Maryland Hue Laws - New 2023 Hue Laws in MD (2023)

Cars with tinted windows look fancy, but if you live in Maryland, that's not a good idea! thanks toMaryland dye laws, You can't always stick color film on windows.

But what do these laws say? Well, that's what we are going to discuss here today.

It was in 1995 that the Maryland Car Tinting Act was proposed. He talks about howdarkorreflectiveYour car window tint should be based on the state you live in.

We have compiled all the information about it here. Also, there is some additional information about rules and regulations that you must follow if you don't want to be fined.

So yes, it is very important that you read the entire article from top to bottom.


  • 1 Maryland Tint Laws 2023 - Everything you need to know
    • 1.1 What does VLT mean under Maryland State Law?
  • 2 So What Is The Legal Tint In Maryland - Short Name Window Tint Act 2023
    • 2.1 MD cool hue - dark hue for passenger cars
    • 2.2 Cool Tint in MD – Dark Tint for MPVs
  • Hue reflection of 3 windows in Maryland
    • 3.1 Hue reflection for sedans
    • 3.2 Tone Reflection for SUV and Van
  • 4 More Maryland Window Tinting Rules and Regulations You Need to Know
    • 4.1 Side Mirrors in Maryland
    • 4.2 Restricted Color
    • 4.3 Certificates
    • 4.4 Stickers
    • 4.5 Penalties
  • 5 Maryland Window Tint Medical Exemption
    • 5.1 How do I get a Therapeutic Use Exemption for tinting glass in Maryland?
    • 5.2 Maryland Medical Waiver Requirements
  • 6 advantages of painting windows
    • 6.1 Prevents interior fading
    • 6.2 Blocks UV rays
    • 6.3 Get more security
    • 6.4 Take a pill to relax
  • 7 Cost of Window Tinting in Maryland
  • 8 frequently asked questions about dyeing laws in Maryland, MD
    • 8.1 Is the 5% dye legal in Maryland?
    • 8.2 Is the 20% dye legal in Maryland?
    • 8.3 What was the darkest legal ink in Maryland?
    • 8.4 How much does a Tint ticket cost in Maryland?
  • 9 MD Tint Legal Notices
  • 10 The bottom line

Maryland Hue Laws 2023 - Everything You Need to Know

Before I met themmaryland window tint laws,You need to find out about the VLT. So before we get into the details, let's talk about that first!

What does VLT mean under Maryland state law?

The VLT or Visible Light Transmission is the percentage of detectable light that passes through your car window.

When the VLT is lower, the lens tint becomes darker. And a higher VLT means more light can easily pass through the windows.

For example, if you put 75% ink in the glasses, 75% of the light will pass through them. And when the tint is 5%, your car interior will look much darker!

By the way, we have in-depth content on the VLT andWindow tint percentagefor your reference. We recommend taking a look if you want to learn about the different levels of window dimming.

So what is the legal tint in Maryland - short name Window Tint Act 2023

Omaryland window hue lawit is different for each type of vehicle. Different rules apply to passenger and multi-purpose vehicles.

So here are the MD window tint laws for MPV and passenger vehicles.

Cool shadow in MDTint Darkness for passenger cars

Maryland Hue Laws - New 2023 Hue Laws in MD (1)
  • windshield
    A non-reflective tint of 35% VLT is acceptable on the AS-1 line or the top 5 inches of the windshield.
  • front side window
    For front windows, a tint of 35% is acceptable under Maryland window tint rules.
  • rear windows
    You can use 35% darkness without any problems.
  • rear window
    in the rear windowcool shade in marylandis 35%.

Cool shadow in MDDark tint for MPVs

Maryland Hue Laws - New 2023 Hue Laws in MD (2)
  • windshield
    A non-reflective tint of 35% VLT is acceptable on the AS-1 line or the top 5 inches of the windshield.
  • front side window
    The law allows 35% tinting when it comes to front side windows.
  • rear windows
    You can use any dark shade.
  • rear window
    Even here, you can use any shade of darkness.

Window tint reflection in Maryland

Using tint on your car windows can reflect incoming light and reduce heat. Tinted windows also prevent glare.

Then theMaryland window tintThe law allows for a certain window reflection when using a tint. Therefore, if you have already thought about tinting your glasses, then pay attention to this too.

Reflection dyed for sedans

  • front side window
    You must not use any metallic or mirrored surfaces on the front side windows.
  • rear windows
    The same applies to the rear windows. You also can't go for a metallic or mirrored look here.

Tint reflection for SUV and vans

  • front side window
    You cannot use mirror/glossy and metallic look for this window.
  • rear side window
    Drivers are not allowed to use mirror surfaces.

Other Maryland Window Tint Rules and Regulations You Need to Know

When it comes to tinting your vehicle's windows, Maryland takes it very seriously. You will have many rules and regulations that you must comply with.

In addition to maintaining a certain percentage of brightness on each window, there are a few other caveats to follow even if you want to do a subtle blackout.

side mirror in maryland

If the rear window is tinted, two side mirrors are required.

restricted color

When one hears about tinting laws in Maryland, the next question is what color to use for the glass. Well, Maryland law doesn't allow you to use every color in the palette; this is no secret! So what colors can be used?

Red, yellow and amber are not legal under Maryland law.

You can use car window gray, green and bronze tint without any problems. In addition, you are also allowed to use neutral smoky colors.

So if you want to usesmoky gray window tint,you can do it.


Film manufacturers must certify the film they sell in the state. Ask your dealer if they use certified film.


Maryland law does not require a sticker to identify legal tint, but it is recommended that one be placed between the film and glass on each tinted window.

To punish

Traffic violation, plus SERO: Safety Equipment Repair Order, which requires paint certification at the inspection post.

Maryland Window Tint medical exemption

EmMaryland, the law states that any driver with a medical exemption permit can tint his car windows to any degree. To get this exemption, you need a letter from your doctor specifically stating that you need to paint your windows for medical reasons. The letter should include your name, date of birth, and the specific reason you need to paint your windows. You must also carry this letter with you at all times when driving and show it to a police officer if asked.

How to Get a Medical Exemption for Window TintingMaryland?

The process to get thisMarylandThe Window Color Exemption Form is quite simple. All you have to do is go to your doctor and get a statement from him that you need the dark shade for medical reasons. Once you receive the note, take it to your local motor vehicle office and they will issue you with an exemption sticker to stick on your car.

MarylandRequirements for Medical Exemption

law, regulation or other sourcesCode MD,
Transportation, § 22-406
To whom the exemption may applyvehicle owner
Reasons)must be protected from the sun for medical reasons
which windows
Limiting the amount of ink
Medical provider certificate (what type(s) of providers)a doctor licensed to practice medicine
the state
frequency of
requirement certificate
Compliance verified in
vehicle inspection
Document required in
written certificate

Benefits of window tinting

Painting the car window is not just a decorative thing; it also comes with greater benefits. So let's talk about the benefit of tinting your vehicle windows?

Prevents interior fading

We always look for shade when parking our cars, don't we? Well, it helps us to keep our car's exterior in excellent condition.

If you use paints for your vehicle's windows, the interior doesn't need to be exposed to strong sunlight either. So if you have nice leather seats, they are less likely to get damaged!

Blocks UV rays

You don't need to be taught about the harmful effects of UV rays, do you? We all know that putting on tons of sunscreen isn't enough to protect you from harm. And if your car has tinted lenses, you can avoid this UV situation quite elegantly.

Get more security

Nothing worse than people staring at you while you go about your business in the car. People in the back seat have to go through this problem more than drivers. And when you buy sunglasses, you don't have to go through that hassle anymore.

To calm down

When driving on the hottest summer days, even the air conditioning is not enough to keep you cool. But if you have tinted windows, you don't have to worry about sweating anymore!

car window tinting priceem Maryland

The cost may vary from sheet to sheet if it is a shade. For example, if you want to use a regular classic wrap for your sedan, it will cost you up to $150-200. And if you want something unique like ceramic paints, you'll have to spend $400 or more!

However, if you don't have the budget to do the coloring professionally, you can get a DIY dyeing kit. It will cost about a hundred dollars, which is a relief!

To know more detailsCar dyeing cost click here.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tint Laws in Maryland, MD

5% ink is cool on it Maryland?

You can tint the back and rear windows of your MPVs with 5% tint. forpassenger vehicles5% ink is illegal.

20% ink is cool on it Maryland?

You can paint the back and rear windows of your MPVs a 20% tint. forpassenger vehicles20% tint is illegal.

What was the darkest legal ink in Maryland?

35% is the darkest legal tint under Maryland's window tint laws. You can use any tint for the back and rear windows of MPVs.

How much does a Tint ticket cost in Maryland?

A Tint ticket in Maryland can cost anywhere from $50 to $1000. The higher the price, the stronger the tint. The severity of the hue determines how long it takes for the ticket to be removed from your record.

secret tips
How to pass MD stained glass inspection

MD Tint Legal Notices

Maryland Transportation Code Section 22-406: Motor Vehicle Safety Glazing

Maryland State Police FAQ on vehicle equipment

the end result

The purpose of creating this article was to enlighten youMaryland dye lawsso you can drive your car across the state with confidence. The article you just read was last updated in 2021. If you think we missed any new information, you can always contact us.

Finally, it's important to be familiar with Maryland's window tinting laws if you plan on painting your car. While there are some limitations, the benefits of window tinting make the guidelines worth following. To learn more about Maryland's tint laws or for help finding a qualified installer, visit the Maryland Criminal Justice Information Center website.

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