave out the fact that the Goblins had added some rather embarrassing spells to the Vault doors at his request.

As soon as the envelope was ready, Hedwig surprised the three of them by disappearing into the room on the table, her leg already extended. She sensed the Master's dislike of her and was eager to let the recipients know. She was gone before the girls thought to stop her, and Harry added another distraction by announcing dinner time.

1815; The same day; The burrow; Ottery street catch stick

The weather behaved well all day, leading to a good long game of Quidditch after lunch. The twins, Ron and Ginny were actually hiding in plain sight as their mother stormed into the kitchen of their house.

The family's excursion to Diagon Alley ended in disaster before it began. While the twins remained in the Gringotts Lobby, the others took the cart to the Vaults. When the three reappeared, Molly was in full Banshee mode in the cart driver at the entrance to Vault Six-Eighty-Seven. The pair were more than aware that it was Harry's Vault and they sensed that something was up. This turned out to be true when Molly, Ron, and Ginny began an impromptu version of Dueling Banjos.

From your rear ends.

amplified by asonorouscharm.

Actually, it sounded more like a train horn pierced by an elephant trumpet in an underwater tunnel. The situation was not helped by the fact that their robes billowed in time to their 'music', making them look like a trio of Blowfish. The family had to flee to the Burrow, which meant a run for the Beco as the 'Banjos' continued to fight for dominance.

What everyone missed was the indignant look on the Goblin's faces. While attempted robbery was one thing, the sounds the three of them were making sounded like the greatest insults to his ears, ranging from 'Your mother was…'. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 to 'I just emptied your Vault and there's nothing you can do!'. Insulting a goblin woman was worth dying for. Implying that the Goblins as a whole were bankrupt was worth the war.

There was a reason the Nation hated banjos.

The twins thought it was the funniest thing in the world and were more than impressed by the use of a flatulence spell tied to the amp and dark musical charms. What was even better was that once they got past the floo, the 'music' stopped. Thinking whatever it was of her had run her course, Molly immediately returned to the Cauldron only to have to plunge back into the fire as her banjo solo responded.

Thinking, rightly so, that Harry had something to do with his current condition, which showed no mercy as he had shot three other random shots, Molly went against her children's wishes and composed a Howler.

Now, as the sun began to set, Harry returned fire.

Ron was in a lazy orbit of his close launch, just enjoying being airborne. Despite all his jealousy over Potter, he had to admit that the raven-haired boy was right about flying being relaxing. Looking north, he saw movement that rapidly grew in size to reveal Hedwig in an attack vector. With a startled cry, she dropped to the ground and caught the attention of the brothers.

The other Weasley children present were shocked when Hedwig scolded Ron before turning to chase Ginny. The only girl quickly got acquainted with dirt alongside her brother when Harry's familiar bombed the house. The sound of her children hitting the floor drew Molly to the kitchen window, which she opened to yell at them to stop chasing each other. What she got was a full-faced white owl that was using her wings to slap the woman across her ears.

The noose holding the Howler came undone at that moment, so Hedwig threw herself out of the window to avoid being caught in the coming verbal outburst.

At the Burrow, the twins, after gathering their siblings, huddled around the smoking howler, waiting for someone to open it. Molly tried to disappear or banish it to no avail, as the sender was apparently well acquainted with this popular method of dealing with objectionable things.

Fred and George silently cast Silencing Charms overhead before diving in to grab the envelope and open it.

All the villagers, wizards or not, knew that the hills had a voice whenever Molly Weasley started yelling at her childe. So it wasn't a surprise when the hills came alive with the sound of someone shouting. However, what caught their attention was that at first the voice was male, then a shock wave crashed against the houses of the village.

molly weasley' Harry's voice boomed, nearly knocking the walls off the ground floor support beams. Even with their silencing spells activated, the twins heard the roar and thought it best to retreat. Ron was sent circling through the air to land first in the swamp. Ginny, also expelled, ended up in the old pigsty by the orchard. Invisible to all members of the room around the house, the alarms activated in the Ministry were disarmed. 🇧🇷HOW DARE YOU TAKE WHAT IS NOT YOURS?! YOU NOR ARTHUR NEVER TALKED TO ME IN ANY WAY ABOUT PAYING YOU TO STAY THERE! IF YOU HAD DISCOVERED IT, I WOULD HAVE HELPED YOU FOR FREE! INSTEAD OF STEALING ME, LIKE THAT FOSSIL! AND DON'T BELIEVE FOR A SECOND I DIDN'T HEARD WHAT YOU DID TO HERMIONE! DON'T BOTHER ANSWERING BECAUSE YOUR OWL GOT TIRED OF YOU AND DECIDED TO RETIRE!

About halfway through the speech, which being quite absurd showed Harry's emotional state, a company of Aurors arrived led by Amelia Bones followed by Arthur Weasley. For a moment, it almost seemed as if the young Potter was in the house and it was his magic that had destroyed the wards. Inside, they found the burning remains of a Howler that caused more than one raised eyebrow.

Molly was slumped over by the stove, her ears bleeding from the volume level involved. The twins entered through what must have been the back door, dragging Ron and Ginny along in their scruffy, ie muddy and smelly states.

Though Harry wasn't the articulate howler/letter writer that Molly was, he was apparently looking for raw destructive power, or perhaps, as Dumbledore's Shacklebolt would say: "Style," behind his missive. The Aurors, including Bones, couldn't explain how he managed to pack so much magic into a card that not only dealt physical damage, but also destroyed Wards with relative ease.

"What triggered it?" the DMLE Director asked the room in general, after noticing that the twins had lowered their shields. The response he got was the amplified version of the 1812 Three Different Ass Overture, literally. Complete with cannon fire that he sent whoever took his turn through the wreckage of the ground floor.

"I see," was all Arthur Weasley could say, having tried a dozenFinishcounters. Although he was well aware of the fact that as Harry had more power than he did, he had little chance of canceling out the somewhat embarrassing but somehow completely accurate 'song', he still tried it out of pride. Something felt off about magic, almost as if. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷

"Where did you get that curse from?" asked Kingsley Shacklebolt, who was doing his best not to laugh. Tonks, brought in as a training mission, had already retired outside with the other Aurors, unable to duplicate his incredible feat of bravado.

"Gringotts," one of the twins huffed between his own laughter, each leaning on the other to stay upright to the point where it was impossible to tell them apart. "They tried to break into Harry's Vault, but he locked them in style!"

Those left inside were disturbed when Overture ended only to be replaced by Ride of the Valkyries.

"Goblin magic, dammit!" Amelia couldn't help it as she flinched, having more knowledge to add to the 'reasons why pissing them off is a BAD IDEA' list. No one, not even that shark Umbridge, was as creative with punishment as those demons who, pun intended, gobble up pain and suffering like the best food and drink. At least they were made to see why open warfare was a bad idea with the growing number of Muggles, so an agreement was reached.

Turn them into bankers with the power to ruin as they please. Of course, the rare human who figured out how to treat a Goblin got 'advantages' like even trading or, as this case showed, 'extra' security in the Vaults that practically guarantees a ruined reputation. There was no way around it now, not with the Public Session starting Monday. Part of that session were his reports on crime rates broken down between the crimes and the people involved.

What was left of Weasley's reputation was flushed down the toilet. Wow, bad pun.

"Why were they trying to break into your Vault?" Arthur demanded the uncursed children of him, feeling that he would have to call Bill and Charlie from abroad before word of this chaos spread. Ooh, as if Percy didn't have enough reasons to complain. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷

"I don't know," George replied, having heard the voice of his father's householder for the first time in a long time, instantly reassuring him. “We stood in the lobby, thinking they were going to our Vault. When they returned five minutes later, Mom was in full rant mode at the poor car driver, yelling at him about access to Vault Six-Eighty-Seven. From there it was a mad rush to Caldeirão as the . 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 Oh hell'. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 produced the sounds of Dueling Banjos making them sound like Blowfish.”

Shacklebolt winced at that information, being well aware of how banjos sounded to goblins. Amelia was no better, and was even contemplating Oaths of Secrecy so this wouldn't turn into the Gossip Vine that was the Ministry.

“After we got back here, Mum decided to send Harry a howler to which we,” Fred assumed, having noted that if George was serious, something was up, “which means us, Ron, and Ginny objected. At least they are afraid of being around Harry ten months out of the year at Hogwarts; Mom no. Harry, it seemed, was quite upset by this.

"Well, Potter obviously knows about our involvement," Ron finally agreed, finally coming to his senses and revealing that the last gas attack had passed. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 oh the irony in that. “When Hedwig got here, we were flying outside. That redheaded bird scolded me and Ginny before diving into the kitchen to hit Mom over the head with her wings. Once Super Howler was free of his leg, he shot off like a . 🇧🇷 .,” he paused, slowly turning his head to the left to see Owl looking at him rather sinisterly from what was left of the bedroom window frame.

"Oh shit," Ginny said, surprising the others as she put together another piece of the puzzle. “She was your familiarbeforehis maturity, and was in the room with him when his core emerged if his relatives followed their usual pattern and locked him in that small room beforehand. That would have exposed her to the wild magic of her sudden maturity. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 I would never know how close I was to the truth.

The occupants of the house, except Molly, still unconscious, stared at the bird that had turned its sinister gaze in all its splendor.

One that worked with green eyes.

"Yes, he's listening," George offered unnecessarily. "Uh, Harry, you do realize that Fred and I have nothing to do with this, right?"

Hedwig/Harry's head bobbed in a wave, before the bird simply disappeared without moving.

Same time; potter's battlements

Hermione and Luna were growing increasingly worried about Harry, as he had stopped all conversation and movement as he went out of focus, his mind elsewhere. Dinner, so far, was going very well as they chatted about unimportant things like upcoming school letters and the World Cup.

"THERE ARE!" came out of her mouth, even though she still wasn't focusing on the duo next to her. He was seated at the head of the table, the end furthest from the doors, as was traditional, so that the Lord of the Manor would never have his back to his guests. At Hogwarts, if he sat in the same seat, he would be at the end closest to the staff table. The teachers were doing more than supervising the children, they were showing their power over the watching masses and preventing assassination attempts from being so far from the gates.

In the feudal sense, Dumbledore was playing the role of the magnanimous lord, providing food and supervising his wards. Of course, once they graduated, they no longer needed to 'serve', the Lord said, unless they wanted to.

Hedwig turned to her position, her dinner waiting for her, and Harry came to.

“That was really weird,” he said slowly, nodding occasionally as if to remove the disorientation.

"What it was?" Hermione wondered, having stopped eating at the same time as Harry. Although she was more out of concern for her closest friend than she would become, she also observed the properties of propriety.

“I don't know how it turned out, but I,” he paused, searching for the right word, “shared experiences with Hedwig while she was at the Burrow. We know the Gingers wanted to do some shopping today, so Howler for finding out my little surprise. He was seeing the aftermath after my return shot. Looks like I mastered my answer and took down the wards along with demolishing the ground floor. Aurors led by Bones herself appeared, followed by Arthur. This will not end well for them, as Dobby managed to obtain a copy of Molly's Howler before she disintegrated.

“Ooh, if there was enough power to crumble the wards,” Luna actually rocked in her seat reverently, “then the other families in the area felt the surge of magic wash over them. The very houses of the mundanes in Ottery St. Catchpole probably also trembled a bit. Good thing they are already aware of the 'screaming hills' or the Ministry would be going crazy.

"Then why won't it end well for them?" Hermione was confused, by all accounts it was Harry who was about to get into trouble.

"Because with the public session on Monday, Amelia Bones has to turn in her biannual crime statistics," Harry ate again and had to swallow before answering. “The fact that the Goblins cursed the three at Gringotts for attempted robbery will wipe any respect they once had off the map. Also, said robbery was directed at me, followed by a Howler to stop it, it will beveryexpensive for them. Think of Slytherins for a moment, they were caught red-handed in the cookie jar and then attacked whoever caught them, but the retaliation brought everything to a head. Now no one will want to work with or for a Weasley for fear of damaging his own reputation. Not even Dumbledore can survive such a taint, which he will release to their great 'disappointment', as this will reveal that I am after him. Still, whatever 'status' Weasley or Prewitt had is lost.

"For devil's advocate," Luna explained, letting Harry eat more of his dinner, "this could all have been swept under the rug as a prank gone wrong between the Potter and Weasley Houses whereby the Goblins could wash your hands without any problem. . Because Molly had to be. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 Well, Molly, now they have to report their findings to the DMLE, which will implicate Dumbledore. The Head Witch isnothey will like it enough to take steps to drive them out of Britain altogether. The older brothers will lose their degrees, the younger ones their Hogwarts tuition, unless Harry himself interferes.

"The twins are innocent in this mess," Hermione surprised Harry by defending them before he could. "They were very understanding with me last year after Ron and Molly had their bouts of stupidity, though they couldn't help me beyond targeting those who annoyed me a little more than usual with their jokes."

"Don't worry, they told me," Harry pointed out to Hedwig, who had happily dozed off with a full belly. “Arthur watched in horror at the actions of his wife and his youngest son, so if necessary I will bring them under my banner. Bill and Charlie too, since I didn't want them to suffer for something they had no control over. Percy is a lost cause for me. I've seen him orbiting Fudge from afar-IDC-lately, which means he might have picked a pattern by now if it all went wrong like he did. He will survive the stain in his name for that reason alone. Arthur will have to deal with Molly, Ron and Ginny. I cannot exclude them from tuition through the 'what's good for one is good for all' tradition. Molly has nothing to offer, even if she tries to redeem herself.

The three of them were silent for a while, talking for the moment. Harry had time to reflect, which brought the question of the lifetime debt to the fore again, for which he asked the only (living) Thoroughbred on the battlements.

“Life debts are a rarity,” he replied after several minutes of reflection, “mainly due to the fact that mages in general are selfish. Even those nicknamed 'Creatures' like Centaurs, Goblins, Fae and whatever you go after first. For example, the last known Debt of this magnitude was around the Age of the Founders, around the 1990s and 1990s. C. more or less. Do you realize that everyone, myself included, who was in the Castle during the Vault Fiasco owes you a debt, even those who were petrified? If you hadn't killed the basilisk, but only destroyed the Journal, it would have raided the halls in search of food, and for a millennial beast, several hundred children were just the ticket. Gina doesn't need an explanation about her debt. Then there's the rumor I heard about you taking on a Troll your first year, followed by another loss to You-Know-Who, putting the entire School in debt again. On top of all of that, no matter how hard it is to believe, there was his original defeat of Riddle at Eighty-One. One thing to understand is that rumors began to circulate in Seventy-Five that she was going to enslave or exterminateall the world🇧🇷 He didn't want any challenger to his power, and the only way to guarantee it would be through total domination or being the only survivor. The Death Eaters, foolish to have originally joined his ranks, found out when he began ordering the destruction of entire pureblood families, regardless of their alignment. Several of them, long dead for their 'betrayal', expressed their concerns to those who fought against them.mithe neutrals thus proving their point. Surprisingly, Abraxas Malfoy was one such detractor after seeing his only son mentally destroyed and rebuilt in Riddle's image. The death of him, and note the pattern here, was deemed Dragon Pox.

"Unbelievable," Hermione was completely shocked by the source of information in front of her, to Harry's left. "How do you know all this?"

“The Lovegood family have been reporters, investigators, and investigators for generations, as well as sorceresses, seers, potion makers, guards, and more. We're also known to be Vine listeners, rarely speaking."

Dinner ended from there with a little chat as the three of them digested the information. It was closer to the girls heading home that Harry asked the most important question.

“What can I do with these Debts?”

Although there were ideas, due to its rarity, there were no solid answers even from the Period Portraits in question. The only way to know for sure would be to call a few to see what happened.

“Okay,” the discussion ended, “tomorrow we're going to explore the grounds, and on Sunday we're going to take most of the day to get ready for dinner. The Hogwarts letters should be here by Monday and we can go shopping anytime before the World Cup on the 27th.º🇧🇷 They got us the best seats in the stadium, the midfield in the luxury boxes”. He wasn't willing to tell them how much it cost, even though he made money every day. "Then we can relax until First, before heading off for another year of fun and laughter at Hogwarts."

The girls couldn't help but notice the sarcasm at the end of her little speech before leaving.

Being in the Wizengamot had its advantages and disadvantages. He knew, from having to listen to Dumbledore in Closed Session, about the Triwizard Tournament. After all, legislative approval was required to import breeding female dragons, let alone their claws. The security around these eggs was ridiculous to the point of making Gringotts seem tame.

What bothered him was his past. Two years, two brushes with death. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 emancipated as he was, he was still fourteen. He knew he didn't have anywhere near the knowledge necessary to compete, let alone survive in the tournament, and his instincts screamed that he would have to do just that.

Due to the secrecy, he couldn't even tell his two closest companions. Of course, he could give hints like they had broomsticks, or played Quidditch, to leave them at home, though he wasn't going to take that advice. He might even leave books about the Tournament lying around, not that it mattered since the last one was two centuries ago, so just providing historical data while doing the same with books about Dragons could be construed as an interest in beasts.

Letting out a frustrated sigh, he went to the library to at least get as many books on the Triwizard as he had. At the very least, she could… no, she should take them to Hogwarts just in case.

08:00 August 13; potter's battlements

Having a bed was good, Harry thought as he ate breakfast. It was different waking up at a decent hour instead of five in the morning. He knew that the girls would not arrive for a few hours, since he declared that today was a day of relaxation; he was dressed very casually in khakis and a T-shirt. He, too, had no plans or desire to wear robes of any kind today, if he could help it.

A quick check of the correspondence revealed his Gringotts statements. Gripsack was making money on the stock market, apparently using that eye for detail the Goblins had to spot trends in the markets. He also bought shares of various companies permanently to provide stability in the event of a market downturn. Ragnok wasn't kidding, the gains were exponential to the point where Potter's wealth only entered the trillion range. Knowing that the economy would need a boost sooner or later, Harry 'rolled up' a message to his account manager to donate the equivalent of a billion galleons for all medical services at Commonwealth Magical and Mundane. This should alleviate healthcare costs somewhat, freeing up funds to spend on frivolous things, as it also included a stipulation that the donation had to be used as intended and not line someone's pockets, otherwise you would end up owning the system. . of the resulting lawsuit.He he, thought,even Dark families understand that economics can make or break them. No wonder they make 'donations' to services.

Thoughts of a scheme involving their active gold and silver mines arose, but since the US Commodity Exchange wasn't spending dollars hand-to-hand for precious medals, the conversions would simply break even or they would actually make you lose money. Well, if you did it legally. He knew that if he wanted to, he could melt down the large amount of coins in his Vaults to get the base ores and then sell them by the ton, but seeing how that would annoy the Goblins, he gave it up as a bad job.

For the future, perhaps. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷

The rest of their correspondence was more confirmations about the Covenant Dinner on Sunday night, with adaily prophetmisatirizeplayed in good measure. He read both with a grain of salt, not fully buying any articles in either publication, but using them to track events in wizarding Britain once he'd deciphered the truth from the rubbish.

“Humph,” he muttered to no one, “so you did notice that Malfoy senior is missing, right? Yes, that could be a problem on Monday.

After finishing breakfast and noting in the sports section that Puddlemere had crushed Chudley again, she headed into the living room to continue her reading while she waited for the girls to arrive. The portraits, though busy this morning, were leaving him alone for now.

At ten to ten, the Floo exploded and Hermione walked in, ready as always. Her arrival made Harry rise from his chair and move just as Luna fell, this time missing her to the side. He noted that the couple wore knee-length skirts and skimpy blouses, though he had specifically said that they would be riding horses today.

Well, if they asked him for a transmogrification, he would solve that problem, otherwise he would keep his mouth shut realizing that yes, they were.Girls🇧🇷 He took his mail and papers to his office and led them to the stables.

"At least the weather is behaving," he commented casually for lack of anything better at this point. It was a nice enough morning, not much humidity, which, considering it was summer in an island nation, was saying something.

Arriving at the stables, the three were surprised to find a pair of Nightmares and Hell Stallions mated. The thrill was more the size of the beasts compared to, say, a typical Arabian or even a Clydesdale, rather than the fact that they were closer to the Dark variety that the Ministry loved to punish people for possessing. On the other hand, it was more apparent that the Potters as a whole tended to ignore things like rules and regulations in all categories; be it in possessions, magic, or anything else that defines "normal."

The beasts themselves were beautiful, or magnificent, depending on who you asked, despite being borderline creatures. The mares were almost fifty feet long and weighed just over eight hundred kilos, while the stallions were about fifty feet and a thousand kilos. Both had fur of the darkest black, as if trying to see beyond the event horizon of a black hole and a living flame, only a few shades lighter than the fur, instead of manes and tails complemented by sulfur-colored eyes. The bodies of the magical horses were packed with muscles, making them quite large and powerful.

While Hermione and Luna were impressed with their mode of transportation for the day to explore the terrain, Harry felt a tug toward what would be the Alpha Stallion in a wild herd. His magic was singing to her to do something, but what in particular he didn't know by heart. He noticed another pair of mated Abraxans and another pair of Aethonans, from the Greek pantheon, unprepared for any journey enjoying their "breakfast" in the barn.

Extending both hands, he traced the long muzzle of the Hell Stallion with his fingertips. The beast at first began with unusual contact, almost rearing up on its hindquarters to attack with its forelegs. What stopped the reaction though was the fineness Harry used to essentially "pat" the head from just below the eyes to the nose and mouth. Then the contact disappeared as what the Stallion knew to be the owner and rider of the day stepped back.

Hermione and Luna watched this interaction, intrigued by what Harry was doing. It became apparent when his vision blurred as they looked at him, before he was replaced by another Hell Stallion. This one looked distinctly strange, instead of the sulfur eyes they were the more normal looking bulbous and green variety. Strangely, the living flame above the right eye in front of the ear was in the shape of a white lightning bolt.

The new magical horse was also slightly smaller than the other two males who were now looking wearily at the newcomer. He—a quick glance from the girls left no doubt about that—was only a dozen hands tall and about a thousand pounds.

"Torture?" Hermione asked shyly, having the sudden thought of a blur from her previous year at Hogwarts.

The little stallion began to dance, shaking his head excitedly as he danced around the two girls. After feeling something crash into the belly of him, the foal, which he did, since Harry was still a boy, he trotted over to the low wall that surrounded the paddock before rearing up and using it to prop up his forehead; from there he was able to put his head between his front legs to see what the problem was.

Luna finally came to her senses after looking at Harry's size in 'horse mode', blushing severely and trembling slightly from the tingling sensation underneath. When she saw what she was doing, she started toward him, knowing that her surprise would be as great as hers.

Sure enough, before the blond could get there, Harry had seen what was falling behind him and immediately lost his balance on the wall. It was comical, in a way, to see him fall forward before hitting the rock in slow motion. The blow was enough to cause a reversion to human form. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷

And for a surprise in the form of twenty new Harry Potters that appear out of nowhere.

"That's ridiculous," Hermione grumbled as she walked over to the original Potter, who seemed to be in shock at his earlier discovery and banging his head on the granite. "It's supposed to be the blunt force trauma victim who sees twice as much or more, not bystanders."

Luna wasn't idle in his latest surprise attack, instead helping Harry to his feet while the other. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 well, he himself looked on in amazement. The group of black haired teens were already huddled up in independent discussion and stealing glances mainly from the girls and the lone me who was also being served.

"Ooh, I hope this continues," Hermione heard Luna whisper to her, but she didn't bother to respond verbally as the blush on her cheeks spoke volumes.

"How's your head?" she asked, before her blush deepened at the meaning. That little wish on Luna's part made her arousal hormones explode with activity and reproduction.

"I'm fine, Hermione, Hermione, Luna, Hermione, Luna, and Luna," he said stoically, before slowly nodding. “While this triple vision is a bit annoying; What bothers me is that I swear I see a group of me over there looking at me.

“Uh, there are a lot of you there,” Luna assured her. They showed up after you tried to induce a coma. So no, you're not turning it around, so to speak.

"Ah," he did his Dumbledore impersonation, as if he had just been handed the secrets of the Universe on a silver platter. “It's good to know Second Moon. Third Moon, I slipped off the wall; this was not intentional!

"Dobby!" Hermione called, knowing that Harry had at least one concussion. As soon as the elf appeared, and to prevent her from being confused by the number of Harry Potter High Lords around her, she instructed her to take the one lying against her to her suite and put him to bed.

"Well, that doesn't detract from our plans for the day," Luna felt she had to state the obvious, even as Harry's crowd gathered around her and Hermione.

"Go back to the living room," Hermione ordered quickly, not wanting to be bombarded with questions that she would have to answer twenty different ways from the same brain. It was strange, she reflected on the ride home, having the crowd in the face of her best friend surround her and Luna as her bodyguard.

"This is surreal," Chaperone Harry said, not looking around to imply that he knew them and felt comfortable enough to talk. “I mean, I know I hit that wall, but instead of getting hurt, I found myself standing fifteen feet away, looking confused. Ooh, even trying to describe it is hard."

"Well, try switching to that Stallion again," Luna offered, her mind almost blank with the possibilities this new power presented. "See if whatever, it's a complete duplication or something else."

"I've never come across a reference to either power before," Hermione declared immediately after feeling twenty pairs of eyes on her. The fact that they had that shade of green that varied depending on her mood inside that familiar face of hers was definitely scaring her.

Harry's group moved onto the grass, each wearing identical expressions of concentration as they tried to switch. It wasn't long before there was a herd of Hell Stallion ponies by the front door, each one now hopping with a little less bounce to make sure nothing moved too far.

It was at the five minute mark of the capering that the herd began to visibly shrink, each one disappearing into particles of magic before the last one left, leaving the girls alone. Taking advantage of this, they headed to the master suite to check on Harry.

When they arrived, they were greeted by the sight of Poppy Pomfrey shaking her head in disbelief before seeing them.

"Mr. Potter seems to need my attention more and more," he said by way of greeting, "even if it involves transporting the elves home." He gave him a concussion potion and a Dreamless Sleep so when he wakes up he'll be fine as rain. Let him know that although I don't mind having a cup of tea at the castle; he doesn't have to be hurt in any way to do this, and while I appreciate the trust he shows in me, I don't make regular home visits.

"Certainly, ma'am," Luna hastened to agree before Blubber showed up from Hogwarts to collect the matron.

“Well, nothing to do with it, Luna,” said her dark-haired partner as she turned to Floo, “we have to go. I've waited long enough after the Quidditch matches to know that she'll be gone until morning.

“Oh pooh”, the blonde complained as she took a handful of Floo powder, “I was hoping he would take me too”.

It took Granger's only daughter ten minutes to get her stutter under control and she stuttered enough to make sure she got out of the proper net instead of ending up in Timbuktu.

4:00 a.m. Sunday, August 14; potter's battlements

Harry jumped out of bed like he'd been shot from a cannon, snapping back from the dreamless sleep Pomfrey number four had put him into yesterday. It was great, once he put the glasses on, that the room was in focus again. Not feeling the negative effects he was used to with his cousin Dudley, he knew the concussion was gone and felt he should give Pomfrey a fruit basket or something. Sometimes it seemed that this woman spent more time putting him together than the King's Men did with Humpty Dumpty.

Doing a test at home to make sure that yes, everything was back to operational status, he waved his hand in front of his face at different speeds. Seeing no afterimages, he declared himself cured before releasing theTempuscharm in silence

"Four in the morning," he groaned, before the date came to mind. With their defeat at the wall, the girls lost their chance to explore the land before it was reoccupied. Deciding that it wasn't the end of the world and knowing that she had to cook dinner, she started the day as badly as she didn't want to.

From then on, he was so busy that time flew by. Among the Elves, Hermione and Luna made the place look more like a cozy Palace than its namesake true fortress. There were five fights in the kitchen between him and his 'staff' as he wanted to prepare some of the food, but the elves didn't find out. The compromise didn't even seem to work, leaving him scratching his head every time he tried it.

So he decided, in a stroke of sheer brilliance in his own mind, to flood the place with himself.

Hermione and Luna came across the strangest thing anyone had ever seen at that moment. They were heading into the kitchen to try to get Harry to relax when the door slammed against the wall and a tangle of elves and Harry Potter pounced on them. The girls had just enough time to scream before they were engulfed in chaos that brought everyone up the stairs and into the living room before the "little green men" took advantage of the situation to disappear back into the kitchen.

Despite everything, Harrystilllost the argument. However, instead of getting mad about it, he found his knack for laughing to himself for a backfired plan, in which the girls were more than happy to join in before each slapping each other on the shoulder for getting them out. of the disaster.

1800; potter's battlements

Dinner time had arrived and Harry suddenly found himself without his bravado. Giving thanks for everything Sacred that the Magi werecaminoIn the past, handshakes were not an acceptable greeting in this situation; instead, he bowed; she wiped her sweaty palms on her underrobe for what seemed like the fiftieth time in an hour. She mentally sent thanks to Hermione and Luna for trying to calm him down earlier in the day; now, however, she wanted them by his side to help him through what was to come.

nothing for that, he thought as the flu came to life bringing out the first of the guests. She used some of her new intelligence to alert all the guests to come at a specific time which was five minutes before and after them so the Floo wouldn't get clogged. She did not allow portkeys or Apparitions because she did not knowexactlyWhat part of the country was your residence?

“Greetings Mrs. Bones; Lady Bones,” she managed not to squeal as she bowed to the couple. “Welcome to my humble abode, please follow Dobby to the dining room. Dinner will start in an hour, then we'll discuss what it should be. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 uh, discussed. Harry wanted so badly to clap at that moment; the keynote speech from him and he missed it! This was going to be infinitely more difficult than he had thought to accomplish.

Amelia and Susan Bones chose to match for this, wearing cobalt blue robes made of crinkled velvet that looked good on the pair. They also had their hair in braided ponytails that fell over their left shoulder.

Once they were headed where he'd told them to go, Harry let out a dismayed groan before preparing for the next group of travelers. At the very least, that should prove that, yes, he is still a teenager with a lot to learn about social situations like this.

(Video) Weird Things Caught On Security Cameras And & CCTV!!!

That's how it was, the speech was perfected to make it less uncomfortable while he picked up the pace by repeating it over and over again. She could also hear the muffled roar of the dining room as the number of people increased. He had more faith than knowledge that there would be no fights among his guests just so he wouldn't lose face with the other families or himself. As soon as the last of his guests arrived, he headed for the lion's den with a forced smile, not realizing that his floo had kicked a beetle that had tried to climb one of the trees in the area. Greengrass.

there was oneverygirls her age! Oh, the male population of Hogwarts would kill him when word got out. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 blow everything up!

Having entered the room through the Lord's Entrance near the head of the table, he inspected those who had come to his meeting. There was a collection from almost every walk of life present; the four houses of Hogwarts, "Light" and "Dark", elites of pure blood, half-blood, etc. There was only one firstborn present in the form of Hermione and she took her place on the right, while Luna and Xenophilius Lovegood took the first and second chairs on the left respectively.

“Okay,” her voice dominated the room, drawing all attention to her person, “let's eat first. I don't particularly care about the topic of conversation.exceptso we're here after dinner. Not rushed, as I think an hour is enough to satisfy everyone. So snuggle up and enjoy."

The monotonous roar of the Death Eaters reminded him of the Great Hall at Hogwarts as light conversation broke out among virtually everyone gathered. He realized that one of the few who didn't talk much was Augusta Longbottom, and by proxy, Neville. The big gathering earned the traditionalist woman a scowl, but she clung to the piece of hers for some reason.

Dinner came and went, followed by a wide variety of desserts. Harry was trying to accommodate everyone during this dance, and for the most part, he was successful. Once the hour was up, the elves banished the dishes to the kitchens and ushered the crowd into the ballroom, where a raised dais was set up in front of enough chairs for everyone.

“Okay,” he directed traffic from the door, “there are no 'assigned' seats here. I will not consider one family more important than another, so pick a seat and take a seat.

It was another ten minutes of people shuffling around to get them to sit however they liked, while Harry stood behind the dais sorting through the notes he had on the Covenants when they joined. He looked across the chairs directly in front of him towards Hermione and Luna, silently praying for the strength to get through this with the least amount of trouble.

"Now then, before we start, are there any questions?" he looked around the gathering, feeling like a professor giving a lecture. It was a feeling that he found he liked, much to his surprise. Only two hands went up, Bones and Longbottom; In order not to offend Augusta more than it already seemed, he called out to her first.

"If I may, Lord Potter," his voice was calm; without giving anything away, "where are the Weasleys? I know they also made a pact with House Potter and I'm curious why they aren't involved in this.

"Serious?" Harry did his best to hide his surprise from him as he flipped through various scrolls to find his Proof of Inheritance. “According to the Goblins, there is no Pact between my House and theirs. Even if there were, they would be in violation for reasons not open to discussion. You'll find out why tomorrow, once the Public Session begins. lady bones?

"Why do that?" The head of the DMLE waved her arms, taking in the room. "We all prefer private, individual meetings to this exposure."

“To prove it, look around the room,” his reply came quickly, “you'll notice the large number of people here. Every Pact made with House Potter is represented here in one form or another. If I did one-on-one meetings, we'd all be in this forever and a day. Some families would even feel insulted that they had to wait so long to be contacted by me to reaffirm the Oaths that must be taken before your seventeenth birthday. It does not matter that I am considered of legal age, those of the Pacts around my age are not, and decorum demands it. This method here also allows the Pacts to know who is in and who is out and avoid as much conflict as possible. I think I've shown that Riddle is still around; he'll eventually find a way to be in a body again, and when he does, it'll be pure anarchy. Everyone in this room, as the Pacts now stand, has two choices when/if a Dark Lord rises again: be neutral or fight on the side of House Potter. We all know that magic will have something nasty in store for those who are allied to attack my or your allies' house. Now you knowwhoallies are.

In a way, it made sense. Instead of being a muscle-flexing show, the young man was trying to avoid infighting if something bad happened. The explanation seemed a bit wordy and circular, but it worked.

“Now,” Harry continued, addressing the room in general, “the original Oaths left little room for renegotiation. Whatever your reasons for originally making the Pacts, they are yours, and though I will never know why, my parents accepted those very Oaths. While I prefer not to go the way the text dictates, there aren't many options. I prefer to think of it as my dad's prank idea, but there's nothing you can do about it. His face was slowly turning red as he spoke, before he paused and really took in the faces of the people around him; he couldn't believe what he was seeing. "Oh come on, didn't any of you guys tell your kids what they were groomed for?"

This caused Hermione and Luna to look around to see the various looks of confusion, disbelief and anxiety they could see before looking at each other and stifling laughter. It was ironic, since the Weasleys hadn't broken their part of the Pact, if they had one, Ginny would be in this very room and imitating a raging bull.

"Somewhere a dead man is laughing at us," Harry complained to no one; he almost couldhearhis father's laugh - forget his grandfather whom heI couldhearing the laughter of his portrait, as he tried to overcome the situation in which he now found himself. If that wasn't enough, heyou knewhis mother laughed at him and harassed his father for the results of this madness. He returned his voice to its previous level to address the room, "Since it behooves me to say this to that bloody bunch of cowards who don't want to feel the wrath of their sons: those families with daughters who have made Pacts with House Potter he essentially defined as compromises. How or why they agreed to this is beyond me, it wasn't even my idea. I have enough with the need to revive not only my House, but also the Black, McKinnon and a few other Houses to remain anonymous for now As for families with sons: as long as they have daughters, they will marry a son of my House. Balls of garbage, I know, but there's not much we can do about it. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 for now. There are a lot of things "There are more important things to deal with from time to time. If our intrepid leader hadn't taken a general oath on a certain subject, I'd gladly tell you all about the coming year at Hogwarts and the craziness that's likely to follow. Since I can't, well." 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 in which In any case, every single Covenant family in this room will at some point be associated with House Potter; Blushing oaths! Why the hell did you do this to my generation?!”

He stopped vocalizing his frustration and began pacing back and forth like a caged animal, his magic reacting to his emotions causing the first three rows of chairs to spontaneously transfigure into random trash, including but not limited to : a lawn mower, a bicycle, a baseball bat, a kitchen sink, a statue of Dumbledore getting kicked in the groin, a javelin, another statue of Ron during his "Slug Puke-fest", a panty launcher, etcetera.

The people sitting in those chairs let out indignant cries of protest at suddenly having to jump to safety lest they find something poking their buttocks.

"Okay, I'm sorry," Harry seemed as surprised as everyone else at the chaos he'd just caused, having tilted his head to the left and using his left hand to scratch his cheek. “It just occurs to me that despair ferments such stupidity. It's not fair to the daughters/nieces here who prefer to marry anot marriedMagician for love and not for obligation. teen fantasy my ass; it's going to be a fucking nightmare is what it's going to be between solid lines, reviving others, marriages, our own kids and whatever. It gets even worse for sons, because they automatically have a commitment to any daughter-to-be who doesn't yet have a twinkle in their eye. Regardless, I'm still willing to keep going, not for myself, but for the sake of those who are finding out that their parents gave them the axis before they were even born. I already have a lot to do, for example: Amelia and Susan may be in this room, but because of their family type, Edgar has put Potter House in charge of House Bones. He works for Susan because she keeps her name; It kind of fucks with Amelia because she can't make any major moves on behalf of the family without my approval. Things like that are not right; in fact, they are crazy. I've said it once, I'll say it again before we end this disastrous meeting: the Pacts are not my idea, I didn't ask for them, but I will honor them, at the very least, to finally free the Houses bound to mine without their own magic getting angry. with us because we go our own ways. Now is late; I'm sure we're all getting tired and irritated. If you can, be at the Wizengamot public session starting tomorrow to understand a bit of what I rambled on."

With that, he flooed the group into the living room and wished each individual goodnight, even if he received a dirty look or two for the way he imploded as head of the house. Those he went to Hogwarts with were much more understanding of his situation, offering a kind word and a genuine, if small, smile in exchange for their consideration of his feelings.

After everyone else had left, including Hermione and Luna, since they had curfews to be home, he gave in to the urge to clap his hands and let out a loud groan of dismay.

that could have goneafterbetter, thought.

To confirm

Now, an explanation for Harry's actions: he's fourteen years old and he acts like this for a change. He managed to pass the Wizengamot due to the fact that he had time to relax,think, recharge energies and plan your way while you manage to disconnect your emotions. Like everyone else, his patience finally ran out, and at the worst possible time.

*Chapter 4*: Arc One Part Four

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Magical Maturity, Arc One Part Four

By: (Conductor) Jim Ohki

0745 Monday August 15, 1994; Public Chambers of the Wizengamot

Word quickly spread that the Wizengamot Public Session was not an event to be missed. By a quarter to eight, the place was packed with more people standing in the hallways, waiting for some random room expansion or someone foolish enough to go to the bathroom. To accommodate such a public, these Chambers were designed differently from the Privy Chambers, as the Lords and Ladies were not seated around a bowl. Here, it was more of a horseshoe similar to Room Ten of the Court, near the Department of Mysteries, so that those in the gallery could see its governing body without having to twist their necks or turn all the way, with the help of three" giant sheets of glass hanging down. from the ceiling ceiling in a triangular pattern. This device, seen once by a half-blood who had attended a Muggle sporting event, named it the "Jumbotron" for mimicking the electronic device on a T-shirt. On each table within each balcony was an audiovisual device inscribed with Rune, an ancient camera modified for such purposes, which fed the giant screens.

As the session had not yet been scheduled, the balconies that flanked the horseshoe were all dark; each equipped with a privacy barrier for any last-minute conversations that were needed.

None of that mattered to a Weasley foursome.

It wasn't Molly Weasley's day and it had just begun. Promptly at five in the morning, the ghoul in the attic decided that silence wasnogolden as the saying goes. While the effects of her weren't as bad for her as they were for Ron, who had the room closest to the noisy one, the entire Burrow had woken up.

At five past five, in an effort to havesomeoneto do something with the ghoul noise, he flung open the door with great force. The solid oak panel came loose from its hinges which suddenly failed, knocking him over as he fell into the "main" room. He had lost the chest of drawers, the mirror, two closets, and the outside window. Arthur blinked owlishly out of bed at the chaos before turning around to make the nightmare go away.

At ten past five, after pulling herself together, Molly left her room to go upstairs. The stairs, it seemed, had a different idea, as the entire attic down to the ground floor spontaneously turned into a slide, sending her skidding through the front door, without opening it.

Around half past five, a now estranged matriarch finished her battle preparations in her own home. Giving a battle cry that echoed through the surrounding hills, she climbed the still-converted ladder/slide with her wand in her right hand, the iron poker in her left, and a large pot she hadn't placed on it. the. head like armor She managed to make it to the penthouse to deal with the ghoul, somehow without making him angrier than usual, before breathing a sigh of relief.

This battle lasted half an hour and completely occupied her mind to the point where she completely forgot about the recent riot on the stairs and was thus sent skidding out of the house once more at six.

Arthur, Fred and George ventured outside at this point, having given up on any more sleep. The house seemed to feel when they were away from home, as everything that wasn't damaged returned to normal before they even noticed anything was wrong. Breakfast was a quiet affair for the wounded.

Then came having to use the Ruddy Flu. It's clear that the three who did nothing for Harry had smooth sailing. Molly was always the last to pass if she needed to swerve onto another track, as occasional hiccups weren't out of the question. Ron somehow managed to mess up his destination from the Ministry Atrium to the Romanian Dragon Reserve, while Ginny ended up in South Africa of all places.

Getting those two together was a hassle and a half as they somehow got around international barriers to get to where they ended up while she couldn't and thus she had to pay each time to get them and then pay for their unauthorized entry. before finally reaching your destination. destination at half past seven.

Percy would tell everyone that this was not his day.

A little over two weeks had passed since the Burrow meeting he was coerced into by his then-girlfriend Penelope Clearwater. When he returned that night, irritated but refusing to show more than a sneer as a Ministry official should, read: pureblood, he found his things packed up by the young woman and an eviction notice. He was going through the mail and came across a notice from Gringott's that his access to the Vault was suspended pending an audit due to possible theft, fraud, and tax evasion.

Penny wasted no time showing him the door.

The occasional glimpse of Potter the following week was all he got, albeit strangely inside the Ministry building for which, as far as the redhead knew, the cause of his sudden expulsion from his now-ex-girlfriend's house had no reason to believe. to be. inside the halls.

It was his salary that allowed him to get his own apartment, he later learned, as the Goblins reduced his Vault to next to nothing after assessing fines, refunds, interest, taxes, and fees. The place made the crowded Burrow feel like a Pureblood Mansion, since it was actually a dump.

Today had started like any other, punctually at six in the morning, since routine was the key to success within the Ministry. The first clue that something was wrong was when the rusty shower curtain rod gave away the ghost just as he was getting into the shower and hit his head hard. Five minutes later the hot water spells on all taps failed. At quarter past six, his shaving spell went awry, causing several cuts on his face. At half past six he found his wood stove exploding for unknown reasons.

He finally had breakfast in the Alley, but not before three different awnings fell from their mounts in an attempt to crush him. That was before the Menagerie animals went berserk and almost crushed him with claws, claws and whatnot. The last of his misadventures, just to get to the Ministry in time, had the Floo Net shoot him like a cannon at just the right angle to land in the Fountain of Magical Brothers.

It wasn't Ron's day at all.

Anyone who bothered to meet the younger son would learn three obvious truths about the boy. First, he loved food; Second, he hated work of any kind; Third, he loved to sleep, the latter to the point that, if it were possible, he would go to sleep at five and wake up around fifty and receive what he deserved on a silver platter.

When the ghoul, for all intents and purposes, went berserk in the morning God Hour, Ron was jerked out of the land of Nirvana and back to reality. He then fell off the bed, using his skull to soften the landing. He could hear his mother go into Mount Molly mode, which was unusually full of vulgar language accompanied by the sound of things breaking. Waiting to go back to sleep was a dead man's dream, for he had somehow misjudged his jump/miss on the bed of him bouncing the other way to crash into the wall.

Then his dresser decided he was too old to stand and fell on top of him. That's where the Fourth Truth about Ron Weasley emerged: he had a temperament to rival Vernon Dursley's, not that they'd enjoyed each other's company enough to compare notes. The pine dresser was not a light item, and being trapped under it with the noise of the ghoul was enough to ignite the tinderbox.

Not that he knew it, but it was now ten past five in the morning.

It took a while, but he managed to break free of his prison to try to get back to bed once more. This failure was capped off by the mattress bouncing once more before the footboard was buried in the rubbish of it. Now wide awake and angry as a Cerberus, he decided to do something to the ghoul himself only to have his door crash down on his head. Recovering from that accident, he stepped onto the landing just after his mother was two floors below.

As he descended, he once again hit his head against doors and walls. He managed to work his way around the bottom, grabbing onto the end of the railing, so instead of the front door, his destination was now the kitchen. His slide home was interrupted by the table leg that he met with the junction of his legs with enough speed to bounce off a tangent that took him to the lockers. Said storage areas lost structural integrity, dumping their contents on top of them and sending one of the largest pots into the living room, where he landed without warning on Molly's head.

Ron lay there for almost an hour, writhing in pain, accidentally knocking over pots and pans, listening to the battle in the attic. He didn't keep track of time, but he knew that when his mother greeted him, the ghoul finally fell silent, then heard his screams as he slid down again.

Things calmed down when his father and brothers were present. The next dose of chaos occurred when trying to use the flu. He misjudged where to stand, setting fire to his robe as soon as he dropped the powder, and his incoherent ramblings somehow led him to his second-eldest sister's workplace. He too was greeted at wand point, as his arrival was not scheduled and he did not obtain authorization from anyone to be there. It was a twenty minute wait before Molly arrived to clear up the madness of the morning.

It wasn't Ginny's day.

The youngest of the litter was entering the age where dreams come true from time to time. He was in the middle of one of those dreams involving Harry Potter and he was almost in the Clouds before the rain when the demon got scared. The Prewitt blood in her erupted with lost orgasm, igniting the second-fierceest temper in the house.

Giving up like a lost cause when she heard her mother trying to deal with the situation, she tried to go back to sleep when the bed frame broke at the joints and she fell to the floor. The action caused her spring mattress to lose cohesion, jamming one of her metal pieces, luckily for her covered in plastic, not that she knew what was hers, in the back door. After a pause in which she blinked like an owl, the unexpected/unwanted tug sent her flying towards the ceiling before falling to the floor, thankfully missing the death trap that her bed had become.

Getting dressed wasn't nearly the adventure waking up had been, so her butt fell off as the saying goes. Her door tried to attack her, but she, being more attentive to events, managed to avoid a headache. She then she found the stairs.

A scream was all that was heard from her as she made her way down the stairs while playing pinball between the railing and the walls. The last wall she hit with at the bottom of the stairs sent her skidding against the back of the couch hard enough to tip her backwards, smacking her face on the floor. In fact, she provided a small benefit moments after her, when Ron made her dynamic entrance into the kitchen, sending cooking utensils flying, giving her the cover of pot lids turned into Frisbees.

Sliding out from under the overturned sofa, she glanced up the stairs and gave up trying to get to the bathroom upstairs. Entering the rarely used "guest" bathroom downstairs, she was greeted by a family of raccoons who had begun fleeing for their lives between her legs. She groaned in irritation at the condition of the room, but kept it as nature demanded and would not be denied.

It turned out that floating instead of sitting on that particular toilet was a good idea, since when he finished his job and went to flush, he discovered that it was clogged. Knowing this because his house qualified as a 'Magic Residence', he could use his wand to solve the problem, due to the fact that his wand was up in his room.

Deciding to let Ron take responsibility for the problems here, she silently fled into the living room only to be attacked by said brother throwing pots at her in an effort to get up; Either that or she was writhing in pain. Neither of them mattered to her, as she finally had an outlet for her temper. Just as she was about to return fire, the sounds of the battle in the attic stopped before, moments later, she Molly ran screaming down the stairs/slide and out the front door.

After a peaceful breakfast, which he was made aware of by the presence of his father and his older brothers, the chaos began again in a hurry. Ginny had seen the disastrous floo attempt that was Ron and her survival instinct kicked in, which was vindicated moments after her when her mother yelling about the poor 'Ronnikens' somehow overturned her intended fate. her. Her time in South Africa was just as productive as Ron's visit to Romania, when the guards on duty waved at her with the tips of their heart wands and yelled at her, wanting answers as to why she was there. It was nearly seven when she Molly made her grand entrance, her temper already worn to the point of breaking down with Ron in tow.

That was then, now it was seven forty-five and the Weasleys, minus the outsiders Bill and Charlie, had finally assembled in the Chambers.

"This day couldn't get any worse," Molly murmured after having to explain to Arthur the expense of rescuing her youngest children from abroad.

He said that the man was relaxed by nature; a nice guy who was very tolerant and avoided conflict when he could. However, as evidenced by the fight in the alley before Ron's sophomore year, the family patriarch had a nasty temper when he let his emotions rule his actions. Now, he just wanted to hit something as hard as he could in the chaos that three of his family members had caused within three hours of this day. He still hasn't heard Percy's rumor of a conspiracy to commit bodily harm on his person, which would only make the situation worse.

Harry was having a great day so far.

He woke up at five from a very pleasant dream that involved his most constant companions of recent times. She couldn't help but laugh devilishly at the things that had occurred to her in her imagination while she slept. After doing his morning routine, he experienced his new ability to clone himself. He discovered that what they learned, he learned when they dissipated. The utility of such skill was astronomical, as he sent a posse of himself to his library to catch up on his reading on nearly every subject, while half a dozen others went to his office to read all the correspondence he'd had. over there.

He knew that Hermione and Luna wouldn't show up until later unless something happened. Eating an excellent breakfast, she began to prepare for the day before leaving for the Ministry at seven. A quarter later he was trapped in his box, sending or receiving occasional notes from the Allied Family.

One of these memos sent, in duplicate to each Family, was the warning that he would leave the 'lights' in his box off as soon as the session began, to observe what happened in his absence. What he didn't write about, but many found out, was that Dumbledore would try something different than normal if Harry made his mark early on.

At ten-thirty, his suspicions were confirmed, as the Head Wizard continued to harp on budgetary items normally reserved for the Winter Session as a way of tying money to the calendar.

Dumbledore took as long as he dared, and yet the candles in Potter's box were still out. He sent an occasional memo/plane to see if the boy was present since he wasn't rewarded with anything he wanted.

“Now the reports from the Department of the Ministry,” he changed the subject after lunch at noon, surprising those who hadn't realized he was up to something. "We'll start with muggle artifact misuse and work our way up to MLE crime statistics and then to the Minister's Office."

Amelia Bones was in a bad mood now. The day had started off great too, but now that it was approaching five, the Magical Creatures drone began a soliloquy about Crups and Grindylows somehow getting crossed, as if it wasn't obvious that some eccentric was doing this, almost losing his temper. . . .

"Thank you," Dumbledore shooed the man away from the podium, noting that it was now five minutes to five and Bones would have to hurry up on his report or wait until tomorrow. He really didn't want the findings of any investigation into one of his supporters revealed, with full evidence of the Goblins. As inevitable as it was, he knew, it was still in his power to delay the reports while he tried to find a solution; translated as: a way to save his own bacon. "Correct, since there are almost five minutes left to close the day on the ground." Maintaining the jovial old man personality of his became a challenge against the evil eye from almost every corner after that.

0745 August 16, 1994 Public Chambers of the Wizengamot

"Please kill me," Molly Weasley pleaded to no one in particular after a second morning of chaos. As the stairs slid down again, gravity on the Burrow seemingly reversed as it was thrown into the attic at a good pace, sending the ghoul into another frenzied state, waking the residents at half past five.

Ron strayed too far from his father and the twins as they waited for the other shoe to fall off the DMLE, causing a piece of the porch trim to fall on his head, knocking him over. This had the effect of alienating said members of her family from Ginny, who was faced with a similar fact almost instantly. That particular plank of wood ricocheted off Percy's stomach at the angle of impact, knocking the wind out of him and sending him landing face-first on his mother's behind just as she was hit by a gas can.

Arthur was ready with aevanescowhile the third eldest lost his breakfast on his mother's back, making faces in the process. Some things in life that he could do without; this incident was one of them.

From Potter's box, Harry watched as a space opened up around Ginger's family as debris, projectile vomit and a foul odor from whatever the matriarch ate yesterday made it dangerous to be around them. absolute. He was grateful for the protection of privacy that he kept from laughing at the chaos they effortlessly created. As he watched the scene as best he could, he noticed that Ron had backed up again this time under a chandelier that had come loose from the ceiling and fallen to the floor. The lanky redhead stepped past the cast-iron braces and froze in fear from the chandelier's two-hundred-pound predecessor before succumbing to a gas attack.

By the open flame.

The fireball it produced was magnificent and managed to set Molly's hair on fire as she made her way to her youngest son to make sure he was okay. It took her a moment to realize that, yes, her dome was on fire before she began running back and forth, waving her arms in blind panic.

Ginny, being the naturally helpful person she was when she wasn't dealing with Harry Potter or anything to do with him, pointed her wand at aaguamentíwhich instead came out like a tsunami and quickly flooded the lower level by half a foot. Regardless, she managed to rip off her mother's hair and the candles surrounding a still petrified Ron just before his bottom snored again.

Harry couldn't help but laugh at the silliness of the situation. It was Ginny's action that made the aurors do their job and quarantine the family somewhere where they couldn't cause any more trouble within the Halls.

It was already eight in the morning. It took the Weasleys fifteen minutes to turn complete idiots like Bozo into theProphetThe cameraman backed away from the chaos that surrounded him.

"What am I trying to save them for?" Dumbledore had intended to mutter this to himself, but the audio spells that made it so the whole room could hear him without being yelled at caught on. “Dammit, what command phrase is that?! Mute, Disable, Stop. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 Oh shit. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 🇧🇷

"Chief Warlock, if we could," came Amelia Bones's voice. Although she was sitting behind her desk in her cabin, the clarity of her tone indicated that she would otherwise have her hands on her hips and one foot tapping impatiently.

"Continuing where we left off yesterday," Dumbledore said after the opening ceremony in an effort to get back on track, "we'll hear from the Minister's Office about the mrph-mumble GAH!" What impeded his speech was the beard that migrated to his mouth and not a few wondered how many times the Old Man had tried this distraction tactic in previous encounters.

The Chambers heard the attention signal before the Jumbotron went from showing the Chief Warlock struggling with his facial hair, with little success, to a display of the Family Crest wanting the floor. A wand diagonally from left to right, a sword diagonally from right to left behind a shield emblazoned with a P, and an animated griffin.

Murmurs rippled through the room at that particular coat of arms, which those on the left side, facing Potter's box, looked to only to find the candles and glowing stones unlit. On the glass, the rotating image has shrunk and moved to the lower left corner, revealing a dark background. A shadow moved, light reflected off a pair of glasses, and the Chambers were subjected to a variation of thedeath pose.

"Dumbledore, what are you trying to do?" Harry asked, ignoring the loud voices around him. “I have to hint here now: I don't want any more bullshit at any point in this session; from no one. I don't want anyone yelling, teasing, farting, or trying to dodge the issue. I get more of this and shit will hit the fan. You”—here he paused a little, watching as the subject of her rage appeared trying to throw his beard to the ground, falling backwards as he held her with one outstretched arm away from her face—“not even listening. Okay, where were we yesterday? 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 Oh yeah. Mrs. Bones, I think the floor is yours when our boss stops fighting with him.

It was fascinating to watch as Dumbledore reappeared from their fight, physically hitting his beard in an attempt to force the submission. The facial hair had a will of its own, dodging the occasional blow to land the man on the chest.

"Someone hit him with aFinishPlease?" Harry asked the room at large, still shrouded in darkness as he refused to turn on the lights in his box. Although comical to watch, half an hour had passed and the Old Man was not making any progress forcing himself. his unruly beard to behave. The request garnered more than a dozen responses when the spell hit the Warlock Chief's box. "You've got to be kidding, doesn't anyone have decent aim around here? Sight".

Everyone in the Chambers felt a rush of magic as a translucent but colorless bolt of energy blasted out of Potter's box with enough force to create a strong breeze. When the magic hit Dumbledore, his beard fell limp as if she had never been alive in the first place, even when said person hit her high when he hit his face. That would have been enough if heFinishthere wasn't enough juice to kill his gaudy shooting-star cloaks before the magic that made the stitches perfect failed and the cloth disintegrated from the overload, leaving the man naked.

"Argh, my eyes!" yelled almost everyone present when they saw Albus Dumbledore in the chandelier, directly or on the Jumbotron. “Please make it go away!forget¡UE!"

"What do I lose?" asked the Warlock Chief before feeling the strong breeze of the dominatedFinishwash your box. "What the hell happened to my robe?!"

"Dammit, just get dressed!" Fudge roared, his face red from the chaos that befell his precious building. Exploding everything, especially that Potter boy since the Jumbotron had returned to his power box.

"Well, that's not what I had in mind," was the sheepish statement, a shadow in what would have been Harry's left movement indicating that he was scratching the back of his neck nervously. Coughing a few times to distract himself while Dumbledore got ready, he continued. “Okay, now that we're all under control. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 wait, does anyone want to bring buckets for the hearing and clean the floor? It's alright, huh. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 Mrs. Bones, all yours.

Graciashe said with enough sarcasm for Ron to notice.

Harry sat back after turning off the power to the Jumbotron, leaning back in his chair while rubbing his face with both hands. It wasn't supposed to be like this at all! He knew that it wasn't anything he was doing that was causing the random chaos on this day, as he could feel that his magic was well resolved. Whatever it is, it could very well be a problem down the road if it doesn't calm down; though he had no idea at the time what was causing it, let alone stopping it.

🇧🇷 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 Fletcher was found guilty of larcenyagain, the Goblins report several robberies in one of the Houses. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 wait a minute”, Bones came across the very interesting finds from Gringott Bank. His box, standing over the audience on the left side of the horseshoe, gave him a view of Potter's box. He could see a shadow move, it looked like a nod, but it was actually Harry napping in boredom, wincing that what was about to happen was going to ruin some people. “Weasley and Dumbledore Houses, according to Gringott's records, have been helping each other with money from Potter House in addition to what the Goblins consider to be an illegal Engagement Contract. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷

"For God's sake," Harry snarled at no one, banging his head against the table, though it had the effect of waking him up, "what are they doing?"making?!”

🇧🇷 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 Between Weasley and Potter Houses. The reason they consider it illegal is the dispatchers: Molly Weasley née Prewitt and Albus P.W.B. Dumbledore; not to mention the outrageous bride price and other codicils totaling just under ten million standard galleons signed on 1 November 1981. Dumbledore House itself stands accused of payments to the Muggle guardians of the then Heir to Potter amounting to to two hundred galleons a month recovered from Potter's Main Vault at the rate of," he paused, blinking at the figures before him, "fiftymilGalleons per month, again from November '81, pro bono when Albus Dumbledore claimed magical guardianship of said heir when one of the two godfathers was not disqualified from such vows in any way.

The image on the Jumbotron spread out, pushing Amelia to the left while the dark background of Potter's box filled the right.

“Excuse me for a minute here,” he growled, green eyes burning with power made visible in the crystals dangling from the center of the horseshoe, “but you're telling me mine. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷family members🇧🇷 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 in fact they were compensated for taking me in when in reality all they did was complain, complain, complain and take out their frustrations on me for an entire decade.

Amelia Bones wasn't terribly scared, but for a brief moment she was reminded of Charlus, and occasionally Dorea, of Potter whenever someone drove them crazy enough to radiate their power without trying. She wasn't the only one who had flashbacks to the aftermath of a Potter hack; those in attendance who were old enough to remember the couple felt a chill run down their spines.

“Uh, yeah,” the head of DMLE managed to say without yelling like a first year.

“We'll deal with that immediately,” Harry's tone had gone flat, another sure sign of the apocalypse as far as some were concerned, “so Molly, Percival, Ronald and Ginevra Weasley; front and center, "he pointed out that they weren't moving fast enough for his liking,"NOW!Dumbledore, put your wrinkled ass in the grave right now! about myoh so loving", this was laced with enough sarcasm to make Umbridge jealous", relatives. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 Again a shadow moved, this time highlighted by the ethereal glow of her eyes as her left arm moved towards the well before the power to her box was cut off again.

What appeared was notquitewhat i expected. Apparently, some things in life come back to haunt those who try too hard for whatever their motivation.

At one point, Petunia Dursley was preparing to relieve some of the stress of getting her family's life in order; the next she found herself in a rather large room surrounded by people staring at her. It took me a moment to remember that she had her stress reducer in her right hand while her left hand held her dress after pulling her panties down to her knees.

"Oh, that's rich.I'mAm I the weirdo in the family? Harry couldn't decide if he wanted to laugh or puke at the sight, forget about one random thought, his aunt with her ten-inch cock in her hand that was as real as, if smaller than, his. Objectively, he knew that applying that label was wrong, since some strange genetic quirk would come out of nowhere and cause a person to be born with both sets of reproductive organs. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 but that wasPetunia, Sent "I'm normal, hear my roarDursley née Evans who said quirk. 🇧🇷Wait, where did that come from?', he wondered before putting the palm of his hand to his face. 🇧🇷Oh right, those clones in the Library.'

At one point, Vernon Dursley was preparing to relieve stress after receiving cases likefinallyhave your house arranged, in order; the next, he found himself, and his newly hired stress relief secretary, in a room full of people looking at him or immediately to his right in surprise and. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 Was that heartbreak / heartbreak shown through stoic facades? Her tranquilizer hadn't quite taken effect—objectively, he hadn't even started it yet—before she spontaneously disappeared from her position originally under her desk, her sky-blue blouse open and bra on. removed from her.

"Looks better!" Harry taunted his uncle before another wave of his hand landed on the young woman, who still seemed to be a teenager, albeit barely, with her rather impressive breasts; instead of knowing her size, he based it on how steady they looked and how far away. apart from her, they protruded from her chest swaying in the breeze, tucked under her desk to be tended to after the session. He knew he owned Grunnings and he'd be damned if some poor soul in need of the job was thrown out onto the street due to the actions of the greedy man who was now struggling with his pants under a blanket before noticing his wife and her extra appendage. .

In fact, as Vernon struggled to bulk up, not so much because of what made him masculine, but because of what made some of the purebloods feel better about themselves, but his paunch was inside his pants, his face took on a adorable purple tint when looking at it. of Petunia with a male tool in hand. He took a little visual inspection of his part to realize that yes, he not only had rod A, but slot B as well.

"What the hell is this nonsense?!" she asked the room in general as his eyes fell on Albus Dumbledore. “Ooh, blushing monsters! I should kill them all for what they did to my wife!

As chaos descended in the hole, from Vernon trying to get up in a hurry and falling twice to Petunia trying to land a rather nasty right hook to her husband's face, Harry could only stare at the palm of his hand in annoyance. to the woman. head. He had just ducked under the table to find out where she was.

"Penny?" she couldn't believe it, there was no way chance and providence would allow Penelope Clearwater to be a humble secretary for Vernon Dursley to use as she apparently would. "Okay, we'll talk later. Now do me a favor and stay downstairs, because this is the Public Chambers of the Wizengamot and a lot of the pure rednecks are going to have a nervous breakdown if they see you. Oh, and before I do something I'll later regret, are you still dating Percy?

"No," she answered from her position between his legs, shocked and still at being so close to Harry Potter, making her forget her exposition. “I kicked that idiot out almost three weeks ago when the Goblins sent out a notice of restrictions. I had to get a job on the muggle side as he talked down to me, he said some pretty offensive things and it destroyed any chance I had of getting a well paying job at Wizard while I'fired mi patronus'.”

"Well then, this may or may not be fun," she said as she leaned back in her chair, inadvertently giving the recent Hogwarts graduate a hint that she wanted her to do something in return, when in fact she was simply accepting the offer. chaos

"You misunderstand my intentions," Dumbledore pleaded his case while Harry was distracted, trying to figure out a way to save face. "While Mr. and Mrs. Dursley were paid to take on young Mr. Potter as their magical guardian, I had toOOH-OOH AAH-AAH!”

The Chambers stopped in a perfectly timed act of silence as what was once Albus Dumbledore, the man, became the chimpanzee. He, with many titles, began to jump in frustration at the interruption of his speech. He got even better when Lord Parkinson, in a rare show of humor, more than likely an attempt to save his sanity, stifled a laugh with a cough.

Albus the chimpanzee was not amused to the point that his magic, still intact despite being turned into a monkey, produced a heap of feces that the esteemed old man wasted no time in laughing.

"Really Dumbledore," Augusta Longbottom's face filled the entire Jumbotron as Amelia burst out laughing. “We're used to your verbal jerks, but having to do it physically? Did you lose the few marbles you had left?

OOH, AAH, OOH-OOH, AAH🇧🇷 was the response he got for trying, as the most revered man in centuries dropped a piece of dung in his box.

"We can get on with this.please🇧🇷 Bones had gotten over the sheer nonsense of watching Dumbledore make a fool of himself to try and get the Session back on track. Deciding to ignore the Amazing Leaping Primate, under his own power to boot! She continued her duty as Head of Magical Law Enforcement. "Okay, where was I? 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 There yes. Every one of you in the hole, yes, even you Dumbledore, is in deep trouble not only with the Goblins, but also with my Department; note that this whole mess came to a head after the Burrow's wards fell from a subdued Howler in retaliation for a Howler being hexed inside Gringott while he was trying to hack into a vault. Gringott's, and by extension Barclay's, punishment of Lord Potter's former Keepers is deemed insufficient by wizarding law enforcement. Said punishments are as follows: Dumbledore House, reduced to two members, was stripped of all liquid and solid property in the Isles, including, but not limited to, the Family Library,pig headInn, two houses in Hogsmeade, three estates in Godric's Hollow, the entire contents of any Vault under said House's name, and banished from Goblin Territory for all eternity. Vernon and Petunia Dursley, their accounts were emptied in recompense for not using the funds provided to care for Harry James Potter during the twelve years he resided. He took a break to get a drink of water. "Now for the tricky part. Weasley House, some of its members were involved in the robbery of Vault Six Eighty-Seven. As the actions began with Molly Weasley, née Prewitt, the punishments began with her: the Goblins reimbursed the two thousand galleons taken from the aforementioned vault and the bride price for the illegal marriage contract from House Prewitt, as the Head of House Weasley was unaware of what was going on, even though he should having paid more attention to members of his House by blood or marriage, Prewitt House, similar to Dumbledore House, has been stripped of all property in the British Isles to answer for fines, taxes, etc., and others, and is banned for life from Goblin Territory. As for Weasley House itself, Ministry records show that the only member of legal age involved, even if she was a minor at the time, in the robberies left the Name. The Wizard formerly known as Percival Ignatius Weasley is gone. or exist right after graduating from Hogwarts; according to documentation on file with the Department of Heritage, he legally disowned himself and became Percival Weatherby. Gringotts drained Weatherby's Vault and officially banned it, under any name, from Weatherby's territory until the end of time. Another waterfall; there were times when Amelia hated her job. “As noted above, this falls short in the eyes of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. For systematic and continuous abuse of a minor regardless of his blood status: Vernon Dursley is sentenced to the Veil; Petunia Dursley is sentenced to twenty years in Azkaban, while her youngest son, Dudley, will be placed with living relatives andobliviousof the existence of their parents; P.W.B. target Dumbledore is fined another five million galleons for conspiracy to commit child abuse and attempted line theft. Dumbledore House loses all seats in all governing bodies, be they local, national or global. Percival Weatherby, having no further interest, is dismissed from Ministry service for life, with no chance of reinstatement. Arthur Weasley, instead of Ronald and Ginevra Weasley, since they are minors, is demoted to Secretary of the Office for the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts, with no chance of promotion for the rest of his term. Said underage wizards are blacklisted for life from all government offices. Molly Weasley, née Prewitt, is fined another ten million galleons for attempted line robbery and banned for life from the Ministry.

As Amelia Bones began dishing out psychological pain to those in the Pit, who began to yell that it was all Harry's, or anyone else they could think of, but their own guilt somehow twisted, except for Chimpanzee-Dumbledore, who was jumping. and depressed again with frustration, the misplaced target of his rage had a clear distraction in the form of a very attractive witch driving him crazy.

Young Miss Clearwater could not explain what thought prompted her actions; be the fact that she washarry potterEither that she was in the mood for what she was going to do next or that she felt she needed a 'thank you' for taking her away from that fat jerk Dursley. She had no way of knowing, but Penny had her wand tucked into the waistband of her skirt at the last second so the crying man fighting a couple of Aurors wouldn't see it. As Madam Bones spoke, she drew and applied aonly witches- well, it was only supposed to be for pureblood women, but he went through Hogwarts many times - amulet that made him robes, pants and. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 🇧🇷oh naughty boy! Domain!🇧🇷 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 not only transparent, but also intangible to the caster, allowing easy access. What he found triggered a couple of reactions from her as her mind shut down and her libido gloated.

It is said that Harry Potter never does anything by halves, and young Miss Clearwater was the first of the opposite sex (oddly enough, Matron Pomfrey was included on that list) to discover that saying carried over to what made him a man. It took a minute for the Ravenclaw part of his mind to reset before he realized that 'he' had a bag and it was strapped to his right thigh up to the middle of his knee.

Harry had noticed the magic of the spell the young woman had used when she had bathed him, but hadn't thought of that at first. It took all of her self-control to keep from screaming like a five-year-old when she suddenly felt a hand pull her tool out of her harness. Then his hot breath hit him and suddenly he discovered something new in the form of 'feel good'.

He was somewhat aware of what was going on in what was supposed to be his pants, having had similar issues with what he considered to be a very large penis. He wasn't the type to sit in the dormitory comparing notes or breaking the yardstick, but from what he'd seen in the showers and heard when the Gryffindor women weren't around, he was the greatest in the House. It really was laughable that Ron would think that being as long as his middle and ring fingers and that wide was Merlin's gift to women.

"How are you still a virgin with that?!" Penny whispered to him, completely astounded by the fact that the last Potter might as well have been hiding a blushing basilisk in his pants. She was just as attentive as everyone else in her Maturity year; given the size and power of her at her disposal, she guessed someone would have said something to her by the end of second year. Judging by her reactions, from a wide look of panic to her jaw dropping in surprise, no one did, since she obviously never took care of the matter, except for her hygiene. When the flow of her blood was diverted to the wonderful piece of man she held in her hand, she actually felt some relief because, as she hardened, she didn't last much longer. This relief was short-lived as her girth increased to approximately two-thirds the size of her wrist; her fingers could no longer wrap around him completely when he was fully erect.

"What are you-?" Harry tried to form a coherent speech, but found it too difficult. Penelope Clearwater wasveryattractive after all and while the sight of her breasts was nice, the feel of her smooth hand on his tool combined with her increasingly ragged breathing was absolutely divine.

Then it got even better in her opinion.

She heard him start to ask a question before her mind went blank as she began to lick his head like a lollipop. His hands weren't idle either, as his right gripped him firmly and began stroking him up and down, while his left went between his legs to caress his scrotum.

Harry lost track of what was going on outside of his box, since what the young witch was doing under his desk was so cursed.Boa🇧🇷 He was still skeptical and unsure of what he was doing, but a part of his mind started to sing 'do not stop🇧🇷 He didn't notice when his breathing became shallow or worried at the time.

Penny went from treating the swollen meat in front of her like a lollipop to a popsicle when it was about a third of its length in her mouth before her gag reflex kicked in. Her right hand quickened its stroke as her grip tightened a little as her left made a decision of its own and traveled under her skirt that had ridden up due to her position. There was just something. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷torment🇧🇷 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 this was very exciting, not to mention addictive, and if she didn't know better, it had something to do with her magic starting to move like the ocean on the shore.

Being a novice when it comes to anything related to sexual gratification, be it masturbation, the situation he was in, or whatever, it was understandable when he felt his end coming and got confused by having to use the bathroom. . However, giving voice to what he felt proved to be a challenge when his brain discovered the respiratory problem that triggered a mild panic. He felt his magic react, though it wasn't what he had in mind, as he tied him to the chair and the chair to the floor.

"Penny!" she finally choked, forcing that word out of her throat at the cost of turning the world to gray for a moment.

She heard him and to her surprise she began to stroke even faster as she tightened the pressure of her lips as her head bobbed at what she could take without coughing. She felt tension in her shaft and thought she was ready for her climax.

She was wrong.

As Harry reached the end of his control, he felt his penis grow harder than ever before the first round was fired into his waiting mouth like a projectile. His eyes widened in shock as the first shot filled his mouth, even after he withdrew to the top of his head. Gulping fast, he was just in time for the second shot when he felt his tool recede like a cannon. The second batch was bigger than the first and made her lose control of him as his mouth overflowed. The third shot was just as hard as the second and actually hurt a little when he hit her right cheek. At that moment, he had forgotten that her hands were still busy with her tasks, so he caught her off guard when the fourth shot brought the burning sensation to her breasts.

Harry was suddenly very glad that his magic had locked him in place, because he could feel a physical force trying to throw him through his box with each pulse. The noble part of his brain wondered if he was okay with what was happening, but his eyes refused to look under the table to find out. It was this revelation that generated the truth of the matter as his body froze with pleasure.

Penny's orgasm came out of nowhere as her fifth shot, as strong as her first but signaling that it was coming to an end, hit her left nipple and then her right as her hand continued to adjust the aim of her gun. It was this shot that signified how much power was behind them, as not only did she feel the burning sensation, but also her breasts.movedwhen he's hit From the way his chair grunted in protest, there was actually more force than that, but he got out of his mind holding on to his head to finish off his climax.

Regardless, Harry snapped back to reality once Madam Bones completed the long list of what the DMLE and the Ministry thought of people burglarizing one of the oldest and noblest houses. She ignored the fact that Penny was literally finishing what she had started and making sure he was clean before taking on the mess in his person and leaving everything as he was.

In a way, when said Headmaster moved on to the matter of Sirius Black after the mob in the pit was pushed out the door or back into the Gallery, he was disappointed in himself for not being in a position to repay the favor for so long. . say. 🇧🇷then again, the logical side of your mind offered after the reset,this really isn't the time or place for that.

“It was discovered last week,” Bones was saying as Harry pondered, “that Black never had a trial before or after his imprisonment in Azkaban. Naturally, once this came to my attention, I personally went through the evidence room and found absolutely nothing; no wand, no written statements, absolute zero. In light of the genuine physical evidence from the Potter Vaults and Black House, I have filed the motion for Sirius Black's trial.

Right after it was over, a memo came from outside the Chamber. Normally this was not allowed, but since the memo was in red, which meant an emergency, it was allowed. As he read the memo, he had to fight the urge to yell, as it was obvious that after twelve years, Mr. Black was sick of waiting in the justice system.

“Damn it,” he grumbled, forgetting about the transmission to the Jumbotron and taking more than one by surprise, “this Director has been fired, I don't care how, but when I get my hands on him. 🇧🇷.”, Here he coughed himself, realizing that everyone was paying more attention to his ramblings,“. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 It seems that Sirius Orion Black has lost faith in us to do our job; the Director of Azkaban saw fit to tell my Department that one daylast yearhe was released from his care.”

"Madame Bones," Harry Potter's voice over the noise that caused the announcement, "something was found in her cell that might be a clue, a clue.bribewhy would he run away? Something was seriously wrong here and he didn't like it.

"That's it," she replied like a picture of an old man.daily prophetappeared on the crystals. What drew more attention than the fact that it was the Weasley family in Egypt was the rat on Ron's shoulder that was circled. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 many expected it to be blood.

"There you go!" she sighed herself, narrowing her eyes as she realized that Pettigrew had been there the whole time. "Ronald Weasley, where is your mouse Scabbers?"

As all eyes in the Chamber turned to his person, Ron lost the will to throw a tantrum, as this was apparently very serious and could cause even more trouble than it already was. His body. I thought it was Bint Granger's half-kissing Crookshanks that got him, but…” He was cut short by a wave of magic from Potter's box.

"Insult her again and it will be a blood feud," his dark image moved closer to the Jumbotron truck, allowing the glint in his eyes to become more pronounced. “There are no Weasley narrations, only answers. Your mouse is gone and you have no idea where. That's all I care about. Now; Why didn't any of you ever think that a rat living more than a decade, forgetting more than five years, didn't deserve any scrutiny?

This question confused not only Weasley, but also Dumbledore. He had seen that particular rodent not only when he was a student, but also after the Eighty-One fiasco posing as a pet to Percy and then Ron.

“Humph, and you say that the mundane lacks common sense; really,” Harry grumbled, shaking his head in disappointment. It didn't go unnoticed that before Maturity he didn't bother to think about the question of Scabbers' age. “Okay, well, back to homework: Sirius Black. My parents' journals, along with Sirius' own journal, clearly establish that Pettigrew was the Guardian, not Black, therefore he could not have betrayed them to'That kind’” he paused, taking in the looks of disbelief before expounding. “Please, you're scared to death of your nickname; I don't really know your birth name and I'd rather make fun of the idiot, so I'm giving you a new name fordele: That kind. You know, that guy who couldn't kill a kid; That guy that nobody really knows, or bothered to investigate, where he came from; That guy who was nothing more than an overpowered bully who hates all life, including his own; That guy who was living proof that mundane blood can awaken and/or strengthen magical threads? Yes, this guy. Either way, back on topic; Sirius Black wasnoThe secret keeper of my parentsfaithful amulet, then it is impossible for him to leaveThat kindin the house where they were staying, which coincidentally belonged to Dumbledore House at the time. As for killing Pettigrew, again the journals highlight the fact that Peter became an Animagus along with my father and godfather; Pettigrew was shaped rather appropriately for a mouse. Note that the mouse on Weasley's shoulder is missing a finger and, no, it's not dead.

“Whatever,” barked Cornelius Fudge, having lost his temper with the young lord, “then all that's left is a pretty serious breach of the Statute of Secrecy and the murder of a dozen Muggles. That's why I order thedementor's kissbecause Sirius Orion Black was going to be captured by the Aurors.

"You can not do that!" the Director of Magical Law Enforcement yelled as the Jumbotron now had three feeds: Fudge on the left, the lack of light that was Potter in the center, and Amelia on the right. "First;tuesnoresponsible for my Department, I am! Second, it's dangerously close to setting a precedent for Purebloods who have yet to be tried for all intents and purposes, whether they were killed guilty or not. We already need to install a new boss, forget about needing a new representative for the I.C.W and want to play a game with houses?! You've lost your mind?!"

"You must not like your job," Harry's voice carried all kinds of danger, which was accompanied by the narrowing of his eyes. “Ordering such a thing to a person, forget about blood status, which, as far as no one cares, is neither guilty nor innocent due to lack of judgment, means that he will gladly kill.Anyonethat goes against your wishes. Well, I've got a reality check for you and the rest of the Ministry of Malcontents: It doesn't work that way! You weren't even a Minister when it all happened, and for that reason alone you could already be seen as a 'True and Just' leader. Instead, for gross negligence and abuse of power, I move a motion of no confidence in the Fudge Administration."

Penny, listening from under her desk, nearly joined in the cacophony of shouting coming not only from the Gallery but from the other Boxes as well. It must be understood that the motion of censure against an entire government had not been called for almost three hundred years. While it was one thing to go after just one acting minister, it was another thing, for all intents and purposes, to call the entire ministry to the task. So, as the voices grew louder in an attempt to convey her displeasure to the others, it was completely understandable that her own slight cry went unheard.

“Wretched mix!” Umbridge roared above the noise with a face reminiscent of a tomato, which didn't go well with his toad-like appearance. "This this . . .farceit's been more than enough time! You're not even old enough to sit in that chair, boy; much less you are not of your own lineage! aurors; wearSeñorPotter straight to Azkaban! Throw it in the nest!

"Keep that order!" Amelia's voice rose even higher than the undersecretary's. "What the hell is wrong with you? First Cornelius and now you Dolores? No one runs DMLE butUE🇧🇷 Get it in your head that I'm in charge of Aurors, Raid Mages, Azkaban, Dementors and the Veil! Each and every question of Justice passesMiaoffice, not yours!"

"Enough!" Harry's voice was by no means the loudest, but the wave of magic that nearly knocked everyone over caught his attention. “You all heard Madam Umbridge, yes? It's this kind of attitude that breeds the Dark Lords, clumsy bunch of baboons! 🇧🇷proper parenting' they took me, Tom Overflight Riddle -That kindif you weren't paying attention, without a shadow of a doubt, proof that your pureblood ideals are rubbish! Hands up, how many people remember the Gaunt family? Almost everyone of Augusta Longbottom's generation and older, even those in the Gallery, including Dumbledore, strangely still a chimpanzee, raised their hands. “Okay, and I know you all remember how bad that House was; their only remaining magical talent was Parseltongue passed down by Salazar Slytherin himself. In mid-1926, Merope Gaunt fell in love with a mundane from a wealthy local family, one Tom Riddle Sr. with love potions when her father and brother were on a brief stay in the House of Dementor. When she confirmed that she was pregnant, she stopped giving them to the father of her child, who promptly returned them to the family, claiming cheating. Her father, Marvolo, ironically showed her the door days before his own death, after she refused to kill the unborn child and left her alone in London in 1927. On June 21 of that year, Merope found her way to a mundane orphanage, where she gave birth to and named her only son: Tom Marvolo Riddle, before her death.That kind, born a half-blood, had almost every gift that Slytherin had at the time of his death in ninety-eight as a result of an overbred pureblood having a mundane child. So you, Umbridge, can take your 'proper parentingVerbal diarrhea and choking! Insult my parents again and I will challenge you to a duel to the death!”

The listeners were absolutely stunned. The most powerful and feared Dark Lord in centuries had the potential available to him because of his birth, and that was before he went through the strengthening rituals to forget his own maturity.

“So, since one of the two reasons this session bothered me,” Harry began calmly, though he was still furious, “is to get away from that lovely vacation you were on; Once we have discussed the appointment of a new Minister, Ministry Staff, Head of the Wizengamot and International Representative, I will be enjoying the remainder of the summer before the World Cup, followed by the entertainment that is Hogwarts. Let's get this over with, because I have places to go, people to talk to, and maybe I can act my age for a while without turning into a circus act.

1800 Same day, Potter's battlements

"Alive and alive," Harry quipped over dinner with Hermione, Luna, and Penny, "this didn't go exactly as planned."

The Vote of No Confidence was the only measure that failed to put Fudge McOstrich in charge. The man seemed smug at his victory, even though seeds of doubt had been planted about his leadership abilities. Then again, without the traveling fellowship that was Lucius Malfoy, he might have made a decent minister. To prove to himself, since his tenure on the job was much less than he wanted, he declared that Sirius would get his trial after all. Harry took this with a grain of salt and privately tasked Madam Bones with making sure the man in the bowler hat didn't feed her godfather a Dementor when no one was looking.

“I don't want to change the subject,” Penny said anyway, trying to be nice about it, “but there's a little problem here. No one bothered to talk to Harry about it. 🇧🇷.”, She was left blushing as she stared at the lower left corner, unable to finish the topic of conversation.

Hermione and Luna, pleasantly surprised by the former Head Girl's appearance, shared a confused look as they tried to figure out what the young woman was saying. Their silent conversation didn't pay off much in terms of results until Harry opened his mouth.

“That reminds me,” she pointed to her new dinner guest with a fork in her right hand, “to ask, what the hell was that? I mean, you don'tI've gotto do that . 🇧🇷.”, Her face reddened as she found the most interesting table and began to stutter, “That. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 whatever it's called, not that I'm complaining, mind you. I'm sorry I pushed you under my desk and all, but like I said, if those extremists had seen you, they would have played a right-wing wobbler.

"Something a little more practical then," was his rebuttal as he gestured her to her feet before turning to the other two teens after dessert. "Good; you two pay attention here. I, as well as every other wizard in Britain, know that he missed his entire third year due to circumstances beyond his control. I," blushing again, this time looking down and at the right. "I did a little...ancho, for lack of a better word, discovered today. It would be easier to show you. With that, he performed the yet to be identified spell that made everything below his belt intangible and transparent.

"It isfezGo on,” Luna's eyes crossed at the sudden sight she received before another equally juicy thought flashed through her mind. “Either that or that is yours. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 Natural . 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 Oh my."

Hermione's first reaction was to scream and walk away, not wanting to be exposed to something like this so early in her life. Listening to the blonde venture into dreamland, her eyes narrowed, her tongue lolling out of the left side of her mouth and a sound of longing, bolstered her own courage. She turned slowly, her eyes locked on the target, and nearly fainted just from the length.

"Penny!" Harry finally found his voice to protest the treatment, though after the first time his mind immediately made a comparison with the results of diverting the blood flow elsewhere. “Oh hell; Damn it! What the hell am I supposed to do with that?!”

Now his closest friends/confidants were suffering from Blue Screens of Death as his tool would stretch out a bit before trying to stay steady; the only problem he had was that he was still stuck in the leg harness, which caused a bit of pain. What he claimed was fast absorbing, releasing him long before the pain became more than a nuisance. Once fully stiffened, Hermione and Luna had to quickly find chairs so they wouldn't hit the floor, as the world for both of them turned gray around the edges.

“Now then,” Penny didn't notice as her left hand began to caress him while he was on her right, “as you two can see, it is. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 well it might as well be Merlin with that thing in his pants. I don't know what thought triggered it, but since I used the same spell I just applied, I couldn't help it; I ended up sucking it. However, his reactions were those of someone who had no idea what was happening and why. I know Pomfrey usually gives Talk about Magicals regarding sexual gratification towards the end of the third year, but you should know," to emphasize her point, she squeezed a little harder, earning herself a groan, "that and the fact that with a such a big tool is lucky it got away without the older witches knowing or there would be Potter saplings all over the castle by now.

"Anyway," he continued after a pause, "someone needed to handle the situation, and since you two had no idea what you were really up against, I guess I'll take care of it." A few waves of her wand over her person and she was done. “Now then, Harry, I've been excited ever since I heard about that monster of yours. Myself and hopefully these two, when they come out of their dreams, will walk you through what you need to know later. Right now, I"—she leaned leeringly across the table, her skirt riding up to reveal none of her panties as her blouse fell open again—"really need you to fuck me.

His response was to gape like a fish out of water, completely unsure what exactly he was supposed to do. From the way Hermione and Luna were panting, they were useless in helping him understand what was going on. Since he did not talk about life, sex, men and women, he also lacked a moral dilemma, since in his mind there was no reference to age as a problem or the like. Giving a proverbial leap of faith, he moved closer to his rear.

As soon as he was within reach, his body contorted to allow her right hand to grab him between his legs as he came closer, guiding him to the place that itched the most at the moment. Thoughts of the meat in her hand tormenting her crossed her mind for later, now she had a true virgin to lead.

"Push it in slowly at first," Penny moaned as she shifted her stance slightly to accommodate his width, both hands supporting his torso once his head was inside. “As a warning, some women can't have a penis as big as yours; some can. It's not a matter of testing or training, it just happens sometimes. I'm one of those few who think they can do this once,” here she winced as she felt her uterus being penetrated, “you're all the way in, pull gently until you're almost out, then just repeat. When I"—a sigh of pleasure interrupted her speech—"or any other woman wants more, we'll let you know.

Harry followed his instructions to the letter, not having the confidence to do much more at the moment. Looking at the blonde and the chestnut brown revealed that they were fascinated by what they were seeing, both turning to get the best view. He also discovered something about clothes still being much sexier with what he was experiencing instead of pure bare skin.

Penny was absolutely amazed that the third stroke produced an orgasm before her rational mind sent a 'Duh, monster tool at work' memo to your libido. From there, she just let go.

"Oh sweet Merlin Harry, faster," she breathed as she arched her back in pleasure.

He complied, still unsure what he should be feeling or if he was doing it right. It didn't help that his hands were at his sides at first, before his mind settled on him and put them on autopilot. First, they worked their way up her rather short skirt, pushing it up to her waist before beginning to fondle her bottom. The noises she made as she tried it on were all the encouragement she needed as she kneaded her cheeks like fresh dough; push, pull, squeeze and roll. As she worked, her hands changed their grip over and over again in an effort to generate more of those pleasant sounds she was making. Realizing the events, he noticed that she was using the rocking motion along with her arms supporting her to let her nipples slide across the table. Wanting to feel those beautiful breasts they were attached to, he leaned down enough to reach them.

Hermione and Luna weren't sure what they were supposed to feel. Granted, the scene in front of them when Harry buried himself in Penny repeatedly was, to his surprise, pretty steamy. They were both quite surprised at first that the mating happening right in front of them was happening, then beyond upset that they weren't picking up on the 'the harry treatment' Followed by feeling horny like no one else. When he reached Penny's breasts, they looked at each other as his words of encouragement buoyed him up.

"Oh yes," she moaned as another orgasm, or maybe even the first never ending, her mind too far gone to really care, tore apart her body. "Harder... faster... Merlinsimulator!”

Making use of his current grips, Harry finally nodded, quite surprised that the lewd slap of flesh as his hips met his behind aroused him even more. Still, being a newbie in the sex department meant he literally had no control as he neared the end.

"Penny!" Just like earlier in the day, she had gasped his name, only this time she was aware of the magic building in his groin.

"That's it," she continued encouraging him in what little voice she had left of continuous moans and moans, "keep it." 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 that feeling. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 in the . 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 think about it. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 means . 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 you are about to. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 come on." Her speech, already interrupted by Harry not even slowing down, was interrupted by another wave of pleasure that washed over her temporarily. "If you are. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 difficult. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 or the . 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 not a witch. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 mind her then. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 letting go. For . 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 now, get it out. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 Oh, Merlin!

He did as she ordered, almost succeeding because he wasn't fast enough, which was why she screamed. The first shot was in her womb, the second was when her head was about to come out of her hot carcass, then the two observers were treated with the howitzer, her penis became the 'umph' behind each subsequent gust bathed her bottom, lower back, skirt, blouse, hair, and the opposite wall in the thick mother-of-pearl threads of masculine essence.

"Holy Nargles," Luna felt for the first time in her life a sympathetic orgasm, the end triggered by ultra-high levels of arousal, even though she hadn't touched herself and the sounds coming from her left were an indication that she was I was not alone in that department.

"Holy Mackerel," Hermione had a bit of experience with self-stimulation, but that was about it. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 brilliant More than brilliant actually but she refused to leave thedirtylanguage flow.

As they watched in stunned silence, Harry finally stopped squirming and trying to cover every square inch of bare skin in front of him. From Penny they noticed that he was "boiling", a term used to leak after sex. They exchanged glances again, this time wide-eyed and not a hint of fear.

'we must takeEslater?!'

To confirm

There is as good a place as any to stop. Thank you readers and reviewers!

*Chapter 5*: Arc One Part Five

Disclaimer: I do not claim ownership of any copyrighted character, place, or event used here. The only thing I claim is this fic, which originated in my head, and any original characters created by me here. The following was made for public consumption at zero profit and is not for sale except to the proprietary companies. Yes, I dream big.

Special Notes:The weirdness I started delving into will stick around for a while to remain a major plot point. I know some of you don't like the fact that I dropped the "serious Harry" angle, but. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 he's fourteen to yell and he can't be in control all the time. At least it's not "Indecisive Harry," where he asks twenty billion times if he really should be doing whatever he's doing. If you see something that looks like a thread from the only other site I post on (hpfanfiarchive), enjoy the warm and fuzzy for being an inspiration. "Serious Harry" will make a gradual return after Tri-Wizard as general chaos will abound. Also, for those of you who are not satisfied with Weasley Thumping/adult content, I must reiterate that this is just a turning point. This means that, except for the "opening acts", these actions will be more in the background to avoid repetitions.

Magical Maturity, Arc One Part Five

By: (Conductor) Jim Ohki

09:00 August 17; potter's battlements

"You know you never told us everything that happened yesterday," the first thing that came out of the floo and Hermione questioned Harry. Her mood was not improved by the fact that she was nearly trampled by countless Harry Potter clones running around the place, continuing the tasks she sent them before she could take her friend to a different room.

“Well,” she blushed in response, shifting in her chair, “you know. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 that thing with Penny. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 I just lost track of everything I guess.

His admission of where her mind had gone after dinner had her reeling in recollection before she shook her head to clear the images her imagination and libido had begun to bombard. She had seen the other half of the events last night moving things to the battlements with what seemed to be a permanent goofy look on her face.

"Spit it out," he commanded, fully aware that if he pushed too hard, he would be thrown into the Death Pose again, causing her to flinch and add, "please."

Just as he was figuring out how to start, a new distraction made himself known as Dobby in the background. “Harry Potters, gentlemen, stop! You are not working as an Elf; Dobby does it!

Harry and Hermione exchanged glances before her voice carried through the open door, “No, Dobby. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 I said no! Hey, how did you clone yourself? Wow!"

From the room in which Hermione had placed Harry, the pair watched as a few hundred Dobbys levitated away as many Harrys struggled to get free to get back to whatever it was they were doing that had disturbed the excited Elf. One of the Harrys managed to grab the door frame after seeing the original and reappeared, although it was horizontal on the ground.

"You see it!" the clone grunted with an effort as a levitating Dobby appeared with what could only be a sly look on his face. “This is what happens when you give elves too much freedom! Come on Dobby, stop saying what I'm saying!

"You're being mean Harry Potter Knights Ninety-Seven," Dobby-clone jerked his right index finger at the misbehaving body on top of his head. "Master Harry Potter, sir, I'm not telling you to clean house today."

"But I'm tired of the library!" was the immediate rebuttal/complaint as he fought wherever the Dobbys decided to do to rectify the situation.

"Do I really look like this?" Harry directed his attention to Hermione to her left as she pointed at her clone with her right hand in an effort to ignore her challenge.

"Occasionally, yes," she replied nonchalantly with a smile, feeling very pleased and not the least bit amused to see her best friend confronted with the truth of the matter.

"Shit," he breathed, before turning his attention back to the clone. “Go ahead, I can always spawn you later to do other things. In fact, she finds the original Dobby and finds out how he learned the cloning trick.

"Yeah, boss," her image in the mirror seemed relieved that she didn't have to spend another day in the library and loosen the door frame. "Okay, you heard the man: take me to your leader."

“Now then, about yesterday. 🇧🇷.” Hermione suggested as she crossed her arms as her right foot began to tap the ground lightly after the distraction was gone.

"Oh, why. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 You just won't let it go, will you? He.” He held up his arms in exasperation. As she leaned back in her chair, Luna made her presence known by doing somersaults in one of the many study/tea rooms.

Harry Potter made an important discovery regarding the peculiar blonde on this day. While in her skirt, as was his norm, when she collided with him, she was face down. They fell back, chair and all, to which he found himself staring at her bare crotch in the illumination he had when they landed with her straddling his head. To his surprise, her limbs went wild in all directions for a moment as her head tilted forward, effectively pushing her nose and glasses into the junction of her legs.

Hermione wanted to huff and yell in annoyance when another distraction made itself known before she pouted at taking so long - read: ignored - to get her answers. That pout quickly disappeared as Harry's arms and legs flailed for a moment, then Luna ended up running across the room so fast she might as well have appeared without a sound.

"No panties?" Her stunned voice barely reached any of her ears from her position on the ground, causing the brunette to shoot an evil glare at the blonde only to find said girl flushed like a storm. "Fine…" Her smirk from the night before was back, adding more fuel to the fire that was Hermione's temper.

"Hello everyone!" Penny's cheery greeting failed as she walked into the room, noticing Harry on the floor, somehow still in his overturned chair, a glassy look in her eyes; Luna in the corner to the left of the door blushing furiously and continuously pulling her skirt down; Hermione standing next to Harry, clenching and unclenching her hands as if she wanted to hurt someone. "What do I lose?"

"I want to know what happened yesterday!" the younger brunette couldn't contain himself any longer. "Every time I ask, random chaos ensues and I'm getting tired!" A vase on a side table exploded as his magic responded to his irritation. "Can we talk now or will the world end spontaneously too?!"

Knowing that fighting over something as simple as an accidentally interrupted conversation was a wasted effort, Harry waved his hand and straightened his chair while still sitting. The three young women gaped for a moment at the casual display of wandless magic before taking their seats in their own chairs with Hermione on the left, Penny directly in front of her, and Luna on the right before giving the brunette what she wanted. .

"But he is Dumbledore!" he huffed in frustration when he discovered not only the headmaster's spontaneous transformation into a primate, but also that the DMLE had, for all intents and purposes, thrown out every book they had on him.

"Hermione, he's human," Harry's face turned grim. "We all make mistakes; you, me, Fudge. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 it doesn't matter who you are. Dumbledore's mistakes were on a much larger scale, albeit with much greater consequences. I could easily have become another Tom Riddle that no one wants or needs ”.

"But-!" she tried to defend the principal's authority only to be stopped.

"No, he doesn't fart with roses or shit chocolate cake!" His voice had hardened considerably. Why do you think Bones ordered my uncle through the Veil of Death? It had nothing to do with his origins and all. to do with how he..." Harry snorted in frustration before continuing.Dumbledore put me in that house🇧🇷 He ignored each and everyone regarding how they treated me! If he had arrived at Hogwarts in ninety-one with Riddle's attitude, wizarding society would probably have been torn apart! And the blame for everything, regardless of how he acts.nowRest at Dumbledore's feet!

Penny and Luna kept quiet as the two argued while simultaneously trying to ignore the image of a crazed Potter Dark Lord, all because Dumbledore wanted to further his 'Greater Good' agenda. Whatever that really means, since no one but said man knew what the end game was about.

Harry took a few moments to calm down, feeling angry at himself for taking out his own frustrations on someone else, forgetting to do it on his best friend/wife-to-be.

"Listen, all of you," he said after he had recovered. “In fact, my childhood ended with Halloween '81. My previous home life was. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 awful; yes this will work. I don't like to talk about it mainly because there's not much that can be done about it right now. The only reason the MLE had to investigate the Dursleys was because they caught the Weasleys taking my gold. Once they analyzed it, they tracked every transaction in my vaults. If I had an opinion on the matter, I'd rather forget they exist, blood relatives or not. Seeing his capitulation to the matter, he continued: “Now then; given that Dumbledore has effectively been fired from the mainstream political arena here and at ICW, he might actually make a decent headmaster, since he can now focus all of his time on Hogwarts. Tiberius Ogden got the international appointment, as Mugwump represents whatever country they hail from, while the new head of the Wizengamot is Elphias Doge, who I hear has been an attache to that body for nearly fifty years.

"And the attempt to eliminate Fudge?" Penny asked, not quite understanding Harry's motives.

"Right, Fudge and his team of Miscreants," she sighed, shaking her head for a moment before elaborating. “Part of it was that I let my emotions get the best of me; ordering thedementor's kissfor a man who has never been officially charged with any crime, forgetting the conviction smacks of abuse of power. Yeah, I know," he held up a hand to stop his audience, "I should have let Amelia Bones handle this because Fudge made a fool of himself in the public eye. In fact, looking back, I probably would have if the man in question wasn't my best man. Hermione can attest to the fact that while I am protective of everyone I can, I am quite fierce towards those close to me. From what I've learned, the death of my parents caused Sirius to have a psychotic episode; Unless you tell me otherwise to my face, I'm operating on the assumption that if I had my head on straight, I'd never have any knowledge of Petunia to forget living with her.

He cast a thousand-meter-long gaze at the wall to his left, trying to contain his emotions to avoid taking them out on people who didn't deserve it.

"Another part of why the vote failed," he continued after a few minutes, "was the fact that, on top of this, 'visible' once it's squeaky clean as far as everyone knows. Granted, the margin of survival for him was much less than he wanted, and as such, he'll do what he can to calm those ruffled feathers for the foreseeable future.

Thereafter, he finished his summary of the previous day; taking notes on subjects he didn't get a chance to broach, like the twins, and as much as he didn't want to, but had to, Ron and Ginny continued their studies at Hogwarts. He barely knew Arthur Weasley, but he had a feeling the man despised any kind of charity.There's nothing else to dohe thought as he spawned another clone.

The three young women watched as a new Harry appeared out of nowhere before immediately leaving the room to do what the original wanted him to do.

“This ability to clone me is so useful,” he actually rumbled with glee, though it was hard to tell if it was because of his ability or the change of subject. “I can do a lot more in a single day. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 well, when I'm not bugging Dobby, apparently I am. She turned her attention to Penny. "Okay, did you say something about a conversation, one of many I guess, that I missed due to my maturity?"

The target of her question turned red as all attention was focused on her person. Ravenclaw it may be, the idea of ​​having to educate another in sexual matters never crossed his mind, so he had no idea where to start before finally settling on a beginning.

"Once a month during the school year, Matron Pomfrey holds meetings for thirteenth birthdays," Penny seemed unsure at first, but the paired nods from Hermione and Luna boosted her confidence. “Simply put and without much of her medical jargon which frankly goes over almost everyone's head, yes, even the Ravenclaws for those who expect a child to understand gibberish, she covers it at fourteen, the beginning of the stage of Magical Maturity, the witch approaches and the wizard's cores are destabilized. How and why this happens has not yet been discovered; what is known is that when the core begins its first expansion, bits of the old 'shell', for lack of a better term, can become lodged in magical pathways which, if left untreated, can cause 🇧🇷.”, she paused, shuddering at the rather gruesome image, “. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 various parts, or the whole body, to explode in a rather messy way. There are only two known methods of clearing the paths: by bleeding, which is why blood is such a powerful medium for runic work, which is impractical due to the fact that one would be constantly losing blood; the other is sexual release, as when orgasm is achieved with magic straight from the marrow. 🇧🇷. ”, She paused again, searching for the appropriate terminology.

"For lack of a better word,cashany of the shell fragments dissolve back into a state of energy,” Hermione finished for her, her face almost consumed by flames from blushing so much. 'Wizard cores fail'Scale' almost as long as a witch's, so the guys can get away with being released once a day. Although we girls. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 our cores are shedding chunks fast enough to get gratification at least twice a day, while three or four is preferable.

“To be honest, self-release is usually enough,” Penny assumed after a few moments of silence, “as the core destabilizes and loses parts of itself as the new shell grows under it to Final Maturity. at seventeen years old. There are Family Magic rituals that must be performed at sixteen for witches, because once the core finishes stabilizing, that's it, there are no more possibilities.

"I see," Harry agreed, shifting in his chair before standing up and conjuring an overstuffed chair instead of the back he was on and sitting back down. "My Maturity skipped that, didn't it?"

"Uh, no," Luna finally chimed in. “Actually, you're in pretty high danger because instead of three years of steady growth, and subsequent 'do it yourself,' your core has ejected a figurative ton of material onto your paths, including Binding Magic aliens. . Now that you know what to do and how good the pitch is, you should be absolutely right. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 oh, sixth year I think.

"Okay, now to the other side of the Galleon," Penny teased before turning serious again. “Harry, you have by far the longest and widest penis in the entire school, including the teachers. Pomfrey should have warned you about the dangers of how this relates, in part, mind you, to your general fertility. Another part is his general power; from what i understand you really canto bethe next coming of Merlin. That wand move I did last night was a triple layerbirth control spelljust in case. When you finished and missed me, those two shots nullified two of the three spells. She noticed that her eyes had grown quite wide and threatened to pop out of her head. “Don't worry, bad time of the month for me anyway. But there are plenty of senior witches out there who wouldn't think of that or intentionally let you finish completely inside them, hence my comment about buds all over the place.

Harry let out an annoyed groan as he rubbed the bridge of his nose. Yes, he was well aware of the fact that many Hogwarts women would give up their weapons for the chance to have their children.

"Holy buckets," Hermione blushed, trying to stifle her imagination about how much male scent Harry was carrying if his display last night was anything to go by. “That much sperm would guarantee pregnancy, unless the witch got completely clean. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷

"Yeah, so unless you're trying to annoy the kids,noejaculate inside a girl vaginally,” Penny's face was surprisingly stern in that regard. “Just so you know, abortion ranks right up there with the Unforgivables and giving magical children up for adoption because you feel too young to be a parent is almost as frowned upon. The only escape in this regard is abortion. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷

"Just call them mundane, please," Harry interrupted with his own stern look. "I understand, it's okay. Unless the witch and I really are trying to repopulate the world for all intents and purposes, don't have sex. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷

"No, you got it wrong," Penny snapped over him, taking him by surprise. I told you not to breakinside a girl vaginally🇧🇷 There's a world of difference between that and oral or even, if she wants, anal.

That earned her a trio of blushes as her imagination, libido, and curiosity soared to new and unexplored heights.

"If she wants to feel the hem of your pants in her vagina, arrange something beforehand, such as knowing her cycle or even involving her parents to block any attempt by the witch to gain access to the Potter fortunes," Penny finished her long Explanation. before standing up and walking towards Harry as she gestured for the other two to join her. "I'll have to find a copy of this," she muttered as theonly witchesthe charm was applied once more to Harry.

He yelled and almost knocked over the chair he was in, aborting his attempt to escape when Penny grabbed his shoulders.

"Relax," she chided him, realizing that the previous conversation had really affected him. “Now then, since you two are going to be around him a lot more than I am in September, I'm going to show you two of three ways, if you and he agree, to 'help' each other that doesn't guarantee anything. pregnancies.” He couldn't see how Harry unconsciously turned his chair into a sofa, allowing Luna to sit to his right and Hermione to his left. "Fine, and youI couldhave straight sex, but they would both have to be aware of their end to get it out before they flood the place, so to speak. For this little educational moment, I will be completely naked. The two of you can be if you want, or even rub while you watch if you want.

Harry's libido peaked at that statement, conjuring up images left, right and center of the things he was about to do, which made him smile. He needed his left hand, soft as ever, to refocus his attention on what was happening.

Penny, however, had banished her clothes to the tea table before she had lost her nerve to do so. After all, Harry was only the second man she'd had this kind of contact with and Percy might as well have been a stump for all the effort she'd put in to please her. Looking left and right at the other two women, she mentally nodded as they chose to just sit and watch for now.

Holding her tool in hand after kneeling in front of him, she continued with her impromptu lesson.

"The first method is what the brutes call a handjob," Penny began stroking the man's hot piece as she spoke. “Okay, this is the most basic thing to do. He might return the favor at the same time or later, depending on whether you're next to him or in front of him like me. What you should know is that your hands, arms and legs will get tired after a while, especially if you are not used to doing this. It had only been a few minutes, but she was already moving around a bit, sitting on the floor and changing hands. Her grip tightened a bit, which Harry liked as he closed his eyes and leaned back to enjoy the sensations.

Closing his eyes made him wonder at Hermione being so bold in her personality, trying to touch him with her right hand.

"How the hell does it produce so much heat?" she whispered to herself as he nearly climaxed right there at the familiar feel of her skin.

"Oh, she liked that," Penny encouraged those on the couch to explore a bit, she needed a break to get the mild cramps out of her arms.

Luna, not wanting to be left out, placed her left hand just above Hermione's and noted the pulse she could feel as she kept up with the brunette's rhythm.

Voldemort could have shown up and killed him, as Harry was so entranced that he lost track of his surroundings. The pair of hands on either side were divine as their owners experimented with what worked best. Light to medium grip, slow to fast movements, running the entire length of the shaft, staying close to the head or close to the base. He wasn't sure how he did it, but Penny came back without breaking the set rhythm and shooing the other two away for a moment.

"Look at that look on his face ladies," he felt his tool harden even more. “That face is the only one to look at; he may feel so good that he forgets to let you know before breaking up. She gripped it firmly, concentrating on quick movements along the entire length. "Yes Harry, that's all. Come for me, it doesn't matter!

His wish was his command; Either that or she simply spoke the words before he finished. It would be hard to say if it was her ministrations or conversations that started it, but wow, was it good!

Hermione and Luna, right next to the volcano that was Harry's beanstalk, could feel their magic anchoring them, the couch, and Penny to the floor before one of the Dobbys started murmuring in the background.

“I love Harry Potter gentlemen making a big mess. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷

If it weren't for the elf's actions, the mess would have gone to the hall. Instead, the first shot hit the door which was slammed shut before the hose suddenly went through Penny's mouth as she inadvertently tried to follow, showing another method to the other pair on the couch.

His idea worked from the second to fifth shots before he discovered that his oxygen supply was running low; he couldn't swallow the large amount of essence fast enough to catch his breath.

It was almost like a repeat of the night before, as Harry continued his impersonation of a mango tree. Hermione and Luna took a moment to look at each other, ignoring the vibrations in the furniture as they struggled to remain unperturbed, a question in their eyes about the amount being higher than last time before they caught sight of Penny with her face in a cast. . for the six to the final ninth shots. She was a mess, as her hair, face, shoulders, and the tops of her breasts were painted in that mother-of-pearl sheen.

Harry's eyes widened and he nearly jumped off the sofa in surprise. What she saw before him, she knew, was not all of his climax, for she vaguely registered his mouth closing to a point. Penny pulled her wand out from under the front of the sofa; a couple of waves later, she was as clean as she could be without a shower.

It took them a moment to realize that his right hand hadn't stopped attending to Harry. They were so lost in the moment that they missed any deflation on their part; now his tool was pointed at a forty-five degree angle at his legs, ready to go again.

“Amazing response time,” Penny murmured, her eyes rolling a little as her libido went wild with ideas. The experimental side of her, never satisfied with that bulge of Percy's, began to bombard her with the things she had always wanted to try. Your rational side didn't put up much of a fight, because how can a person know they don't like something without even trying?

"Wow," Hermione had never felt so excited in her life. Although her parents were far from puritanical, that didn't mean an open-door policy at home. She momentarily frowned at the thought in passing, her father was becoming more aggressive over the years and she had no idea why. Being the observant person that she was, she had noticed her behavior long before she entered Hogwarts, so she assumed that she was not the cause of it.

Luna, in a similar state to the young woman sitting on the other side of Harry in regards to her arousal, had even less reason to continue, as her mother had died long before she entered puberty and her father had plunged in the deepest. . Ever since she met Harry in the alley on her birthday, she's been exposed to many new things that the rest of the world takes for granted, including friendship, let alone intimacy of any kind.

"Alright, here we go," the Ravenclaw graduate found her inner Gryffindor, climbing onto Harry's lap from behind after more wand movements. The first thought that crossed her mind upon contact was 'Weird' Followed by 'Oh' as she fought the instinct to smother the intruder shoving her ass.

“The hard part about this,” he spoke through clenched teeth to the room at large, not catching the pun, “is getting your body to relax. I have heard that if patience is not exercised, there will only be pain and hurt."

"You never?" Harry started and then stopped, unable to believe his luck.Could be, thought,onlycould beI'm finally taking a break from life.🇧🇷 He was glad he didn't verbalize it, because even he could detect the ego in the words.

"No~," Penny stopped, slowly dropping her weight onto Harry's tool. Her rational mind apparently had an off switch as all thoughts of her fled as she went.

He stopped three-quarters of the way, groaning that there was too much to deal with. Proving that he had a brain in his skull, Harry immediately realized that was the limit and conjured up what appeared to be a pair of foam-covered bricks with bows on the ends. Before the other two on the couch, who were silent, their eyes wide with the fact that yes, that style of sex was possible, could realize what they were for, he lifted Penny up by the waist, her placed on his legs and tied them. gather them so they don't fall.

"So sweet," the young woman moaned as her mind was still processing events. Not having to concentrate on holding back helped immensely in preparing himself to continue her impromptu lecture.

"Now, Harry," she addressed him directly, "don't be afraid of wandering hands. Between last night and today there's no reason to think I'd be crazy to explore my body. Whoever you're with right now will say the same, so don't hesitate. The thing to keep in mind is what each witch likes - some prefer sweetness to harshness, some get pleasure from pain etc. The only way to find out is to let your hands roam.

He had not yet removed said appendages from his waist; instead, he began scanning him there to see what was really firing his furnace. Focusing on it helped her not pay attention to the sensations her 'mini-me' was sending to her brain as she, once she had her legs on the couch on either side of him, began to bounce up and down.

The action taking place next to her was completely new to Hermione. She hadn't even read about anal sex, feeling too embarrassed by the subject to learn about it. If anyone had noticed her and asked why, her low self-esteem regarding her appearance would have surfaced, closely followed by her attempt to be casual that no guy would want her like this. . She was now getting a crash course on the subject, as the former headmistress began to moan in delight at what she was feeling. At fourteen, almost fifteen, she was very curious about what sex would be like. If the noise Penny was making was any indication of her, when Harry lightly pinched her nipples, when did her hands go up there? she-she couldn't wait for her to feel it for herself. Her own mind noted that the self-gratification contained nothing else, which might be a problem before her cloning ability emerged from her memory, igniting the afterburners of her imagination.

Despite all her random thoughts, she didn't realize she was rubbing her jean-clad thighs in time with Penny's heels.

Luna felt like her eyes were trying to pop out of her head, which when you consider how wide they were, naturally said something. Blatantly, her skirt was already raised above her waist, revealing that Harry's observation had been accurate. Her previously unoccupied right hand was busy working in a frenzy, playing with her center and seemingly on autopilot, sending her index finger searching for that particular itch. Her left hand was on a search of its own; Penny was so absorbed in the pleasure that she didn't notice her third hand exploring her skin. Harry noticed, if her sudden questioning glance in her direction was any indication, but he fell silent. Much of his silence was diverting his eyes from Penny's bouncy ass to Luna who was going after the gold. Another part was that she had moved closer to the couple so she wouldn't have to fight to reach him and he wondered if she wanted help.

Penny had descended into the realm of utter verbal filth that oozed from her mouth. She still hadn't noticed the third hand that she was busy stroking her behind while Harry's left hand had moved to the south of her chest. That hand spent some time lightly fiddling with the skin of her flat stomach before moving further south after she didn't pick up any objects for what she was doing.

Harry wasn't really paying attention to where his hand was going when he heard a groan followed by a frustrated growl to his left. In the midst of the flurry of events, Hermione completely escaped his attention, which was quickly corrected. She would never know how she had gotten herself into that position, but the sight she presented put the question out of her mind.

Said young lady, at some point, got tired of being too excited and not doing anything about it. She was now sitting on the arm of the sofa, her jeans and panties around her ankles, allowing her legs to spread wide. That in itself was fine, however, what made it spectacular for Harry was that she could see the middle and ring fingers of her right hand pumping the center of her.

That direct gaze triggered a thought in her mind about baldness, as her wandering hand reported that though cropped, Penny had quite a bit there. Wondering if she was missing something, while at the same time making the big discovery that all the men who care about women getting their distractions were holding up her end, she turned her head to look at Luna. Her blonde hair was hard to see from the angle she was looking at it, but from what she could tell, she looked "all natural." Her gaze also showed that she was using the same method as the brunette to the left of her when a pair of fingers appeared and disappeared in a quick movement. Noticing her Penny's arms cradling her against her chest, she didn't notice her as she leaned in, she directed her lower hand to finish her ride.

It took a bit of experimentation on his part to find his way around her, but the rewards were worth it. Apparently, he was in a battle to hold on to the orgasm as long as she could, but he immediately lost control when he inadvertently rubbed the wonderful little nub just above her core. The verbal filth disappeared in the most sensual moan he had ever heard as her bottom tensed.

Continuing his great discovery, he focused on Hermione and Luna when a tingle he had vaguely felt before began to appear. Having a better understanding of what was going on, she knew the end of hers wouldn't be long, even as Penny climaxed again with her fingers dipped. From the way the pair were panting, they were close to or coming down from their own release; whatever it was, he wasn't sure. His higher brain functions shut down at that moment, rebelling at her inattention to what was happening in his lap. He might be new to the realm of relationships like this, but that was only natural; not even the most skilled could hold out forever.

The three girls didn't realize what was happening when Harry's hands returned to their starting point on Penny's waist. If it weren't for the magical anchoring they felt, they would have no idea how close he was to his end. All she could do was grunt as her arms pinned her down and held her still.

The unimpaled duo grabbed onto their arms to prevent them from being thrown off, as the anchorage proved insufficient. Apparently, that climax was a monster as the window exploded and the rest of the furniture in the room except for the sheltered sofa and the wand below it were atomized. If that wasn't enough, random items were conjured, transmogrified, animated, and then disappeared for no particular reason. Things like a statue of Ron that turned into a slug before trying to escape; a bizarre statue of Ginny as a hermaphrodite who seems undecided about what to do with a male tool; a lawn mower turned into a bowling ball projectile through the broken window; Dumbledore banging his head against the wall; a flock of birds that looked like Fawkes and Hedwig; Snape dressed as Robin yelling "Look Batman, he's the Riddler!"; Voldemort in a tutu doing Swan Lake; the statue of Dumbledore transforming into the Amazing Leaping Primate; another of Malfoy turned Amazing Bouncing Ferret; a strange blond boy with whiskers on his face who turns into a naked girl from behind. A random chaos indeed.

Penny didn't notice any of this as her entire world was focused on the hose up her butt. Her eyes widened as she felt each pulsation covering her insides that she, if she had to admit, felt extremely strange. She counted five before the pressure threw her away from him. She wouldn't be able to answer if it was the pressure of being crowded, the magic of her shielding herself from harm, or if he did the same.

"It has not finished!" she forced out the moans of what for her was the apocalypse of orgasms. Her head turned to the right, looking over her shoulder to match hers and was glad of her warning. Luna looked like she was going to go up and enjoy the ride.

Harry didn't notice much of anything; all of his focus on the fact that, in fact, his final was still in progress. He fought an odd urge to solve the problem, since he was sure he couldn't take it anymore. Then came the surprise on both sides as he felt his arms withdraw from his previous position before his hands slipped into the junction of Hermione and Luna's legs. Not sure what they wanted, he stayed put just in case, since he didn't want to incur his wrath by being cold.

It turned out to be a good idea when he looked into her glazed eyes and concluded that neither of them was aware of what their bodies were doing. He was concentrating on Hermione when he heard Penny, who redirected her attention to Luna, whom he missed changing. Deciding to distract the couple from making what could be considered a mistake, he wiggled his fingers.

The pair must have been wandering somewhere near the edge as their simple precautions caused them to fall. When her own climax finally subsided, dragging himself from her seat to the door, and once again repainting Penny, who had been immobile when she finally finished her own super-orgasm, she was able to free her hands. her.

Hermione recovered first; for all intents and purposes, her face caught fire, she was so flushed. She was mortified with herself for losing control of her, but a look in Harry's eyes kept her from running off in embarrassment. She didn't know what the specific emotion was, but she had seen that specific glow before whenever something absolutely amazing happened to her. This added to her low self esteem as she had no looks of disgust or disgust. Instead, she almost looked like she wanted to do it again, which was confirmed when she did the one thing she'd been missing in the past twelve hours.

He kissed her.

For a first kiss, it was brilliant. Romantics would groan and complain about the tight-lipped approach, but since this was another area that needed to be learned, it was still special.

Luna recovered while the two were worried. She couldn't decide whether to wait her turn or leave the room. Taking a look at the damage around you turned out to be fun; she noted that Penny was now in that "Boiling Over" stage that she couldn't decide if it was erotic or disgusting. Her musings were interrupted when Harry introduced her to the world of kissing on her lips, the same way he had introduced her to Hermione.

The three of them ignored the fact that his hands were still touching their exposed crotch as he switched partners again.

Penny, meanwhile, managed to put her limbs to work. She retrieved her wand and wiped what she could with a simple flick.spankIt's that at least it made the room look clean without a good scrubbing. The broken window was also a bonus, letting in fresh air; otherwise, the smell of three female climaxes and one male climax would be almost overwhelming. Looking around her, just as Luna had, she revealed that her clothes were included in the vaporization of everything not on/near the couch.

"Damn, I like that dress," she complained to no one before heading to her bedroom to find another outfit for the day.

1000, same day; The burrow

"Stupid cow!" Arthur Weasley thundered as he walked over to the stove. He couldn't keep his hands to himself, could he! This is a sure disaster and it's all your fault!

"But Arthur-" Molly tried to defend her position without much success.

"But nothing!" she roared, startling the inner children in her.

The discussion between the parents of seven children had already lasted for almost a whole day. The fiery temper that was Prewett's blood had nothing to do with the real Weasley beast. Once one of them started, whoever it targeted felt her wrath for days on end. Neither of said children could remember seeing their father so angry that when you have a pair of prankster twins for children you are saying something.

Bill and Charlie had arrived less than an hour earlier, redundancy letters in the hands of their employers as the aftermath of the Wizengamot session began. Neither of them was aware of a single detail of what was happening at home; One moment they were called to the offices of their respective bosses, the next they were given their final payment and shown to the door.

They were surprised that Percy had come straight out of Hogwarts; the third youngest still hadn't shown up to explain himself and it was a consensus among the younger brothers who doubted he cared.

It was shocking to learn what exactly his mother, and by extension, three of the five siblings, did that demanded his immediate resignation. Stealing from a House as old as the Potters was asking for trouble; trying to steal the Line was overkill in the extreme. Doing everything in the 'appendix' by Albus Dumbledore, who was also in a vat with the other lobsters, was just plain silly in his opinion.

The eldest of the brothers, in a silent conference as the yelling between their parents continued, had no idea how to feel about the situation. The only thing they could really be mad at Harry for, after talking to the twins, was the mighty Howler who damaged the house. From what Fred and George said, the last Potter was actually a laid back guy who would help anyone who asked him to. Ron tried to paint a different picture, but was floored by his own game of sticky fingers, which he tried to justify as“they did it, I just followed their example”that did not go down well.

"Mom lost the quaffle," Fred growled, quite irritated with her at the moment. “Instead of treating us, and Harry as well, as cripples who can't think for themselves, you should have asked us what kind of character she has. We,” he pointed out to his twin, George was so angry he went silent, which is never a good sign, “we could have put an end to all the bag stuffing from the start. I couldn't do much about this idiotic idea of ​​a marriage contract, but... 🇧🇷 🇧🇷

"This whole mess started when Harry changed his access list," George growled, wanting something to hex. "Mom criticized him, he retaliated, DMLE got involved because she raided the Wards here, now we have the shaft because she wanted her precious money!" In the end, he got to his feet before throwing the bauble in his hands at the target of his wrath.

Everything inside the house stopped.

“Dad, throw it away and that's it,” she pointed to the front door as she spoke. “Miss Proper Pureblood here only wants money. It's pretty obvious to me that she couldn't care less about her family.

"I took the job at Gringott to escape their control," Bill offered, seeing where the battle lines had been drawn.

"Same for me with Romania," Charlie refused to look at the woman, finding the wall fascinating.

Ron and Ginny could see that their mother was devastated by the actions of her five eldest children. Two of her alone confessed to leaving to get away from her, the third was probably gone forever, the fourth and fifth were so irritated with her that they couldn't carry out theirtwin tongue.

"Now what?" Arthur demanded through the window that he look at the silence of his sons lined up behind him. He visibly withered from what he was looking at, which piqued the interest of the rest of the family when Hedwig made his presence known.

With the exception of Bill and Charlie, the rest of the house's occupants looked at the owl as if it were a bomb that didn't go off after hitting the ground. Seeing that the envelope was the standard parchment yellow and not the beautiful red of a howler eased the tension in the kitchen a bit. Noticing that it was addressed to Arthur caused some to raise eyebrows as he untied the letter from Hedwig's right leg. She realized that there was more than one piece of parchment inside the envelope, that is, several letters.

Arthur Weasley -

It has come to my attention as head of the House of Black that your mother was disinherited from that House for marrying your father. This unacceptable practice of marrying by Blood and not by Love has been removed from the House. Yes, that was meant to be sarcasm.

After careful consideration, I have reinstated your mother, proving that Weasley House with the dowry has been denied. Included in this Dowry are the interests and penalties that said late payment - rounded up to the nearest decade, forty (40) years - accrues in a total of ten million (10,000,000) Galleons. Payment was arranged through Gringott's Bank as a direct transfer.

You and your children, unless denied or denied by you or themselves upon reaching the age of majority, are now a part of Black House, including, as is, all rights, privileges and protections therein contained. I would expand the House to include his wife, however with Molly Weasley née Prewett's current position in many social circles I cannot.

harry j potter

Head of the oldest and most noble House of Black.

'no charity'Arthur reminded himself, having to reread the letter several times to get to the point. He may be obsessed with all things muggle, however he had a pretty sharp mind. It was not lost on him that the amount was exactly equal to the fine he would have to pay his wife, which meant that, as a whole, Weasley House would break even. He folded the letter and returned it to the envelope before reading the second.

Mr Weasley-

I apologize if the previous letter sounded stiff and offensive. It had to be written in the "proper vernacular" which, if you ask me, is a bunch of bullshit.

Now to business. Madam Bones did not consult me ​​on the punishments that the DMLE and by extension the Ministry had in mind. On the other hand, as I cling to the things that should have been taught to me since I was at least eleven years old, I find that the laws regarding the oldest Houses are rubbish in terms of fairness.

Fortunately, this gift of a late dowry was lying around, waiting for the right excuse to use it. Well, there you have it, because I, after several conversations with her children during my time at Hogwarts, know that 'charity' is not a word in her dictionary.

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Now, I know that you spent many years as head of the Bureau of Misuse of Muggle Artifacts. between you and 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 oh yeah Perkins you two did the work of twenty and you didn't even get paid for your license never mind a thank you or pay. Basically, swapping roles with him won't help anything, so I have a proposition for you.

Fred and George have been like amazing big brothers to me, always finding a way to make me laugh, even at myself when I do something stupid. What I propose is paying BASIC TUITION for them, which means that anything beyond walking through the doors of Hogwarts is up to you.

I'd leave Ron and Ginny out of this, however, as their youngest son has been talking one way or another about his finances since the day I met him, I can't. It would be my pleasure, in recognition of our longstanding friendship, even if it ended, to extend the same offer to his two youngest children.

Don't confuse this with "charity". I, after finding out about their sticky fingers, would leave them to their own devices. Being blacklisted before they had the chance isn't fair to them, even if they knew they were doing something wrong. Between Ron's complaints about never having anything new and Ginny's decision that it would be a great idea to use a responsive journal... . 🇧🇷

Sorry, bit of a tangent there.

I don't ask for anything in return; I don't give a shit about any of your younger children anymore. I know the twins will make good use of what I offer them (their pranks can take a long time to plan, but you should see some of the magic these two do!).

As for Bill and Charlie; By then, their employers have likely shown them the door to something beyond their control. Since I have the privilege of speaking with Ragnok, perhaps I can convince him to revoke his dismissal. It turns out that the Goblins own the Romanian Dragon Reserve, as "no wizard would stoop to saving dragons." He left that to them since they are grown men and may want a career change.

Sure, lots to do; people to shout; girls to covet

h potter

Arthur couldn't help but laugh at the disjointed letter, written as only a teenager could. He wanted to feel insulted that someone else was paying for his children's education, but he couldn't. At the very least, the fact that Harry was the head of a house with which they were deeply connected solved the problem. Also, he was the basic tuition; this means that the book list - and any other expenses that may arise - have not been covered.

"We…" He paused before simply handing the informal letter to his two eldest sons. Fred and George took up positions behind them, reading over Bill's right shoulder and Charlie's left shoulder.

"See now-"

"That's it-"

"kind of guy-"

"He is," the twins returned to their normal speech pattern after sharing a look. His secret wasn't so secret anymore as most of his pranks were intense with magic involved. They were more than aware that this was the reason they hadn't been kicked out of Hogwarts to their ears.

Well, that and McGonagall.fezHave a sense of humor; even if she kept it hidden.

Molly glanced at the first letter and breathed a sigh of relief. Not so much because of the fact that she with the money that House Black owed to House Weasley, but because of her being able to pay her horrendous fine and not have to work on a corner in Knock Alley. She knew that Arthur was too good, as was Harry, as much as she burned to admit it, to just throw her away without any support, since her native home was no longer for all intents and purposes.

Maybe now the random chaos will stophe thought as he walked over to the stove where a pot of stew was simmering. Nature decided that your optimistic thoughts were too soon; for after reviewing her dinner, nothing better than a slow-cooked stew, she turned to Arthur and let one of them catch fire.

Magic, to function properly as a chef, must be contained in one area at all times. This prevented items like spoons and pots that were not enchanted with runes from operating unattended. The problem with such containment, however, was that any new variable introduced would get stuck when the self-contained spell took over and make the new effect as permanent as possible.

The five-gallon pot took off like a rocket, traversing the corresponding floors before finally installing a new ghoul skylight on the roof. The occupants of the house watched as the now-burning stew reached an impressive height, almost two hundred feet, due to being powered by methane before the containment field failed because it was too far from its source. Like the mundane equivalent of a catastrophic reinforcement failure, the pot detonated, raining down beef stew on the former pigsty.

"Oh crap!" Arthur fought against the shards of the frying pan, ripping chunks out of the floor at the speed of sound.

Ron, devastated at the loss of such good food, went to sulk in his room. However, to get from the kitchen to the stairs, he had to go through the living room and the Floo it contained. Since it was summer, unless said travel device was needed, the flames were in his Eternal Ember state, existing long enough for the powder to work. Much like the magic in the kitchen, there were containment spells in said room, as the Floo has been known to do strange things from time to time, especially if someone dumps their cookies in there.

The changing rooms turned out to be a good thing when he let out a "five minute fart🇧🇷 one of those gas attacks that once it starts seems to go on forever and can really stink up a room. He even stopped walking with each slap of his feet on the ground, forcing himself further out as he changed his pitch, creating the strangest sounds he had ever heard.

The bad part of it all was when Ginny opened the kitchen door that he had closed behind him, turning the mixture of air into something ofcountercurrent.

Bill, Charlie and the twins were presented with aFWUMPand a flash of flame before the youngest daughter ran out the back door with her hair on fire. It was clear where she was headed when she reached the rain barrel and quickly poked her head out of it, creating a cloud of steam that was blown on the light breeze from her. Before anyone could act, Ron was back in the kitchen, looking as if he'd been in the oven too long.

His normally alabaster skin looked like a burnt roast. There was not a hair left on her face, as the flash of fire had vaporized everything. Apparently, he was in shock as the pain hit him, throwing him face-first to the ground. The impact of his fall onto his stomach forced another powerful fart, right into Molly's face as she rushed to tend to her wounded son.

"What have you been feeding him?" Bill spoke through his Bubble-head spell as he applied it to the twins. It really was a bad sign when the green fumes pinpointed the location of the kill zone.

Ginny went back inside, just as the cloud of gas was coming out the door. Charlie tried to save her from the horrors of her brother's digestive tract, but it was too late. Her head, giving the impression of sunset, her blush of shame at being bald as a billiard ball as obvious as his burns, turned a sickly green. Which, when combined with the red he already was, made his skin an interesting shade of brown.

"Does this chaos ever end?" Arthur groaned to the room in general before trying to clean up the mess.

1100, Saturday August 20, 1994; potter's battlements

"So what is it?" Penny asked as she walked through the ballroom. There were two oval tables present that were not there yesterday.

"You may not be fully aware of the situation," Harry mused as he arranged nine chairs around the table to the left and eight to the right. “I tried to have a formal meeting with the families that in one way or another are allies to mine. Needless to say, it was a complete failure; this time I try something informal. Notice how the tops of these tables are recessed under the edges? These are poker tables and I have sent an invitation to the daughters of these families.

"Oh, poker!" Luna gushed, before looking confused. "What variation of the game are we talking about here?"

"Texas Hold'em," he responded while laying out tips for those unfamiliar with the game. Sure, it was true that a group of teenagers who didn't spend much time in the mundane world wouldn't know the nuances of the game.

"Serious?" Hermione was skeptical to say the least. "And this is a good idea, why?"

“Simple bonding time,” he replied, “especially for the Slytherin five. He's going to take some work on all of our parts to overcome the house bias.

"But why Hold'em?" Penny had heard of the game in passing, as the popularity was on the rise.

"It's more skill than luck", was the immediate response when he handed out three thousand chips per chair. “Drawing and carving is all random. With Hold'em, you need to be able to read the other players, quickly calculate the odds, figure out, and know when to call, raise, or fold, respectively. Ah, here they come!

The other occupants of the room were taken aback by the statement before remembering that Harry could be in several places at once without wasting time. That in itself was a new experience for Hermione, who had spent the past year operating almost thirty hours a day when all was said and done.

Fourteen marching young women entered the ballroom. Each was wide-eyed as they took in their surroundings, some for the first time. The rest were baffled by the clones running around, minding menial tasks.

"Okay, no advance seating arrangements here ladies!" the original Harry called over the noise of voices, bringing all other conversation to a halt. “As you can see, nine of you are sitting here,” he pointed to the table on the left, “while the other eight are here. I'm glad everyone was able to come, even if it was on short notice. He noticed that they were all conservatively dressed in variations of Hogwarts robes, which was off-putting.

Susan Bones, Hannah Abbot, Angelina Johnson, Alicia Spinnet, Katie Bell, Hermione, Luna, Penelope, and Su Li occupied the table on the left; each waving to the three who were already present.

The table on the right was an island of silence. Blaise Zabini, the Greengrass sisters Daphne and Astoria, Padma and Parvati Patil, Tracey Davis, Pansy Parkinson, and Nymphadora (HEY!) Tonks acted like they had no idea how to handle each other. That was without a female Gryffindor at the table.

"Attention please!" Harry's excited voice echoed through the room between the tables, drawing all eyes to him. “Okay, then, to the heart of the matter. As a method of putting us all in a room without the supervision of various adults who have probably forgotten what it's like to be young, I had this stroke of genius. No doubt some of you are still confused as to why you were here when there were others. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 commitments you knew. Well, business later, to tell you the truth. First of all, this is the most casual thing around here. Although at some point we will have private conversations, now it's time to know his future. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 oh brothers Yes it works.

"The name of the game is Texas Hold'em, I'll be your dealer in this little adventure in the realm of gambling," he transformed his polo shirt and khakis into a suit. "I know that many of you are not familiar with how the game works, so each of you is given a good help guide." He cloned himself again, this dress is the same as the original.

Clone-Harry moved to table nine, continuing his monologue.

“First order of business. Each one has three thousand chips. White costs one, blue five, red ten, beige one hundred, black one thousand. He began shuffling a deck straight out of the box before playing nine cards while the original Harry did the same with the eight on his table. “A basic summary of the rules: To determine who gets the Dealer button on the initial deal, each is dealt a card, the highest card wins. Once the order is set, it will be a remodel and then the Deal. You will each receive two Hole Cards, also known as Pocket Cards. These should be known only to you.

"We'll hedge the bets in a bit," Harry said in original before continuing. “You will see me draw the top card from the deck after the first round of betting. This is the Burn card. Once this is done, I will place three cards face up in the center of the table for the Flop. Before the Turn is another round of betting, just like the River. These two are single card layups, both face up. After River, there is one last round of betting or, if necessary, the chance to fold if you have nothing. The best hand wins, determined by five of the seven cards. Their sheets, however, to avoid cheating/accusations of favouritism, are ordered to win hands from a pair to a Royal Flush.

"Without using magic to stack the deck," the clone pointed its right index finger at its players, even as the original did the same. “In the event that two or more players have the same hand, the winner will be determined by the highest card in the hand or the pot will be split between them. Very good, now to bet. In the Deal, whoever is to the left of the Dealer Button has the small blind. Onarethe left is the big blind. The person to the left of the big blind has the initial bet. You can either bet or check, which is passing your turn to the next person. If there is a bet/raise greater than yours, you call, raise or fold. After the flop, it's the first person to the left of the button. The blinds start at twenty/ten respectively before increasing every ten hands. The bets themselves start with the size of the big blind and increase according to the size of the small blind. Twenty/ten, thirty/fifteen, fifty/twenty-five, one hundred/fifty, etc. Betting is unlimited, which means you can go all-in at any time if you think your hand is the best.”

“This gathering is a chance for all of us to be in the same room and relax, if you will,” the original continued. It was strange to see two Harrys having perfectly the same conversation with two different groups of people. “If you need a break, let me know. Okay, show me what you got.

Susan had the Ace of Hearts on the clones' table, while Tonks had the Ace of Diamonds on the originals. After collecting the cards, both Harrys shuffled each other before dealing the cards face down.

“That's something else entirely,” Hannah ventured into the silence as she tucked her cards under her left hand while barely lifting the top edges with her right.Bah! Two of Hearts-King of Clubs? Shit, fold!

"What a way to spend Saturday, huh?" Padma teased, hiding a grin in her hand.Three of Diamonds-Queen of Hearts? Trash!

"But he's right," Parvati muttered, unsure if what she had was decent.Nine jacks of spades? Hmm. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷

Angelina grunted in agreement, waiting her turn to fold, as receiving the Two of Diamonds and Ten of Hearts was just awful in her opinion.

That was the case, even with a break at noon for the eventual family to meet over a game of poker. Tonks was unusually silent on the matter, offering no explanation as to why he was present, though he checked on Harry more often than letters from him.

Many questioned why Pansy was there, but felt the answers could wait until she was ready to give them. Instead of the Malfoy perch most of them were used to, she was quiet, looking at her host from under her bangs when she thought he wasn't looking.

The game came to a close with Parvati and Blaise dominating their tables at three. The easy relationship they had built carried over to the patio, where Harry ordered tea and biscuits from Dobby before settling into her conjured upholstered easy chair. The magic display earned more than a few raised eyebrows that he quickly ignored.

"As a summary before we get to the private conversations," he said after taking a drink, "all of you, for all intents and purposes, are directly engaged to me, House Potter, in exchange for Alliance protections, or you fall into the line". continuation clauses of said Alliances. Some of you," her gaze wandered from Hermione to Penny to Angelina and then to Katie, "having been born in the real world, as I call it, are here for different reasons."

He paused, taking another sip before sighing. “I shake my head at some of the rather bizarre lore I find myself caught up in without warning. Relations between wizards as a whole would be much better if those of us on the mundane side were properly educated on how the Society works. No, none of that crap Malfoy likes to spew; I mean true education. What are the traditions; how they affect trends; Why is it so important to keep them? Those of you born in a Line would know the answer having been steeped in said traditions since birth."

“Luna was kind enough to explain to me why Line Continuation exists,” she continued after a moment. It's a simple matter of keeping the family name alive. I come across several families that have not had members for centuries and now I am obliged to repopulate them. It is a very heavy burden for a single woman, since she would have to have at leastMinimuma dozen children Two for each name or the old one'heir and spare’ concept that has strangely fallen out of favor.”

Her guests stirred, trying to imagine having so many children under their feet. The only one they could think of that she reached out to was Molly Weasley and it was known that she only stopped after getting the daughter she wanted/she needed for the now defunct House of hers.

“To add to all this,” Harry continued after receiving a new tea, “are the requests from other families to help with their own Continuation of Line and/or be the Opener for the witch's respective Wizarding Family to handle. I know the two eldest of you missed the opportunity, because the Fellowship would not find out about a First Generation or Exile undergoing the rites.

Penny and Tonks began to fret when called out for losing something that purebloods take for granted.

I think it's puredisparate🇧🇷 thundered out of the blue, earning more than a few little jump scares. “Everyone should have the opportunity; Denying someone because of paternity or internal family feud is wrong on so many levels. That brings me to the other First Generations here. Hermione already knows, so she can answer your questions better than I can.

He paused long enough to take a savage bite of his fresh cookie before continuing. “There are some rather obscure books in circulation detailing the Ritual for the Birth of Family Magic. Angelina and Alicia are reaching the end of the window to perform the ritual that would have been her sixteenth birthday. Katie has a little less than a year to do it, if she so wishes. From what I've been able to gather from my library here, the rites must be performed within an hour window of the time you were born or you might forget about them. Once this window closes, the kernel begins its solidification process, indicating full maturity. It is extremely dangerous to try to force the kernel to make more changes once the process has started."

"I also ran into a dilemma," Harry shifted a little in his chair. “It has to do with my need to repopulate various Houses. Although it is possible, highly unlikely and dangerous to try, for a single witch. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 uh,helpme in this effort, it creates confusion and conflict within the heirs and an almost endless loop in which my children would go through the same thing as me. I have to separate the Houses now, instead of leaving the responsibility on my children. However, to do this, I have to find witches who are willing to give up their own last name or not have one recognized by the Wizengamot. For example, here Hermione,” she pointed to the brunette to the left of her, “she accepted herself earlier this month, sometime while we're doing the research, to become Lady Potter. Just this morning, Penelope agreed to use the Peverell name. I still have six more Houses to work on on that front. The rest of you are here in one of the two circumstances mentioned; Continuation of Family Magic Line or Rituals. We are now entering private conversation territory. Don't be scared by what I'm about to do, okay?

Seeing the nods, he created fourteen more clones, one for each except Hermione, Luna, and Penny. When they were each shown her individual rooms, he breathed a sigh of relief.

"Well, it was better than I expected."

To confirm

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*Chapter 6*: Arc One Part Six

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Magical Maturity, Arc One Part Six

By: (Conductor) Jim Ohki

1530 Saturday August 20, 1994; potter's battlements

"Please have a seat," the Harry clone who had escorted Pansy gestured to a wing in study number five on the south side of the Battlements. While she knew exactly why she had been invited, she decided to dig for information to see exactly what she knew.

"Fabulous," the Slytherin grumbled, looking everywhere, taking in his surroundings. The portrait above and behind the desk was occupied by a pair of figures he recognized from his pureblood manners lessons: Charlus and Dorea Potter. She knew, in that moment, that she was under intense scrutiny.

"Right," Harry conjured up his favorite chair again before sitting down. “I'll be direct here. You and I have never met face to face in the short time we've known each other. If the Hogwarts house rivalry wasn't enough, you. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 uh,associatewith Malfoy regularly and we know what goes on between him and me.

"Then imagine my surprise," she leaned forward, her elbows resting on the table as her clasped hands hid her mouth. “When I see Parkinson's name on my list of Houses I'm Head of. Do you know how that happened, Pansy?

It was a strange feeling to have a civil conversation with the young man she had fallen out with during her first two years at Hogwarts. She shuddered a little under hisdeath pose, feeling those emerald eyes of hers pierced with their own cobalt blues.

"Ownpai”, he emphasized after a sigh, “he was one of the many anonymous followers of the Dark Lord. My grandfather, on the other hand, had seen throughDelebefore he switched from the political arena to outright murder. It was one thing, according to Grandpa, to uphold traditions and try to maintain social order when the Muggle side was changing rapidly. It was something else entirely to force those who weren't politically inclined or didn't really care what was going on for so long that it didn't affect them to follow suit or die. There was no neutrality, not even intuIncrease.To thegave the population some options; join, fund support monetarily but stay out or die. The Greengrass family, for example, paid an annual stipend to the Dark Lord's coffers to avoid being forced to serve, even though they were from the 'I did not care'faction'.

He shifted in his chair: “Well, that's not entirely true. They didCaution, but they were not influential enough to make a difference in either direction. From mypaiwillingly entered the ranks, though he was never tagged to avoid scrutiny, he was good enough toDele🇧🇷 That was in 1973. At 75 years old, my grandfather, being much more perceptive in the political arena than mypai, I knew that unless the Dark Lord stopped, everything, the traditions, our very way of life, would be lost asTo thehe began to kill anyone and everyone. His own followers, innocents who prefer to get out of the way, his enemies. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 everyone; entire families down to the last man, woman and child, most of the time for no reason.” She shuddered again as her imagination provided her with the images of her grandfather's descriptions.

"They had a big fight, my dad and his," her voice had turned soft. “Grandpa openly ordered my father to leave the ranks of the Dark Lord in seventy-nine. He refused, proclaiming that his father was getting discouraged with the approaching victory. The words turned into spells, paralyzing them both; the grandfather lost the ability to walk and the father lost the lower half of his left leg. Once I was born in May 1980, my grandfather disowned my father, it didn't matter since three months before I was born, James Potter caught him in the act of hunting muggles. He noticed that Harry's eyebrows were trying to disappear under his bangs, even though the rest of his body was perfectly still. “Your father captured mine in the resulting duel, which I hold not against you or your family. Not when my father was trying to have fun with a nine-year-old.

The growl from across the table made her stop and wonder what was going through her head.

“My grandfather boarded yours,” Pansy pointed to the portrait behind Harry, “in March 1981. Parkinson House felt they owed Potter House a debt for dealing with a matter we should have handled ourselves. It was decided that my House would be a Protectorate of his, on the condition that I keep my last name.

"Then why," he wondered quietly, without moving his hands, "is your father sitting in your house on the Wizengamot?"

"That would be a matter of time and tradition," she had the delicacy to appear embarrassed. “Although my father was disenfranchised from him, he was still the only son of his father. The grandfather -the only son of the fifth generation- died in 1985 and, by House rules, as the only possible heir in blood and name, his son was reinstated. I couldn't change the Protectorate contract because your grandfather and father were dead and you were too young to do it. As the contract was written, no attorney from either House could terminate it.

This partly explains why Dumbledore was unable to alter existing contracts,Harry thought before continuing with the impromptu interview.

“Well, since I am now the head of Potter House, the first thing I ask is:tuDo you want the contract to be cancelled? she leaned back in her chair, relaxing her posture. Pansy noticed what seemed to be a clue to the portrait as the two left the frame to go somewhere else.

“When your invitation came,” she replied slowly, trying to formulate the correct response without sounding insulting, “dad was very adamant that if he could really cancel it. One thing you two have in common is that neither of you have read. The penalty clauses for breaking the contract at the end of the Parkinson House are catastrophic since we would lose everything. I meanall🇧🇷 money, property, magic, our own lives. The grandfather, according to his diary, trusted his instincts and knew that he would not survive to his majority, so he established the contract that way.

He paused, looking out the window for a few moments before continuing. “Since the current Acting House Lord wants the contract broken, even if you offered to do so, magic itself would see it as breaking it. So to answer his question, no. Do not cancel, under any circumstances, the contract with my House”.

"Simple enough," Harry allowed, nodding his agreement. "Since you have read the contract, yes, I freely admit that I only have the details and not the exact words, will complying with it make you resolve the conflict?"

"Absolutely," she slumped back in her seat, looking defeated. “Dad wants to sign a contract with Malfoy House, even if the current Headmaster isn't of legal age. He spent the better part of a decade talking to Lucius to the point where Draco, never far away unless business demanded, was aware of my House's wishes. I have to, as you put it so succinctly,associatewith him while he was at Hogwarts. If I do not do it; if I act as I really want, he will inform my father of my resistance to the matter, and even in the role of acting boss, my father may try to disown me.

"Wouldn't you see the end of your House?" she raised her right eyebrow, omitting the'Could it be that he'.

“I would do it in a heartbeat,” his expression flattened, his eyes narrowing at her, “if it meant going against the Dark Lord's wishes. One of the many things thatTo thehe instilled in his followers an almost pathological need to keep the bloodlines as pure as possible, even ideologically. It is better for a House to perish utterly than to be seen as a lesser race than it deserves. When I turned ten, my father informed me that he should consider me Draco's girlfriend. Lucius seemed overly delighted at the prospect, since he and my father had made promises to each other.

"Ah, a delayed reward for the service I accept?"

"Definitely," she sighed. Her body language told him much more than a one word response. She didn't want to be a sycophant's reward for being a murderer, rapist, thief, and torturer.

“While there's nothing I can do about your father,” Harry began after a long pause, “right now, I can enforce the Protectorate contract now. When he comes to complain, no doubt armed with death in mind, he won't like the consequences. I will only do this if you wish.

“It doesn't matter,” he shrugged, “when you activate the contract. Once I'm in action, my father will probably disown me, which would put him and his mother out of the picture. I say this because by the time I am no longer his daughter, they are no longer connected in any way with Parkinson House, since my father's original disenfranchisement, and therefore, as long as I retain the name, I wish the of him are irrelevant. The contact was written with me in mind, and only me after my parents' behavior.

"Correct", received the message from'no love lost'before changing the subject. She decided to avoid her mother since Pansy wasn't willing to mention what the problem was. “This situation is beyond bizarre and bizarre. No, I'm not referring to the fact that you and your fellow Slytherins have to deal with the Gryffindor demon, so to speak. Every witch currently on the Battlements has one form or another of loyalty to my House; except the First Generations. Many of the boys at school would give their legs to be in my situation; I see it as a fucking nightmare.

He snorted, shaking his head, “I have to make allowances for each individual to lead his own life. However, because of the continuation clauses, there's not the slightest chance I'd just do the deed and let her walk out of my life. grow up like me 🇧🇷 . . He trailed off, still unwilling to share that part of his life with an old enemy. “Family is important to me. Tell me; What are your wishes for the future?”

That question took her by surprise. Few teenagers would even begin to think about what they wanted to do in life. Especially when these teens are just entering the age group. Yet here he was, trying to establish some kind of relationship with her.

“One thing that takes precedence,” Pansy replied, blushing slightly at the admission, “is the restoration of my House. Not so much population wise as integrity. As the grandfather said in his diary, traditions are important, but not so important that they can be imposed on others. Beyond that, just being a mother making her way in the world would bring me the greatest feeling.”

EhHarry thought,Who knew that Pansy 'Proper Pure-Blood' Parkinson's biggest wish was to be a mother?

When a silence fell between the two of them, he gave her a good look. Though he had compared her face to that of a pug in the past, he reassessed her statement. Unlike the canine race, she didn't find a wrinkle or a line. Her skin, a beautiful alabaster tan to her surprise, looked smooth and flawless. Her hair fell to the middle of her back and was a crow's nest shadow on her own head. She found the color of her eyes dazzling, the deep shade of blue that was cobalt. He discovered that what led to the original observation of her was that she had a nose that was too small for her facial complexion.

The robe, sky blue with white trim, she wore was similar to the Hogwarts outfit, as it hid her still-growing figure. As a man, this was a tradition he could do without once he discovered the pleasures of the female flesh.

Pansy noticed him looking at her and returned the favor. She always had that "pretty boy" charm, but up close it was obvious that she had her heart on her sleeve. When he looked down and frowned slightly, she felt insulted even before considering her outfit. His eyes, that lovely emerald hue that screamed contained power, were one of her best features. The only thing unattractive to her was that scar; In her opinion, it would be much better if she had won some other way than involving a Killing Curse cast on her head after her parents were killed.

Her choice of outfit for the day earned her a mentally raised eyebrow. Black khaki pants and a black polo shirt were far from traditional everyday clothing in the Wizarding World. What really struck her with them was that even though they were comfortably loose, they still felt comfortable on her body.

"There's one thing you need to know," Harry broke their glances at each other before shifting in his chair. "Penelope. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷he advised me🇧🇷 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 this, uh, my. 🇧🇷., ”She couldn't continue, stopping when her face imitated a tomato. Some things in life were almost impossible to talk about in casual conversation. "Okay, none of that. Don't freak out or think I'm being cool; I just want you to know what you're getting yourself into here.

He moved to his right, the far left of his desk, before pausing to move some more. He found the courage in him somewhere as he unbuttoned, unbuttoned, and lowered his pants in one motion.

The first thing Pansy wanted to do was scream in outrage; here was harry'I should be a nice guy'Potter taking advantage of a contract signed between their respective grandparents. When he made no more moves in his direction, his curiosity to know what his point was he took over, directing his eyes to look down a bit.

It was when he saw the head of what made him a man (the Original had given up the harness again because he had no intention of leaving) pushing up the right leg of his mid-thigh-length long breeches that his outrage faded. . He was overcome with a bit of apprehension just by the length, but as he began to harden under his gaze, the girth was something he had never imagined before. A part of his mind, disconnected from his consciousness, has put a chastity belt on his libido for all other men.exceptTorment. That part of her decided in that moment that there would be no other that she would have like this.

Then he lowered his shorts accompanied by a sigh of relief. At first he seemed strange, but then he came to the conclusion that he was too confined and needed to be free.

Original-Harry chose that moment to walk into the room, since Pansy was one of the most difficult conversations he would have that day. In his opinion, the place was too quiet; there were no cries of rage nor did he remember being slapped by dissipated clones. This was the third time he had encountered a clone that used an appendage not attached to arms or legs to point at the young woman in the room.

"Damn clones," he muttered before turning on his heel and marching back to the door. The concept of staying and watching the clones of him was not something she wanted. Neither of the occupants noticed her intrusion, as they were both quite smitten with each other.

Well, one was waiting for the screaming to start—containing insults too big, no doubt—and the other was in fantasy land, but still. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷

In a different part of the battlements, clone three was giving his guest a deadpan look, not understanding why this particular person had appeared. The family depicted had emigrated to England within the last two hundred years at the end of the Vassal Era; in fact, the Chamber was one of the reasons the Pact in particular fell out of favor. It just made it very easy for "outsiders" to get into Wizarding Britain.

"I was under the impression you were a boy," Clone Harry was emotionless, not knowing what he had done to deserve this treatment.

“Bah,” replied the very feminine voice of Blaise Zabini, “you and everyone else at Hogwarts think so. Mom knows that she has made many enemies in high places; being known as thewidow makerdo that to a person."

'Christiana 'Widowmaker' Zabini. . . oh joy,' he thought, now knowing where he had heard the nickname before. Although she was a third Blaise being a fourth generation Brit, her Italian heritage always came through. The woman had as many husbands as there were children the Weasleys had: seven, each with the same financial burden as the last and each dying under mysterious circumstances, leaving their distraught and newlywed widow.

Naturally, it took the elitists seven times to figure out his plan. Anyone with half a brain would have seen what was happening after the third or fourth time one of the last of his incredibly rich and childless line of his died. Once they sat up and figured it out, life became difficult for the remaining Zabini. Blaise, not planning on being husband number two's son, had a preference of being groomed to look like his mother, while Christiana simply disappeared into the woods.

Well, it would if House Potters didn't have a huge stake in House Zabini, even though it was on the Isles to begin with. The elitists were not very happy to have lost so much gold for a'I forget'witch and were looking for a target of opportunity to take revenge. Since Harry was in hiding from the world at the time, her last husband having died in the nineties, Blaise was the target.

She learned very quickly to not only take care of herself, but to make sure she stayed in the shadows.

"Okay, please explain to me how they fooled us all," Harry asked after finishing his mental check.

"First of all," Blaise's voice had a high pitch that revealed his irritation, "there are a few things you need to understand. One is that I am not like my mother; in fact, the only reason I still carry the Zabini name is because I am the heir to it. He has said on more than one occasion that I am an accident; She never wanted children to begin with, so I am an only child after seven marriages. Second, it was her idea to hide my gender after husband number six, a Selwyn, as I recall of her, tried to marry me off in revenge for the LeStrange family; the older brother of twins Rodolphus and Rabastian lost most of the family fortune to my mother. Third, and just as important, I am aware of my family's history and my debt to Potter House for bringing us to Britain. While my mother ignores the Vassal Pact, I know that she has broken it before; she even tried to arrange a marriage with us minors so that she would have control of her great fortune. I know I can't because I'm the last one in my house.

The revealed woman shook her head in annoyance before continuing, though her tone softened a bit. “I'm not as dumb as some of the Elites. I know I can revitalize my House and restore the reputation that brought it to the House in the first place. If I had gone to Hogwarts as I really am, Adrian, Vincent, Greg, and Theodore would have been leading an attack on me that first night there. Draco would have simply smiled at that while the other witches would have'suitably distracted'not to come to my aid. To prevent this, I use an old Italian spy spell; it's a combination of Glamour, Note-Me-Not directed at my body, and its functions, with a Gender Transfiguration on top as a 'just in case'.

Harry's confusion showed in his facial expression; that spell didn't make much sense as a Gender Transfiguration. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 The realization hit him at that moment. Just because he had additional attachments under that spell didn't mean Hogwarts would be fooled. Just to sleep he would have to be in the girls' dorm, which would be extremely strange to see a man wandering there every night, assuming Slytherin dorms shared the same rules as Gryffindor.

"I believe you," he leaned back in his chair. “The intrigue that unfolds in the dungeons is too much. Okay, since you openly admit that your mother violated the Vassal Pact, you should know that the punishment clause has probably taken effect. along with anyone in her name as fines. What saves your House and Name is that you came to me; Christiana Zabini is barred from the House Potter, House Zabini Covenant for breach of contract. You'll get your wish, Blaise; I will help you restart your House and bring back the reputation it once had.

Her voice hardened as her eyes narrowed, "Should House Zabiniforeverviolates the Covenant again, House Potter will search for the Line Slayer under Clause Eight. You understand?"

'¡Ai!' Blaise thought, because this was extreme. He knew better than to argue the point, since it was justifiable; still, Slayer by Line was death to all people related by blood to the fourth parting. Being that there was Crabbe, Goyle, Nott, Yaxley, Bulstrode and a few others he couldn't think of a family tree for him. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 That would be a lot of dead people.

The silence stretched out, letting Harry's clone take a good look at her. She cut off her hair, possibly so that when she transfigured into a child, she wouldn't lose it. Her eyes were hazel that contrasted with her brown skin. Her robes, into which she clenched her teeth, were burgundy lightly trimmed with white. That was an odd combination in her mind, but she didn't stop there.

"Yes," he finally answered, after allowing his eyes to wander, "I completely understand."

When Harry's parade ended, taking a witch to a different room, each Daphne Greengrass found herself isolated in a trophy room. She noted that they were for things ranging from eighteen ten to nineteen seventy, including target shooting, pheasant hunting, and various other mundane things she had no idea about. In her opinion, the head of a mounted boar was not very attractive.

He didn't want to know exactly where that Rocky Mountain elk head came from: a beautiful ten-pointed deer.

"Okay, I'm sorry", the clone had disappeared for a few moments. After entering the room, he was followed by a levitated tea table and an armchair for her. After placing them where she wanted, she conjured up a plush black leather office chair on casters that matched the hardwood floor.

"Hmmm," she didn't offer any opinion on anything at this point. Daphne wasn't as aware as some of the other witches invited to this little gathering why they were having private interviews.

"Let's get down to business then," Clone-Harry began, not wanting to mince words. “Yes, first a question and answer session. Tell me, are you aware of any contract between House Potter and House Greengrass?

When he asked the question, he decided to observe his appearance. She was trying something different with her hairstyle, since it was a pageboy cut, her blonde hair framing her porcelain-skinned face. Her eyes were a strange shade of icy gray, which combined with her brilliance earned him the nickname of her.'Ice Princess'🇧🇷 His robes -Merlin was starting to hate them- were royal blue with turquoise details.

Taking her time to answer, she thought of the appropriate response. Although the administration of the House, therefore, all the contracts, was in charge of her father, she was aware of some details. She mentally frowned, knowing that Lucius Malfoy had been snooping around before he disappeared earlier in the month. From what she had heard, he was thinking of setting up a commitment or line continuation contract. He was pushing for both her and Astoria for some reason; The whole situation made no sense because it was common knowledge that House Parkinson was also being courted.

House Potter having a contract of any kind literally fell out of the blue. When no response came from him, Harry continued.

“Okay, I'm going to assume,” he leaned back in the chair that partially reclined with him, “that this is completely unexpected. When I was executed in my Inheritance Rite by goblins, you would understand my surprise at seeing House Greengrass as a vassal. Oh yes,” he pointed out, eyebrows raised in disbelief, “somewhere along the lines of his House committing to mine. Of course, the vassalage clause has fallen out of favor a long time ago, so I'd say it was sometime in the early 17th century.

With the exception of the rebellion of her front, Daphne kept herIce Princess' mask.

"Look, I came to find Greengrass House breached that contract," he dropped the bombshell on her when, one floor below and five rooms down, the clone speaking to Pansy had created/dispelled another of her brothers in space. half a minute. time. second; alerting the lot -and Original-Harry- to this information. "More than once it appears," she modified her statement with a frown.

For the first time since she was selected for Slytherin, she felt a great deal of nervousness. She had heard, seen later, about what goes on in the Hogwarts dungeons and wanted nothing to do with it.Well he's still talking, thought,so all is not lost yet.

“On nineteen zero nine your great-grandfather confirmed the oaths between our houses. In 1953, his grandfather, a secret agent of Voldemort, who had not yet become active, but was operating here in the Isles under the guise of Grindelwald's remains, attacked and killed my great-grandfather. This is the original break of the Vassal Pact; whose sanctions were agreed between our Houses in parliament to avoid a dispute later that year.

He frowned because his father had never told him any of this before. While your parents were from'Don't bother us'persuasion, she was aware of his behind-the-scenes support for the Dark Lord. As much as her great-grandfather promoted neutrality, he was conveniently ignored in favor of listening to some upstarts talk about forcing traditions on the populace and controlling Muggles/Muggle-borns. Same whenTo thehe went crazy in '76 and began to slaughter everything that breathed, his parents continued to defend that propaganda ofTu.

Daphne now had other pieces to other puzzles. She always wondered why her father never talked about hers; her great-grandfather told him that he had been disowned and sentenced to severe punishment for breach of contract. When she died in eighty-eight, she kept her diaries and a letter from her; all disappearing under mysterious circumstances into her father's office and then disappearing without a trace.

“Our Houses agreed,” Harry continued after allowing her to digest the information, “that your grandfather would be impeached and that when Greengrass House begat daughters, the first two would go to Potter House. The eldest would keep the last name, while the youngest would not. Years later, my grandfather expressed his concern to his great-grandfather for his grandchild; what if he followed in his father's footsteps or blatantly ignored his obligations. Your father graduated from Hogwarts in '71; The word from our allies was that he was repeating the rhetoric of one Tom Riddle at the Castle. As head of the house, your great-grandfather agreed, without protest, that if either or both happened, as it appears to have, House Greengrass would be absorbed into House Potter and restarted in the next generation.

the stoic'I am Ice, nothing bothers me'broken mask under the impact of such a statement.

"Are you talking…?" she began, looking terrified as she got up from her chair.

"Sit down," his voice was harsh, making the command persist as he flung himself to the side. “I know that magic is a fickle thing; the words coming out of my mouth may well have started the process. Look at this as an opportunity, Daphne,” her grim face relaxed, “you can start your house from scratch. Granted, the Wizengamot headquarters will be in the hands of my House for five generations, not as a repair, but as a means to ensure that your House isn't completely destroyed, but other than that, you won't lose anything. Damn woman, I could give you such a fortune that your tenth generation children wouldn't have to work a day in their lives if they didn't waste the gold. I was at Gringotts yesterday and found the goblins asking me for a favor; they needed some of the physical coins hidden in my safe. Now I got it.

A piece of parchment slid across the room before landing on the table between them. Daphne had never seen anything like what she was seeing; if the goblins didn't keep her word, this could be the means to completely destroy them.

Promissory note issued to House Potter

Value: One Hundred Thousand Galleons

Invoice number: 23.523

Gringott's GUARANTOR of this note

Ragnok, Feudal Lord of the Goblin Nation

"Yes, I have the notes before this one in one of my vaults," he sent the scroll back to his office. “They vary in value, most are those hundred thousand while others are ten or only thousand. I am the first wizard born in an ancient house of any status to have paper money instead of gold. Don't get me wrong, I still have many vaults full of coins on top of bills. That's what I mean by giving you a fortune by pureblood standards; I'm so far ahead of them it's ridiculous.

Harry's clone was rambling, not realizing that his audience had decided to take an impromptu nap with the implications of his wealth.

"Bollocks," he groaned as he began to wake her up.

While Harry's clone number four was trying to revive a Greengrass, clone eight was talking to his sister Astoria. Much of the conversation with the younger of the two sisters was the same as with the older. Where he disagreed was shortly after being informed of the agreement between the Chambers.

"Let me clear this up," the'ice maiden'person was in full force, “are you telling me that, for all intents and purposes, we are not eligible for any other type of contract?”

"Well, as the head of the Potter House, I can declare the contract void," was his nervous reply, understanding a little what the others felt under that look. “Doing so, however, would break the old Vassal Pact and lead to a Blood Feud between our Houses. It's not something I hope I've already declared at Casa Prince.

"No, no, no, no, no," she waved her arms in front of her quickly. “The current contract is a good thing; Daphne and I have been worried for some time that Lucius Malfoy, prior to his disappearance, was trying to imitate a dog and sniff our skirts. It's bad enough that Pansy got dragged into trouble with Malfoy, but trying to fill your house with so many daughters is. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 Well, I would say barbaric, but you don't try.

"I heard where you came from," Harry assured him that he hadn't missed. “It is one thing for a set of circumstances to produce a result; it is an entirely different thing to force these circumstances. House Potter has narrowly avoided having to honor the various contracts since shortly before Grindelwald was born for various reasons, mostly under the pretense that the House had no less than two members at any given time until my grandfather died. in the eighties Eighty-two. 🇧🇷

"So…" Astoria trailed off, not knowing what would happen next.

"Right," the Harry across from her began twirling his thumbs, trying to strike up a conversation. As his blank mind continued to produce nothing, his eyes wandered a bit.

Astoria was a similar shade of blonde to her sister's, pulled back into a simple low ponytail that fell to the middle of her back. Her eyes were ice gray, just like her sister's, she would find out later. One area in which the sisters differed was in her skin tone; where Daphne was porcelain, Astoria was the color of a marshmallow tan, a light golden brown that indicated too much time outdoors.

The younger Greengrass's tunic was backwards than the older one's; turquoise edged in royal blue. They were also three-quarter sleeved, reaching halfway between the wrists and elbows.

When the conversation between the Harrys and the Greengrass sisters stalled, clone fourteen was housing the oldest living human on the battlements.

"What the hell is this gut?" Nymphadora Tonks demanded, waving the letter Harry had sent to her mother over her head.

“Don't hit me,” Clone Harry wailed, “or I'll explode. Just give me a chance to explain here and. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷

"Explain now!" she cut him off, tossing the letter on the table that separated them. Her loss of control over her temper led to drastic measures on her part.

"VOLDEMORT!" he yelled, surprising her with her speech. She learned to use this wailing tactic from Hagrid at the end of her first year; It seems that it was really effective.

"Okay, now that I have your attention," he gestured to the chair she'd knocked over when she came into the room, picking it up. "Sit down and let's talk."

The two looked at each other for five minutes, each waiting for the other to start. Every time one got tired, the other would open his mouth at the same time, leading to a strange stalemate.

Using time wisely, Harry's clone glanced at the young woman in front of him. Tonks, as he learned early on not to use his first name, preferred shoulder-length bubblegum pink hair. He was in stark contrast to his violet eyes, he was sure they weren't his natural color, though he wasn't going to be judgmental. Her ancestry was obvious as she was in aweird sistersT-shirt and a plaid skirt that didn't reach her knees, although she was wearing black leggings, so her skin wasn't exposed.

“Okay,” he finally forced, “we should get down to business. I sent the reinstatement notice to your mother because it's true. Since Sirius was deceived by the wonderful Ministry of Mismanagement and Magical Logic Excuses Department, I found myself as the head of the House of Black. Scrolling through the Family Tree, I found members who were rejected for being more human than puppets. Your mother, Cedrella, Alphard and Marius, to name a few. So, following the Will of Arcturus Black, I reinstated them, more posthumously, and expelled those who were lost like Bellatrix. I'm still not clear on Narcissa and Draco, but we're not here to talk about them.

“House Black,” he relaxed in his chair, “is in dire straits. With so few true blacks left, the House is in danger of extinction. While I've come up with more than a few, I don't see a problem if I don't at least try to save it. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 well it's going to be a nightmare for sure. His mother, happily married, chose not to participate in the Restoration. Your father, being of the First Generation, knows that your name will not continue unless by some miracle you find yourself with a younger brother. So why did he bring your mother back into the fold, which included you as her daughter? We get to the heart of the matter.

"Are you kidding?" she seemed skeptical, and he couldn't blame her. “That's just. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 is outdated, old fashioned and just plain stupid.

“You won't get any arguments from me,” she agreed, “but at the same time you're the only unmarried, unbred woman within the House that I know where she is. If Narcissa were to relinquish her right to Draco before I disowned her, for example, she would fall under the same clause that affects you. I know, the whole consanguinity thing, right? she posed herself, seeing that it was a problem.

“By the Tapestry, my grandmother was your great-grandfather's sister, making us distant fourth cousins ​​once or twice; however things go. Narcissa is a third, so-and-so, whereas I think she's pretty much Draco. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 for blood, fourth something. At home; not be in any way the son of a designated terrorist, thus being disqualified”.

"So what, I have no choice in the matter?" Her hair turned fiery red, a clear indicator of her mood.

"Well, I could, at your request, undo the reset," he offered, leaning back in his chair and looking totally unconcerned. Mainly because it was his choice, even if he wasn't showing what he was really thinking. “But since the dowry is in arrears, your mother just collected two and a half million that was set aside for you later. 🇧🇷.”, he trailed off, knowing that money talks.

"Way to put me between a rock and a hard place," he complained, shaking his head. Her hair returned to bubblegum pink, which means that he returned to his normal self.

"Look, you're not the only one," Harry pointed towards the door. “There are three other Houses represented here today by witches; these Houses have the same chance as the Black House to start over. That's not something just any person on the busy street can claim; that they were responsible for a House's revival, the less the older the House was. Forget the one with a name longer than He-who-is-scripted-by-the-sheep.”

For the first time between the two a relaxed silence descended, interrupted by the occasional clone of Harry or Dobby who always followed their Master's copies wandering through the open door.

Harry was considering asking the question that the shapeshifter had probably heard too many times to count, but decided against it. If he had known that asking to see what she really looked like and not her angelic face that, if framed by her red hair, would look like a tomato was something he rarely heard, he would have agreed.

"Okay, drop your pants," she commanded suddenly as only she could. How she was a 'Puff when she was acting more like a Gryffindor was anyone's guess.

"Sorry what?" The demand took him by surprise, as witnessed by his eyes trying to get out of his skull.

“Pants, pants, underwear, you know the clothes on the lower half of your body,” she explained, using as many adjectives as she could think of to make her point.

"Who what what who?" his mind had shut down, leaving him crying like a novice in front of the Sorting Hat.

"Merlin's flaming penis!" he cursed in the unique way that was all of Tonks. "Do you need written instructions to go with this?"

It was strange, Original-Harry noted as he poked his head into another room to find his clone and Angelina Johnson going through the books containing the Ritual for the Birth of the Wizarding Family. Although not a few managed to lose their pants between the end of the wonderful brunch and when he went to get them; none were involved in any of the physical activities that he discovered during the week.

So far, the whole event seemed to be going at least decently. Not wanting to cast a spell on himself, he avoided calling it 'doing it right', which was the thought that cast a spell on him.

"What the hell is that in your pants, a dragon?!" Alicia Spinnet yelled from three quarters away, before bumping into another Harry, who turned out to be the one she was looking for.

"This is not fun at all!" she scolded him, looking terrified. “You know, the twins tried something like this a few years ago, thinking they could score if they were too big, they could get a quickie. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷

"It's as real as your breasts!" she fought back, feeling a strong blow to his ego. "I don'tnoI know that Fred and George tried something like that. Remember, many of you were pulling this'He is the heir, run for your lives!A little with me? I have no desire to pretend to have a tool that can function as a spear, right?!”

Their raised voices gained an audience from the surrounding rooms as a clone and a witch looked to see what the ruckus was about.

Penny ran past, pushing Alicia back into the room she was in before closing the door. Harry looked at himself and his guests before barking at them.


one thousand nine hundred; The same day

"Okay, that wasn't too bad," Harry breathed a deep sigh of relief as the last of his unusual guests returned home. Although the day had its ups and downs, it wasn't the complete disaster that dinner had been the week before. "Remind me to hurt Fred and George for thinking of having fun in too many ways."

It came as a surprise to learn that the twins had attempted something that was rated on the "not correct" scale. Granted, there were no nefarious thoughts behind his self-defeating departure; they were trying to laugh and get laid. It took the Chaser-Trio to calm Harry down.Crush, maim, kill!for'shame on them'telling him that they got revenge the way only a woman can with a horny man around.

Complete cock lock, after pissing them off too.

At that moment all three of them wished they were under McGonagall's eyes; the stern look he gave them was so fierce and his lips disappeared into a thin white line. They had gotten it into their heads that doing this was not the safest idea in the world; if it was someone who was determined to get it, whether the woman was cooperative or not, they wouldn't laugh about it.

Katie responded by saying that the Twin Terrors were really sorry; in a Slytherin-worthy move, the three blackmailed them into social death into their stunt's dating pool. The look she received in return wasdeath pose, which calmed her down instantly.

"What exactly did you tell Alicia?" he turned to Penny, whose face had a beautiful shade of joy. Her gaze turned stern as she gave him the Mona Lisa smile; that little twist of the lips that she would screamI know something you don't know!.

"Just the truth," she replied from her refuge behind Hermione, who was trying not to laugh. Harry was being completely unreasonable with his teammates; on the other hand, he was known to get fierce when someone he knew personally was threatened in any way. Sharing a dressing room with them meant there wasn't much the four of them didn't know about each other.

"True, and what was the truth?" Harry wondered as he looked at a portrait; his voice was soft and sad. The tone told the story: he expected a backlash at any moment.

"That even though it's as real as the rest of you, you're still learning how to use it," was the honest reply. “Alice was surprised to hear this; she knows you don't need an ego as a preference. With the things you did in those first two years at Hogwarts, anyone else would tell the story at least once or twice to the masses. Oh . 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 Carrot cover. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 you know, the other Weasley you were friends with; yes, he was good at doing what everyone expected you to do. Parade like he owns the place; impress people with powerful stories; absorb attention."

“Bah,” he huffed, “just wait until I'm in those halls again. Ron will eat words for a while. He shook his head, returning to the original topic. “For ten years, everything I heard from me. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 housemates, that was how weird he was. Every time something went wrong, yeah'blame Harry's weather'🇧🇷 Okay, now I know that my aunt was jealous of my mother. The jealousy of my uncle and my cousin because they were not up to me. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 well inEsdepartment anyway.

The three young women noted her use of the present tense in relation to taking the blame, which means that her aunt and uncle's treatment was deeply entrenched.

“Well,” Luna chimed in, trying to cheer Harry up, “by general consensus, witches are willing to give the deal a chance. There are some difficult areas that each of us will have to work on eventually; nothing too important though. The biggest complaint, actually, was that you hid too much in the background before springing into action out of nowhere. They, and the rest of the school, in fact, would rather be there when something crazy happens or hear the words straight from your mouth.

"I guessed from what Penny said," he looked at the blonde out of the corner of his right eye. “That was another thing I learned in that decade: to stay hidden in the shadows at all times. Hmm. 🇧🇷.”, he suddenly stopped thinking, before taking out a scroll and a fountain pen from his office. "Let me make this easier to understand."

He started writing a list. It didn't take long, but at the same time it was depressing to see that he was subjected to such treatment.

House rules:

1.) Don't ask questions.

2.) Don't talk unless you have to.

3.) Do not be seen by the guests if it can be avoided.

4.) Don't ask questions.

5.) Don't talk unless you have to.

6.) Don't complain.

7.) Don't ask questions.

8.) Don't talk unless you have to.

9.) Don't outdo anyone in the house at anything.

The 'no questions' and 'no talking' rule was repeated four more times, much to Hermione's anger. She wondered why Harry's curiosity dominated him most of the time; now he had a good idea. It was bad enough that humans as a whole were curious; it was even worse if that urge to find out why things were the way they were was suppressed to the point of becoming an irrational buzz before suddenly unleashing.

"Oh my gosh," Penny's inner Ravenclaw was crushed by the list. Being a prefect and then chief prefect in the intellectual house had its advantages; one of them was access to the All-Time Gradebook. It was a Codex for every student that graced the halls of Hogwarts; created thirteen thirteen - the almighty year - by a Ravenclaw alumni headmaster in establishing the current system. It would automatically update at the end of each term with student grades, sorted by year, house, and overall.

He sneaked a peek during the Chamber fiasco, looking for clues there, since whoever was attacking the students had to have some intelligence. The then second year group had Harry in the bottom third, passing comfortably but with plenty of room for improvement. For House, he came in last fifth; In general, in sixteenth place. His scores raised a flag or two in his mind, but since he was looking for something completely different, he ruled it out. Then his unexpected Maturity hit him and took him out of his mind; even though the last time he'd seen the book, he'd moved to the top half of the board by having all the EE's. He only remembered it when the memory auto-lock was removed.

"Scruffy looking nerf herder!" Luna yelled at the list, as if she were death personified. In her first year, she saw how lost Harry was without the talking encyclopedia of hers that was Hermione. Of course, he was at least nice to her unlike Ronald. When she was petrified, the ratings of the youngest male Weasley plummeted to almost the legendary position of the Last Dead. Harry wasn't much better, but he tried infinitely harder than his now former friend.

Hermione's reaction worried Harry a great deal, as she had gone completely silent, which was never a good sign. It was hard to understand that someone could do that to a child, forget about blood relatives. The vile piece of parchment, which looked innocent on the table in the corner, explained a lot. There were times when Harry was curious to make a cat appear to be sleeping; so there were times when he was completely lost on a subject but he wouldn't open his mouth to clarify it.

"I'm trying to break some nasty habits," his voice was low again, waiting for someone to laugh at him and/or tell him he got what he deserved. It was times like these that he hated being a teenager; damn hormones were everywhere. “That's why I've been checking my library every day since I moved here. I know my parents would be furious about my grades; my grandparents certainly were and they told me so.”

"Don't worry about it," Hermione finally spoke, before conjuring the flames from her bell to light the scroll. She hastily levitated it off the table so it wouldn't get burned. “I understand Harry, I really do. For two years I examined his work; at least you tried andtried🇧🇷 In fact, I should have known something was wrong by the way you literally translated the book assignment, which never returned more than an Acceptable, or on the rare occasions where you put in personal thoughts and experiences. Outside. Those were the best, mostly getting O's, but they were so few and far between that they didn't help their grades much.

"Well, Potions is a lost cause since Snape is in charge," he offered a half smile, unable to believe what he was hearing. The accolades were unheard of on Privet Drive; Hogwarts wasn't much better whether the population loved it or hated it.

The younger witch duo headed home at that point, deciding they'd better leave on a high note. They could see the expression on her face and knew that she was feeling quite happy.

"We must?" Penny took it upon herself to be available for her needs. It took her the better part of a week to convince him that she was okay with her needing to use her magic like that.

He smiled back at her, leading her to his room.

1945; Friday, August 26, 1994; Quidditch World Cup Stadium

"This is incredible!" Luna yelled to be heard above the crowd, taking in the view from the Top Box.

The Quad, as they jokingly called themselves at the moment, had taken one of the last portkeys to the party. It was a laborious climb to the box, countless flights of stairs along with the jostling crowd. They saw the various Houses that were linked in one way or another to the Potter House; Draco Malfoy looked spectacular when they passed each other. Narcissa, sensing the extreme danger from her householder, quickly shooed her son away from him.

They also saw the Weasleys and Diggorys, on their way to the Nosebleed Ring; the highest room in the place where there were no seats. The four of them didn't get close enough to be seen by the redheaded family; Which was a good thing Ron was speaking out loud to Cedric in his hatred for how high up they were.

As a member of the Wizengamot, Harry was the first to decide on World Cup tickets. That's what got the Weasleys and Diggory out of the box; His group occupied the front row, which would otherwise be Arthur's. Amos Diggory, caring for his friend and co-worker, chose to follow his lead for the Ring.

"Great!" Harry's smile was contagious as he watched the field through his Omnioculars. When they passed the souvenir stall, he bought one for each of them, allowing the four of them to see everything, plus a lot of Irish stuff. Such as shirts, hats, jumbo clovers and the like. Penny even transfigured into a giant green foam finger; Luna immediately ordered one for herself.

The four of them were waiting for the other six guests to arrive, even when Harry looked over at a house-elf who was acting strangely. As the quaffle release neared, Tonks, hired as a ruse for personal security, Padma, Parvati, Su, Hannah, and Susan were already sporting their own memories.

"Absolutely incredible!" Su Li's small form screeched, literally vibrating with excitement. She, like the Patil twins, was aware that her heritage was a potential obstacle to being in the top draw, were it not for Harry being himself and bringing them with him.

"Tonks," Harry snapped at his pseudo-guard as she "patrolled" when in reality she had just beaten up a food vendor for some expensive food, "take a look at that elf and the chair at the other end of the street". . row two". He learned a lot from Dobby, including strange behavior elves had in general. While following orders was a given, they were also happier not to be seen unless absolutely necessary and Elf was not following protocol in the slightest.

As the fledgling Auror walked away to take a look at what was going on, Harry went back to scanning the stadium and the crowd. Here, an old man with his left index finger two knuckles on his nose. There, near field level, Justin Finch-Fletchley jumping up and down like a maniac for pregame festivities. In a corner out of sight of those who weren't looking specifically, he was. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷

“Luna,” he called her, “at ten o'clock, fifteen rows below the landing of the bleachers. Marietta Edgecombe takes on two guys at once?

The question had all the Omnioculars in the box looking at that point. Sure enough, there was the Ravenclaw in question hunched over, her skirt around her waist; her top and bra were positioned over her developing breasts as one enjoyed her mouth and the other her bottom.

"Gulping Gargoyles!" Susan couldn't believe what she was seeing before her eyes. Then again, these guys were small compared to Harry, and as such, they lost interest in live porn.

"Look a little further down, Cho looks very uncomfortable," Hermione informed. The Ravenclaw Seeker actually looked like she'd rather be somewhere else while her best friend was having fun; Either that or she had just lost a bet, one of the two.

"Ooh, the possibilities," Luna's voice was barely audible as she set off for dreamland. The blackmail material she had now was worth her weight in her gold and she intended to collect it.

Harry looked back at the crowd after one last look at Marietta. One of the two guys he recognized as Roger Davies, the other couldn't see his face. The future fifth year would have been classified as attractive if it weren't for the look he got from his activities. That made him frown for a moment to think about it, before reassessing the entire statement. It would be the height of hypocrisy for him to judge one woman for taking on two, or more, at the same time, since he could create hundreds of himself. Yes, that was the problem. He was already uneasy at the idea of ​​seeing his clones having fun; the mere whisper of asking another guy out. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷

She had a bit of weird accidental magic in that moment, as her gaze returned to Marietta and her good old days. If the look in her eyes was correct, she was close to orgasm; that look became the look a lot of men get when they do something really stupid. Harry's magic reached out and shut them both down just as his orgasm was about to begin; it got better when both boys thought they were done and making themselves presentable before leaving the highly frustrated girl there. He could see Cho controlling her friend, doing what she could to be a shoulder to cry on while Marietta tried to tear herself apart.

Luna, also watching the scene, wanted to attack Harry for his wonderful gift. Two of the tormentors' weaknesses of hers were exposed; Marietta was denied an orgasm after beingso closeand Cho seemed to be fighting with herself as she rubbed one right there, just like any voyeur would. Edgecombe's occasional roar of rage, barely heard above the roar of the crowd, was music to her ears.

While the teens were figuring out all sorts of things to keep track of their classmates, Tonks didn't have as much of a chance on the other side of the box. House-elf Winky was being very protective of a seat for her master, but she didn't say who that master was. Deciding to wait until after the start of the game to come back and try again, he walked over to Harry as Minister Fudge entered the box with his Bulgarian counterpart and his chosen hangers-on for the night. as there were no smiles'House House'or a bright pink cardigan, it was a sure bet that Umbridge wasn't around, a plus in all Ministry officials.

Fudge looked happy for five seconds before Harry turned in his chair to look at the new arrivals. Eyes looking around revealed the Lovegood heiress, Bones and Abbot with three foreigners and what had to be a muggle-born.

"Something's up," Tonks informed Harry, causing him to look at the elf who had hidden her face again. The action caught the attention of the ministers and their entourage, who turned to see what was happening.

"I say," Ludo Bagman jumped into the box at that moment, "what is Barty's elf doing here by himself?"

"Barty?" Harry looked at Bagman, "As in Bartemius Crouch Senior? Where is he?"

"I wish I knew," Fudge muttered as his guest continued to speak Bulgarian to his own people. The impromptu mention of Bartô Júnior passed through his head.

"What do you need it for?" Bagman tried to look sly, but it looked like he needed to go to the bathroom right away. There was something about the retired scout that was making Harry nervous; sincerely like most Ministry officials.

"Nothing involving Casa Bagman", was the formal response, arousing the interest of those who did not know. "Just a matter between Houses Black, Potter, and Crouch."

Fudge reeked of extreme danger; the young man brought the matter up behind the closed doors of the Wizengamot. Doing this here in public, in front of a foreign dignitary! - It was just one more step.

As if summoned by the young lord, Bartemius Crouch appeared briefly. That moment was all Harry needed.

“Bartemius Crouch Sr., has been charged with attempted robbery of the Black House line and interference with the then heir apparent of House Black and House Potter. You and your lineage will be forever deprived of the House of Black; Potter House requires ten million standard galleons worth of repairs and your life! You arrested my godfather without trial or due diligence!”

Crouch did the right thing and fled, Harry headed for the stairs to yell the last one at the man, who took much longer than necessary to hear the statement.

"Good, good," Fudge whispered, fingering his bowler hat.

"Now that that's done," Harry returned to his seat, "I'm here to watch Quidditch. Unless I invited you, please don't bother me."

To confirm

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*Chapter 7*: Arc One Part Seven

Disclaimer: I do not claim ownership of any copyrighted character, place, or event used here. The only thing I claim is this fic, which originated in my head, and any original characters created by me here. The following was made for public consumption at zero profit and is not for sale except to the proprietary companies. Yes, I dream big.

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Magical Maturity; Arc One Part Seven

By: (Conductor) Jim Ohki

2300; Friday, August 26, 1994; Quidditch World Cup Stadium

“That was fair. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 Impressive!" Harry appeared to be crying tears of joy over the match, earning amused glances from his guests. The Irish team had just passed through the box to collect the trophy, shaking hands with their Bulgarian teammates and the spectators present.

"Oh yeah, funny," Hermione was uncomfortable as Viktor Krum was staring at her body, distracting her. "Can we go now?"

"The bastard better not be a Hogwarts this year," the group leader muttered to himself, making sure they weren't overheard. He reminded her to have a meeting with the large crowd of girls the first day after the party or as soon as the damn vow of silence was lifted. The Yule Ball would present a problem unless it was resolved beforehand. “Okay, our Portkey doesn't leave for another two hours, so let's go for a walk; see the views; meet friends. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 Where did that leprechaun go?

He was looking from person to person and noticed that the guardian of the unused chair was finally gone, which was strange since Bartemius Crouch hadn't returned to the Box after escaping.

"Something weird is going on here," Tonks murmured, her eyes moving like her mentor's. The only thing missing was the ability to look through your own head in this regard.

"Right, everyone keep your eyes open and stay close," Harry did what came naturally when asked and took over. "I'd rather it was nothing more than… Tonks, think like a bad boy for a minute." What is the purpose of this little gathering?

"Now that the game is over," he began slowly, working through the scenario in his mind. “With people getting drunk and stupid. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 very much a goal."

"Come on," his demeanor hardened as he led them out of the Box and back to Tent City. Being paranoid wasn't doing anyone any favors; Let's hope there's no more chaos than people having fun.

As soon as they got to‘Land of a Thousand Portable Houses’Susan, Hannah, Padma, Parvati, and Sue split up to return to their families and/or rooms for the night. They had each seen the serious look in Harry's eyes as he surveyed his surroundings, watching and deciding to convey a message to the respective adults.

"Ron, could you please stop criticizing Harry?" Fred/George's voice, it was impossible to tell, came from a tent through which the four of them were passing. “We get it, you're just jealous that he met Krum; enough little brother

"Penny?" Percy looked through the flap to see his ex. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 standing next to the topic of conversation. This would definitely not bode well if not handled carefully.

"Gred, Forge, Douche and Backstabber," he greeted the twins jovially before speaking impassively to the other pair of Weasley gifts. “You two I don't know, then. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 Harry Potter at your disposal.

Bill and Charlie came out of their temporary room upon hearing the new voice, wondering who had shown up. There, surrounded by four girls, was the head of the Potter house, etc. One of those girls was giving Ron a nasty look while another was giving Percy a stinky look. The blonde was just swaying from side to side, looking everywhere.butto what was in front of you. The last, and oldest, not that they were foolish enough to put it, he took up a guard post surveying the crowd. As for the young Lord himself; older siblings in the litter noted their eyes looking around the area, taking in the surroundings.

"Guys, why are you so quiet?" Arthur left another room, before seeing why they weren't celebrating yet. "Oh Mr. Potter. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷

"Unless it's a formal setting, Harry works very well," he interrupted the Weasley Patriarch, surprisingly "warmly" if that were possible. “I just wanted to say hi to the twins and see you at Hogwarts. Oh, and while you're here; Tonks," he gestured to the Auror next to him, "and I think something strange is going on tonight. Stay alert because we. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷

He was unable to finish as what at first seemed like a roar of voices turned into a cacophony of shouting. Those outside the tent turned left, searching for the cause of the chaos, only to be met with a nasty surprise in the form of masked, crazed wizards.

"Death Eaters?!" Tonks was impressed that the group had apparently surfaced.nowof all times. "Sorry Harry, I have to go!" were his parting words as he ran towards the crowd that was running the other way, trying to catch up with the rioters.

"Arthur!" The aforementioned Potter barked, pulling the man out of the tent from him. "Take these three to the Burrow with your family, I'll be with you shortly to pick them up."

"And where you're going?" Hermione asked, not wanting to leave her side as confusion descended on the hundred thousand wizards running around her. The response she got was silence and a right index finger pointing directly at the hooded wizards.

"Go now," he turned to Penny and Luna, before facing the oncoming wizards. “Spoil my good time?! Your asses are mine!

The screaming masses were unaware at first as the floating mundane was torn from the air before being gently placed in a grove of trees. What caught his attention—and that of the Death Eaters, for there was no other group brazen enough to mask the dawn—was a fleeting shockwave that caught dust and debris, dimming visibility before the magic of all colors. started to fly. As the Dark Lord's followers and other rioters took cover, they were still stunned by the power behind the attack.

As the non-combatants fled, Harry charged through the gap. From outside, all that could be seen was a confused combat; due to poor visibility, it became difficult to tell who was shooting at whom.

The splitting Aurors and Ministry officials fought anything that moved—sometimes a troublemaker, sometimes themselves, sometimes Harry; the Death Eaters crouched because their attention was not divided; Random wizards cast curses of all varieties; so there was Harry walking through the mess destroying everything he could find. It was planned for him not to try to be lethal yet, as that would be wrong, at this point, since there were good guys in melee, in his eyes.

As all four sides of the battle exchanged fire, in some cases literally, from the forest came a scream and lime green lightning shot up into the sky. The masked mages looked up and tried to run away; tried to be the key word there, since Harry didn't want any of it.

He pointed his right hand at the Dark Mark before making a fist. In doing so, the portion of Mark's skull was crushed like a magical can before it was all ripped from the sky, dissolving as he fell. His left hand was doling out Transformations and Animations as if they had been outlawed; One of the clothed figures can be seen running around being chased by a fake bear. Another had a Tanuki strapped to his face, hitting him over the head with a pan of all things.

"It is a trap!" a third Death Eater managed to shriek after his head transformed into what looked like a herring. One room went from being able to fight to an addition to wood like a tree with the wave of a hand. Fish Head quickly tried to cut his friend off after aConfusedit made him think his skull was an axe.

A fifth member of the strike force made a tactical error by firing aOpen Kedavrain tonks. She stepped out of the way, letting the curse pass through her and into the trees. Harry saw the action and pointed both hands at the delinquent.

No one really knew what happened next; the only thing that could be found out was that the poor bastard ended up running after being set on fire with the equivalent of Napalm; whatever it was, the wizards did not know or know how to put out the flames. Nothing anyone could do—disappear, pour water and the like—could put out the fire after they found the guy two hundred yards away, by a lake of all places.

Harry, however, paid no attention to the idiot who had just cooked. While five of the Death Eaters were effectively out of action, there were still six more wreaking havoc. There was no help in the crowd; they were either fleeing in terror or continuing to join the mutiny, increasing the meager number exponentially. Some of the rioters were just doing it because they could, some were drunk, and some believed in the Thoroughbred Movement. Deciding who was doing what and why was not his problem; he was more concerned with keeping Tonks, along with him, that voice of Hermione's conscience was roaring at him, alive and giving his game guests a chance to escape.

The rebellion grew as all Ministry officials joined the fray, including Bagman and Crouch. Screams, spells, screams of agony, curses, threats, screams of terror, screams of pain. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 the madness covered a good part of the field of stores. Harry was getting angry at the stupidity around him as the'good boys'continued to use recreational spells trying to capture the instigators as they'bad boys'they were in it for chaos, death and destruction.

"Time to check me out," he snarled at no one as he assembled his clone army. He hoped he wouldn't have to use that ability; however, as the Beauxbatons congregation was nearly overrun by some of the fun-seeking scum, he had no choice.

Everyone came to a brief halt as a wave of Harry Potter crashed into the masses, taking the turmoil from controlled chaos to pure anarchy. He no longer bothered to order by association; instead, he hit every person in his path with raw power, sending bodies flying in all directions. For a while, the clones had to revert to their original selves in order for the various fighters to get a decent push. He then pushed back and crushed their resistance and, if necessary, their skulls.

"Holy Merlin!" Tonks dove under a flame arrester that would have cut her in half, returning fire with a spell. He could see Harry. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 almost everywhere mowing the opposition like grass. He seemed to be more than fed up with the chaos that surrounded him, as he had turned to the left before bringing his right arm, left to right, across the battle zone. More bodies were lifted into the sky by the blast wave as more dust accumulated. Visibility had dropped to near zero, making continuing the fight a very bad idea. He noticed that the one who had sent the cutter had suddenly turned a head shorter.

The best view now graced the scene, as each Harry, hundreds in number, had fiery whips protruding from both hands. The rioters not that far away began to surrender left and right as the flames of death writhed in the air like so many snakes creating a light show. Unfortunately, there were some in the crowd who wanted to continue.

0200; Saturday, August 27, 1994; The burrow

"What the hell are you doing in this house?!" Molly Weasley roared, brandishing a frying pan at Hermione. She was awakened by the unexpected arrival of her litter, and as the chaos they left behind her needed an explanation from her, it took her time to figure it all out. Then Arthur fought with her, trying to get back to the battlefield. This argument went on for two hours before he finally relented knowing that she was very worried.

"She's here because Harry asked me to bring her here," her husband took the pot from her right hand as he looked at her sternly. “Don't you dare attack her or her companions; he'll know when she gets here.

"He is. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 comingon here🇧🇷 she panicked, wondering what mood he was in.

"Sorry," Penny was playing peacemaker; rather, she was trying, anyway, "she used Mr. Weasley as an excuse to get us out of there before facing him. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 well I don't think they were Death Eaters, but. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷

"Okay, okay," the Weasley matriarch looked conflicted and confused, shaking her head at what was happening. Isn't she welcome here?

"Oh, go boil your head!" Luna had enough attitude, somehow looking fierce and at the same time looking distracted. “She never did anything to you or yours; you know that Ronald started everything being the same as always. It's not her fault that his little one is the size of a peanut.

"Did he try something with you?" Hermione interrupted the conversation, feeling a bit vindicated.

"Well, to be honest, I was six years old at the time," the blonde had the grace to look apologetic. “But he didn't understand that Ginny was a girl; he kept going through his panties for something that wasn't there and showing hers like it was the best thing since Snorkacks. One day in my house he tried this on me; my mother rushed him home and she never let him come back.

"Do it once and they'll never let you forget it," Ron complained, pouting. If they ever found out he had a problem with his pants, he'd never get a date.

"Why is this the first time I've heard this?" Arthur turned to look at Molly, waiting for an answer.

“As she said; She was six years old! she threw her arms into the air in complete exasperation. “It was an honest mistake, something I tried to explain to Celestine, but she didn't get it. Something about possible interference with her future starter; Whatever that means.

The head of Weasley House clapped, knowing exactly what his wife was talking about. No wonder Luna's mother was overprotective of her when it came to being around her children. Knowing her luck, Potter House took it upon herself to care for Luna as she matured. If her children had touched young Lovegood, it would have been hell to pay. She happened to look at her family; while the twins and Ron were confused, Bill, Charlie and Percy understood what she was talking about and nodded as she met their eyes.

Ginny had been paying attention and was silent, knowing what was going on thanks to the Diary's teachings. Tom Riddle had researched familiar magical rituals and, more important to the Dark Lord's mind at the time, how to properly corrupt them. She knew there were two ways to mess with aOpening: A general corruption that permanently binds the magic of the witch or the'appropriate'way that changed the very soul of the witch. The younger Weasley had no way of knowing, having remains of the sixteen year old Riddle, that in his later life he did exactly that with Bellatrix creating the perfect follower.

After all, witches only turn sixteen once. It took him twenty years to perfect her technique and make it irreversible. The rumors she'd allowed to spread that she'd sacrificed her trash in one ritual or another were the perfect distraction in that regard.

"Where the hell are we?!" Amelia Bones yelled, drawing all the attention in the Burrow to the backyard. She was very surprised by the sudden change of scenery; the only thing keeping her from getting back into the fray was that Susan had clung to her aunt and wouldn't let go. Seeing Arthur Weasley significantly lifted her mood; there was only one place like it on all the islands.

Those unaware of Harry's new talent gasped as half a dozen clones wandered among the now talking groups, looking for injuries. Tiny Su Li had been involved in rapid Chinese with her parents while the Patils went back and forth in Hindi.

"The fight was getting fierce," Susan could be heard explaining the battle to Hermione, Luna, and Penny. “Although the masked idiots were subdued, the mostly drunk and stupid crowd kept going. One of the Bulgarian visitors proceeded to set fire to everything Irish in sight. The people of Ireland did not like this at all, forming lines to march on their territory. Out of nowhere Harry appeared. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 well huhveryof him wielding fire whips that scared almost everyone. This was after some idiot tried to cast a Dark Mark that was promptly destroyed.

"Did you see that transmogrified bear nibbling on that one's head?" Hannah intervened after seating her mother in a chair conjured by a clone.

"What about the frying pan that Tanuki wields?" Hers turned in the add direction before turning back to her parents.

"What a bunch of idiots," Luna complained. “First those supposedly deadly excretions or whatever they are called, then the mob riots. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 they must be dumber than Ron when he farts awake.

“Who-o-huh? Whatever is going on here. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 it better stop”, said the target of the mockery, who had been led to the service as a waiter/spy; Molly didn't like night visitors, but she needed information about what was going on. She heard only a part of the murmurs as she wandered.

"Fart up recently?" Hermione scoffed, doing her best to get a good score on the test.'Snape's mocking scale'🇧🇷 She was very happy with her tomato face, even when she turned to Luna. Her blonde was completely unfazed, just rocking in her spot studying the stars.

"I wascincohe growled, wanting to get the mob out of his yard, if only because he was in a bad mood. Between Krum's defeat, the ruckus, and the fact that he hadn't eaten in five minutes, he was in a bad mood. It was bad enough that for the second time in as many hours she had bumped into Harry; now he had to appear tolerant of his tormentors.

(Video) A Passenger Cruise Liner In A 12-point Storm!

"What are you talking about? You did it yesterday," George teased, having heard a funny, inquisitive quip while Fred interjected. "Woke up the whole damn store. Dad thought there was an elephant, Charlie a dragon, and Bill a mummy. That wasn't done in there with you.

"Ugh," Hermione's face tightened in disgust, "thank Merlin Harry has such good manners! Tell me, did you need to check your drawers?

"Oh yes, perfect Potter!" Ron grunted and frowned, his temper raging. He ignored the self-mockery, focusing instead on his former friend. He didn't seem to realize or care that he was being listened to, since he wasn't as quiet as he thought. “He always gets what he wants, including the girls; loaded to the gills with coins and cannot share; everyone's favorite Golden Boy in Gryffindor, while the rest of us fight!"

From the sky there was a brief sound of a heavy metal object falling at a good pace before Ron found himself under an anvil with ACME printed on the side. The sudden random action widened eyes before those aware of how fickle Magic truly was stepped back to avoid harm.

Harry made an entrance in this scene. While Molly was busy trying to move a 300-pound anvil (failing completely to disappear), closer to the orchard there was a flash, a long pause, another burst of light, then a third before he appeared with someone dangling from it. shoulder. . . sliding backwards at his feet. Marking his path were twin trails of flame that burned nothing, fading rapidly as he stopped just short of colliding with Amelia and dragged the Auror (his robe revealed his identity) to his feet.

"Don't ever do that again," those who recognized Tonks raised their eyebrows as she stumbled like a drunk. “I felt like she was using a Portkey in the middle of the Floo.”

"Isn't that an impossibility?" Hannah looked at the Ravenclaws scattered around the courtyard, knowing that they would have at least heard of such magic beforehand, even as a passing reference.

"I think he's referring to the effects on his body," Su shrugged, watching as the Original Harry conjured up a sofa for the Auror to lie on. “Between feeling flushed down a drain and being hooked behind the navel are the different effects on the eyes of each mode of transportation. Oh my goodness . 🇧🇷., ”She paused, looking green as his imagination fed her images he didn't want. She was not alone in that regard; everyone who heard her and understood what she was saying seemed about to get sick.

"There you go!" a tall, dark-skinned Auror appeared with a 'Pop!'of displaced air, appearing irregular. She completely ignored Harry and started talking to Amelia. Initial reports of the mutiny: 783 wounded, 29 dead, property loss worth at least thirteen million galleons, and a transfigured bear we couldn't get rid of.

"What about Tanuki?" Luna seemed worried about the conjured raccoon dog, but being herself it was hard to tell if she was joking or if she was joking.

"Right, the frying pan wielding beast from hell," was the muttered reply. She didn't even know that she had just answered a question that wasn't from his boss. “Dawlish won't be showing up for a while; It seems that the thing liked him and does not stop having sex with his leg. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 and he, for some unknown reason,LikesEast. The raccoon thing that is, not so much the hump on the leg.

Harry had the grace to look embarrassed and the brains to keep his mouth shut about Tanuki being his fault.

“Barking,” Amelia complained as she shook her head, “howling madly. Okay, any of the dead Crunch-n-Munch types?

"Looks like most of the crowd isn't at Chez Azkaban," the yet-to-be-named Auror smiled. “Nott, Crabbe, Goyle, Avery, Bulstrode, Parkinson, both Carrows, Macnair, Yaxley, Flint and Selwyn of all people. Some had Marks and some did not; we know of four who were inmates.

Harry suppressed a laugh as the list was memorized. Pansy would appreciate this little impromptu gift.

“Umbridge vaamorthis,” the DMLE chief joked, his eyes narrowing. If there was a silver lining to the night's events, the high-ranking Death Eaters who had avoided imprisonment or death were now permanently out of the picture. "Did we ever find the one who cast the Dark Mark?"

"Crouch seems to think it was his elf," the reply was emotionless, speaking of the Auror's belief in the matter. He “caught her with a wand, along with Bagman and Diggory. Trash if you ask me; no house elf would willingly wield a wand, knowing the punishments, would forget to use one to cast a piece of magic that would kill them. He gave her the clothes right away before leaving, from what Amos told me.

Unnoticed by all but those who knew him, Dobby quietly appeared and listened to the conversation that wasn't drowned out in the slightest. It seems that the two of them forgot their surroundings or were still in battle mode, which means security information. The excited elf seemed ready to show them that his kind were notneedWands; just as his former Master had discovered. Instead, he received instructions from his new Master and Friend (oh yes, he deserved the caps) to find the Elf in question and take her away. As quietly and quickly as she appeared, she was gone, earning a few raised eyebrows in Harry's direction, to which she shrugged as if to say "Wait a minute, I don't know either."

“It's okay, Kingsley,” Amelia had digested what she needed to know, even though she had no idea he knew where to find her. She “returns to the field and begins cleanup operations. Once,” she paused long enough toTempus, revealing that it was half past three in the morning, “reports from the morning shift make them take over and replace those at the station. Hogwarts starts in four days; We have until then to clean up this mess.

Nodding in acknowledgment, he disappeared the same way he'd arrived, leaving his boss to do whatever it was he'd interrupted. Half a second later, a pair of elves appeared, one looking angry and the other perturbed.

Well, that stopped in Harry's presence. His magic, as strong as it was, usually drew the attention of the nearest Magical Beings within a quarter-mile radius. Being only a few meters from him was simply impressive for those who haven't had a chance to get used to it. Which is why even human mages have trouble holding back around him without the damn scar.

“Grandmaster Harry Potter, sir,” Dobby would never change his address to his 'boss', “this is Winky, sir. She is being released to be a real elf. The Master must be helping Winky!

“Don't worry, Dobby; I intend to do it, ”she looked from one elf to another, noting that this was the same one she had seen in the upper box. “Winky, I know you are a good elf. I have seen you before. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 well last night anyway doing what you did before, ah,EmployerI told you to do it by holding your seat. Even if you never used it, you stayed until the end of the game before leaving. I could tell you were terrified of being so high off the ground; I know a few people who have the same problem,” she smiled at Hermione, who snorted and crossed her arms. "So, since Isablethat you are a good elf who needs a home; Would you like to work for me?”

The elf went from depressed to elated in the blink of an eye. He stopped twitching his ears, allowing them to perk up as his eyes widened, threatening to pop out of his head. Before anyone, especially Hermione, who seemed outraged at what was happening, could object, Winky grabbed the right hand that Harry offered her.

The joining process was unique for those who attended. There were no lights, flashes, waves of magic or anything like that. Instead, one Winky turned into three hundred in the blink of an eye. Then, just to add to the crowd, there were three hundred Dobbys, each choosing a clone of their new co-worker and disappearing onto the battlements or one of the thousands of other properties Harry owned.

"Do you see Hermione? I offered, she accepted and now she's happy as a clam,” she turned to look at the number one opponent of house elf slavery. "The difference between me and people like Malfoy is that I won't abuse the trust she shows in me."

“That, and the house elvesit doesdie if it's not on for long," Luna looked up at the light before dawn made itself known. "You know Harry is too nice to abuse his elves; he would like to be treated.

"Oh alright," the brunette gave up on freeing the Elves before she even started. In its place was a desire to see better treatment of abusive families as a whole. Her gaze softened as she looked at Harry. "You're right, you two."

"Great!" Molly chimed in, trying to hide her nervousness at being so close to the power plant under a cheerful demeanor. "Now that that's settled, can you get her out of here?" She jerked her right thumb in Hermione's direction, earning a fierce scowl from everyone present. The scariest one had to be the fourteen-year-old boy in front of her, since he was the only one with something brilliant happening to her.

"Good," Harry growled, his gaze locked on him. Without turning his head, he addressed the others. "Let's get out of here,someonethey have it in their heads that they are never wrong”. She waited for the others to leave before turning to the head of Weasley House. “House Potter will remember this behavior from Houses Prewett and Weasley; you tread on thin ice as it is. Arthur, thank you for your help tonight, however, Potter House will not be able to pay this debt due to yourwifeNot knowing when to shut up.

The Harry clones that everyone had forgotten about had already left with the Abbots, Bones, Patils, Li and Tonks, so they weren't around to witness the comedy.

1300; September 1, 1994; hogwarts express

"For the love of Morgana!" Harry was banging his head against the wall, totally fed up with the traffic passing his car. Knowing that his responsibilities could not be deferred due to the school year, he arrived at King's Cross an hour early and persuaded the engineer to remove one of the club cars for personal use.

We will go; he convinced himself to jump on the engine, reversing almost hitting the barricade at the end of the line and threatening to drive as fast as he could to Hogsmeade.

Needless to say, he got his own private car. Instead of compartments, the entire vehicle had open seats in rows of seats facing inward against the walls. This allowed the rather large group to see each other without too much effort.

The problem arose shortly after leaving the London station. The engineer, in a fit of pique, informed the entire train where Harry Potter could be found. Within moments people started coming and going, making the noise level very loud, with the door of the next car being left open almost constantly. Some of the visitors, especially the first years, came to'see Harry Potter, the Eighth Wonder of the World'-as the Engineer called it; some came just to say hello, while others, Malfoy and the gang, made their seasonal appearance and made a fool of themselves.

Two hours later; the comings and goings of students showed no sign of abating. As if he had come back for more, Malfoy had returned with his bodyguard, Millicent Bulstrode -who looked extremely grumpy- and Theodore Nott while Pansy was nowhere to be seen.

Since her father had been foolish enough to run with the Death Eaters who had caused chaos at the World Cup and immediately lost their minds, she had avoided Malfoy's offspring.

"What did you do with his scarred head?" the group leader demanded, earning an impassive stare in return. He mistook the expression for confusion and elaborated. “Pansy, Scarface! What did you do with her?!"

"Nothing, really," was the slurred reply as she polished the nails of her right hand against her shirt. "At least find your father now dead and ask him why he was such a jerk." Her eyes met Draco's. “Now, would you stop acting like a five-year-old? Maybe find a dictionary to perfect your insults? Something like this, maybe:'your mother is a two-knot whore and your father was Voldemort's puppet'.”

The entire car went silent, eyes bulging from almost every head in disbelief. He had never really returned fire before and now he was letting the teenage Slytherin take it; both barrels. They were so shocked by the salvo that they completely ignored the use of the Dark Lord's name.

Or maybe even:'Your father's ancestor was cursed by a Veela to be a pretty boy with a useless little tool'Harry wasn't getting anything else from the young Malfoy. "I could talk a lot about your mother, but she, like her, is my cousin and she didn't do anything to me.still- I'll leave it as it is. Maybe you, Crabbe, Goyle and Nott should sit in a circle and take each other out. Oh waitcan notbecause they couldn't find their hard junk let alone in its current state. Now then, son of a rooster puppet, please make like a tree and go.”

Malfoy's face hadalmostit reached the red stage that would take it out of the pink range. Almost, but not quite, making him look like a kiwi. The way his expression seemed tense made it hard to tell if he really needed to go to the bathroom or if he was upset not only by the insults but also by the laughter that was starting to build.

His support didn't help anything; Crabbe and Goyle didn't understand a word that had just come out of Potter's mouth as Nott stepped away with both arms in surrender. Bulstrode continued to look sullen, not even paying attention to his surroundings.

With a growl of rage, Draco turned for the door, trying to catch the impressively billowing cloak and tripping over them. Standing up, his face now red from bruises, he got out of the car with the Slytherins who had gotten in with him and slammed the door hard enough to break the window.

"What was that?" Padma Patil wondered, looking between Harry and the now repaired and locked door.

"Hmm?" he was distracted for a moment before his words penetrated his brain. “Oh, that was me showing Ponce E. McFerret what teenage slurs sound like. While he sounds like an uneducated broken record most of the time, he really needed proof that I don't play well anymore. I'm surprised he hasn't given any of his usual fancy responses about his father.

This was something that had been bothering him for almost a month. News of Lucius's death spread, but not the circumstances behind it. If Harry hadn't known better, he would have sworn someone would have made a fuss about it; instead, all he found was silence. It really made him nervous since it was the silent crowd he had to watch; they were the ones most likely to take revenge. Then again, Dumbledore may as well have his fingers in that pie.

“That wasn't right,” Susan Bones chided under her breath, blushing as she did so. It was still difficult for the young teenager to draw attention to herself.

"Nice and Draco Malfoy in the same sentence is the harbinger of Armageddon," Hermione looked puzzled that she was dishing out her own brand of witty remarks. "I would say an oxymoron, but that would be an insult to oxymorons everywhere."

"Speaking of Ron," Luna chimed in out of nowhere, earning everyone's raised eyebrows. "The rumor on the train before we left the station is that he failed last year and has to repeat the third year again."

"How did this happen?" Parvati's gossipy senses were tingling. “To cut to the chase, how did we miss when the notes were released?”

“Neville heard from his grandmother,” Hannah replied for the blonde, having visited her childhood friend one day, “that Dumbledore went to Council to approve a student he had failed. The director made it sound like he hadonlymissed the cut to pass; instead, when Augusta Longbottom reviewed the notes, she discovered that Ronald Weasley labeled Trolls in every level.all year🇧🇷 When pressed, Professor Dumbledore admitted that the boy hadn't even tried to apply; he is still missing assignments from last september.

“Let me guess,” Harry complained, wondering why if Ron had failed so miserably in the World Cup, “our illustrious leader assumed he could do whatever he wanted anyway and tampered with the Report Card; Thus keeping Ron's parents out of the picture?

"Aunt mentioned something like that," Susan blushed even more, but continued. She might have been a Gryffindor, though she was embarrassed by the attention. “Madame Longbottom flooed and asked if she had any legal action she could take against the headmaster for the attempt. Apparently, he was in the room when she asked, presumably from Hogwarts, since the question was withdrawn in a few moments.

“Oh, stupid Ron-Ron,” Blaise Zabini quipped, completing by squinting into space. “Yes, we've even heard of your complete lack of motivation in dungeons. Although he had, he still has, actually, arrests coming from his ears, he never did any work unless the teacher in question of the class was on his shoulder. We've heard enough of Snape's grunts along these lines alone.

"Professor Lupine looked like he was going to eat Weasley," Daphne agreed, nodding. "Considering that he was our best DADA teacher to date and a werewolf, that's saying something."

“Lupin was laid back, very calm”, Tracey Davis seemed to be deep in thought. "He would honor everyone, I meanall the world, with a smile and kind words . 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 except Ron. There was something that just pissed off the man in the wrong way.

"Do any of you remember a time when Ron might have been scared by his mouse?" Harry had an epiphany about the real reason his father's friend wasn't so nice to his old friend. Of course, considering he hadn't bothered to try all year, apparently with Dumbledore's backing, he hadn't put the Marauders' brains right.

"Towards the end of the year," Hermione didn't want to spend too much time talking about the redhead who had been such a jerk to her. She “she was heard complaining to Dean and Seamus that Crookshanks had eaten, but she never came to me directly. I found out because they told me.

"And did Lupine's mood improve or deteriorate when the rat disappeared?" Harry pressed on, leaning down to look around the car.

"He gaveA bunch ofworse,” Pansy appeared at the door, having been locked in the lock. "Almost yelled at Millicent for screwing up driving a Grindylow."

“Peter, you son of a bitch. 🇧🇷..” Harry's eyes narrowed, looking out the window across from his seat. He noticed that the others seemed confused and had a quick mental debate about informing them. “That rat was not one; she had become a hidden animagus for the last twelve years at that time. While the man accused of betraying my parents rotted in the House of Dementors, he sought out a family of wizards in hopes of hearing news of his Master. He must have heard something in the Castle about the whereabouts of Voldemort's Shadow and went hunting what was left of him. His name; Peter Pettigrew.

Those who were familiar with the name fell from their seats, looking completely shocked, while the few who had the basic facts blinked like an owl.

"Peter was friends with three other boys during his time at Hogwarts," Harry explained, seeing that not everyone understood. “My father, James Potter; my godfather, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin. The four were the biggest pranksters of the day, nicknamed the Marauders. In reality, Peter was nothing more than a parasite; he followed the greatest evil to the sandbox. According to my father's journal, the three of them became animagi to run with Lupine on full moon nights. Peter started acting strange in seventh grade—1978, seventy-nine—and after graduation, he distanced himself from the group; disappearing for days and all that. While as the weakest of the four he was never suspected, I believe this was the moment he got the Dark Mark from him.

She sighed, knowing that her parents looked for the good in people instead of the bad. If they suspected both Peter and Remus, they might be alive today. Shaking off the rather depressing feelings she was carrying.

"Now we go a little further," he leaned back in his chair. "For a period of time, my birth until October twenty-ninth of the following year, yes, Sirius was the Secret-Keeper offaithful amulet🇧🇷 I see that each of you noted the date; on October 30th a change was made from my godfather to Rat Man. Twenty four hours later, my parents were dead. Peter is the traitor to the Potter family and he will die a horrifying death if I get my hands on him.

"Why did they change?" Luna was confused, it was not an easy task to accomplish with her.

"The change was made at the suggestion of Albus Dumbledore," his voice and expression were deadpan as his eyes widened around the car. “I am undecided on Whiskers; He could throw his ass out of the castle tonight or maybe duel him to the death. I really don't know and now I really don't care. He chose to change the subject. “So what else did I miss last year?”

"Quidditch," the chasing trio quipped in unison, posing another question. They alternated, creating atriple talk, “We didn't win the Cup last year because we didn't have a catcher who could . 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 well look it up. McLaggen bullied Wood into letting him join the team; this worked just as well as when Snape announced that he had found the cure for the Phoenix sphincter.

"Where do wizards with those names come from?" Hermione's eyes were wide with disbelief. On the other hand, with the mundane technical names of diseases that were, at best, difficult to pronounce unless one was highly educated, it didn't make much of a difference.

“The first case reported was that of an old man who was fucked over by a Phoenix,” Su seemed like he didn't want to be a part of the conversation, but he made the effort anyway. “Since the guy had no idea what he had until the burn-death-reborn thing (causing muscle to replace itself every decade or mess up any control) started in his ass, he spread it out. It seems he wasn't very picky about bed partners: old, young, male, female, human or otherwise, it didn't matter.

"This is wrong on so many levels," Harry complained, shaking his head. "Right; is there anything else I missed besides Ron being himself, Professor Lupine being a true DADA, or a Quidditch master?

The next few hours of the tour were spent in general conversation. Since the door of the next car was locked for those Harry didn't want to see at the moment, the group had a chance to sit and get used to it in peace.

"There won't be any of the old house rivalry between us," Harry was tapping his foot while he had the chance. "Yes this . . .ideafrom my house is work, there can be none of the fuss that goes on at Hogwarts. I should wait until we hear this from the director, but sinceterthe castle and the lands. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 there will be no Quidditch this year. Now that we're halfway to Hogwarts, the vow of silence has been lifted on a year-long event.

They all leaned toward him, listening raptly.

"England, France and Bulgaria got it into their heads to make another attempt at the Triwizard Tournament," he was immediately interrupted by those who knew his story.

"Oh, what nonsense!" Daphne nearly raised her voice to screaming levels as her eyes tried to leave her face.

"The last time the Tri-Wizard was performed, all three champions died!" Tracey seemed terrified by the revelation.

"Oh, it gets even better," Harry calmed the crowd down a bit, before hurling another exploding cauldron at them. “First Task involves Dragons; Dumbledore, as Headmaster of the Host School, had to get government approval to bring them into the country near populated areas and the School. I am not talking about pups or juveniles, I mean the big ones; nesting mothers and their claws to be precise.

The cacophony of sound was great as everyone tried to talk to each other. She let them continue for a moment to vent her emotions before waving her hands around the car, silencing them.

"No doubt expect another attempt on me," that made his eyes widen even more, though it didn't stop him. I say this because Dumbledore askedfourRomanian Reserve Dragons: Swedish Shortsnout, Chinese Fireball, Welsh Green, and Hungarian Horntail. As you can imagine, when I heard his speech about why the Tournament and Dragons were a good idea, I felt like he was completely crazy.

“Now unlike everyone else, including Beauxbatons and Durmstrang, I have a way out,” posting this alleviated a lot of concerns. “I've been studying the rules and history of the Triwizard: rule 28-b states that government officials are prohibited from participating; four thousand eight-f declares that the owners of the host site are once again banned. That means there's no chance I'll be forced to join; the Goblet of Fire will reject my name. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 well, as long as someone doesn't mess with the charms he already has. Even if they break the rule book, that's in my favor.

Hermione started waving her arms, trying to get his attention andSilenceraised and unsuccessful. She had noticed the books he mentioned about the Battlements and now she understood why they weren't there.

“The highlight of the Tournament,” Harry continued, softening his gaze, “is the Yule Ball. Oh yeah, I can tell by your reactions that you noticed this year's costume requirement. We need to have an idea of ​​how we are going to approach the Dance; I refuse to order one and leave the rest out because it's not fair to them.” He Now he lifted the silencing spell, waiting for him to enter. “I even invited Penny and Tonks so they wouldn't be left out.”

She ignored that part of the conversation, knowing it was for her health not to try to tell a group of women what to do. There were times where he became assertive, to be sure, but at the same time he was adding some self-preservation to the mix.

Women in general were scary like that.

Then, as the noise washed over him, he turned to look out one of the many windows. The weather, which had been gray and gloomy when they had left King's Cross, had decided to make the flat his personal bathroom. The cloud cover turned thick black and the rain was falling in cascades, not buckets or cauldrons or even barrels, but hard enough to make it look like someone was standing inside a fairly large waterfall.

As he looked out the window, he felt the train start to slow down, which was extremely strange, but given the potential for landslides in the mountains, there could be a problem with the tracks. This idea was quickly discarded when he noticed that the glass was freezing; something that was impossible in the persistent heat of summer.

"What's going on?" someone yelled as the lights went out, plunging the car into darkness after the train came to an abrupt stop. Good thing the seats were facing each other; if anyone had been looking towards the front of the train, they would have been shot down. Harry quickly corrected the darkness by creating luminous orbs of pure magic, sending them floating along the roof from one end of the carriage to the other.

“Looks like the Ministry of Misfits moved the Dementors,” his voice was the harshest they'd ever heard, “because of my godfather. While we do know that the Mouse ran away last year, Sirius is likely clueless and was seen making his way to Hogwarts. I bet he thinks I'm in danger because of Peter and he wants to make sure he doesn't finish the job his Master started.

"Haysomethingboard the train!" Parvati reported, briefly pressing her face against the window before turning away from it due to how cold the glass was.

Screams erupted from the car in front of them as the students were exposed to theDementor Aurashort distance. Although they were unable to get into the last car thanks to the sophisticated magic lock on the door, the rest of the train had no such security.

"Fudge the son of a bitch must die," Harry snarled, pinning everyone in their seats or each other before they panicked and tried to help their friends; it would only hinder them. "Stay here, someone has to clear the train of Snape's relatives." Another wave of his hand brought the car to a halt again, this time due to the translucent deer parked in front of him.

“Amelia Bones, Dementors on the Express for no reason; tell Fudge he better run very, very fast as the students are being exposed to his aura,” the stern, emotionless voice replied, before the aptly named Prongs appeared from the back of the car heading for London. After leaving, he waved both arms around himself, creating a small herd of five deer. One he set aside to send a message to McGonagall at Hogwarts, as he still respected her by leaving four to fight the Creatures of Darkness.

"I am happy to have learned thePatronus Spell”, he muttered to himself, although with the silence in the car he was heard quite easily. So the herd moved through the train as he followed, without having to change the way the door closed to ensure safety behind him.

The screams of the students changed in pitch as they were caught off guard by apparitions of deer chasing the Dementors. The noise level increased as these same creatures let out shrill cries of pain from the demonstrations. Those bellows turned into death keels as Harry made his presence known as he walked calmly into the fray.

One of the Dementors had Cho Chang ready for soul extraction, but he didn't get a chance as his skull turned to paste. Her mate/her brother/whatever noticed and walked away from Marietta Edgecombe, having already ripped her soul from her body. When Harry saw the lifeless husk, knowing that the loss of his essence was permanent, he raged like a berserker and struck the foul beast with all his might.evanesco🇧🇷 She could have gotten in trouble with the two girls for teasing Luna over the summer, but she wouldn't want a dementor to be the last thing they see.

Under normal circumstances, magic wouldn't do much good; however, when launched by the equivalent of an angry Merlin, the results were as desired. The dementor simply disappeared into nothingness, taking with it all the souls he had already "eaten".

Harry multiplied as well, keeping a clone in the compartments he passed through, not only making sure no stray Dementors tried to get a free lunch, but tending to the traumatized as well.

Original-Harry kept going as the Antler pack did their job pushing the passengers along the train. From time to time, someone would dare to hover above them to reach him and he would respond by using a fire whip to rip their heads off or spray his magical Napalm on him, turning him to ash.

By the time he killed thirty Azkaban guards, the main body had been pushed off the train. It was here that the Patronus displayed the true power of it and detonated in the crowd, launching another eighty to hell and back.

When Harry reached the engine, he discovered that the engineer had been kissed; Probably one of the first victims. Glad to have fiddled with the controls earlier that day, he prepared for the long attempt to run a fifteen-car train without a hitch. The students on board were scared and scared enough; there's no point in making it worse.

one thousand nine hundred; The same day; Hogwarts main hall

Albus Dumbledore didn't look like an old man or a good grandfather. No, as the students rocked in their seats from the exposure to the Dementors, every inch of the man who had come face to face with Grindelwald was visible.miVoldemort. Needless to say, he was upset; four kissing students and two adults. Sara Fawcett, Marietta Edgecombe, Zacharias Smith and Marcus Belby were lost forever along with the engineer and stewardess of the Hogwarts Express, also known as the lady in the carriage; eighteen close, like Cho Chang, while the rest of the students suffered from theDementor Aura.

As he examined the masses, he noticed that some had not yet appeared. One in particular that he was looking for; Harry Potter had found a way to kill Dementors and he knew that half of his team couldn't cast a spell. The Headmaster knew, as did Harry, that those whose souls were taken were lost forever; It would be much more merciful to hit the shells with akilling curseand soon. Doing so was easier said than done, though casting that particular curse was something not many people had.

The desire to see Death itself, up close and personal.

Before he could shake his thoughts, he realized that Argus Filch was closing the doors to the Hall before they returned fast enough to crash into the walls drawing all eyes in his direction, throwing the poor caretaker to the other side. of the Great Hall. 🇧🇷

There, flanked by Hermione Granger and Luna Lovegood, was a Harry Potter as furious as the Headmaster. The teen looked ready to spew fire like only a dragon could as the girls were partially hidden behind him, each poking their heads into her shoulders looking worried as if someone was going to attack them. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 well, either this or that, someone would detonate the traveling bottle of nitroglycerin that was Potter.

"Who, right or wrong, in this case, allowed the Dementors to get close to the Express?" He demanded;Death pose, permanent variationset to max. The tone of his voice along with his expression said everything they needed to know: someone was going to die in the most painful way possible. "And less why those who survived the swarm of trains now hold their station here at Hogwarts and receive reinforcements from Azkaban."

Dumbledore heard from his DMLE sources that Britain was one hundred and ten poorer Dementors; Considering they only had five hundred because the earn-more procedure was banned at the same time the Statute of Secrecy went into effect, that was saying something. The Ministry was metaphorically on fire from so many people, from innocent children to adults minding their own business, being kissed at the same time that it wasn't even funny. They told him that Fudge had barricaded himself in the Minister's Office and refused to see anyone face to face while Amelia Bones walked around the place like a Nundu destroying everything in front of her.

"What, you couldn't handle some dementors?" Snape mocked seating him at the high table, before his hands flew to his throat as he began to choke. Across the hall, people could see Harry with his right hand outstretched in a C-brace.

"I find your lack of faith disturbing," though her voice was low, it boomed as if amplified. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 almost like she's talking to a metal trash can. "You shouldn't say Snape, if this wasn't Neutral Ground I'd kill you where you are." She lowered her hand to the one she caught the Potions Master's gaze, as she massaged her sore throat as she caught her breath, care of the animated armor, that is, none. “I know you know about Blood Feud; that's how it's going to work in school. I'm bringing my own private tutor and you're going to enjoy being a thestral's penis sleeve. We stay away from each other and life goes on. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 as long as we don't meet outside these walls.

"One hundred points down for Gryffindor!" the man scoffed as harshly as he could, which turned to confusion when the jewels in the glass didn't budge. "What the f-? You piece of trash, I said a hundred Gryffindor points! Damn contraption, why aren't you working? Alright, alright, detention all year Potter!"

"How about 'no' and you go suck Ron's ass?" It was the quick comeback, earning the wide eyes of almost everyone. Snape's were swollen to the point where they seemed about to fall off his head. The Weasley in question was trying to hide from the few who were looking in his direction; While it was amazing to watch someone, anyone really, try to be a Potions teacher, he just wanted to be an observer.

"Harry", as expected, Hermione seemed to have had enough of the disrespect, that was all before continuing. “I know you want the man to pay for what he's done, but sucking Ronald's ass guarantees death. Plus, you both might like it and keep coming back for more.

"Burn,"the Weasley twins whispered to each other, looking stunned at what was happening. While their hatred for Snape was only dwarfed by Harry's, they were still worried that he might go too far. Jokes and comedy are one thing; hurting themselves or someone else was a line they didn't want to cross. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 Most of the time. The things they came up with but never used due to the danger level were staggering and would certainly warrant expelling him if the team found out.

That, and after Chaser caught them after that prank too far. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 both shuddered at the memory.

Now the Potions Master was in a fit of rage and nothing he did seemed to work. Just as he was about to draw his wand out of it, the animated armor that everyone had seen but overlooked as decorative entered the Great Hall. He thought the Headmaster had summoned them to get rid of the Potter threat; instead, his beginnings of a smug look turned to surprise as one of the armors marched towards him and hit him on the nose.

"Harry-," Dumbledore began, only to be interrupted. He really didn't like the fact that he lost control of the situation. This was a peculiarity of him; even if it was just appearances, he had toTo feelin control.

"Oh, go call someone who cares," he made a left to right slashing motion with his right arm. "You are the one who must watch over our safety and, nevertheless,tulet the dementors approach the castle and twice –bueno!- you let in one form or another of Voldemort. Well, three times if you count your original education, but I digress; for a director, you suck the goat's big scrotum. Yousablethat my godfather is innocent - no, don't even try that - Harry moved his fingers, disarming Dumbledore. "I already told you and I havetreatsbut did you let Fudge the Scared get away with it? Well, congratulations are in order; the six who kissed aretumaking; Not mine, not Sirius's, not even those hideous creatures that should never have been created in the first place.

"Mr. Potter!" McGonagall wasn't trying to punish him, he wanted the conversation to be private. There was no reason to wash dirty clothes in full view.

"Oh, I'm sorry," she understood, knowing she would hear it later from several people. There was one thing she had to do with the witnesses and she went ahead. “As Heir to the Four, and therefore owner of the Castle, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is placed on probation. If standards don't increase in five years, I'll have no choice but to close. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 permanently. Listen to me!", he yelled the last part that was heard over the noise he created. Eventually, he had to create purple sparks to get everyone's attention.

“Standards like education are extremely lax; I did some research and found out that fifth year students at Beauxbatons are getting into Spellcrafting, a course we don't even offer. Durmstrang students sit for the Defense Mastery in their sixth year; I agree with part of your philosophy. You have to know what you're fighting to fight it. Other patterns are student interactions; there will be no more Thoroughbred Propaganda Machines around here. What you choose to do outside these walls is your choice; that'snoWelcome here".

“If you can't take the course, you can't take the course,” he continued as the other students began to really think about the situation. “Over the summer, as soon as I moved into my house, I tried arithmetic in my spare time. I'm an absolute fan of his so I know I couldn't pass the course here. Runes, on the other hand. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 oh yeah~. I discovered that I am endowed with runes; Read, write, use, destroy: you name it, I can do it. Speaking of which, excuse me for a moment.

A squad of animated armor marched in a square U formation, with the opening facing the doors of the Great Hall, stopping between the Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff tables halfway to the High Table. Once they were in place, the floor melted into a stairwell.

"You two wait here," he turned to look at Hermione and then at Luna. "Where I go, no one can follow me." With that she disappeared down the stairs, leaving those in the Great Hall confused.

Their lack of understanding lasted for five minutes before the Castle seemed to come to life. The various forms of flame—candles, hearths, and torches—blazed to the blinding point, which combined with the sudden gleam of polished armor didn't help matters. Those who have spent much time in the mundane world have recognized the sound of something large lighting up, but have not been able to pinpoint exactly what it was.

As the sound turned to a steady hum at the bottom of the open staircase, there was the clatter of what sounded like entire kitchens with pots, pans, ladles, cutlery, and various other utensils cascading to the floor.

"I'm fine!" Harry's voice came up the stairs, earning more than a few laughs.

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*Chapter 8*: Arc One Part Eight

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Magical Maturity, Arc One Part Eight

By: (Conductor) Jim Ohki

0645; Friday; September 2, 1994; Hogwarts seventh floor near Gryffindor Tower

Breakfast was in progress, but there were no Gryffindors in the Great Hall. Since it was still very early, this was not a big surprise; only a few of the House of Lions managed to get out of bed so early on a day without school. What would draw the attention of the other Houses was that the students of Godric's House were not yet in bed; instead, they were going downstairs when a strange scene took place. When those at the front of the crowd stopped to look, they clogged the hall, forcing the other members of their House to stop congesting traffic altogether.

The cause of the last bout of chaos was the younger pair of Weasleys. The two hoped to avoid the fall of their teammates for a change; instead, they became a show.

Ron was hunched over the legs of a suit of armor that appeared to be sitting on a chair in the middle of the aisle and was sunbathing as his behind swayed in the breeze. Although that was embarrassing, he couldn't focus on the fact, ahem;short, the secret was revealed, it was not about what was happening not far from his face.

Ginny was in a similar position, having been captured by another set of armor that promptly brought her to her knees, exposing her panty-less bottom to the world, earning her some whoops from the onlookers, being exposed. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 this- and get'disciplined'for all to see.

One might wonder what the special occasion was. As it turned out, hence the reason for the traffic jam, the two who submitted their asses to hands of steel apparently enjoyed the deal. It was a public humiliation of the worst kind, as they both reached the limit of their resistance; Ginny surprised the onlookers by having a stronger will than her brother. This was evidenced by the lackluster, but easy to spot, white dots on the floor.

Harry, Hermione, Parvati, with her escort Lavender, Alicia, Angelina, and Katie made their way to the front of the gaping crowd, losing patience with their housemates. This put them in position for the grand finale of Ginny's control.

With a cry that turned to a moan - Harry ignored that it sounded like his name - the young Weasley reached the Clouds and Rain. This took on a literal meaning to her, and her brother gaped at her, who looked up at the noise, imitating a hose. Her fine motor control shot straight to hell as her limbs twitched in multiple directions with the power of her orgasm. Clear, viscous fluid gushed out of her, going in the only possible direction.

Ron, being extremely slow this morning because he still had to eat, lay in the armor's lap looking at his sister's ass, his mouth open as she literally drenched his face.

The reaction of the crowd of spectators was predictable. Most simply returned to the Tower, convinced that what had just been burned into their permanent memory was a nightmare, or the twins were getting an early start on hallucinogens this year. Most of the first and second year students were totally confused about what was going on, reacting like any preteen would. Their screams of outrage and disgust echoed off the walls, nearly drowning out the few who exclaimed that the facts were unbelievable.

"Than-?" Hermione almost cursed in surprise, not knowing how a thirteen year old could do it. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 what she had just witnessed. She also felt a little frustrated when the question of biology crossed her mind, creating blank spaces when she put off learning the mundane high school level sciences.

"That . . .

"Disgusting," Lavender, being herself, gave her opinion on the matter. She, like her gossipy colleague Parvati of hers, hated anything that didn't involve cleanliness, order, or clothing.

"Suddenly I'm not hungry," Katie turned green, though she couldn't take her eyes off the events.

So Ron reacted as expected. Those who didn't were treated to him throwing their dinner all over Ginny's ass, even as his massive orgasm finally subsided. By the time he was reduced to vomiting, the couple had become a terrible sight; Ginny's lower back was covered in vomit while Ron's skin, covered in a clear liquid, reflected light from various sources.

"I'll pretend," Harry shook his head, a quickTempusRevealing the time as quarter past seven, “the last half hour of my life did not exist. Of all the times we really coulduseLockhart. . .”

Hermione caught the reference to the DADA teacher from two years earlier, while the rest of the crowd who heard it was confused.

"Right," she continued walking, absently waving a hand at the mess in the hallway. Although he and Filch never agreed, frankly no one did, he was too good a person to create any more work for the man. That, and the only way to get to the stairs through the Castle assembly this morning was through this hallway. After making his way through the chaos of the younger Weasleys (Ginny, still unable to move, still uncovered), he led the way.

"I like-?" came from five different female voices, their eyes wide with disbelief. Due to the chaos on the Express, they didn't notice when she performed wandless magic.

“Ah”, her reply was embarrassed, her right hand went up to scratch her cheek, “I, ah. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 noneedone more wand Not since my maturity hit unexpectedly, anyway.

"So where is your wand?" Hermione had wanted to know for some time and she hadn't asked out of propriety. Now that she had broached the subject, she had no such reservations.

"I'm not sure," he looked up the stairs that had just gone away. None of them noticed that he returned to where he was supposed to be as if ordered. “When Dobby told me my magic was going crazy, I had a random thought about focuses, how they help with control, and I grabbed it. The next thing I know, I'm waking up without him.

There were chills behind her as the implications of her statement worked their way through their minds. From what they had just learned, Harry Potter had inadvertently turned his entire body into a wand, which was highly illegal according to the Ministry. Hermione hastened to express this, causing him to stop to look at them.

"It's all about control," his gaze fixed them on the spot. “Managers realize there are so many things they can't control, so they ban it. Wandless magic is more of a description of what I can do now, because there are no wands.visible🇧🇷 If something happened and the DMLE wanted to check it, they couldn't. could do anything and unless it wasseenby doing this, no one would ever know. So, the Ministry in its infinite wisdom, forbade the maintenance of light bulbs while going through the final stages of Maturity and recounted tales of wandless magic as myth."

"There are other things too," he turned around and continued his march towards the Great Hall. “that the Miscreants of Magic try to bury in the annals of history. Alchemy, Blood Magic of any variety, Battle/Combat Magic. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 they even restrict public spell creation to their own employees. Let's say she found a way to launch aFortalezaamplified by a factor of eight by changing wand motion, enunciation, or whatever. As long as you've never shown it to anyone, people would just assume you're that powerful. If youfezteach it to others, someone would speak up and the Ministry would quickly hand it over to the Veil as"a threat to society"after you are tagged dark. They don't like anything getting in the way of their control."

The troop continued down the stairs in silence, thinking about what he had told them. When they reached the ground floor, the lack of noise from the Great Hall piqued their interest.

Checking the time again, raising an eyebrow that it was just before half past seven, Harry braced himself for anything.

The Hall was packed with the rest of the student body, though none of them were as loud as usual. Since about half of them were still recovering from exposure toDementor Aurathat was completely understandable.

At the Staff Table, the Chief's and Potions Master's chairs were empty. This caught the group's attention, as it meant something was up. The couple rarely skipped meals together, one being the partner of the other. In what way that was was the subject of debate for some time.

"This is weird," Hermione whispered, not wanting to break the silence. Her voice carried further than she thought, as several students perked up to listen, even if they didn't turn in her direction.

"You're telling me," Parvati barely moved her lips, also keeping the noise level down as she looked around. “This place is usually very lively with friends talking about their summers or whatever.”

Damn Dementors, Alicia complained, glad to be isolated in Harry's private car. She and the others he had put in her place at first were upset that he had done this. So they didn't just see the overall effect the Azkaban Guards had on their fellow students; you had to pass the soulless bodies to get off the train. Once the results of the crazed dementors were seen, the group was very grateful to be locked away in a safe place.

The execution of his plan, haphazard as it may have been, needed work.

"Can you teach us how to defend ourselves against them?" Angelina leaned in to whisper in Harry's ear, hoping to avoid attention. She knew she wasn't as quiet as she'd hoped when several heads around the Hall turned to look in her direction.

The Slytherin contingent wandered in, attracting even more attention. The ambient noise level also began to rise as people had something to think about besides the tragedy of the night before.

"Typical," Harry grumbled, rolling his eyes so everyone could see. “Apparently, my life is not my own. Damn unwanted fame. He shook his head, before turning to the now larger group as the Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs who had contracts with Potter House gathered around them. "Right; yes, I'll teach you everythingPatronus Spell🇧🇷 As I can claim the family business, I will also see about the magical Napalm that burns everything, since the contracts -although they are not mentioned- are a matter of public domain.

Glances of envy erupted around the Great Hall as Harry Potter was surrounded by girls and told them that he would personally train them how to drive off and/or kill Dementors. Most of them would give their legs to be tutored by the Boy-Who-Lived, while others thought more along the lines of girls having private time with the latest Potter.

"As soon as I get to a safe place-" he began, only to pause for a moment. She quickly snapped back to reality: “I'm sorry; the Castle was speaking to me. Follow me after breakfast, we have three days of solid training we can do before school starts on Monday.

"Do you hear voices Potter?" Draco Malfoy sneered, making an appearance for him just in time. This event was a watchmaker; every morning at seven forty-five, the blond boy passed by Gryffindor and anyone around him as he went.

“Yes”, the answer was given without hesitation, “and they told me that your mother would be a good fuck. I ignore them because I like mine just the way they are.

"Wha-?" the Malfoy descendant blushed, unable to come up with a witty comment for the burn he had just received.

"Called mecastle ownerteased Harry, complete with narrowed eyes. “Therefore, since she is as alive as a building can be, when I have a question about anything within the walls that pertains to said building and land, I actually get an answer from the source. Now go away; I have more important things to see, people to talk to, and food to eat.Get in my tummy!

For the first time since first year, Malfoy walked away, Crabbe and Goyle following without a snarl.

Now the group was faced with the dilemma of where to sit together. There wasn't enough room at any table to seat them all at once. Not without bumping into the people who got there first.

Harry sighed before waving his arms like a conductor, widening the space between the Gryffindor and Hufflepuff tables and then conjuring up a table for eighteen with plush chairs replacing the hard benches. The kitchen had a similar table that appeared out of nowhere, to which the elves shrugged and sent breakfast away.

"Problem solved," he growled, taking a seat at the head of the table. It was lucky that classes didn't start until Monday (there was no point in trying to get students settled immediately after such an event at the Expresso), which meant that breakfast took longer than usual.

One to her left at the end of the table were Hermione, Parvati, Padma, Susan, Hannah, Su, and Daphne; to his right were Luna, Pansy, Tracey, Blaise, Alicia, Angelina, and Katie.

“Just so the hicks watching have something to talk about,” he waved his arms, indicating the Great Hall in general and subtly casting a privacy spell. “Tomorrow, trade places with each other. It will confuse them about mine.'block'If you go. Now, since we have room to move around, there's no need for us to crowd here. Just don't be obvious if you have a problem with someone and are avoiding them for whatever reason."

Having lost the ability to hear or read lips (the spell was good at making the onlookers' eyes wander), the rest of the student population returned to their well-deserved brood. No one wanted to argue that they shouldn't get so melancholy; each of them knew what the others had experienced.

The arrival of the mail generated the following commotion, as several parents who found out about the commotion in the Expresso wrote to their children. The birds were in a fight for dominance, and many of them were trying to deliver countless letters mixed with the viciousProphetowls

Front-page headlines were scrambling for top billing, literally, as if someone pushed others out of the way before being pushed aside in turn.






right behind theProphetand the postal owls were different, each one bringing letters just for Harry. Some were in red envelopes, no doubt from parents demanding answers as to why he couldn't save their children, or that the Dementors wouldn't be looking for Sirius Black on the train if he wasn't on board.

"Dobby!" he panicked over incoming mail that would surely bury him. Cursed newspaper being delivered to the castle.lastdidn't help as it could have used an alert.

His friend appeared, took a look at what was going on, and scared the other wizards as he multiplied exponentially. In the blink of an eye, two hundred Dobbys attacked the post office, established as a defensive perimeter. Each Howler was burned to a crisp -no harm to the couriers-, the cursed letters were cleverly returned to the sender via Elf -they opened on arrival, causing whatever effect those senders had tried to aim at Harry-, they were they sent letters of thanks to the Battlements. to be read later along with other missives. How did the boy know what was escaping Harry's attention? he was just glad he didn't have to deal with that much mail all at once.

"Than-?" At the Slytherin table, Malfoy nearly lost his eyes jumping out of his head when the elf who worked for his family gained powers he had never seen before.

The Weasleys shuddered at the sight of the Howlers, remembering their own misadventure with their mother who had sent a young Potter away earlier in the summer. The event was so traumatic that Molly vowed never to wear them again; she would either after her house is basically blown up from the inside by a letter.

"Potter, fifty Gryffindor points for disturbing breakfast," Snape sneered grimly, having entered the Great Hall. He turned to look at the Points Glass when he didn't hear the gems move and tried again. Seeing that there was no effect, his grimace turned into a full-blown scowl as he strode to the staff table in his impressive, tight-fitting robes.

"Five hundred Slytherins for being an idiot," Harry muttered into the man's back, before turning around in shock as the associated glass shattered at the noise he made. This was completely unexpected and he was added to the list of things to investigate about the Castle as a whole.

The Slytherins realized they were in the hole at the start of the term and expressed their discontent. The roar of disapproval was nearly drowned out by the roar of laughter from the rest of the student body, while the team's shouts were completely drowned out.

"Time for a little experiment," Harry muttered, looking at the glass of points, "lock Slytherin points to minus five hundred." Sure enough, the gems making their way to Snape's counter issuing a thousand points for being alive froze in mid-autumn before changing direction to the storage room above.

It worked, she mused, bringing her right hand up to her face to rub her chin. "We will try to secure all the points as they are." The gems that came and went when the Staff entered a Point War froze and refused to move. “Okay, now let's leave it like that for a while; make them sweat."

Anarchy for adults, since they couldn't understand, not knowing how the magic of the Point System worked, why everything they tried didn't produce a result. They looked around the Hall to see if this was someone's joke; even the Weasley twins looked shocked that someone had fooled the teachers. The only face they couldn't see at the moment was Harry Potter's, who was also looking at the counters, apparently confused by what was happening.

0900; The same day; Seventh floor near Gryffindor Tower

Having left the mess he had created in the Great Hall, after instructing his staff to collect his semester books and dirty clothes, Harry headed for the Hall. He knew the elves called it the Coming and Going, since he literally came and went on demand. Over time, others called it the Room of Requirement, as they believed the place would provide whatever was needed at the time.

For example, he needed his morning Magic practice. She had put it off today, partly because it was her first morning away from Penny and Tonks and partly because of the scene the younger Weasleys had caused. He did not know which of the girls had gone so far with various sexual activities and therefore he had no idea who to turn to for help.

He believed that it was better to have a partner when he worked his magic, as he made sure that he did it well, in more ways than one.

She was glad she had learned the phasing trick Hedwig and Dobby used, which passed through Wards as if they didn't exist. Travel mode was instantaneous, as there was no discernible "in-between"; one moment she would be in one place, the next in a completely different place. Having created a clone to see if any of the battlement witches were available, she set about creating a comfortable tea room. He knew that he had a tight schedule, since the training started at ten.

When the clone dissipated instead of returning, relaying information that Penny was busy being her new personal assistant and Tonks was at the Aurores office, she frowned wondering what she would do now. He wasn't desperate enough to take care of matters himself and he had an hour to kill.

The door to the Living Room opened, admitting Angelina and Alicia. She raised her eyebrows, knowing that she had given the group a specific time at Hogwarts, and yet here they were.

"Something on your mind?" he thought he could enjoy his company in any way he could. If all they did was talk, so be it, better than being bored for an hour anyway. He was amazed at what they did next; after exchanging a glance, more than likely a silent conversation, the two parted their robes, revealing that they were naked underneath.

"Okay," he smiled, before indicating the table. They noticed that there were no chairs, causing them to send him a confused expression. What they got in response was her rolling her eyes before moving towards Angelina to engulf her in a kiss.

Harry found that he didn't notice. There was something about biting your face that wasn't as exciting as other activities. He was smart enough to know that young women wanted their fair share of lips from him, so he compromised himself; they would get about half of what they wanted, which was fine with him since he preferred to put his mouth to other uses that he had discovered since Penny moved away. don't overwhelm them with lip action.

He realized that it was strange to be playing one of the Chaser Trio. They didn't even hug for the first two years of school; now two of the three wanted to scratch a certain itch.

As the kiss continued, he made another discovery about humans in general. Felt Angelina's Chocolate Furdifferentunder your touch; nothing bad or anything like that, since it was smooth, without stains or anything. Her skin had a more unique texture, which she thought was a good thing. Uniqueness was much better, in his opinion, than fitting into a stereotypical mold that the rest of society would like.

Wanting to make sure Alicia didn't feel left out, she went to her. At one glance at her, he noted that she had shed her robe completely, leaving her in a heap on the floor, leaving her naked except for her stockings and shoes. As he kissed her, her hands wandered, taking in how her olive skin looked in comparison to the others. All he got in response was that unique feeling, which he wasn't willing to dwell on right now, since much more interesting things were happening.

Knowing that the table was useless now, Harry thought about replacing it with a queen-size bed. The room complied as he dimmed the lighting level slightly to set the mood. He was confused for a moment when Alicia pulled away from him, before realizing when she stepped over Angelina, that she was lying on her back.

He didn't know the crude name of how the two were placed on the bed; what he did know was that seeing them face to face was a definite plus in his book.

Then it got a lot better when they put their mouths to work, licking the seam between each other's legs. He was surprised that they would engage in such activity, but he decided that if they wanted him to know, they would tell him. A flick of his right hand left him as bare as they were, his tool pointed out, ready to go.

She knew very well that the window for Angelina to pass her Maturity would close in a week and that Alicia had passed three weeks from that date. She knew what she had to do and was aware that they knew her role in the matter; the problem was getting the timing right. That and being comfortable enough with each other for such a personal experience.

Angelina tilted her head back as she felt the bed move 'over' her, revealing an excited Harry who seemed confused as to what he should do first. She took control of the situation cupping her shaft's head into her mouth before jerking her head as far as she could at the awkward angle. The middle and ring fingers of her right hand entered Alicia, pumping in time with her head movement. In return, she could feel the reciprocal treatment of her other partner, which spurred her on even more.

Harry was amazed and happy at the same time. Angelina was multitasking in a way she had never seen before, which combined with what she thought Alicia was doing (she could only see her left arm moving back and forth under her scattered hair) was simply incredible. . In keeping with her earlier resolution to entertain the two young women equally, she turned away from one, walked on her knees around the bed, and introduced herself to the other. He wasn't disappointed when Alicia picked up where Angelina had left off, though her angle was a bit better, allowing her to take more of him into her mouth.

How long that lasted, none of them could say. He knew it wasn't the time limit yet, since they were still alone. It wasn't long before Angelina, after moving Alicia, pushed him onto her back before climbing onto her upright. Her friend and teammate of hers wasted no time in positioning herself on her face. He took it quickly, tongue working one as the other moved up and down, taking as much of him as he could.

Harry couldn't see it, but the pair of Hunters were kissing. He managed to get his hands between them to caress one breast each; making sure to change semi-regularly, listening to her moans of ecstasy as the pleasure built. He knew when Angelina had her big orgasm when she stopped moving completely before passing out from lack of oxygen. Her body writhed uncontrollably, even in her knocked out state.

Alicia got down on all fours, looking at him over her left shoulder and moving her behind in the air. She knew that she was close to committing suicide and she was wondering where she should aim.

"Wrong time of the month for me," he could read her question in her eyes. “That, and I've never had anything up there before. I'd like to practice a little so that I can lift this huge piece of human flesh without tearing myself.

He shook his head, before shrugging. One thing he learned in his youth was that the choices depended on the individual; he would help if there were consequences, but as he was told, anything after that was Alicia's fault. This was a case of her hormones driving her decisions, because if she had thought it through, he would have had a way to give her what she wanted without risk.

"VayaMerlin ~she moaned as he entered her from behind, using his hips for leverage.

She continued to slowly push forward until she felt her pelvis make contact with her bottom. Knowing that she was one of the few that she could possibly take all of him, she withdrew until only her head was inside her and repeated her insertion. Each time was faster than the last, which eventually led to the sounds of ripping flesh filling the room. His moans became an almost continuous sound, interrupted only by a sigh before passing out. She reached out, leaning over her back to caress both breasts at the same time, even when her arms stopped resting her face on the comforter. Included in that was pinching, tugging, rolling and rubbing her extremely sensitive nipples.

"Alicia!" she snarled at herself, giving him fair warning of her end and a chance to take back her earlier statement. She was well aware of the conversation Penny had had with him the previous month, but she didn't know if the news had spread among the other girls.

"Inside! Come inside me!" she managed to escape his moans. She felt the thrusting quicken a little with the stimulation, as the tension in her breasts tightened considerably.

"Nerd!" Hermione's voice shattered the illusion that the three of them had privacy and some time before the others arrived. "He is very powerful!"

Her warning came too late, as Harry had pushed forward while Alicia had pushed back, burying him completely inside her with her final blow.

"So hot!" Her eyes widened as she felt each powerful shot enter her womb, continuing her orgasm. She only managed four of the huge squirts when Angelina realized what was happening, she pulled Harry out and inserted him inside herself again, having assumed a similar position to her friend's on her bed.

"Very!" she moaned, having a second orgasm with just the sensations just below her belly. Her own eyes widened as wide as they could, as she felt extremely full.

"What did you two do?" Luna was disturbed by the duo's behavior, which when you consider it, Luna is saying something right there.

Same time; Riddle Manor; little hangleton

“Gah! Oh, the pain; it hurts!" the homunculus housing Voldemort's spirit somehow roared hoarsely, writhing uncontrollably. He had no idea where the source of the pain was located; all that mattered was that it was gone. Once it happened, he could Have your agents track him down so you can kill him.

"Professor!" Peter Pettigrew dragged himself along, not knowing what to do because he hadn't received any orders. Acting without permission/direction always yielded one tocrusadesfor your efforts

"Solo .

Thatit exceeded anything he had felt before. Why, she almost felt like her soul was. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷

"Wormtail!" now she had a use for his only servant in the den. The amount of fodder she kept would increase exponentially once the basement project began to pay off. "Come here."

"Yes sir?" the man who bent like a mouse groaned.

"Ew; good help is so hard to find," Voldemort burst out in a monologue, before focusing on the current situation. "First, send a message to our agent at Hogwarts: check the hidden room for a diadem and report if it's still there. Then go to the cave by the sea and tell me if it's been disturbed recently. Until I get Bellatrix out of it." Azkaban, the item knowledge I entrusted to you will not be available.

He shifted a bit, trying to get comfortable in his fifty-year-old chair. “Thanks to Narcissa I know that my Diary has been lost; if Potter hadn't goaded Lucius into suicide, I would have killed the man myself. Go now."

Peter fled, like a mouse jumping from a sinking ship. It was a rare day when the Dark Lord gave orders and didn't issue reminders for failures. Then again, the tasks were so simple that Crabbe or Goyle Senior could have done them.

§Nagini, my charm,§he managed to crawl onto his familiar's back. After all, being so small had his advantages, since he had transportation wherever he wanted to go.

As the giant Anaconda slithered through the house, he remembered his Horcrux collection. In Narcissa's final missive, that she wanted nothing to do with a man who could split her soul, he had learned not only the former's fate, but also that the Wizarding Government knew she was still around. The knowledge made any move he wanted to make a little more difficult until he was ready to fight his way through the masses again.

Fudge got lost with no one to guide him, as evidenced by the Dementor Debacle. The man said nice words, yes, but once he got confused, all his brain power went out the window. I couldn't find a better doll; the problem was that he didn't have the courage to stand up and say'No, that won't work'.

In fact, many of his followers were like that. Snape and Bellatrix were two of a small group that could look him in the eye and debate his plans, searching for holes that would lead to failure. As he had told Potter three years ago, he valued bravery and power; what he didn't mention was intelligence and the willingness to use it.

He knew the Ring was safe, for the wards linked his mother's hut to his father's mansion, and then to himself. If any magician violated one or the other, he would be instantly alerted no matter where he was. The Cup, as he mentioned to Wormtail, had no idea until he was able to 'talk' to Bellatrix. The diadem and locket were also unfamiliar to him, which he didn't like at all. Nagini, he could feel—badly, what disturbed him as it should be stronger than that—the piece of soul inside her. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷

So where did the pain come from?

He remembered the strange occurrences when he was within a certain radius of his archenemy. there was a'to throw', for lack of a better description, deep in his soul every time he entered the same room as Potter during his tour of Quirrell's body. The last time she felt something like this was when she made the Diadem. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷

Voldemort nearly fell off Nagini in surprise as the most unlikely scenario crossed his mind. If what he suspected was true, he was gone.what's morefar on the road to immortality.

"Shit," he complained, as that would explain his problems with his body and magic after turning Nagini into a Horcrux. Even with the Diary gone, there were already seven pieces of his soul left; Trading one for the other didn't matter because he had hit eight, a terrible magic number. A section ofThe secrets of the darkest arthe mentioned the possibility of diminishing returns; each one was half of half of half and so on. There was no sure method of measurement, since no one had dared to try it before him.

If that were true, half of his soul had already been lost to the Aether. The Ring would be the next largest piece in a room; the Cup an eighth; the Medallion a sixteenth; the Diadem one thirty-two; Potter one sixty-four; and his kin, a measly one hundred and twenty-eight of what was left with his main soul being the largest of them all at fifty percent: badly damaged, torn in equal parts of the Collection, but still half whole.

That . 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 serious messallup. Only the sixty-fourth inside Potter was actively draining magic from around him, which wasn't enough to make him stronger for a floodforget anything else. Along with this, there were rumors that Dumbledore had messed with Potter's core bindings somewhere along the line, forcing a Maturity that would have overwhelmed the little fragment of himself.

For the first time since Halloween '81, she felt a pang of fear. If Potter learned to access that fragment, none of his secrets would be safe; the boy would learn everything he knew on that fateful night. Every piece of magic; the Horcrux Collection;allit would be placed before the fourteen-year-old boy.

As Nagini crept towards the basement entrance, a new and very unpleasant thought came to her mind. Since there was great uncertainty about the connection of the soul pieces, mainly because they were trying to repair and reunite, could the young Potter see it in his mind?

Much more important, could he use ancient protection magic to attack him from a distance?

Weighing the pros and cons of leaving that little piece of himself inside, the boy would have to wait while his faithful familiar entered his private laboratory.

His smile would have transformed the most difficult of constitutions as he contemplated his latest project. His enemy had not yet realized that he had made a huge tactical mistake in the World Cup in front of one of his most faithful and intelligent supporters. Although he didn't trust himself to play anything, his fine motor control had been shot to hell! He supervised the work in progress while Wormtail cowered and tried to carry out his instructions without delay or error.

Nagini lifted him onto a table, which rolled to the right a couple of times before his face was inches from a book. This was a modified book onNecromancy🇧🇷 if muggles could understand it, and understand it, but that's a different teapot, they could advance their science decades. Instead of Inferi troops, which as undead were good for fodder, though not much else, and took centuries to create, this method took living tissue and rapidly multiplied it. Since only one source was needed, the rest of the lab could have been converted for the growth process.

Voldemort was playing with his own clones.

If it wasn't for his now Hogwarts agent seeing the effects a clone army had on the battlefield, he would never have thought of trying this. The results were amazing, even with two sources of material. One that he was careful with since it was from his agent; with the other he experimented, trying different things, since the source was usually nearby.

Forty of the sixty floor-to-ceiling tanks had a Peter Pettigrew in them, each maturing rapidly due to the infusion of a special cocktail. microdoses ofPotion of Aging, Polyjuiceaccused with Wormtail's own hair,aEternal Elixirand a stabilizer to keep it all together. The other twenty tanks had copies of their agent, each in their late teens and nearing the training stage.

Unlike the advancing hordes of undead, usually to their own destruction as nothing more than a distraction, having this newfound ability to create, in a way, he admitted to himself, intelligent and adaptable minions, was what the man commanded. Healer.

Oh, the things she could do with him! Boy, he could provide alibis to his own forces overheard of him, being in about thirty places at once. Then there was the chaos aspect, when he imagined a hundred Bellatrix running wild alongside so many Greybacks. It was a shame that his higher level forces that were not in Azkaban had clashed with the last Potter, as great opportunities had been missed.

Once he recovered a body, Magical Britain was his!

But first, go back to the fire, because it was cold in the cellar. Damn homunculus body!

1100; The same day; Room; hogwarts

"You're crazy?!" Hermione yelled, shaking her right fist at Angelina and Alicia's skimpy clothes. The pair finally reset their brains from her prank with Harry and looked embarrassed as she began to chew. "Do you have any idea-any ideas!-What did you two do?!”

"Harry is the last of many Houses", Luna seemed to be the calmer of the two, until one looked at her hair. Instead of her normal disheveled appearance, her blonde hair was tousled like a rabid cat, giving her what looked like an afro. “Any sexual relationship with a witch that results in him ending up inside her vaginallyguaranteethe pregnancy. It doesn't matter your cycle, potions, spells or any other attempt to stop it. This not only makes him a father before he's fifteen, nope, but it also ruins his own maturity, since he can't perform the ritual on a pregnant witch.

Harry, as the screaming continued through the room, went into shock on the bed; lying there, naked and forgotten. Then he began to brood, as best he knew how, and let his hormones direct his actions. Creating life was not the problem; he was fourteen years old and had no idea what he was supposed to do now. The problem was sometimes amplified by other circumstances, such as his upbringing with the Dursleys; not having a father figure to talk to: the stupid best man freaking out when he should have done his duty! - and not knowing anyone else who has been through a similar situation.

He knew it would affect his health, but touching the girls at Hogwarts sounded like a strict no-no in his book. She knew they wouldn't be happy with him, but she thought she could use this incident as a reference point for why she would only do anything with Penny or Tonks until graduation.

After the hatchling had turned its mind a few times, a feeling of growing excitement began. She had nothing to do with the Restoration of the House, but with the fact that she was fulfilling one of his deepest longings. Where's that damn mirror when he's got what he wants?! I was going to show that trash who was in charge here!

The emotion was crushed by the responsibility. He was getting ahead of himself again, which was part of what had caused this situation. As a matter of thought, he used the feeling to annihilate the Brood while he took the current events as a learning experience.

Fear set in as the word "parents" slipped into her ears, making her want to hide in some remote location with limited access. If there was one thing every teenager feared, even subconsciously, it was the future father-in-law. It didn't matter if someone was in a relationship at the time or not; all the boys have met all the girls' parents at some point and have left with thoughts of horrible death implanted in their minds.

Teens who got teens pregnant were twice as afraid of the girl's parents telling her she was too young at forty, let alone sixteen.

While her mind had been going around in circles, trying to figure out what she should do, now Daphne and Tracey decided to be bold as Gryffindors for a change. They knew that eventually the elitists/extremists and their children would start harassing them and they wanted something to show for it.

The best friends casually moved to the bed, noticing that Harry was unaware of his surroundings. They couldn't make out what he was feeling or thinking, which was different from wearing his heart in his hand. They both realized that while his brain might not have noticed his presence, another part did, standing proudly out of his pelvic region, not that it had dimmed in the twenty minutes since his last use.

Daphne and Tracey exchanged a look and a sly smile, anticipating what would happen next. Neither of them took their clothes off, as that would alert the still-complaining Hermione/Luna duo and the other girls who were standing around watching the chewing. They walked on their knees across the big mattress to get closer to Harry, who didn't even recognize them. His big cock twitched in time with his heartbeat, showing what brain was running his body. They were glad that he told them to dress to get dirty, since both of them were only wearing their uniforms under their robes.

Tracey circled to her left while Daphne was to her right, each of them bending down for a moment to open their blouses. Neither of them wore a bra, instead they wore an excellent amulet to support him without pinching. Two pairs of hardened nipples, exposed to the slightly cool air of the Room. They shared another look before they both leaned forward to take one side of his cock into their mouths. Its circumference was large enough that they didn't bump into each other's lips, though not too much.

Harry still didn't respond other than throbbing a little more.

Tracey took this as encouragement; after rolling her tongue as far as she could, her head began to bob up and down. She could see that Daphne had copied her move from the other side, just a little higher up, since they weren't used to kissing in any way, let alone with a hunk of man between them.

The couple went up and down, ignoring the background noise that suddenly fell silent. The other girls in the frame watched, wide-eyed, as the Slytherin couple worked his shaft like a big frozen treat. They were on Daphne's side, which she let them know when her left hand reached under the skirt of her uniform to begin rubbing under her panties. Apparently, she was frustrated with her outfit, as her skirt quickly bunched up around her waist with her panties stretched between her legs near her knees.

It was at that moment that a clone of Harry materialized between the three on the bed and the rest of the group, with his right index finger to his mouth signaling silence. On the other side of the bed, a second clone appeared as Tracey unknowingly duplicated her best friend, lifting up her skirt and dropping her sodden panties.

Original: Harry could have kicked himself when he realized what was happening. Tonks, being the more eccentric of the older couple on the Battlements, insisted on testing to see if a clone could impregnate a girl. She was elated to discover that no, they couldn't, which allowed her to feel the juice he released. If she had remembered that little detail, not to let the situation get out of hand, she wouldn't have felt so bad for Angelina and Alicia. Pushing thoughts aside as the two girls continued to rock on his cock, he relaxed to enjoy the sensations, quite glad that he had changed his mind about not touching either of the girls.

Tracey and Daphne nearly screamed as they felt the same thing they were stimulating digging into their guts. A quick glance revealed the clones, grinning at them as they slid slowly into their wet troughs.

None of the witches could support its size, leaving about a quarter of the pit exposed to the open air. That was fine as far as the clones were concerned, each one setting a steady rhythm by sliding in and out of each girl at the same time.

Harry turned his head to the right, watching the rest of the group watch three of them take on two of them. The Patil twins conjured up basic wooden chairs to sit on so they could scrub one up. Susan and Hannah were squirming in place, rubbing their thighs trying not to touch. Pansy and Blaise seemed intrigued by the events, as if they had never thought of an encounter like the one they might see. Angelina and Alicia had no such concerns, both naked again as they ate. Luna and Hermione were glassy-eyed, each in their own dreamland, probably imagining how it would feel. The three who looked totally embarrassed were Katie, hers, and Astoria; each one looked through her fingers, hiding her blush but unable to look away.

He mentally frowned at the younger man in the room at the time, before shaking his head. There was nothing to do now except make sure he didn't get too involved in these meetings.

As it turned out, Tracey was the silent orgasm type. The only clues that the clone was pumping at a decent rate in and out of her were that her arms gave out, planting her face in the Original's crotch while the rest of her body froze in the kneeling position. she.

Daphne, for her part, had no problem announcing that she was not only living her end, but also wanted more, faster, stronger and deeper. She couldn't stop liking Original Harry's member, bringing him closer to the edge of the abyss.

That changed when Tracey, now pantyless, moved her best friend to sit on the upright. At first she panicked, thinking that she was deceiving him from the front. When she saw that she was behind her, her arms immediately reached for her hips to help her. The clone that had been roughly cut was surprised as she pointed at her core, giving her a burning look.

This was something new for Harry, being paired with only one witch. He wasn't sure she liked him at first, but he changed his mind when he felt his muscular grip on his manhood increase considerably. Tracey leaned back, looking like a four-legged crab as Original-Harry reached out to caress her modestly sized breasts. Once the clone and the creator were situated without much contact, something they didn't want to think about, they threw her back into her tools.

"Grab my ass!" Daphne ordered Harry, rocking her rear into her pelvis. The scene in front of her face was absolutely the hottest thing she had ever seen in her young life and she was ultra-turned on. She had never had anything on that pass before and braced herself for the pain. Instead, she was surprised to discover that she liked the feel of him caressing her bottom while her round, perky, large-for-age breasts swayed in her arms. Hers Harry took it easy on her at first, giving her time to adjust before giving her what she wanted.

"My God!" Tracey moaned, her body overloaded with pleasure. That was the first time she had said anything during the date, which encouraged the two of them to take her front and back.

"Daphne/Tracey!" Harry groaned, letting them know they were reaching their limit. The responses they got were Daphne pushing back faster, slamming her buttocks against the clone's pelvis as Tracey jumped faster towards the pair of limbs on top of her.

"Yes!" roared all five at once, replacing the involuntary noises of completion of the gallery.

Tracey had never felt so full. Granted, she was as inexperienced with sex as any fourteen-year-old should be. The only reason she filled up was because she was wondering what she would be like and if she would like her. When Clone-Harry filled her womb and Original-Harry her ass, she decided that she really wanted to feel that again one day.

Daphne was in a similar mindset, not that her higher brain functions were operating at full capacity when she reached her fourth orgasm. The streams of male scent entering her ass were warm and satisfying, literally.

All three Harrys ended up being forced out of their respective seats when they overflowed, but it didn't end with their own demise. Daphne had her butt covered in the last three squirts of the clone before she dissipated. Tracey ended up with her face and breasts covered by that Harry, while the other one behind her turned her lower cheeks to mother-of-pearl.

"That was impressive!" Parvati gasped, leaning forward in her conjured chair. Her arms supported her upper body, leaning on her legs, which contracted as her body stopped.

"I can't wait for my turn to come!" her sister Padma agreed, in a similar pose. The difference between the two was that her hair fell over her face, hiding her expressions from her world at the time.

"You can't be ready for more," Hermione managed to get through the event without so much as a moan, a touch, or a twitch. Instead, she focused all of her attention on Harry and the fact that, although she had just finished a round with twothe moregirls at the same time, their masculinity has not diminished in the least. That's not to say she wasn't a little horny, oh no. She was trying to keep hers old'first and proper'face and do a decent job.

“Nargles, Snorkacks and Wrackspurts. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 Oh my God!" Luna was gone. There was no other description of her state of mind as she replayed the event over and over again. She also managed to do nothing despite her body protesting to the extreme when certain areas hurt.

Same time; Riddle Mansion

"Oh damn that boy! Voldemort lost control of his rudimentary body again as another wave of pain hit him. If Potter had discovered the soul piece and protection magic to attack him from afar, it didn't matter. The situation was unacceptable as it was, doing nothing was worse while being able to fix the problem had its own pitfalls.

"Professor!" Peter returned from his mission, looking haggard from the trip. Since he only had to venture to the mouth of the cave, but not enter it, all that mattered was getting back quickly. "As far as I know, no one has been anywhere near the cave, and the Hogwarts agent will contact us in two days."

"Goo-! Argh, dammit, good Wormtail," the homunculus gasped, rolling in his chair trying to ease the pain. "I need food; add an additional fourteen drops of Nagini's poison and seven drops ofpain reliefin the cocktail There's a new issue you may need to resolve if our agent can't.

Peter Pettigrew was many things; an effective field agent was not one of them. He had enough intelligence, fueled by his fear of the Dark Lord, not to express anything, for fear of being considered useless. However, with the current shortage of people, it was inevitable that he would have to leave to carry out his Master's orders. He was also smart enough to figure out the hidden statement; if the Hogwarts agent failed his task, Peter would have to infiltrate the school again.

Right under Dumbledore's nose was a rather terrifying thought. The thought of finding Harry Potter made him need new drawers. The boy, according to rumors on the street, had managedpowerfulin a quick order and was learning how to use it properly. That, and the agent had reported that Potter now had a fascination with fire.

Mice and fire never mix.

“Immediately”, the man who could have been a mouse shuffled out of the room, leaving his Master writhing in pain.

1300; A room; hogwarts

"Okay," now that lunch was over, Harry decided he was going to squat down and do some of the things he wanted to do today. Wasting half a day wasn't conducive to what he had in mind, but the way he wasted it made up for his frustration in that regard. Angelina and Alicia were not present, but took refuge in the Gryffindor Tower girls' showers trying to get all their essence out of themselves. Whatever happened to those two, he would take it head on.

“For the rest of the day, I would like those of you who were here last year to give me an overview,” he continued after a pause. “I did everything I could at home and I want to see if I hit or tripped. Most of this will be practical, so I said be ready to get dirty.

Hermione and Luna had wicked smiles, which set off alarm bells in his head. Knowing that they were angry with him -they had already given the other half a tango what- he said nothing and prepared to defend himself.

Eleven witches faced a single Harry Potter and were quickly possessed. Only Astoria was out of practice, being a sophomore who hadn't yet learned half of what the others knew.

He didn't even need to use his clone ability as its power surpassed his shields, which he frowned upon as they would throw them off and stay put as a target. Katie tried onehex shotto which he rolled his eyes, calmly brushing it away before stepping back a bit and pulling out his flame whips.

"What the hell did you learn last year, nothing?!" she bellowed as whips snaked through the air. “I said come to me, don't step on that shoot and waste my time! Come on, bring what you got!

The level of his spell work has slightly improved, now entering the'if it falls, it will hurt'range. Her stern face remained in her place even as her eyes lit up with the added difficulty of challenge.

"Okay!" she barked at herself, twisting the whip in her left hand to dislodge the hair on the right side of her head. “But you have to do better! If this is the third year curriculum, Magical Britain as a whole is in trouble. Now stop trying to hit me and¡Pegame!

Su Li paused briefly as they changed her hairstyle from across the room, before seeing red and shooting as hard as she could.maximum bombardmentshe could. The spell exhausted her completely, causing her to pass out as soon as it was out of her wand.

"Wow!" Harry dove for cover, letting the dangerous piece of magic pass over his head. “It's more like that! Does anyone want to move it so it doesn't get trampled on?

Dinner time was approaching, according to theTempusthat Harry had set to float continuously in one corner. Only Pansy of all people was still on her feet, doing her best to land a punch at the boy who still showed no signs of tiring. The others were sprawled on the ground away from the combat zone, watching as the two exchanged spells.

"Alright, last one," Harry motioned for Pansy to move away from the area in front of him, before requesting that the spell he was about to cast be sent into the woods in an unpopulated area.

"By the end of the year, you should be able to get this out," she addressed the girls before turning back to the wall now open to the outside."¡Rpom!"

The students on the other side of the castle felt the tremor, rushing to the nearest windows and doors to see what was happening now. Above the treetops, a cloud of dust rose into the afternoon light as pieces of wood fell to the ground. The team was furious, not knowing what was happening inside the Forest or if Hogwarts was under attack.

"Back, back, I say!" McGonagall thundered, shooing the students off the front lawn and back inside.

In the Hall, there were twelve slack jaws and a smug look.

To confirm

Well, there we are. Real life will get in the way of this old man. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 going back to school. Alive. So expect the usual slow updates.

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