The 9 Best Liquid Chalks in 2023 (2023)

The 9 Best Liquid Chalks in 2023 (1)

Other brands make liquid weightlifting chalk similar to a lotion so it's easier to scoop out of a bottle and smear on your hands. This option is not as resistant and may need to be repeated several times during the workout depending on the exercises, the intensity, and also the weather conditions.

Why do you need liquid chalk for lifting?

Many athletes prefer liquid chalk to dry chalk for a number of reasons. They may depend on your sport, lifestyle and personal characteristics.

strong grip

While staying in his hands, he literally "sticks" a stick into them. This benefit is especially important for powerlifters, powerlifters, and anyone who enjoys lifting heavy weights.

less mess

It does not generate dust in the air, on devices and stains on clothes. As a result, it does not cause respiratory problems and is more hygienic. Plus, without that messy layer of dried chalk, cleaning your floor and appliances is a lot less of a pain.

dry chalk ban

Some gyms do not allow athletes to use dry chalk, and liquid chalk is an exception. The reason is the lime dust that occurs in the air and on the devices. It makes a mess and is difficult to clean.

long term effect

You don't have to reapply it before every game as it is more durable than dry chalk. Some products can last the entire workout depending on the sport, exercise, intensity, etc.

The 9 Best Liquid Chalks in 2023 (2)


It is easy and safe to carry in your pocket. A tightly closed bottle leaves no trace in the bag and does not need additional protection.

Also, most brands come in a small size with a carabiner, which is great for climbing or exercising on vacation.

special properties

May contain odorscolophonio, stickers, different colors, etc. If you want to add color to your daily training, this can be another advantage for you.

Health and security

Dust free does not cause respiratory problems. Plus, it contains alcohol, so it kills germs and viruses just like your sanitizer.

Still, based on Liquid Grip reviews, most athletes become die-hard Liquid Chalk fans and don't go back to their regular workouts.

What should you keep in mind with Liquid Chalk?

When choosing liquid chalk, define your needs, expectations and requirements based on your sport and personal characteristics. There are so many options on the market that it's easy to get confused.

Analyze the key points for you. Do you need liquid chalk to make it super durable? Perhaps you are sensitive to odors or hate the smell of alcohol. Does your sport require you to be fast and start the next set as soon as possible? It may have you looking for a really short dry time for your future liquid chalk.

There are main properties of liquid chalk that can be evaluated:


Determine how long the liquid chalk lasts on your hands. This can be especially important for CrossFit athletes who need to perform their exercises extremely quickly with short breaks so they don't have time to reapply them in the middle of a session, or for climbers who don't have the ability to refresh a layer. of chalk while doing Climb.

The 9 Best Liquid Chalks in 2023 (3)

It often influences the pot life and drying time of certain liquid chalks. The thicker consistency provides greater coverage and spreads more evenly due to a higher concentration of chalk. At the same time, it may leave a light residue on equipment and clothing. A more runny consistency will result in a thinner layer and may need to be reapplied from time to time.

dry season

It goes without saying that most athletes want their liquid chalk to dry as quickly as possible. They are eager to hit heavyweights and don't want to wait. But in some sports it is a particularly important feature. For CrossFit athletes, for example, every second counts.

grip quality

Pay attention to the recommended sports, as the grip requirements may vary in different activities. Some liquid chalks simply dry out the hands and provide a secure grip, while others contain resin and other similar additives that make the grip more "sticky." For example, you may find this feature especially beneficial for deadlifting or baseball.


Always check the ingredient list if you are allergic to anything, or if your skin is dry, sensitive, or cracked. For example, alcohol can be very hard on your hands, but luckily there are non-alcoholic options on the market.

In addition, some brands add elements with additional moisturizing properties (such as honey) to their products to make them softer. Also, you may find some smells irritating and too strong, so give it a try.

Above, I've grouped them all together for the most popular and trusted products on the market. If you want even more information, you can read liquid chalk reviews on Amazon and other websites.

How is liquid chalk used?

Here's a quick guide on how to use liquid chalk and how effective it is:

1. Wash your hands with soap

In order for the liquid chalk to adhere firmly to the palms of the hands, it is better that they are not greasy and that they are perfectly clean.

2. Dry your hands

Make sure your hands are completely dry before applying the liquid chalk.

3. Shake the bottle

To mix dry and liquid ingredients for an even consistency, shake the bottle several times before opening.

4. Apply the chalk

Dispense a pea-sized drop into the palm of your hand and smooth over skin by rubbing both hands together. Pay special attention to the fingers and the areas between them. If you use theHakengriff, don't forget to cover your thumb.

5. Let the chalk dry

It takes around 10-30 seconds depending on the brand and also on the weather conditions. You can try waving your hands to speed up the process.

6th exercise

Even the training plan. If you notice some voids in your palms or feel your grip weakening, reapply the chalk. The resistance varies and depends on the brand, exercises, training intensity, surface, humidity, etc.

7. Lavar

Use warm, soapy water to wash off the chalk. Most products come off the skin very easily.

Applying a moisturizer after using liquid chalk will prevent your hands from drying out, especially if they are sensitive. It can also protect your skin from calluses and cracks and make it smooth.

liquid chalk vs normal chalk

I have tried many different chalks during my sports career. From my own experience and that of my friends, most athletes prefer to use liquid chalk. Once they taste it, they never go back to normal. They find it more comfortable, faster, more effective and easier during their workouts.

Still, there are some cases where powdered chalk wins the day. If your skin is extremely sensitive and even allergic to alcohol, the traditional way may be a better option for you. Of course, some brands offer non-alcoholic options, but they are less affordable.

Money can also play a role. Liquid chalk seems to be more expensive than dry chalk. However, its properties benefit athletes in many ways and it is worth spending a little more to take your training to another level.

The 9 Best Liquid Chalks in 2023 (4)

Also, some gyms prohibit athletes from using dry chalk because it leaves a lot of dust in the air and on equipment. So always check if and what types of hand chalk are allowed by your gym to avoid problems.

Liquid chalk is also much more convenient to transport. Whether you travel a lot or just carry chalk with you to every workout, it's easier and safer to carry a small bottle. It won't leave white marks inside or outside of your bag and doesn't need any additional protection. Many brands even include a carabiner to clip a bottle to your bag, belt, rope, or other gear.

Liquid chalk leaves almost no residue on poles and clothing. You don't have to clean equipment as often and you don't look messy when you work out.

However, if you're into "old time culture" and prefer traditional training methods and tools, you may lack that allure of using liquid chalk. However, it is only a matter of feeling, not effectiveness.

Consult our detailedComparison between liquid chalk and normal chalk.

Liquid Chalk FAQ

Is liquid chalk good for deadlifts?

YES, it's perfect for deadlifts. It provides a strong, secure grip and prevents you from slipping off the bar in the middle of a heavy rep.

How long does 50 ml of liquid chalk last?

A 50ml bottle of liquid chalk is enough for up to 45 applications. However, it can vary between different brands. It also depends on the consistency, viscosity, ingredients, weather conditions, the exercises you do and the intensity you maintain.

Also, athletes tend to use different amounts of liquid hand chalk based on their individual preferences.

Does liquid chalk protect against calluses?

For one, liquid chalk dries out the skin, so if you don't take care of your hands, they can become even more susceptible to calluses. But if you follow all the steps and use it correctly, it improves friction and acts as a protective layer between a bar and your hands.

Does liquid chalk leave a residue on the stick?

Basically liquid chalk is not dirty at all. It definitely leaves much less residue than dry chalk. However, some products may leave very light marks. It depends on the brand, consistency and viscosity etc.

Is liquid chalk allowed in weightlifting?

Yes, it is allowed in powerlifting competitions and special gyms. However, some clubs don't even allow liquid hand chalk. Always check it in the place where you want to train.

So what is the best liquid chalk for the gym?

Liquid chalk is an indispensable tool for athletes who want to keep up with the world and make their training as effective as possible. I have been doing Olympic weightlifting for over 20 years. I know what athletes need and I put my name on WBCM products and guarantee quality.

This is how WARM BODY COLD MIND Liquid Chalk gets the highest score. It is a reliable, affordable and effective product for athletes of all levels and sports.

Share your experience and impression of using our top picks in the comments section.

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Oleksiy Torochtiy

My name is Oleksiy Torokhtiy. I am a professional athlete with 20 years of Olympic weightlifting experience. I have won several European and world titles and competed in two Olympic Games (Beijing 2008, London 2012).

Oleksiy Torochtiy

My name is Oleksiy Torokhtiy. I am a professional athlete with 20 years of Olympic weightlifting experience. I have won several European and world titles and competed in two Olympic Games (Beijing 2008, London 2012).

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