When is the second season of The Lincoln Lawyer? [Last updated in 2023] (2023)

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Season 2 of The Lincoln Lawyer, Netflix's most anticipated legal drama, will hit theaters Fall 2023. David E. Kelley created this Netflix series. Kelly had her own fan base after Season 1 of The Lincoln Lawyer and received rave reviews from audiences and critics for her thrilling story and virtuoso performances of her lead role.

Given the exciting events of the first season, fans of the show will no doubt be eager to see what happens in season 2 of The Lincoln Lawyer.

What is The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 about?

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Season 2 of "The Lincoln Lawyer" will be based on one of the six novels in Michael Connelly's "Lincoln Lawyer" series. In this case, The Fifth Witness Volume 4 will serve as the primary material. In that story, Mitch changes careers and is now an eviction lawyer.

He was able to get by until one of his clients was charged with murder. However, we think Netflix will update the story like it did with the first season, which was based on the second book, The Brass Verdict.

Based on the conclusion of The Lincoln Caller season 1, it seems likely that The Lincoln Caller season 2 will continue the side story about who killed Martha Renteria. In the first season, Mickey's client Jesus Menendez was acquitted. This story is partially taken from the first installment of Connery's The Lincoln Lawyer series.

The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 is coming now

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Yes! The Lincoln Caller has been renewed by Netflix for Season 2 of The Lincoln Caller on June 14, 2022. Netflix typically announces a renewal decision one month after a new episode or season premieres, though the streamer has recently been known to extend the wait to three months or longer. Luckily we only have a month.

There's enough source material to support the series for several seasons; however, we'll have to wait and see how the debut plays out before Netflix decides on season 2 of The Lincoln Lawyer. We look forward to the great work of this drama.

The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 release date speculated

As of May 2023, we don't know when season 2 of The Lincoln Lawyer will premiere. Since Season 1 of The Lincoln Lawyer just hit theaters in May 2022, we may have to wait a bit longer for Season 2, but we can see how long it took for Season 1 to show The Lincoln Lawyer When Season 2 will be released. Season 1 of the show was ordered in January 2021, but casting took place in February and March of that year, with filming starting in May and ending in August.

Assuming the casting isn't quite as extensive this time around, we're expecting somewhere between 12 and 16 months between the renewal and the release of the new season. According to What's on Netflix, Connery also revealed that filming began in October 2022 and production would end on March 23, 2023. This suggests that season 2 of The Lincoln Caller will likely release in the summer or fall of 2023.

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The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 cast list

Since "The Lincoln Lawyer" is a procedural legal drama, although it is serial, each subsequent season may introduce new characters and actors, which is the case with "The Lincoln Lawyer" season 2. We also expect the following regulars to continue:

  • Manuel Garcia-Rulfo at Mickey Haller
  • Neve Campbell as Maggie McPherson (recurring)
  • Betsy Newton als Lorna
  • Sir Ray Cole als Izzy
  • Angus Sampson als Cisco
  • Krista Warner as Hayley Haller

Christopher Gorham co-starred with Mickey's client and mogul Trevor Elliott in season one, but he's unlikely to return for season two.

According to Deadline, Season 2 of The Lincoln Lawyer will have some new cast members, including:

  • Matt Angel as Henry Dahl
  • Lana Grill
  • Spread Costa

What is the plot of the second season of The Lincoln Lawyer?

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The Lincoln Lawyer season 1 ends on a bit of a cliffhanger, with Mickey going surfing while a mysterious man with arm tattoos watches from a distance. Viewers of Glory Days will be able to connect the dots and determine that he is likely the same man named by the key witness in the Jesus Menendez trial.

Menendez was acquitted of a murder he did not commit after Glory testified that Menendez was innocent and that the real killer had a tattoo on his forearm. Moments later, a man matching Glory's description chases Mickey on the beach, so it's likely Lincoln Lawyer season 2 will reveal the mystery man's identity after Glory's testimony.

We also know that Season 2 of The Lincoln Lawyer will be based on Michael Connelly's fourth Mickey Haller novel "The Fifth Witness" (via Netflix). Interestingly, the producers decided not to adapt "The Reversal", the third installment in the Haller series. "The Fifth Witness" focuses on the case of Haller's old client, Lisa Trammell, who is accused of murdering a wealthy mortgage broker.

Aside from the Menendez case in "The Fifth Witness," viewers can only guess how these two unconnected plots will be linked.

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The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 Trailer Update

itstreamingplatformIt's likely that a Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 trailer will be released to spark interest when the show is renewed. The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 trailer will likely give viewers a taste of what's to come next season. It could also showcase the show's strong cast and crew.

The trailer may also introduce new characters or hint at upcoming plot twists. This will excite fans eagerly awaiting the premiere. Fans will have to wait until then to get updates on The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 development. So keep an eye out for future updates or sneak peeks.

Will Neve Campbell Appear in Season 2 of The Lincoln Lawyer?

When is the second season of The Lincoln Lawyer? [Last updated in 2023] (3)

Happy, yes! As previously reported, Neve Campbell plays Maggie McPherson in Season 2 of The Lincoln Lawyer. However, her role has been reduced from a series regular to a recurring appearance. David E. Kelley, creator of 'The Lincoln Lawyer', has cast Campbell to star in the new ABC series 'Avalon'.

While we won't see Campbell in every episode, and she probably won't have a full season-long story, we'd love to see Maggie pop up throughout the season to see what her future holds in the series.

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What book is The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 based on?

Mickey Haller's first novel, The Lincoln Lawyer, was made into a movie in 2011, and his second (The Brass Verdict)Netflix-serieUntil the renewal is announced, it's unclear if the series will continue for more seasons in the book series. In that case, The Reversal would be season 2 next.

Season 2 of The Lincoln Lawyer will also consist of 10 episodes and will be based on the fourth novel in the series, Variety reports.fifth witness.

Writer Michael Connelly has written six Mickey Haller stories, leaving five more to draw from for the Netflix series. The character also appeared in several Bosch books, paving the way even further.

Where can I watch the second season of The Lincoln Lawyer?

The next season will be exclusive to Netflixstreaming serviceis the main distributor of this series.

However, a subscription is required to view Netflix's full range of programming. Netflix subscription costs vary based on your requirements, but we have all the information you need about current Netflix prices.

All episodes of Season 1 of The Lincoln Lawyer are currently available on Netflix. In the meantime, you can rent or buy the eponymous 2011 movie atAmazon Prime-videoofapple tv-plusDon't forget to watch the best TV series!

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last words

Those who appreciate legal or procedural dramas should watch The Lincoln Lawyer. If you haven't already, grab a treat bag and watch the entertainment. We're sure you'll want to see it all in one go, thanks to the compelling plot and characters.

IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes have rated the series highly, with many positive reviews. Are you looking forward to the second season of The Lincoln Lawyer? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Season 2 of The Lincoln Lawyer

We've listed some frequently asked questions about Season 2 of The Lincoln Lawyer. View your question here.

Will The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 return?

good news! Just a month after its May 2022 premiere, Netflix announced that The Lincoln Lawyer is returning for a second season. A 2023 release date has yet to be announced, but production is underway.

Does The Lincoln Lawyer Have a Happy Ending?

Trevor, who maintained his innocence throughout the series, was eventually acquitted because the defense claimed he wouldn't have seven minutes to hide his gun and blood-stained clothes before police arrived.

Is Lincoln's Attorney Based on a True Story?

Los Angeles attorney David Ogden, who died in 2020, inspired Connelly's concept of a lawyer who works out of the trunk of his car. Ogden was Mitch Haller's original inspiration, but he was just the beginning.

How many books are there in the Lincoln Lawyer series?

There are seven volumes in this collection. Select the quantity of the item you want to purchase.

Is there a Bosch among the Lincoln lawyers?

While the main characters in the book series on which the two shows are based often interact on the page, their onscreen worlds have always remained completely separate, so don't expect Titus Williver to be Harry Boss in The Lincoln Lawyer. .

Who did lawyer Lincoln fall in love with?

When we first meet Maggie, she scolds Haller for being late to pick up Hayley; however, it is clear that there is still some affection between them. As the series progresses, a once-ongoing romance between the two characters resurfaces and their relationship begins to blossom.

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When is the second season of The Lincoln Lawyer? [Last updated in 2023] (4)

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